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how to not get bored in a long distance relationship

Avoid the long distance relationship boredom

We are Leo and Kyomi, a French-Peruvian couple, and welcome to My Sweet LDR! We will help you how to not get bored in a long distance relationship.

The new website dedicated to couples in (very) long distance relationships.

All the tips, tricks, tools, gift ideas and inspiration you’ll discover on our site have only one goal: to help you blossom in your long-distance relationship until the ultimate goal. Breaking the distance.

But here’s the thing. You’ve just arrived and you’re wondering where to start.
Luckily, you’ve come to the right place!

I’m going to save you precious time by gathering all the information you need to know to make the most of My Sweet LDR.
Let’s go!

1) Download my free PDF "26 Challenges to do remotely, or how to kill the routine for 6 months"

This is the must-have, with :

  • My 26 challenges explained and with resources to do them without taking the head
  • My concrete advice on how to break the routine in a long distance relationship
  • The technique I used to be 100% sure to stay motivated over the months.
    Better yet: to look forward to next week’s challenge.

During the first lockdown, we were bored out of our minds. All our days were the same.

To spice up our long-distance relationship, I created 26 challenges to do together. And it worked so well that I wanted to share it to help other LDR couples.

This PDF has already been downloaded hundreds of times and all the feedback I’ve gotten has been great!
We are really proud of it, with Kyomi.

If you want more information, here is the dedicated page.
Otherwise, you can download it below:

2) The best long distance tools I use every day

Have you been feeling sexually frustrated for a while because of the distance?
Lovense is the solution.
Take your intimate moments to the next level with Lovense technology and its sex toys remotely controlled by your partner no matter where you are in the world.
> Go to the Lovense website

I have already tested two connected and remote controllable sextoys on My Sweet LDR :
> The Lush 3, a sextoy for women
> The Max 2, a sextoy for men


Every Christmas and birthday, you’re in a bind for gift ideas?
Personally, I use Fiverr.
It’s a very popular website that connects people (like you and me) with freelance professionals who offer services only online. You can order personalized videos or drawings, music, love messages and poems for your partner.
The advantage is that it’s very fast (count between 1 and 3 days depending on the nature of the project) because it’s dematerialized and personalized at the same time.
> Go to the Fiverr website


You want to learn easily the language of your partner and be able to exchange with his family and friends?
I recommend MosaLingua.
The most suitable application for couples in long-distance relationships because only one account is needed for both of you.
> Go to the MosaLingua website
> My complete test and my opinion on the application


You want to have cheaper plane tickets and access to the same Netflix catalog as your partner?
I recommend you to use a VPN.
This software will allow you to connect from any country in the world, avoiding restrictions.
Personally, I use NordVPN. It is fast, reliable and above all extremely easy to use.
Moreover, as my girlfriend and I can use the same account, the price is divided by two.
> Go to the NordVPN website

3) How to not get bored in a long distance relationship : my articles

Last update: January 2022

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4) Discover 1095 LDR Questions

My pride of the year 2021!

Want to spend hours of fun with your partner and continue to get to know each other by asking relevant questions?

With Kyomi, we have created 3 Ebooks, each containing 365 questions.

The ideal way to have more complicity in your long-distance relationship without taking your head off!

Feel free to email me if you have any questions!

5) Do you want to talk about a specific problem in private with me?

You have a problem in your long distance relationship but you can’t find a concrete solution adapted to your situation?

You would like to talk about it with me and benefit from a personalized accompaniment?

Don’t wait any longer and send me an email at

Places are limited but free!

How to not get bored in a long distance relationship

I am sure this blog will help your couple and you will know how not to get bored in a long distance relationship

Have a good read!
Léo & Kyomi

a LDR couple is together in Lima


Hello !

We are Léo & Kyomi, a French-Peruvian couple in a long distance relationship since 2019. Welcome to this blog entirely dedicated to this way of life.

We decided to create
My Sweet LDR
to help people who want to live their relationship serenely and who don’t know how to do it.

To read our entire story,
you can click just here !

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