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30 LDR Wallpaper hd to download to stay connected with your partner

If you’re in a committed long distance relationship, your smartphone is definitely the tool that makes it easiest to stay connected to your partner, throughout your day. And the advantage of smartphones is that you can customize them! With a wallpaper LDR HD, for example.

Putting a picture of you and your partner (or him/her alone) in the background is a great way to stay connected, and to remind yourself every day why the wait is worth it.

Like those little notes you write or pictures you hang on your fridge, next to your shopping list.

They bring you that little thrill that runs through your body when you look at them as you walk through your kitchen.

Yes, putting your partner in the background of your phone can help you in your LDR.

But then again… maybe you can’t do it, for a specific reason of your own:

  • You don’t have any pictures of the two of you together or you don’t like any of them
  • You haven’t met yet
  • Your relationship is still a secret
  • You don’t like to put a face in the background

Whatever the reason, today I offer you an alternative to make your partner think of you every time he unlocks his smartphone.

Phones of a LDR couple with a long distance relationship wallpaper

Try to guess which phone is mine 🙂

Here are 30 LDR HD wallpaper ideas

After we first met and made our relationship official, Kyomi suggested me to have « linked »  phone wallpapers.

I’ll be honest, this idea didn’t convince me at first.
I’m from the old school.

After much research, she found an LDR wallpaper that literally convinced me!

I changed my thinking to go along with it. It was amazing!

We decided to put it (Number #10) on each other’s phones until our next kiss.

It was a way for us to share something, even from a distance.

To have something unique between us. That nobody else could understand.

Like a « Private Joke ».

We often told each other « Ah, I can’t wait to change that wallpaper! « 

Understand « I can’t wait for us to be together again! « 

Whatever it is, there is bound to be one that fits you in this amazing list.

Besides having to be the only one who understands the meaning of your shared wallpaper, your partner will think of you every time they use their phone.

And that’s super strong.


To wit:

  • 13/30 were created by us! You won’t find them anywhere else.
  • The formats easily fit all smartphone sizes
  • I have not found all the corresponding sources for each LDR wallpaper. If you are the author of one of them, please send me a message!

Download them now in high quality

I always reduce the quality of the images on my blog.

It helps to reduce the loading time of the pages.
So it’s faster and more pleasant for you to browse my articles.

To enjoy a better image quality, enter your email address in the form below or the one at the end of the article.

You will receive a link allowing you to download any of them, all for free, with an optimal quality.

My 30 wallpaper ldr hd

Wallpaper LDR : Anime Style

Wallpaper LDR Anime Style (1/2) Wallpaper LDR Anime Style (2/2)

A couple of face, drawn in a Japanese style with typical eyes found in mangas. It will please the otakus couples.

Wallpaper LDR Anime Style (1/2) Wallpaper LDR Anime Style (2/2)

Another couple this time in profile, looking at each other. I really like the presence of a sakura in bloom behind, symbolic tree of Japan.

Wallpaper LDR Anime Style (1/2) Wallpaper LDR Anime Style (2/2)
I love this one! The style reminds me of a Hazao Miyazaki work. The girl’s outfit looks like a typical Japanese schoolgirl outfit, and the combination of the designs together is really amazing. The next one that caught my eye so much is #7.

Wallpaper LDR HD : Connected couples

Wallpaper LDR Anime Style (1/2)   Wallpaper LDR Anime Style (2/2)
A boy and a girl sharing a romantic word despite the distance between them. It’s a pretty clean LDR wallpaper but still beautiful.

Wallpaper LDR Anime Style (1/2) Wallpaper LDR Anime Style (2/2)

Back to back, this second clean LDR wallpaper leaves room for the imagination. If you want to add details (with a simple software like Instagram or Paint), it’s totally possible.

And easily too!

Wallpaper LDR Anime Style (1/2) Wallpaper LDR Anime Style (2/2)

This wallpaper takes the idea of the bed being shared. The phones lighting up the room in the dark of the night, the time difference on the alarm clocks: nothing was left to chance! That’s why I chose it.

Wallpaper LDR Anime Style (1/2) Wallpaper LDR Anime Style (2/2)
You like the watercolor style?
Personally, I love it!

The colors of this wallpaper go terribly well together, and perfectly highlights the relationship you have with each other through your phone.
I really like this one, as well as the N°10.

Wallpaper LDR HD: Disney Style


Wallpaper LDR Anime Style (1/2) Wallpaper LDR Anime Style (2/2)
The message is clear! If you’re a fan of the Mickey Mouse world (or Disney in general) and want a wallpaper with a dark theme, this one is for you!

Wallpaper LDR Anime Style (1/2) Wallpaper LDR Anime Style (2/2)
If, on the contrary, you prefer a more colorful style, but with a « retro » touch, this second LDR wallpaper is a good choice.

Wallpaper LDR Anime Style (1/2) Wallpaper LDR Anime Style (2/2)
Let the one who didn’t like the movie Wall-E throw me the first stone!

We watched it together one summer night with my girlfriend, and you know what? It hasn’t aged at all!

Can we talk about a long-distance relationship between a robot « from the past » and a robot « from the future »? Or for you, distance can’t be measured in time?

Whatever your answer, it won’t make this LDR wallpaper any less cute!

Wallpaper LDR HD : Sun and Moon

The next LDR wallpapers are all about the same theme.

It’s a theme that can be found in many things. Not only in long distance relationships.

It’s about the sun and the moon.

In an international long-distance relationship, it is not uncommon for the sun to set in one place when it has just risen in the other.

We are in this situation with Kyomi.

With a 6 or 7 hour time difference depending on the time of the year, these two stars take on their full meaning in our relationship.

That’s why they deserve that I dedicate several wallpapers to them.

Special mention to N°14 which is a bit different from the others but which remains one of the most beautiful of this article.





Wallpaper LDR HD : My creations

I couldn’t propose you a list without proposing you my own creations!

I am not a graphic designer, far from it.

But I do have an imagination.

You know it, if you follow me for a long time.

I hope you will like these.
Don’t hesitate to send me a message or leave a comment if you use them. It would make me very happy!

If you want more advanced wallpapers, the last part is for you.

The 24 and 25 are my favorite.












My favorite category! The idea didn’t come from me this time.
They’re a bit special because they’re not necessarily related to long distance relationships.

But they do have the merit of being cute.

And it would have killed me if I hadn’t put them in this article. (I’ll let you guess who ahah)




Wallpaper LDR HD : Others


Pokémon and Pikachu fans, I thought of you! Colorful, cute, and complementary.
What more can you ask for?


I love the minimalist designs. Little elephants that my niece could have drawn, a dark theme so as not to damage the eyes. That’s a yes!


You’ll recognize the banner image from this post! I love this LDR wallpaper!
First because I love cats, and because the colors match perfectly. Gugu !


Simple, elegant, effective.
Don’t forget that you are a queen (or a king, you choose)


Here, the expression « you stole my heart » takes all its meaning.
I chose to put this last wallpaper in this list because it made me think of the movie of my childhood « Robots ».
Have you seen it? Go for it! It is excellent.

What did you think of this list ? You have a favorite LDR wallpaper ?

Don’t hesitate to tell me which one in comments, to send this article to your partner so that you choose together, and especially to download in high definition the one or the ones you like thanks to the form below.

Boring of the routine ?

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