how to not get bored in a long distance relationship

Avoid the long distance relationship boredom

Before I tell you how to not be bored anymore in your long distance relationship,

Let’s speak about your situation : you are getting bored in your relationship today, or maybe you can no longer find inspiration to do new things. Worst, you think that doing original activities is not possible because of the distance. 

Guess what, we were also thinking like that at the beginning of our transatlantic relationship.

Whether you started your relationship at a distance like us, or it became temporary because your partner had to move away for work, studies, or whatever reason, this blog is for you.

We launched it in 2021 after more than a year of relationship to give advice, tips, and support to other couples who have not (yet?) shortened the distance.

More than that, we were tired of always seeing the same activities and advice on long-distance relationships. On this blog and in our emails, you will find only original and unique ideas!

Creativity is the cement of our relationship, and it works so well that the lack of the other is very little present. We have realised this because our relatives are always surprised when we answer « No » to the classic and dreaded question « But don’t you miss him/her too much ? »

No, because we know that’s routine which kills couples. In our case, we kill the routine! So let me introduce you to our

7 days programme to break the routine
and how to not get bored in a long distance relationship

It’s a series of 100% free daily emails that will challenge you and your partner for 7 days.
And believe me, what’s in these emails is not present anywhere else !

All of them have been carefully chosen, and each one is accompanied by explanations justifying their presence. They were not chosen by chance, because each one answers a recurring problem in every long-distance relationship.

Not only will you break the routine in your couple, but you will also learn more about your relationship, even after several years together. And above all, you will learn more about yourself. It will be a huge source of inspiration if you want to plan surprises for your long distance boyfriend or girlfriend too.


ready to join the adventure, and avoid boredom?

what's this blog about?

My Sweet LDR is a blog which approaches the different topics related to long distance relationships in different ways: firstly, you will find advice and above all answers to common and specific problems in long distance relationships (Advice page).

You will also find inspiring content, such as game lists, movies, books, statistics… All this is gathered in the Inspiration page

Another part will be dedicated to gift ideas for your partner. This is a very important topic and can quickly become complicated. You will only find tips that we like and that we have personally tested (Gift Ideas page).

I also publish stories of couples in long distance relationships which are out of the ordinary, and which are of course (LDR Stories page)

A new article is published every Wednesday!

This blog is above all personal: it reflects our vision of long distance relationships, and we want to keep our independence on all points of view. We will be 100% transparent with our readers because that’s how we are in our life and in our relationships. Honesty and trust are two points that apply not only between us but also from us to you, and we are committed to respecting these points.

100% original

We are all tired of seeing the same advice, the same activities to do, the same guides on the same sites. That’s why we created this blog. Each article you will read will be original. Your long distance relationship will no longer be boring.

The newsletter is also a good complement to this blog, as it allows us to discuss more private topics about our relationship with our readers while keeping you informed of the blog’s news.

Feel free to give us your opinion about how to not get bored in a long distance relationship ideas!

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Hello !

We are Léo & Kyomi, a French-Peruvian couple in a long distance relationship since 2019. Welcome to this blog entirely dedicated to this way of life.

We decided to create
My Sweet LDR
to help people who want to live their relationship serenely and who don’t know how to do it.

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