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You want to live your Long Distance Relationship without seeing the time pass and one day live together?

We will show you how.

Hey ! Welcome to My Sweet LDR. We are Léo and Kyomi, a French-Peruvian couple who broke the distance in 2022 after 2 years of long distance relationship.

This blog was created to allow YOU to do the same: accept the distance and blossom despite the difficulties it imposes on your relationship; to then achieve the N°1 goal of all long distance couples: to fall asleep every night in each other’s arms, without time limit.

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Why this blog about Long Distance Relationship?

In 2019, we met through an app and despite the thousands of miles/kms that separated us, we decided to start our LDR.

  • 7 hours of time difference and 10658 kilometers of distance
  • A different mother tongue
  • Plane tickets at more than 1000€.
  • The Covid-19 that struck at the dawn of our meeting

Nothing destined us to stay together and love each other.

Today, we have been living in France for several months in our apartment.

YES, long distance relationships are real relationships
YES, long distance relationships work (and can be even better than traditional relationships)
YES, long-distance relationships are extremely difficult and are not for everyone.

We created My Sweet LDR to help you and to prove it.

To you who feel like an alien among your family and friends. Who no one seems to understand and who spends Valentine’s Day, Christmas and your birthdays miles away from the person you love.

To you who know loneliness, jealousy, routine, lack of ideas to give a gift and the fear of losing the one you love.

I’m not saying you’ll find diamonds on My Sweet LDR. But we’ll give you the picks. We’ll give you the best places to dig and all the mistakes to avoid so you don’t get hurt.

Because we’ve been there before you.

Start by downloading one of our free bonuses and then read our story.
You’ll better understand the painful steps we had to go through (and that you’ll have to go through too) if you ever want to achieve the ultimate dream: breaking the distance.