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13 Long Distance April Fools Prank ideas to do instantly

We all like to make jokes. Especially on April 1st! In addition to strengthening your relationship, you surprise your sweetheart in a funny way.

If you’re reading this, you’re in a long-distance relationship and want to make a Long Distance April Fools prank with your partner despite the hundreds (or thousands) of miles that separate you.

Well, I have good news for you.

You’ve come to the right place.

My name is Leo and I am from France. I lived in a long distance relationship for more than 2 years with my Peruvian girlfriend, and now we live together, in France.

You are going to discover 13 Long Distance April Fools Prank to make to your long distance boyfriend/girlfriend.

90% of these ideas are free and can be done in less than 24 hours.

In other words, if you discover this article on April 1st, it is not too late!

The icing on the cake:
The last idea is a joke to play on someone else!

I’m also going to recommend you some ideas NOT TO DO.

On paper, they look funny but the reality is completely different. That’s what we’re going to see right now before we reveal the April Fools’ Day ideas to do to your partner.

Long Distance April Fools Prank NOT TO DO

I’m going to be blunt: you shouldn’t play with your long distance boyfriend or girlfriend’s feelings.

It’s NOT RIGHT. And a joke is supposed to be funny.

If your long distance April Fool Prank delivers bad news, it’s a no-go. Emotional elevators should be banned immediately.

This kind of joke can really damage your relationship and the trust you’ve given your partner.

There are always exceptions. We are all different when it comes to humor.

But having read dozens of pages of testimonials on forums, Reddit and Youtube, I guarantee you that these ideas are not unanimous.

April fools not to do in your Long Distance Relationship

  • Make it look like a fake breakup
  • Tell him that you are at the airport / That you bought plane tickets
  • Tell her that you left your job to join her immediately
  • Pretend that you cheated on her / That you slept with someone else
  • Pretend you are in the hospital / that you are injured

Giving bad news will make your partner anxious and not laugh.

There are plenty of examples on the internet.

Turn the tables: if your partner calls you to tell you he’s leaving you; then after 5 minutes he tells you it’s a joke, how will you react?

Trust me, you won’t be laughing.

Good! Let’s move on to some REAL Long Distance April Fool’s jokes that really get a laugh.

1) The first Long Distance April Fools prank: The relentless phone canvassing

I don’t know about you, but personally, cold calling makes me lose my mind! I don’t think anyone likes to be bothered by someone who has something to sell.

Problem: this year, April 1st 2023 is a Saturday. So it’s impossible for a company to flood your partner with calls.

That’s why I recommend you to go on sites selling items between individuals!

In France, leboncoin is the perfect hunting ground. The equivalent in the USA is craiglist.

It’s up to you to find the equivalent in your country, and send a few messages to sellers telling them you’re interested in what they’re selling… and leaving your partner’s number!

2) Cut your hair during a video call

I found this idea on Reddit, and I think it’s amazing. If Kyomi had done this to me, I would have fallen for it instantly!

This April 1 joke is doable if you have long hair.

Before you make a video call, put in extensions that match the color of your hair. Then, make him think you’re cutting your hair on impulse, or because you want to try a new haircut.

This is a great joke to do from a distance, especially if you are butchering your fake hair.

3) April Fool's Joke: The fake tattoo

This idea is far from original, but it deserves to be featured here.

The idea is to make him believe that you have tattooed yourself!

You can choose a sentence that is a bit shameful, the effect will be even stronger!

I reassure you, it is not complicated to set up.

There are a lot of applications that allow you to make a successful and rather realistic montage of a fake tattoo.

4) The fake call (my favorite: the pizza guy)

I discovered this joke thanks to a French Youtubeur.

The website PrankDial allows you to make a fake phone call!

In my opinion, it’s one of the best Long Distance April Fools Prank you think your partner is receptive to this kind of calls.

The best part? You choose the scenario:

Take a look at the site, you can hear all the clips. It’s to die for!

5) The classic Long Distanc April Fool Prank call: the Rick Roll

Who has never done RickRoll?

Well, I don’t know if it’s from my generation, but back then it was clearly the best way to troll your friends!

The idea is simple: your partner has to click on a link that sends him to a troll page

There are sites that allow you to customize absolutely everything so that your partner falls into the trap:

  • URL
  • Title of the video
  • Description
  • Video on which he will fall (like the unbearable Baby Shark)

Otherwise, you have the original video here.

6) The fake Tweet to announce a news

A few years ago, a friend of mine announced that the Mars 2020 containment was going to be extended by 3 months!

He sent me a screenshot of a Tweet from the French president as proof, well I fell for it!

With this fake tweet generator, you can improvise any joke you want:

  • The death of his favorite celebrity
  • A bad international news
  • A surprising statistic about long-distance relationships
  • A shocking statement from your president

You can customize everything: the picture (I didn’t do it on the image but it’s possible), the number of retweets, the date…

I advise you not to put April 1st as the date. It will give him the wrong idea! Put March 31st instead.

The only limit to this kind of Long Distance April Fools Prank is your imagination!

7) Be subtle and trick him on a video call

This joke is very different from anything you will read so far and can only be done on a video call.

You can do it with a picture, but it loses all its flavor.

Here’s what you’re going to do:
Before you initiate a video call with your long-distance boyfriend or girlfriend, you’re going to put something behind you that they shouldn’t have seen.

Like for example:

  • A pack of cigarettes
  • A bottle of alcohol
  • A bag of weed
  • Something that disgusts him

You need to place this item so that it is recognizable, but not too prominent either.

This is an Long Distance April fool’s Prank that works extremely well because it’s your sweetheart who’s going to trap himself!

All you have to do is play it right.

8) If you have time, send him a parcel bomb

This long distance April fool prank will require a little more preparation, but it’s awfully funny to do.

It consists of two steps:

1) Send your sweetheart a parcel bomb from a distance
2) Make a video call to see him fall into your trap (and have a good laugh)

This is the kind of good-natured joke that consolidates your relationship and rekindles the flame of your love easily.

Here are some examples of parcel traps:

  • Replace the white of Oreo’s with toothpaste
  • Chocolate pickles
  • Wasabi macaroon
  • Ultra spicy chocolates

9) Do nothing (I love this one)

The easiest joke to make, since you don’t do anything!

If you think that your sweetheart will not fall for it and will find out right away that you are playing a joke, then adapt:

  • Warn him: you have prepared a joke, and it will arrive during the day at any time! It can be at work, at lunch, when he comes back from the supermarket…
  • Tell him that he should take it as a joke because you have prepared something big.
  • Build up the pressure by telling him that it’s getting closer…
  • And in the end, don’t do anything at all!

He will wait all day to know what you have in store for him. He will invent dozens of possible scenarios and be on his guard all day.

A light-hearted Long Distance April Fool’s Day joke that proves to him that even though you couldn’t plan anything, you are invested in your relationship and love him more than anything.

10) April Fool's joke, the devil's card: he'll go crazy

Okay, now we’re on to something more petty!

Think back to your childhood, on your birthday. One of your distant aunts sends you a musical birthday card!
You know, the little card that plays music when you open it. Usually the « Happy Birthday » music.

You’re going to use the same principle here by sending him a musical card trap.

As soon as he opens the card, the music will start… and never end!

It won’t take him long to realize that you’ve tricked him… and he’ll use any means possible to destroy that card and stop the music that keeps repeating for hours.

Where can I find a booby-trapped card?
There are sites that offer musical trick cards. I found some cards that play birthday music, but I imagine there must be others with different music.

To send this card, it will cost about $15.

11) Long Distance Joke: Create a fake newspaper easily

Here we take up the joke from a distance of the fake tweet, but a little differently.

On this website, you have the possibility to create a fake newspaper, like this one:

The advantage compared to the tweet is that you can use the name of a local newspaper and put yourself in the spotlight!

Here are several examples:

  • An article about you
  • An article about long distance relationships
  • An article about your family, your friends…

12) Announce that you are pregnant (only if you are a man)

If you’re a woman, don’t make this joke.
It’s just lame and it can get awfully embarrassing.
I strongly advise against doing it because you run the risk of disappointing your partner, especially since you’re not going to make him laugh at all.

On the other hand, if you are a man, don’t hesitate!
Build up the suspense little by little by telling him that for several days you have had a stomach ache, that you went to see a doctor and that the verdict is in: you are pregnant.

It’s fun, funny and most of all good-natured. Your girlfriend will love it!

13) Make an April 1st joke together with someone else

Don’t want to make a Long Distance April Fool’s Day joke with your sweetheart? No worries!

Nothing prevents you from preparing one together, to another person.
You have 2 solutions:

  • Trap one of your acquaintances
  • Trap a stranger

The easiest way is to make a prank call.
If you remain respectful and don’t use black humor, you’re bound to laugh until your ribs hurt!

April 1st jokes strengthen long-distance relationships when done right

What makes a couple powerful is their ability to be both confidants and best friends.

And best friends laugh together.

April 1st is a great opportunity to make your partner laugh and strengthen the bond you have created.

As you’ve seen in this article, most Long Distance April Fools’ Day Prank are easy to set up.

If you make even one, you’ll create a timeless memory that you’ll remember every year.

So go for it!

Feel free to email me or post on Instagram to let me know what you did, and if it worked.

I’ll be happy to read from you and add your idea to my post on jokes to make remotely for April 1.

Now it’s your turn to play!

Boring of the routine ?

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