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Who knows the other better? 35 LDR Couple Questions to know it

Have you ever wondered who between you and your partner knew the other better? Who would give the most correct answers about the other’s life in one of several LDR couple questions?

Or maybe you are just looking for new questions to ask yourself.
It’s not everyone’s cup of tea to always have new topics of conversation. I even think that without outside help, it is almost impossible.

Especially if you’ve been in a relationship for a while. You already know the basics of each other’s lives.
The mystery of what your partner is like « in real life » disappeared the day you visited him in his country.

Yes, you’ve done the trick. You even know the 35 questions for long-distance couples on this list.

This time, it’s for sure. You’re convinced, persuaded: there’s no topic of discussion that hasn’t crossed your mind.

an LDR girlfriend is holding her head because she has no idea what to talk about with her boyfriend from a distance

So how do you come up with new ideas?

Are you going to keep twiddling your thumbs waiting for something to come into your life?
Of course not.

In fact, sorry to say, but you haven’t thought it through. There’s a simple solution to renewing your discussions and having an insane amount of LDR questions for long distance couples in your head.

Here it is: turn the problem upside down.

Instead of asking your partner questions to learn new things, you need to ask them questions about your life that they need to know the answers to.

Here are some examples.

  • Am I a punctual person or am I frequently late?
  • What does my family think about our long-distance relationship?
  • Do I prefer tangible or intangible gifts?

See? There are 3 big advantages to asking LDR couple questions directed at you:

  • You can assess how well your partner knows you and involves your life in theirs
  • You give a second life to basic LDR questions.
  • You avoid embarrassing questions, since you will be the one to answer them (after hearing your partner’s answer)

And on top of that, you can create a kind of competition between you: who knows the other better?

You are getting emotionally involved. And that’s what all LDR couples are looking for.

When I discovered this little trick, we literally spent entire evenings with my Peruvian girlfriend on video calls, asking each other questions about ourselves.
A few days before, we agreed that each of us would prepare 30 questions to ask the other. And every Friday or Saturday evening after dinner for me (and early afternoon for her), we would call each other to play.

After a few weeks, we had exceeded 200 questions.
I wrote this article based on that experience and the games we had already created.

We are proud to share it with you today!

In this article, you will discover 35 LDR couple questions to ask your partner. In addition to enjoying a night out without seeing the time pass, you will have the opportunity to discover your LDR boyfriend or girlfriend from a completely different point of view.

And most importantly, you’ll finally know who knows the other person best!

Are you ready to go?

Note: This article is intended for long-distance couples who have already met at least once. If you haven’t, don’t worry: these 35 questions for long-distance couples will be more suitable for you.

You can still enjoy this article. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it! There are a few questions you won’t be able to answer though.

Adding Stakes to those LDR Couple Questions: 3 Techniques

Before we get into the nitty gritty, I highly recommend you read this.
I promise, it will be quick!

Applying any of these 3 tips will turn a simple LDR Q&A into an unforgettable evening. Better yet, you’ll develop an addiction. An immensely intense urge to continue, like when you get to the end of an episode of your favorite show.

It’s the pinch of salt on a dish, the music at a party with friends. The icing on the cake.

1) Keep track of your points and choose a token for the loser

We set this up when I created my 26 LDR Challenges for Kyomi. I told her that she will get a surprise only if we finish our 26 challenges.

And believe me, I’ve never seen her so motivated in her life!
Every Monday, she would get excited and call me all day to find out the new challenge of the week.

personal tip #1 of the article LDR Couple Questions which gives a tip to avoid cheating

And my surprise was a coli filled with memories of France. She loved it!

2) Every 5 questions, double or triple your points

You know why you’re addicted to shows like La Casa de Papel, Breaking Bad or Gossip Girl?

Because there are twists and turns in every episode.

The writers are incredibly good at this: you imagine that a character is close to death, and that his dreams will be shattered forever. And at the last moment, the unthinkable happens.

Yes, the reversals of situation allow to keep the spectator in suspense.

To apply it in these LDR couple questions, nothing could be simpler: before choosing the next question, define together the number of points it will bring.
The surprise will be complete and the suspense will be great!

3) Choose a time limit to answer

What’s your biggest source of stress when you have an assignment due, a project to finish or a plane connection?

Time management

Life would be so much easier without it! The reason most game shows give you a time limit to respond is to play with your nerves.
By adding a time limit to your answer, you add pressure to give the right answer. Every second will become precious.

10 seconds is what we recommend. But you can adapt this time to each question.

One last tip: you can combine all these new rules and invent new ones!

personal advice N°1 of the article LDR Couple Questions which proposes an alternative

35 LDR Couple Questions

a couple in a long-distance relationship have interesting conversations via their computer

1) In what type of store can I empty my credit card?

2) What surprised me the most when I arrived at your house?

3) What surprised me the most when I arrived in your country?

4) What is my shoe size?

5) What is my love language?

6) At a karaoke party, what song am I most likely to sing?

7) What noise consistently soothes me?

8) Does calling a stranger on the phone make me anxious?

9) What is my favorite candy?

10) What is my favorite season?

11) What is the first thing I do when I get home from work?

12) What are the three websites where I spend the most time?

13) How did my parents meet?

14) What does my childhood blanket look like?

15) Were my friends supportive at the beginning of my long distance relationship?

16) How do I keep myself busy on my commute to work?

17) Is my ideal vacation adventure or relaxation?

18) Who started our first conversation: you or me?

19) Do I pause the movie more often when we watch one together?

20) In music, do I prefer the instrumental or the lyrics?

Boring of the routine ?

Download my 26 LDR Challenges and Activities

One idea done every week
= 6 months of activities

the last 15

a couple in a long-distance relationship asks questions on a video call

21) What is my favorite thing about our long distance relationship?

22) If I saw someone drop $100, would I give it back?

23) At parties, am I usually the first one there or the last?

24) How would I rank these types of restaurants, from best to worst between Italian, Asian, brasserie, Lebanese, gourmet

25) What cooking time do I prefer for my meat?

26) Will I be fanatical enough to get up at 3am to watch a sporting event?

27) How old are my pets?

28) When I arrive at a party, what am I most likely to bring with me?

29) What is my favorite cocktail?

30) Do I want to give away my organizers after I die?

31) What do you think I’m wearing right now?

32) What is my online nickname?

33) What is the brand of my perfume?

34) If the day had 25 hours, how would I spend the 25th?

35) With which person would I hate to be stuck in an elevator?

You have just discovered only 10% of the LDR Couple Questions I have created

That’s it, that’s the end of this article!

But wait! I would like to ask you one last question before you leave:

  • Did you like this kind of content?
  • Did you surprise and enjoy answering these LDR couples questions?
  • Do you feel that your couple is stronger and that you know each other better?

If this course excerpt helped you have a great evening, you should know this:
These 35 questions are just the beginning.

Yes, you read that right. In fact, I’ve created a list of 365 LDR couples questions with my LDR girlfriend.

What you have just read is only 10% of our new Ebook « The funny test to find out who really knows who in 365 questions ».

If you’ve made it this far, you love your partner deeply. The distance? You see it as a temporary obstacle. It’s only a matter of time before you overcome it. You know that.

Now you can extend the experience with 330 new LDR couple questions to find out which of you knows the other better.

And you’ll be guided from start to finish. We’ve designed our ebook to immerse you completely, including 3 bonuses:

  • An editable grid to avoid repeating the same questions (and keep score with one click)
  • 10 tips to avoid blanks in a discussion and double the time of each of your exchanges
  • 3 mini-games to play together, from a distance

Discover my complete Pack N°2 « The funny test to find out who really knows who in 365 questions ».

Boring of the routine ?

Download my 26 LDR Challenges and Activities

One idea done every week
= 6 months of activities

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