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105 Long Distance Activities to do with your sweetheart [2023]

105 activities for long distance relationship : here’s what I’m offering you to find out right now.

When I started my long distance relationship, everything was amazing. I could talk for hours with Kyomi. All day long, from morning till night. My roommates thought I was hibernating like a groundhog in winter!

And you know it. All good things must come to an end. It couldn’t last forever.

I’m sure you’ve been there, too. So I started to look for ideas for activities to do with Kyomi.

I was terrified of routine:

She comes without warning. Discreet at the beginning, it takes more and more place with time. And if we let her, it’s over. Almost worse than bedbugs.

Fortunately, I knew that boredom and routine were the biggest enemies of LDR couples.

So I unlocked my phone, launched Google, and started doing my research. And I was very surprised!

Watching a movie, cooking together, playing online games…


I really need to read an article to think about this? I continued to look into it. And I quickly realized one thing:

All the lists of activities for longdistance relationship were the same. Flavorless, insipid. I was so disappointed.

It was after reading all the articles on the subject that I promised myself that one day I would make my own list. Something good, comprehensive and that really helps people who have been in my situation.

And it won’t be rehashed.

Over a year later, it’s here.

Beautiful. New. Quantitative and qualitative. It took me months to put it all together in one article. Weeks of research. Hours of writing.

But the result is worth it. Take my word for it.

If you do 25% of the activities for long distance couples that you’ll find here, you’ll be busy for 6 months.
Even several years, at the rate of one LDR activity per week.

You’ll discover hidden talents, get to know your relationship better, laugh until your abs hurt. Stay in your comfort zone, or try new experiences.

But above all, you will spend unforgettable moments with your partner. And that’s priceless.

Hours of choosing what to watch on Netflix or what cake to bake, that’s okay. We know. We’ve all read the same articles.

Here are my 105 activities for long distance relationship.

Table of Contents

Things to read to get the most out of activities for long distance relationship

For added comfort, here are some tips you can easily implement.

  • Invest in a tripod if you are on a phone
  • If you’re on a computer, plug in a second monitor (think cable to connect one to the other). This will allow you to both see your partner in a larger view
  • Don’t hesitate to dedicate an evening in your week for your partner. This will establish a weekly date between you!
  • If a link is not available in your country, I recommend you to install Nord VPN. Fast, simple and cheap, it will allow you to bypass geographical restrictions and access the same content as your partner.
  • I’ve listed over 30 tools, apps and websites for long-distance couples. You’ll find quite a few useful resources.

Let’s go for the 105 activities for long distance relationship!

Free LDR Activities

81 are 100% free and will only require three things from you:

  • An internet connection
  • Some time
  • A partner (this shouldn’t be too difficult)

1. Design your dream home

activities for long distance relationship N°1 allows LDR couples to create the home of their dreams

Kyomi often asks me the question: « What would your dream house look like? »

We spend a lot of time exchanging ideas, imagining ourselves in paradise, dreaming… but in reality, it’s hard to plan.

Fortunately, Planner 5D allows you to do it online! Registration is mandatory (and free) but it’s quick and easy with an email address or a Facebook account.

The site is quite easy to use. I recommend you to use a mouse and not the pad of your computer.

You can push the customization of your house really far: floors, outdoor garden, paths, furnitures, mannequins to simulate a person…

  • Pros: the view is possible in 2D and 3D!
  • Cons: I did not find the possibility to work with two people at the same time on the same project.

It’s up to you to build the house of your dreams, and present it to your partner!

There is a paid version (5$/month) to have access to the whole catalog, but honestly the free version does the trick.

For more fun, you can also impose constraints: time, objects used… Design your own house and present it to your partner!

2. Do the 26 Challenges on my list (and stay busy for half the year)

activities for long distance relationship N°4 allows LDR couples to make my list of 26 LDR challenges to break the routine

The perfect list to keep busy for months on end and never see the routine coming!

If you didn’t know, I created a list of 26 Challenges for Kyomi at the beginning of our LDR to do together, from a distance.

Why 26?

  • Because 1 year = 52 weeks.
  • 6 months = 26 weeks

We did a challenge every week. As a result, it kept us busy for half a year!

She didn’t know the challenges in advance. Each week, it was a surprise!
We spent unforgettable moments together thanks to that. To this day, not a day goes by without her asking me to recreate 26 more!

You will find more details on the dedicated article.

To download them, it’s just below!

3 Answer more than 1000 Long Distance Questions together

Covers of the 3 LDR ebooks of questions and answers for bored long distance couples

No more annoying calls and conversations based on « Hello, how are you? » « Fine, and you? » « Fine too. what are you doing? » « nothing and you? » « Nothing. »

With Kyomi, we’ve created over 1000 LDR questions that will help you in so many ways:

  • Learn more about your partner
  • Share fun evenings together
  • Unveil all your commonalities and differences
  • Ask questions you never thought of before
  • No more stress of not knowing how to spend your evening
  • Break the routine

You can have access to 35 long distance questions here.

All of these questions are listed in 3 Ebooks of 365 LDR questions each. Find out about each one here!

4. Make an online puzzle

allows LDR couples to make a puzzle online

Calm and relaxing for some, stressful and boring for others! Do you want to do a puzzle online with your partner?

This is what Jigsaw Explorer offers you, a very easy to use website! Start a game, send the invitation link to your friend and let’s go!

You choose a model among the hundreds that exist, and the number of pieces: between 6 and 1015 depending on the model.

Oh, and did I mention that you can save your progress for later?

You can even use one of your photos as a puzzle, but unfortunately you won’t be able to solve it together. However, you can each do it on your own: the fastest one wins!

A great site to try right away! Is one of my favorite activities for long distance relationship.

5. Play a game where you are the hero

long distance relationship activities #3 allows LDR couples to have an adventure where they are the hero online

Do you want to test your reaction and your partner’s reaction to stressful and dangerous situations? To know your couple better?

Then I have just the thing for you!

The books in which you are the hero were popularized in the early 2000s. QUEST follows the same principle but on video.

Much like the Black Mirror episode « Bandersnatch », every decision you make will affect your adventure.

Just click on the Youtube link, and let yourself be guided. It’s very easy to use! Don’t hesitate to pause before each choice to coordinate with your partner. Finally, subtitles are available if you are not completely comfortable with english.

6. Do something at home that you've needed to do for a super long time (but always put off until tomorrow)

long distance activities #5 allows LDR couples to do something they always put off

We all have stuff we’ve been meaning to do for weeks, even months.

Like replace a broken light bulb.
Or cleaning up the mess in your closet in the back of your room.
Or doing a favor someone asked you to do.

And every time you think about it, you say to yourself « It’s not urgent, it can wait… »

Take advantage of a video call to finally do that thing and never think about it again!

You will be proud of yourself, and it will not make you feel guilty every time you think about it. Plus, it’s always more fun with two people!

Schedule a time when each of you does this. Nothing will give you more satisfaction.

7. Learn your partner's language

activities for long distance relationship N°6 allows LDR couples to learn their partner's language at a distance

This is for bi-national couples! Kyomi and I started speaking English to each other. I didn’t speak Spanish, and she didn’t speak French.

By starting to learn his/her language, you will be able to do many things:

  • Talk to her/his family and friends
  • Prove your love
  • Travel to her/his country more serenely
  • Feel involved in her/his life

It is thus quite naturally that we started to make sessions of 30 minutes where we learned the language of the other.

Don’t worry, it wasn’t like school! We spent many evenings laughing, while immersing ourselves in the other’s culture.

You can find many resources on Youtube, Google or Pinterest by searching for :

  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Audiobooks
  • Courses

Here are some tips that will help you:

  • Do thematic sessions to learn vocabulary
  • Watch cartoons on Youtube
  • Watch a movie/series with subtitles
  • Set up a points/rewards system to motivate you

The best place to start is MosaLingua.

This is a site I have used, recommend and am affiliated with.If you have a level close to 0, it’s ideal!

I learned (and retained!!) just under 300 Spanish words in 1 month thanks to this application.

And the advantage is that if you each learn the other’s language, the price is cut in half!

I describe all this in my complete article about Mosalingua

8. Create wallpapers for phones (or download 30 here)

activities for long distance relationship N°7 presents to LDR couples 30 LDR HD wallpapers to download

Having a phone wallpaper that matches your partner’s is super romantic! You feel connected with your partner. You feel close to them like never before.

What I love so much about this idea is knowing that our partner is thinking of us every time they unlock their phone.

So cute!

I also feel like I have something unique that only Kyomi can understand and complete.

And when you’re the one who created it, those feelings are magnified tenfold! With Canva, you can easily create your own. The website is easy to use. Even a child could do it!

Choose 640×1136 pixels for a wallpaper (or 1280×1136 for double) and let your imagination run wild. On Canva, you can also import your own photos for a 100% personalized creation.

You should also know that I wrote an article where I propose you 30 special LDR wallpapers (half of them are my creations)!

Download the ones you like for free.

9. Travel virtually with Google Streets

activities for long distance relationship N°7 allows LDR couple to travel virtually thanks to Google Maps

With Google Streets, you can easily visit virtually cities all over the world! Continents, islands, the city of your dreams… And you can use it as activities for long distance relationship!
Escape with your partner and visit the places of your dreams, together. This can even give you ideas for future trips, and the desire to get together as soon as possible!

A good time to spend in love, easily achievable:

  • Launch Google Maps
  • Write in the search bar a country, a city, an address
  • Drag the little yellow man on one of the blue lines on the map
  • Discover a country that has been attracting you for years!

My personal advice: you can share your screen and discover a country the same way.

10. Beat Akinator, the genius who knows everything

LDR couple beat Akinator online

Warning, this website is VERY ADDICTIVE.

I love it! You and your partner will be amazed. I promise!

Here’s the concept: think of an imaginary character or someone real. Is that okay? Personally, I think of David Belle, the creator of Parkour.

If I tell you that a genie can guess the person you are thinking of by asking you a maximum of 20 questions.

Hard to believe, isn’t it? And yet, he will find out 99% of the time.

Put your nerves to the test with Akinator! Team up with your partner to beat him (it’s very difficult, but not impossible!)

All you have to do is go to the website and answer his questions honestly.

11. Read a book together, chapter by chapter

activities for long distance relationship N°10 allows LDR couple to read a book simultaneously

If reading is not your passion or you feel guilty when you ask yourself the question « When was the last time I read a book? », I have the remedy!

Read the same book simultaneously. This activity is great because it allows you to do a lot of new things:

  • Find new topics for discussion
  • Come up with theories about the end of the book
  • Open debates and get to know your partner better
  • Make you want to travel

I found this article on the Ophra website that helps you discuss a book during and after reading it.
This article is also interesting to find topics of discussion related to your reading.

I don’t recommend going through an app or site for this because:

  • You don’t read at the same speed
  • It is very often not free
  • If you don’t speak the same language, it becomes a hell

All you have to do is set a time during the week.

12. Impose a theme and create a dress style around it

activities for long distance relationship N°11 allows LDR couples to put themselves in the shoes of their partner

A great way to work on your creativity and have fun at the same time! You’ll not only surprise your partner, but yourself as well. It’s guaranteed.
This point still requires a little self-deprecation, I won’t hide it from you!

Nothing could be easier:

  • Impose a theme: it can be anything!
  • Here are some examples: a country, an era, a color, a social status, an event, a sport, a culture, an animal, a movie, a book, a universe…
  • Give yourself a limited time to create a clothing style around this theme
  • Show your creation to your partner!
  • Explain your choices, how you proceeded, what each object represents…
  • Repeat as many times as necessary

My personal advice: the theme: « Dress up as me » works every time!

13. Do a sport session

activities for long distance relationship No. 12 allows LDR couple to do a sports session online

Just like point #5, the advantage here is that you will motivate each other.

You’re not going to get a dream body in one session, but it can give you the desire and determination to get started.
Not only will you be proud of yourself after your workout, but the feeling of doing something difficult together and succeeding is awesome!

A big shot of dopamine, for free.

To achieve a not too hard, simple and headache-free workout, one solution:

  • Start a video call
  • Prepare your session: water bottle, music, floor mat…
  • Type on Youtube: « Sport session at home »
  • Choose a video and let’s go for these activities for long distance relationship!

My recommendations:

  • If you don’t have any equipment, type « no materiel » or « without equipment ».
  • You can target a body part by refining your search
  • If you want to work on your cardio, type « sport session at home hiit ». HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is a training method where you alternate between a fairly intense physical effort (usually for 40 seconds) with 20 seconds of rest.

The only limit is you.

14. Prepare a presentation to show your partner your passion

activities for long distance relationship N°13 allows LDR couple to discover their passion to their partner

The best way to get your boyfriend or girlfriend even more involved in your life. Here, I suggest you to make him discover your passion.

We all have a passion. For me parkour, for Kyomi dancing. Or if you find the word strong, occupations that you can do for hours and hours.

He may even want to practice it with you! And that brings you closer than anything else. Do something you love with the person you love.

Prepare a 5, 10 or 15 minute presentation on your passion when you have the time. Then call your partner to find out!

You can agree to each prepare a presentation on your side. With Canva, you can easily prepare a small support.

  • Choose videos, photos.
  • Talk about the people who influence you in this passion
  • When and why you started, how it makes you feel, how it helps you.

Be enthusiastic! You can even prepare a little questionnaire at the end to spice things up (and set a trap for your partner)

14 Bis. Discover your partner's passion with a presentation

activities for long distance relationship No. 14 allows LDR couple to discover the passion to their partner

Now it’s your turn to listen to your partner present his or her passion! From this point of view, it’s easier because you just have to listen.

This is an amazing activity to do because it is very personalized and you get to know an important part of your partner’s life in depth.

It’s always fun and super cute!

15. Create a common Instagram account

activities for long distance relationship N°15 proposes to LDR couple to create a common Instagram account

Having one or more shared projects is paramount in a long distance relationship.

They allow:

  • To renew discussions
  • Get involved together on the same subject
  • To create a powerful couple cohesion
  • Express your emotions
  • Give value to your relationship
  • Connect with other LDR couples

You can create an Instagram account on any topic! You don’t even need to have a theme.

Check out this example of an LDR couple who created a beautiful Instagram account. Or how about this one.

I’ll take this opportunity to remind you that we also have an account where we share inspiring and funny content several times a week about long-distance relationships.

16. Show your childhood objects and fight nostalgia

Discover the childhood of their partner

Another great way to get to know your partner’s life better, in a super easy way!

In addition to having a great time together, you’ll remember the good old days: the carefree ones!
We all have a box full of old stuff: from Pokémon cards to class photos, toys, stuffed animals or report cards, use it all to have a 100% nostalgic moment!

Who wouldn’t like to know what their partner looked like when they were 10?

Or their elementary school teacher’s grades?

Set a time to do a video call and gather all the items you want to show your LDR partner.

17. Make a bucket list

activities for long distance relationship N°17 proposes to LDR couple to create a long distance relationship bucket list

If you’ve read my article on the pros and cons of long distance relationships all the way through, you know that having a long term plan is necessary.

It’s even vital.

So are life goals! Especially when they involve another person. Creating a bucketlist as a couple is a very effective way to make sure that you still have the same desires as your partner.

That you’re headed in the same direction.

And why you know that, even though it’s hard, your long distance relationship is worth it. I’m not going to lie to you, it makes you dream! A bucketlist makes it all possible.

Create a Google Drive document so you can edit your list live and at the same time, and off you go!

Find goals to do on the course, medium and long term. This can be:

  • Visit Paris and have a coffee next to the Eiffel Tower.
  • Meet each other’s family
  • Spend an entire night watching a series
  • Eating ice cream in front of a sunset
  • Spending more time together than apart

It’s all up to you! It’s very personal and that’s what’s great about it

And to discover, download and fill in the My Sweet LDR Bucket List, you can access it for free here!

18. Scare yourself by telling horror stories

proposes to LDR couple to tell horror stories to each other

Humans like to scare themselves. That’s just the way it is. It doesn’t matter what nationality we are. We all know of urban legends or very famous « screamer » videos.

Here are my two favorite videos: a very classic one in France and another one from Spain.

I warn you, it’s scary!!!

Telling scary stories is a good way to live other emotions than laughter or nostalgia! Here, it’s time for tension, suspense, horror… You might discover a side of your partner that you never knew existed!

To find scary stories, several solutions:

  • Reedit (Let’s Not Meet)
  • Youtube: Search « Thread Horror »
  • Google: Type in keywords such as « famous horror story » or « horror thread »

My advice:

  • Prepare a few stories in advance, to start the videocall prepared!
  • Do it in the evening, when it’s dark and there’s no noise
  • Play background music like this one
  • Most important: put on headphones or earphones
  • To go further, you can even give your room an atmosphere: with candles, dimmed lights…
  • These activities for long distance relationship will give you lot of emotion. Be prepare!

Want more? Here’s my complete guide to having the best Halloween party ever, with dozens of ideas and tutorials.

19. Take all kinds of tests together

activities for long distance relationship N°19 proposes to LDR couple to take a personality test
  • Who is the most selfish?
  • Who has the most philosophical mind?
  • Or the most fearful?

Find out on this site which gathers a large quantity of tests.

You can choose to answer at the same time, but do not influence your answers.

And to know your love language to improve your communication and better transmit your love, I have created a special « long distance relationship » quiz.

20. Create a music playlist

activities for long distance relationship N°19 proposes to LDR couple to create an online LDR playlist

A « must-have » of activities for long distance relationship! I bet you listen to music. Maybe you’re even listening to it right now!

Why not create a playlist with your partner?

You have several options to choose from:

  • Create a joint playlist (allows you to listen to music that both of you like)
  • Create a playlist of music you listen to (allows you to get to know your partner’s musical tastes better)
  • Create a playlist of music typical of your country (allows you to discover a part of your culture)

I also created my own LDR playlist with the help of my players on Spotify and Youtube.

21. Discover music from all over the world and from every era (between 1900 and today)

activities for long distance relationship N°21 proposes to LDR couple to listen to the radio in the whole world

A very good way to discover the culture of the other, or those of your ancestors! You can find nuggets, it’s to die for!

Radiooooo is simply incredible. It allows you to choose a country and a decade to discover an example of a popular music.

Be careful, this website is very addictive. You can quickly spend hours on it without realizing it.

22. Impose a recipe on your partner and fight against food waste

activities for long distance relationship N°22 proposes to LDR couples to cook together

Here’s a way to mix business with pleasure with your long-distance partner. Have a great time together cooking while avoiding food waste.

I promised you that there were no super basic activities for long distance relationship in this top. That’s why I decided to make one of them more difficult.

Supercook can instantly give you simple recipes to make with the foods you want. Fill in what’s in your fridge (focus on foods that will expire soon) and choose one of the suggested recipes.

23. Take my test to know your love language and communicate better

activities for long distance relationship N°23 proposes to LDR couples to know their language of love

The classic phrase « You don’t show me that you love me » can be solved very simply.

Are you familiar with Gary Chapman’s theory on the 5 love languages? He explains that each person has his or her own love language, among 5 very different ones.

His book is a bestseller, translated into over 100 languages and sold millions of times. This is serious stuff.

A love language is a way to express our love, to show it to others and to share it. It tells us that each person is more or less receptive to each language, and that if there are communication problems within a couple, it is because we don’t know their language.

So I created a test, especially for long distance couples, inspired by the real thing, so that you can discover what your language is (and I give you lots of resources associated with your language, of course).

One of the most important activities for long distance relationhip to have an excellent long term and show your love communication

24. Send each other memes (or funny tiktok)

activities for long distance relationship N°24 proposes to LDR couples to send memes

A great way to laugh together! Personally, we are addicted.

Memes are so popular with social networks that they are no longer presented.

You can find them on absolutely any subject. A few clicks on 9gag or Pinterest or TikTok can make you spend hours with a smile on your face.

I post regularly on Instagram. Don’t hesitate to follow me!

25. Go back in time by scrolling through your Facebook account together

activities for long distance relationship N°24 proposes to LDR couples to scroll their Facebook news feed

This LDR activity will not only allow you to discover what your partner was like 3, 5, 10 years ago but also to have a good laugh.

But hey… you’ll have to deal with your past too!

Scroll through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… to discover gems about your partner!

26. Have fun drawing each other

activities for long distance relationship N°26 proposes to LDR couples to draw each other

You may have noticed, this activity is also on my list of 26 LDR Challenges to do in distance.

Drawing each other is a great way to have fun from a distance. You will be able to realize how you perceive your partner…

Good or bad!

And even if your drawing is really ugly, it will make you a memory and a private joke that only your couple will understand.
I want to reassure you: even if you are bad at drawing, you will enjoy doing it. At worst, do as I do! Take a transparent paper and try to redraw a photo that you have printed.

Start with the general lines.

Then the details

And add some color!

27. Look at the earth from space and be speechless

activities for long distance relationship N°27 proposes to LDR couples to watch the earth from space

Yes, you read that right. It is possible to observe the Earth from space! You will be amazed for a long time, admiring incredible landscapes (if there are no clouds!)
You can also see which part of the Earth you are flying over.

If you want to see more images like this, you can check out the Instagram account of Thomas Pesquet, a pretty active French astronaut!

28. Plan your next trip or reunion

proposes to LDR couples to prepare their next trip

One of the easier activities for long distance relationship but fun and most importantly essential!

You MUST know the date of your next reunion. It is essential. I can’t say it enough.

This is a classic mistake of new LDR couples.

Planning your reunion is like planning your next vacation: you want to do it every day. Planning the days, weeks, months you will be together gives you motivation and excitement!
It also allows you to know what budget you have to have, the exact time you have in front of you…

In short, it helps you to see things more clearly!

That’s one of the benefits of long distance relationships: having the ability to travel for a reason.

Open a Google Drive document (a digital document that you can edit at the same time and in real time) and plan it out!
It’s like a ritual for Kyomi and me. We’ve made a Google Drive for each of our trips.

29. Writing a poem for each other

activities for long distance relationship N°29 proposes to LDR couples to write a poem

One of the most romantic items in this LDR Activity book!

Writing a poem is useful for many things, including :

  • Expressing your emotions in a different way
  • Pleasing your partner
  • Develop your creativity

The poem can even become a very personalized gift for your partner!

Here are some resources that can help you quickly write a simple poem that will delight anyone.

How to write a poem (article)
How to write a poem (video)

If you want to read poems about long distance relationships, I recommend this list from From UK to the Philippines with Love

30. Create an origami

activities for long distance relationship N°30 proposes to LDR couples to make origami

I used to love origami when I was a kid. I still love it, by the way. My favorites? The jumping frog and the casserole!

It’s a very relaxing activity, very easy to do and immediately satisfying!

I have found you one of the best sites in the business. Simply choose a category, then a specific model. The number of stars associated with it corresponds to the level of difficulty.

Follow the video or picture tutorial.

Nothing could be easier! Especially since you can count on the help of your partner in case of problems.

31. Discover what is your MBTI

activities for long distance relationship N°31 proposes to LDR couples to know their MBTI

You may have heard of it. It is a very common test in the professional world. It is recognized as reliable.

Knowing your MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) will allow you to determine your psychological profile. Most people who take this test recognize themselves in the profile that is associated with them.

The funny thing is that you can tell which celebrity has the same us! Would you have guessed that I had the same profile as Tom Hanks, Thomas Edison or Tyrion Lannister?

To know your profile, you just have to go on the website and take the test which lasts about 10 minutes

Oh yes, it is valid in many languages. Not only English.

32. Take a picture of yourself every day for 1 year and make a montage

proposes to LDR couples to take a picture of themselves every day for one year

Ok, this one is exactly an activities for long distance relaionship. But it can be pretty damn funny!

Watch the result on video. He even did this for… almost 10 years!

It can also be a great idea for gifts, if for example you hold a poster to spread a message on each photo. The most fun is to pause the video randomly to discover easter eggs or unsuspected elements!

Here are some tips to get a good rendering:

  • Try to take the picture with the same conditions every time:
  • The same facial expression
  • At the same place
  • With the same camera
  • With the same angle and same light

33. Making music together / Karaoke

activities for long distance relationship N°33 proposes to LDR couples to have a karaoke night

Personally, I don’t like to sing much. I’m very uncomfortable!

But if you’re not like me, you can have a magical time with your partner as a duet. You’ll have a very cute time if you sing well, or quite funny if you don’t!

Self-deprecation never killed anyone.

Sing King’s channel gathers more than 2700 videos for Karaoke. There are surely some that you know!

I advise you this little application to synchronize the launch of the video.

34. Share your photos of you when you were younger

activities for long distance relationship N°34 proposes to LDR couples to discover the childhood of their partner

Sharing photos of you as a baby, child, teenager or student is always something we love to discover!

It works with anyone: your partner, your friends, celebrities, your boss…

Discovering the youth and childhood of someone you love is magical. Especially to see the face you had before (and that usually, you don’t assume AT ALL).

So scroll through your Facebook or Instagram page, ask your parents or grandparents for the old family photo albums or pull out the vacation photos, and share them with your partner!

This is an activity I recommend to absolutely every couple in a long distance relationship.

35. Download a Long Distance Couple App

download the application Between

Among all the applications created for couples in long distance relationships, there is one that stands out. You’ve probably already heard of it: Between.

Between allows immense possibilities:

  • Send written and audio messages, create gifs
  • Share a calendar, photos
  • Create a countdown

Why download it ?
It is an application that can be launched only if you connect two devices between them. You have to imagine this application as a virtual house, where only you and your partner have the keys.

Go to the Playstore or Apple store, type in « Between » and download the application for free.

36. Organize a surprise for one of your loved ones

activities for long distance relationship N°36 proposes to LDR couples to organize a surprise to their partner

Who doesn’t love surprises? Everyone does. This one was easy.

But some people would rather plan surprises than receive them. That’s me, personally. And Kyomi is not complaining!

Seeing the excitement, suspense, doubt and amazement in the eyes of someone I love is fantastic! The hardest and funniest part is that everything goes well, that my plan doesn’t fall through.
I have to manage the timings, take people into confidence, organize everything discreetly… I love it!

A great way to spend time together is to think of a surprise that you will give to someone close to you.
Not only will you make someone happy, but that’s not the best benefit.

Being able to involve your partner thousands of miles away from you to surprise one of your loved ones is the best part. He will feel involved, as if he had been physically present. It strengthens the bond.

You each choose a family member, a friend, someone close to you, and you think together about how to surprise them.

With a gift? An event? An activity? A visit from someone? The choice is yours.

The ultimate surprise I would like to give Kyomi one day? A surprise visit, of course.

Here is my tutoriel if you has the same idea!

37. Show a bit more of yourself in a funny and intimate videocall

activities for long distance relationship proposes to LDR couples to share an intimate moment

Who said that long distance relationship and intimacy were diametrically opposed? With a little creativity and imagination, you can totally fulfill your desires and wants in a video call!

This idea suggested by @ldr.inspiration will allow you to do it easily while spending a pleasant moment in good company.

How about an evening focused on your intimacy and that of your partner? You can stay sober and just talk, exchanging your views on the subject of sex; or take it to the next level by revealing yourself little by little.
Spice it up with games, teasing, exchanges… all with respect for each other!


38. Take the 30 Days Challenge

LDR couples to do the 30 Days Challenge at distance

Yes, after my list of 26 challenges to keep you busy for 6 months, here is another one completely different!

The idea here is to take a picture of yourself every day with a different object each time, but always with the same common point: it should help your partner learn more about you, and open up topics for discussion.

For example:

  • A photo of your favorite book
  • A photo of a place you’d like to visit before you die
  • A photo of your dream wedding outfit
  • A photo of something that always makes you smile

Feel free to remind yourself each day to do this little challenge, and at the end of the 30 days, call each other to show each other the photos you took!
Your discussion is bound to be interesting, as each item will have its own story.

PS: If you don’t own the actual object (e.g. your favorite book), you can find the image on the Internet.

39. Create together a photo album

activities for long distance relationship N°38 proposes to LDR couples to make a photo album

Did I put the 30 Days Challenge right before this one on purpose? Maybe…

There are so many benefits to creating a photo album together:

  • It’s romantic
  • You create a great memory
  • It’s shareable
  • You can trace your history with important dates
  • It’s personalized
  • It’s easy
  • You can print it or keep it on your phone

To make it?

Canva. It’s the best website. There’s no need to argue.

It’s free, available in a lot of languages, super easy to use, and the results are amazing.

Go to the site, and search for « Photo Collages » in the search bar. Or in « Templates », choose « Photo Book ».

Everything is 100% editable and customizable in 1 click. Even my grandfather could do it.
All you have to do is choose your photos and you’re done!

40. Spend a day in each other's shoes

activities for long distance relationship N°39 proposes to LDR couples to put themselves in the skin of the other

One of the most difficult and absurd LDR activities of this top! But it had to be.

It allows you to put yourself in your partner’s shoes for a certain period of time.

You will know things that are normally impossible to experience from a distance, like :

  • His rhythm of life
  • His eating habits
  • His/her way of entertaining

The activity consists in reproducing your partner’s typical day. That is:

  • Getting up at the time she gets up
  • Eat her favorite breakfast (if she eats one!)
  • Pace yourself according to her work schedule
  • Do a sports session…

In short, you get it! The goal is to put yourself in his shoes. Again, preparation is not complicated.

Define what your typical day is like throughout the day and share it on a common document (like Google Drive).

The best thing is to give as much detail as possible to really see the small differences in culture or habit between you.

A simple example: when I brush my teeth, it takes me between 2 and 3 minutes. Kyomi, 20 to 30 seconds. This is something I would have realized only when I saw her for real if we hadn’t « swapped days ».

By the way, do you wet your toothbrush before or after you put on the toothpaste?

41. Discover unique and amazing websites

activities for long distance relationship N°40 proposes to LDR couples to discover amazing websites

This one is going to go really fast. I’ve found 5 incredibly amazing websites for you.

Check them out for a laugh together. I’m not going to lie to you, this is more of a time-killing activity.

  • To see what the Earth looked like at the time of the dinosaurs

  • I watched the Breaking Bad series 4 times.
    Why? Because it’s the best show in the world with Malcolm in the Middle.
    How long did it take me? 15 days and 12 hours.
    How do I know? Thanks to this site
    Was it worth it? I’m finishing my 5th viewing and I answer you.

  • To see a map of the Earth with all the planes in flight. I recommend you this site when your partner takes the plane to come and see you. You will know in real time where he is if you know his flight number.

  • If you dig a hole under your feet and walk across the Earth. Have you ever wondered where you would land?
    No, is it just me?
    If you still want to know, this website gives you the answer

  • Let’s finish with a classic!
    The Onion is an absurd newspaper, whose articles are to die for.
    I let you discover this marvel

42. Try a strip-poker

activities for long distance relationship N°41 proposes to LDR couples to make a strip-poker

Attention, I am only addressing to consenting adults for the point!

Poker is fun. There’s something at stake in every game. But strip poker is even better because the stakes are more intimate! This way of playing spices up an evening and creates a sensual (even sexual) tension between you and your partner.

I’ve found a complete article that explains all the rules for playing strip poker:

I strongly advise you to use lipoker to play and to put yourself in videocall next to it.
No need account, no need registration.

If neither of you know the rules of poker, the game will be a little difficult to get the hang of at first, but within a few games you will be completely comfortable.

43. Listen to a podcast about Long Distance Relationships

activities for long distance relationship N°42 proposes to LDR couples to listen to a podcast on long distance relationship

This activity can be done alone or as a couple, always from a distance.

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular, especially in 2021. So it makes sense that there are some on long distance relationships.

Here are two that I highly recommend:

This podcast is about LDRs and multicultural relationships. Christina & Ignacio invite a couple in a long distance relationship to talk about a specific topic in each podcast.

The stories are touching and inspiring. We could listen to them for hours!

Duration: between 30 minutes and 2 hours, depending on the topic! The meeting is scheduled twice a month.

This second podcast on long distance relationships is also a great resource of information for all LDR couples. Elaine & Abe give their insights, perspective and share their story through episodes of about 50 minutes.

It is also a bi-monthly podcast where other couples are invited from time to time.

Among the topics already covered among the 16 episodes:

  • Gifts and distance
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Being away from your family

What to fill up with good ideas for your long distance relationship!

44. Join a podcast on long distance relationships

activities for long distance relationship N°43 proposes to LDR couples to participate to a podcast on long distance relationship

Listening is good. Participate is better!

How about telling your story, inspiring other couples in long-distance relationships, and meeting inspiring and inspirational people who will help you in your own relationship?

Feel free to send a message to the authors of the two podcasts mentioned in point #42. We occasionally message each other on Instagram: not only are they nice, they’re very approachable!

What? You’re wondering why we haven’t participated in one of their shows yet, with Kyomi?

To be honest, while we speak English to understand each other, we’re not bilingual either. We have our own « language » if I may say so! To participate in a activity like this would be a real challenge. But the door is not closed!

45. Write a story with a generator

activities for long distance relationship N°44 proposes to LDR couples to write a story

Writing a good story is not easy. Here, I suggest you to use a story generator that will make you laugh.

This is one of the most reader-friendly activities for long distance relationship!

You fill in some information (adjectives, emotions, characters, who are the protagonists…), and the site does the rest! It gives really crazy and absurd results.

You can choose the theme of the story: from science fiction to horror to the traditional love story.

With your partner, generate a story with your own criteria, and read them together! A great way to have a good laugh without having to think about it.

And now it’s even easier with ChatGPT!

46. Relax your body with a yoga session

activities for long distance relationship N°45 proposes to LDR couples to do a yoga session online

Better than a gym session, this is a time for relaxation and calm! If you’re stressed by nature or your day has been exhausting, this is a great opportunity to spend a soothing moment with your loved one.

Start a Youtube video at the same time, stand in front of your camera to see both the video and your partner, and off you go!

There are thousands of videos with yoga sessions on Youtube. I’ll let you choose one according to the length and especially your level.

47. Organize a DD

proposes to LDR couples to make a double date with another LDR couple

If you’ve immersed yourself in the long distance community in any way, you may have made some friendships.

I suggest that you do a « DD » or Double Date.

During a meal or a game, make a videocall with your partner but also with another long distance couple. It will be an opportunity to learn more about them, to know what are their techniques to fully blossom with the distance, and to spend a good time with other people than your partner.

I recommend WhatsApp to do a Double Date for several reasons:

  • It’s free
  • It’s universal
  • It’s easy to use. One of the 4 people will have the application on their phone and will know how to make a group call.

48. Keep a common diary

activities for long distance relationship N°47 proposes to LDR couples to keep an online diary

This is very effective if you have trouble finding times when you are both available.

Keeping a diary allows you to put emotions into words and express them in a different way.

It makes communication much easier! And it tends to be easier to say things in writing.

If you have communication or planning problems, I recommend it! With each post, put the date and time. Then let yourself go. The best way to do this is through Google Drive. You create a document, then share it with your partner. It’s as easy as pie.

49. Make pet rocks for each other

ake care of a pet rock

When I learned about « Pet Rock » and that this concept made his creator a millionaire, I could hardly believe it!

Thanks to Long Distance Dates Ideas for bringing this to my attention.

And while it may seem strange at first glance, it turns out to be delirious if you have a second degree.
Besides spending a few hours with your partner finding and customizing your « Pet Rock », it will give you new topics of discussion that only you and your partner will be able to understand!

Here’s the pitch:
You find a rock, and make it your pet. It’s like a tamagotchi, but in real life! You can paint it, add eyes, dress it up… Don’t forget its food and water bowl!

To train your Pet Rock correctly and without mistakes, here is the official user guide

50. Write secret letters to open on your anniversary

activities for long distance relationship proposes to LDR couples to write a secret letter

Another nice and original idea proposed by Long Distance Dates Ideas! The principle is simple: launch a video call and write a letter for your other half that you will open only on his birthday.

Why do it?

  • You will be able to compare your feelings between the day you wrote it and the day you read it.
  • To bring intensity, mystery and surprise back into your relationship.

Seeing your partner writing something for you and smiling stupidly will excite you! You’ll want to know!

Also try to predict where your relationship will be in the future. There’s nothing better than setting goals, motivating yourself and seeing how far you’ve come!

51. Clean up (we've had more fun)

activities for long distance relationship N°48 proposes to LDR couples to do the housework together

You read that right! We use the same principle as for N°5. Use the synergy of the couple to do a tedious but mandatory task.

And what answers most to these two criteria?

It’s a way to motivate yourself, and above all you will have the great chance to see your partner sweep the floor or do the dishes. And that is priceless.

52. Learn lifehacks that will serve you all your life

activities for long distance relationship N°49 proposes to LDR couples to learn a life hack

Never tremble at McGyver again! Life hacks are known to everyone. Why not learn a few with your partner?

I propose you two lists: one in video, another in the form of an article

Here is a Youtube channel with lots of ideas that will make your life easier. Or if you prefer articles, you can read this one!

If you want to learn more useful life hacks, here are a few I’ve selected especially for you (all of them can be done remotely):

  • Learn to whistle
  • Learn to use a compass
  • Learn how to tie your shoelaces very quickly
  • Learn how to saber a bottle
  • Learn how to open a beer with a lighter (or with any other object)

It’s up to you!

53. Solve a Harry Poter Escape Game

LDR couples to do an escape game Harry Potter

Want to test your team spirit with your partner?

Do you like Harry Potter?

In fact, even if you don’t like Harry Potter, you’ll love what I’m about to suggest. I have the solution. It’s right here.

Simple but terribly effective.

54. Send an email to your future self (yes)

activities for long distance relationship N°51 proposes to LDR couples to send you an email in the future

How do you see yourself in 1 year? In 3 years or in 5 years? The recruiters’ favorite question! Generally, we have no idea. Life is so full of surprises…

But I have a good way to remember. How about scheduling an email that you will receive in several weeks, months, years?

The surprise you’ll get when you see it arrive in your mailbox!

It allows you to set goals, or to take stock of your life. To know if your bucketlist (N°17 of this list!) is going well for example.

55. Take a bath together and relax in a romantic way

activities for long distance relationship N°52 proposes to LDR couples to take a romantic bath

This LDR activity is not for everyone, I realize. Not everyone has a bathtub at their disposal! If you do, you can take this chance to spend some special, romantic, one-on-one time with the person you love.

The perfect opportunity to relax, and think of nothing else! And let’s face it, it’s a great way to share an intimate moment. Accompany this moment with a small glass of wine and enjoy!!!

You can even take it a step further by creating an atmosphere in your bathroom, or even order yourself dinner.

56. Knowing what your baby is going to look like

activities for long distance relationship N°53 proposes to LDR couples to discover what their baby could look like

One of the funniest nights I’ve ever had with Kyomi! The results are so improbable and crazy that you’ll have a sore rib.

Take pictures of yourself, and like magic, the application will combine your faces to know what your future baby could look like.

Download « Baby Generator » on Android and Apple Store or if you are on a computer, you can use Make Me Baby

57. Discover who is your twin

activities for long distance relationship N°54 proposes to LDR couples to discover their twin online

Another absolutely amazing site! You can spend hours on it. I am not exaggerating! It is very addictive.

There is a well-known rumor in France that there are 7 people in the world who look just like us. Is this true? I have no idea.

But Twin Strangers allows you to find your look-alikes! And it works pretty well.

The principle is simple: you upload a picture of your face (it can be yours, your partner’s, your brothers and sisters, a friend’s…) and the site does the rest! It will show you pictures of people who really exist and who look like you…

58. See ocean species live

activities for long distance relationship N°55 proposes to LDR couples to visit a virtual aquarium

How about seeing live aquariums? Admire sharks, jellyfish, piranhas, or even belugas.

It’s an original and fun way to admire rare specimens, in couple. The « live » aspect reinforces the feeling of living something unique with your partner. Personally, we love to admire jellyfish. These animals are so hypnotizing…

It makes you dream! And it’s completely free.

Here is the aquarium of Monterey Bay which proposes to admire different specimens, or the Georgia Aquarium (our favorite)

Be careful, some cameras are only available during a defined time slot.

59. Matching your clothes for the next day or for a special day

activities for long distance relationship N°56 proposes to LDR couples to tune their clothes

I suggest you think outside the box and use your creativity (and the best way to discover your partner’s wardrobe).

You can match your clothes for a day. It’s a good way to know what kind of clothes your partner wears, and to rediscover them in all their forms. It’s always a nice moment to rediscover your boyfriend or girlfriend when they look great (or have a good laugh if they don’t know how to dress, like me).

During the evening, you can take turns to decide on a theme, and each of you has 10 minutes to wear an outfit related to it.

This can be for example:

  • Guest at a wedding
  • Blue color
  • Music festival
  • Superhero
  • Etc…

60. Have a yard sale by selling your items online

proposes to LDR couples to sell objects online
  • Having trouble saving money for a plane ticket?
  • Do you want to get rid of the old stuff you have lying around?
  • While spending a nice evening with your partner?

Then mix business with pleasure by organizing a virtual yard sale!

Here’s how you and your partner should do it:

  • Sort out the things you no longer need at home (between 5 and 10 items)
  • Look for sites that allow you to sell items online (eBay, Facebook Market Place…)
  • Set prices for each item together

If you are successful in making sales, you can pool that money to pay yourself something for your long distance relationship.

61. List 10, 20, 50, 946364 reasons why you love your partner

activities for long distance relationship N°58 proposes to LDR couples to spend a romantic evening online

A simple way to make your partner cry with joy! And it works even better with people of shy nature.

Simple words can change someone’s mood for the day. You know this as well as I do. We’ve all smiled stupidly when we saw an unexpected message from our partner on our phone.

So go ahead!

Start a video call and have fun listing at least 10 reasons why you love them. This is a great way to start serious discussions about your feelings, fears, weaknesses and strengths. In short, about your future!

62. Prepare a joke for your partner (even better on April 1st)

activities for long distance relationship N°59 proposes to LDR couples to prepare a joke

Whoever doesn’t like to make jokes should throw the first stone! It’s even more fun to do when it’s to someone you know well, or love.
Pranking is one of the most doable activities for long distance relationship, contrary to popular belief. Be prepared for emotional elevators and to hold back from laughing especially!

Here are some jokes you can do:

  • Tell her/him to look out the window because you are downstairs
  • Send a fake email telling him that his order of 14 pizzas will arrive in 10 minutes
  • Send him a fake newspaper article announcing that the borders will remain closed for another 6 months
  • The classic: make them think you can’t hear them during a video call

« But Leo, if I plan a joke with my partner, I won’t be able to do it to him! »

Yes, that’s true. I have a solution to this: organize a joke together for someone close to you

63. Discover the culture of your partner's country (or region)

activities for long distance relationship N°60 proposes to LDR couples to discover the country and the culture of their partner

I talk about these activities for long distance relationship in my free « 7 Days to Break the Routine » program.

Not everyone is interested in learning about new cultures. But learning about your partner’s culture? Right away, it’s not the same thing… I feel you’re more invested!

In addition to giving you a gigantic travel bug, you’ll feel immersed in your boyfriend or girlfriend’s life.

Here’s a list of things you can present (with photos and personal anecdotes is better!)

  • The food
  • Holidays and traditions
  • Customs and traditions
  • Pride of the country (a victory, a law, a historical first…)
  • Famous people
  • Music

64. Make a memory box that will last a lifetime

proposes to LDR couples to create a memory box

In my parents’ house, I have an old shoebox full of childhood objects. Marbles, little cars, class photos… it’s something that’s pretty common in France and Peru. I guess it’s universal.

Making a new memory box does three things:

  • Take a step back in time and introduce a part of your childhood to your partner
  • Give freshness to a box that is certainly older than you
  • Create a common object, between you

There are many DIY tutorials on Youtube and Pinterest. You may know some of them. Feel free to watch the same video at the same time!

If you’re struggling with DIY, I’ve listed several beautiful designs that you can purchase on Amazon.

65. Make a DIY gift for your partner

activities for long distance relationship N°62 proposes to LDR couples to create a DIY object

Same principle as the previous point! Turn on your webcams, find a tutorial to make something you like and off you go.

I recommend creating a gift that will be used for your long distance relationship. It’s so much more romantic!

Like a piggy bank for your savings, a special package, a photo album…

66. Buy a forward calendar to look forward to Christmas or a special event

activities for long distance relationship N°63 proposes to LDR couples to create an advent calendar for Christmas

A calendar of what? If you are not from Europe, you may not know what I am talking about.

In France, it is customary to offer (especially to children!) a calendar at the end of November. It is a calendar of 24 boxes, to be opened from December 1st to 24th. Behind each box is a small chocolate or a small toy. This is used to count the days left until Santa arrives!

This LDR activity is perfect if you are slowly approaching December, or a particular event.

Search the internet to get one delivered. If this is not possible in your country, you can also make one! Last year, my roommate made one with toilet paper rolls, string and Kinder chocolates. And it was really well made!

67. Inspire others by sharing your story (Instagram, blog...)

activities for long distance relationship N°64 proposes to LDR couples to share their story online

This is very romantic and a great way to show your love while inspiring other couples in long distance relationships.

Did you know that there are many blogs and Instagram accounts that offer to share your story?
For example, Olivia and José, an international couple (Belgium and Costa Rica) have created an account where they share your long distance stories.

Here are one account you can ask for:

Maybe that’s something I’ll offer one day, on My Sweet LDR. Feel free to send me a message if you’re interested in this idea! The contact page is for that.

Spending an evening writing your love story will allow you to relive your best moments together, as if your partner was beside you. Thanks to your boyfriend or girlfriend, you will remember details that you had forgotten. And vice versa!

Anyway, I find this activity beautiful, personal and highly useful. If you are like me: that you love writing and helping others, then you should definitely do it!

And if you want to read our story, check ths page !


68. Take a home tour of your house

activities for long distance relationship N°94 proposes to LDR couples to do a home tour

I love this idea! It was recommended to me by @cristingapasin. It makes it easy to find a topic of conversation and learn more about your partner.

What environment they live in, if their house is similar to yours, the differences between you…. It’s great to be able to talk about this!

While it’s never too late, I recommend doing this when you’re first starting out in your relationship. I mean:

  • When you are still in the « honeymoon » phase
  • When you have never seen your partner in real life

Long Distance Games

For all the games you’ll discover in this section, I recommend implementing the following:

  • Impose a wager on the loser
  • Bet something
  • Use a computer and not a phone

This will make your games more fun!

69. Play "Wikipedia Race": who will be the fastest?

activities for long distance relationship N°65 proposes to LDR couples to play the Wikipedia Race game

One of my favorite activities for long distance relationship! I discovered this game on Youtube, thanks to some French youtubers. It is simply excellent. It’s a competitive and fast game where you will be directly confronted with your partner.

Perfect for those who have a competitive spirit!

Here is how to play:

  • Do a search on Wikipedia. It can be absolutely anything: a word, a person, a monument, a concept… Anything that has a Wikipedia page
  • Your partner must do exactly the same thing
  • The goal is simple. Starting from the word you have chosen, you have to get as fast as possible to the word your partner has chosen, only by clicking on the URL links present on the Wikipedia page.

If you don’t understand everything, here is a video that explains everything.

70. Play against or with your partner with my list of 13 video games (my article)

activities for long distance relationship N°66 proposes to LDR couples to discover my article on 12 online games

12 game ideas to do and that only counts as 1 in this list of activities for long distance relationship. Don’t deprive yourself! I’ve also put the last one on this list at #72.

Why? Because it’s amazing. The kind of time-consuming game that can make you stay in front of your computer all night. I let you discover it!

Little bonus: 3 creative phone games that you can play without downloading anything

71. Create a custom and romantic word game

activities for long distance relationship N°68 proposes to LDR couples to create personalized crossed words

I didn’t know such an activity was possible until I made this list! Thanks to this amazing site, you can create your own arrow puzzle.

You can use it to announce a surprise, make a gift to your partner, or simply play together for an evening.

Choose the number of boxes, the words, the definitions. The site automatically generates a grid. You don’t have to do anything more.

72. Visit an exhibition or a museum

LDR couples to visit a museum online

Without leaving your home, you can virtually visit the Orsay Museum in Paris, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam or the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City.

I have found many sources that present you a huge number of museums that you can visit virtually.

You just have to choose. Some of them are free, others are paying.

Of course, it won’t have the same flavor as seeing works of art with your own eyes but it can give you envy and especially lead to new topics of discussion! I am not very sensitive to contemporary art (paintings, sculptures…) but some museums offer amazing and more modern works.

73. Challenge your partner with the classic "try not to laugh"

activities for long distance relationship N°69 proposes to LDR couples to play the game "Try not to laught"

Another activity that can last for hours, easily done from a distance and that you wouldn’t have thought of! You’ll get sore abs from laughing so hard, even though the point is not to laugh!

You must have already come across this kind of video on Youtube.

The principle is simple: watch the same video together and the first one of you who laughs loses! Set up a point system and a token for the loser.

To find videos, here are three ideas:

  • Type into Youtube « Try not to laugh challenge »
  • Search your memory to find a particular video
  • Just for the pleasure, my favorite

74. Doing a "Show & Explain

activities for long distance relationship N°70 proposes to LDR couples to play the game "Show and Explain".

I get this game from my imagination. I want to bring my own ideas, in this list of LDR activities!

It’s a game that allows you to learn more about your partner, especially the things that are important to them, or that they use in their everyday life. Laughter, shame and surprise are all part of the game!

To play « Show & Explain », you must be at home. You will have to ask your partner to show you something he has at home. They will have to find it, show it to you and explain their story.

I know, it’s not at all clear. Here are several examples:

  • Show me the most expensive thing you own
  • Show me the most extreme outfit you’ve ever worn outside
  • Show me your biggest scar
  • Show me the picture of you that you hate the most

Every request should start with « Show me ». What makes this game different from other more traditional games is that you’ll need to provide physical evidence!
Surprise guaranteed. You will discover another side of the person you love! For better or for worse…

75. Play "Speed Search"

proposes to LDR couples to play the game "Speed Search

A few months ago, I helped a student who had to develop a fictitious application for a course. Being in a long distance relationship herself, she decided to create a series of mini-games, and the one I’m about to present to you is the best of them.

Thanks again Brenda for your contribution!       

I have renamed this game « Speed Search ». It’s a competitive and speedy game. It’s a great way to compete with your partner and have a fun evening together. The goal is again very simple: you have to bring a specific object in front of your webcam as fast as possible. The fastest of you two wins.

Here is an example: « The first one to bring back a toothbrush »

Each of you will have to find a toothbrush, and come back in front of his webcam with it. The fastest one wins.

 Here are some ideas:

  • Something of a specific color: red, blue, green…
  • Something that can be consumed: to eat or to drink
  • Something of a particular shape: round, square, symmetrical
  • Something living: animal, plant
  • A specific object: a cup, a shoe, a photo, a book…

To avoid cheating, I advise you to share your screen and draw a number on this site. Each site will correspond to a particular object (that you will have chosen before)

76. Travel the world from your home with GeoGuessR

activities for long distance relationship N°72 proposes to LDR couples to play the game "GeoguessR

I love to travel. If you are in a long distance relationship, I guess you do too! What I am proposing to you now is to travel virtually, while having fun.

When I proposed to Kyomi to play it, she simply became addicted. We spent hours discovering each other’s country (France and Peru) and laughing at each other’s reactions! We still play it regularly. It is very practical to have the feeling to travel without moving from home.

I already talked about this geographical game in the very first article of my blog. The goal is simple: you are teleported somewhere in the world via the camera of a Google car, and your goal is to find the exact location on Google Maps.

You can of course move around, like on Google Streets.

It’s up to you to collect and decipher all the clues that are available to you: signs, waterways, writings, the environment…

The best part? There is an extremely well thought out Duo mode that puts you in a duel with your partner by making you appear in the same place. The free version will not allow you to play unlimited, however.


77. Step out of your comfort zone by playing my special LDR game "Truth or Dare

proposes to LDR couples to play the game LDR Truth or Dare

I’m sure you’ve heard of the game « Truth or Dare ». Did you know that I created a version especially for long-distance couples?

50 Truths, 50 actions. All doable from a distance.

Here are 3 examples of truths:

  • Would you be willing to fly 12 hours there and 12 hours back to spend 24 hours with me if the ticket was free?
  • You want to surprise me with a delivery cake: how do you plan to do it?
  • If after 6 months of long distance relationship, I admit to you that I lied about my age. I am in fact 10 years older. How would you react?

And 3 actions:

  • Eat something from your fridge that I choose
  • Write me a declaration of love of at least 10 lines with the words  » miles « ,  » jet lag « ,  » video calls «  and my mother’s first name
  • Scroll your phone with your eyes closed. When I say stop, show me the picture or video.

I’ve received very good feedback so far. I’m sure you’ll like it!


78. Play a video game offline

activities for long distance relationship N°74 proposes to LDR couples to play together an offline game at the same time

Playing together doesn’t have to mean playing online.

What better way to introduce your partner to a video game masterpiece or just your favorite game? It’s also a good way to see if you can help each other.

You can play a game offline, but at the same time! It’s like reading a book at the same time: each of you progresses on your own, and you check in with each other from time to time. So get out your favorite games and get going!

This activity is more for gamers. It’s harder to do for someone who has no interest in video games.


79. Play online drinking games

activities for long distance relationship N°75 proposes to LDR couples to play a drinking game

The « skype happy hour » has become more popular with the confinements experienced in recent years. And so have online drinking games!

Let loose after a hard week of work and decompress together. Not only will you have fun, but you’ll learn more about your partner.

Combine this with alcohol, and you have the perfect cocktail for a night out without the headache. Just like point #41, here I am addressing an adult audience.

You will find in this list 20 games very easily customizable in drinking games. To do with moderation, always.

80. Guess your drawing with an online Pictionnary

activities for long distance relationship N°76 proposes to LDR couples to play Skribblio

No need to introduce you to Pictionnary or its more recent version, Skribblio!

Use your drawing skills and have an entertaining evening, without taking the head and just between you. It’s always fun to see how you imagine objects and animals and admire the differences between the two of you.

Nothing could be easier:

  • Create a private room
  • Choose the options (rounds, time and language)
  • Click on « Start Game » and send the link to your partner

To play, I advise you to have a translator on your browser or your phone (like DeepL, which is much better than Google Translation). It can be useful if you don’t speak the same language!


Requires a small investment (less than 20$)

Experience a romantic date with my Virtual Date Box

banner of the article which proposes a virtual date box to couples in long distance relationship

All couples go on dates.

Think about your parents, friends or siblings who are in a relationship.

It must have happened to you that you couldn’t see them on a weekend because they had a date night.

It doesn’t matter how old you are,
How long you’ve been together
Or whether it’s long distance or not.

A relationship must have date nights to keep the flame alive and to show love to the person you love most in the world.

But from a distance, how to do it?

I’ve been looking into this.

And the solution is in 3 words: a Virtual Date Box

It’s a box full of activities to do: games, quizzes, questions, recipe ideas, movie suggestions (and how to watch them for free), and the most interesting: a secret challenge and a unique naughty game.

Each box is different and will keep you busy for at least 4 hours.

I’ve already created several of them, on different themes: Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Travel, Break the distance…

More than 86 long-distance couples have tried it and I’ve had nothing but positive feedback.

> Discover the Virtual Date Box

For 15$, you can create magical moments with your darling. Moments that you will remember with nostalgia in the future.

81. Post an ad in your partner's local newspaper

activities for long distance relationship N°77 proposes to the LDR couples to diffuse an ad in the newspaper

I think this is the craziest LDR activity on this list! I love it!

In France, there are newspapers where you can post ads or love notes. Imagine receiving a message from your partner one morning saying « Today you absolutely must buy the newspaper of your city or region! Don’t ask me any questions, just do it ».

Can you imagine his or her face when he or she sees in the classified ads a note written especially for him or her?

It will be an unforgettable memory for your partner! In his head, but also concretely since your note will be printed.

It’s a great idea, but it requires a lot of organization. Here is my advice:

  • To find out if it’s possible, get in touch with someone in their family or friends to get information about the newspaper in question.
  • Ask them for the contact of the newspaper (email, phone, Whatsapp…)
  • Discuss with them the terms and conditions (price, publication date, etc…)

I advise you to ask the help of an accomplice who lives in the country of your partner if it is not your case. Everything will be easier!

82. Create a blog or a website to share your story

activities for long distance relationship N°78 proposes to LDR couples to create a common blog

Much like our « LDR Story » category, you can create a blog dedicated entirely to your long distance relationship.

You may have experienced the days of skyblogs in the 2000s. How about repeating this principle (but in a more modern way!) by publishing your own long-distance love story?

This LDR activity allows you to do a lot of things:

  • Have a beautiful, personal and customizable joint project
  • Imagine and design something concrete with your partner
  • Break the routine in your long distance relationship
  • Inspire other LDR couples in difficulty
  • Develop skills, even a passion
  • Connecting with other couples in the same situation as you

In 2021, creating a website or a blog is no longer complicated. I have entirely created My Sweet LDR without writing a single line of code. And if you do it right, everything is 100% free!

There are hundreds of Youtube videos on the subject, I invite you to watch some of them.

83. Participate in a charity action

activities for long distance relationship N°79 proposes to LDR couples to make a donation for an association

We are all sensitive to different causes.

  • For Kyomi, it is to fight against the abandonment of pets
  • For me, it’s fighting against social inequalities

What if you and your partner participated in a charity event together?

It’s a great activity to give more meaning to your life and find new topics of conversation for your long distance relationship. It’s always an indescribable feeling to help someone, even if you don’t know them. Believe me, you sleep better at night after giving without expecting something in return.

You will feel proud, and above all, happier. In addition to having done a good deed! Only positive things.

For this, there are two possibilities:

  • Provide financial support online via the website of an association, for example
  • Physically come and give your time. This is an excellent way to better understand how an association is organized and to get to know its partner’s country.

The ultimate advantage? You get a taste for it! If you do it once, you’ll want to go again.

84. Become a millionaire with scratch tickets (or ruined)

proposes to LDR couples to scratch lottery tickets

Do you know these tickets? I don’t know if they exist in every country. They are very popular in France!

They are game tickets that you can buy for 1 or 2€ in general. Each ticket is unique and allows you to win more money than you bought it (or nothing at all!)

I once bought a €2 scratch card and won €20.
Just like I once bought a 5€ ticket and won nothing.

This is a game of chance that you can share with your partner! Buy a few tickets each, and scratch them during a video call. Then save the money for when you meet again. Maybe you can buy a coffee! (or even a plane ticket, I hope!)

But be careful not to break the bank. The risk of addiction is real.


85. Buy a plant and take care of it together

activities for long distance relationship N°81 proposes to LDR couples to buy a plant and to take care of it

What could be better than a small plant to remind you of your partner’s presence?

Ultra romantic, doesn’t take up any space, easy to take care of… and it always beautifies an apartment or office!

Give it a name, put a picture of your partner next to it, or put it in funny situations… The possibilities are great! This is a perfect little LDR activity to decompress.

I gave Kyomi a plant at the beginning of our relationship. She put it on her bedside table so it would be the first thing she saw when she got up and the last thing she saw when she went to bed. You can even choose the type of plant you want to buy online.


86. Have an intimate evening by planning your venue, outfit, meals and activities

activities for long distance relationship N°82 proposes to LDR couples to spend a romantic evening date

Romantic evenings are a classic activities for long distance relationship couples!

They allow you to spend time just for your partner and get closer together intimately. It is usually through these occasions that serious matters are discussed, the future, plans…

And it is just as exciting as a « real » activity, in real life! Impatience is present because we can’t wait to discover what our partner has prepared for us. It’s the same for him.

To spend an unforgettable moment, put the small dishes in the big ones!

  • Set a date for your evening
  • Be alone to make sure you won’t be disturbed
  • Dress up as if you were on a real date
  • Put a special atmosphere in your room (lights, candles, smell, rose petals…)
  • Buy a gift to give later
  • Plan a special meal (including a bottle of wine!)
  • Plan a few surprise activities on your own. You can use this list or my 26 challenges as inspiration
  • Enjoy this unique moment until the end of the night

87. Buy an item of clothing online for each other

activities for long distance relationship N°83 proposes to LDR couples to go shopping online

This activity is present in my list of 26 challenges to do from a distance, but I had to put it here!

If you can’t physically be together to shop, there’s nothing stopping you from doing it each at home.

This idea is great because you can choose an item of clothing or jewelry that you like, and that you would like your partner to wear. In addition to giving you another good reason to see each other again, you will have that feeling of receiving a unique and extra gift.

Here’s a good way to do it:

  • List a few websites you like
  • Send to your partner
  • Set a budget
  • Choose between 3 and 5 clothes that you like

Your partner will just have to choose!

My little bonus: the day of your reunion, wear the clothes that your partner bought for you! The complicity will be total.


88. Follow an international event together (+ betting or bingo)

activities for long distance relationship N°84 proposes to LDR couples to follow an international event together

Was I influenced by the Tokyo Olympics Game for this idea? Maybe!

Every year there are international events to follow: a world championship in a discipline, a national holiday, the Olympic Games, Miss Universe…

Following one of these events together is a great idea to get closer and avoid doing a Netflix night for the tenth time.

And to live these moments fully, you can even make bets between you or online on the result. You’ll be thrilled with every decisive moment of the game.


89. Deliver a surprise meal, without telling your partner what it is

proposes to LDR couples to order a surprise meal

I love this one! It’s very simple to set up, doesn’t require much preparation and you’ll have a great time every time! (Provided you know a little about your partner).

Choose a day in the week, and deliver to your partner’s address his evening or lunch meal. He will do the same on his side, with your address.

The surprise is complete since you will discover your meal when you unpack it!

A fun activity to do from time to time. Don’t hesitate to ask one of his friends or someone in his family if they know of a restaurant your partner loves.


Paiying Activities

90. Have unique online experiences with AirBNB online

activities for long distance relationship N°86 proposes to LDR couples to discover AirBNB online

A friend showed me this. AirBNB offers experiences from your home.

Amazing, right? Spend an unimaginable evening, behind your screen, with your partner.

The activities offered are just INCREDIBLE. Some examples:

  • Make a personalized bingo with a Drag Queen
  • Learn how to make authentic tacos with a Mexican chef or pasta with an Italian grandmother
  • Follow a plague doctor through Prague
  • Follow a beekeeper through his daily life
  • Hunt for the Northern Lights in Iceland

Log in to the site with your AirBNB credentials and it’s up to you to book a time slot.

91. Cooperate to solve an online Escape Game

activities for long distance relationship N°87 proposes to LDR couples to do an online escape game

I like escape games a lot! Kyomi much less so. It’s a shame because this LDR activity is just GREAT. Coordination, puzzles, speed and team spirit will keep you busy for at least 1h30!

An Escape Game is a game where for 1 hour, you are locked up with several people (from 2 to 8 in general) in a room, and the goal is to get out by solving puzzles.

Generally, Escape Games are made for birthdays or Team Building. But with the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, some companies like Escape Live have adapted and offer the experience online.

You don’t understand anything? Here’s a short and effective explanation video.


92. Living with abominable scares

activities for long distance relationship N°88 proposes to LDR couples to read horror stories

The perfect date if you like scares! And it’s even better if Halloween is coming up! You’ll be able to get to know your couple better and how your partner reacts to the unexpected. All while scaring each other!

Feeling the drops of sweat on your forehead, glancing behind your shoulder or swallowing your saliva… if you are a fan of horror movies, this is the perfect activity for you.

This site immediately immerses you in a scary, quite disturbing atmosphere. You can choose among 10 adventures to live one of them. Some of them are simply texts to read, others are multiple choice stories!

Here’s what I recommend to get the most out of this experience:

  • Don’t use your phone, use a computer instead
  • You can create an atmosphere by putting yourself in the dark, by lighting candles, with incense of a certain smell…
  • Move through the story at the same time (you and your partner) or share a screen, so that you are perfectly synchronized. It is possible to do this with Skype.
  • Put on a headset or earphones to get some sound! The music is great and immerses you perfectly
  • Do this experience preferably at night (at least for one of you)

The choices you make will determine what happens next. You will have to agree and make the right decisions.

An adrenaline-filled activity for sure.

Here is our favorite story with multiple choices.

And if you haven’t had your fill, I suggest you watch this very…I’ll let you find out! Be sure to start it at the same time as your boyfriend or girlfriend. Chills guaranteed…


93. Make a virtual LDR Dates

activities for long distance relationship N°89 proposes to LDR couples to make a date online

Goodbye boring classic dates!
Our friends of LDRDates have created a new way to have a virtual date, from a distance.

They have created a site that allows you to have your own virtual world and invite your partner. And they are far from being amateurs!

After the payment, you receive a link after a few minutes on your email address which contains :

  • A short text to give you some context
  • The link for your virtual meeting (available for life)
  • An explanatory video tutorial

And that’s it! You are directly immersed in the universe you have chosen, with the possibility to draw, take selfies, import photos and especially annoy your partner by spoiling his view! All this while having a written chat and an integrated audio.
The only drawback is that you can’t interact with the objects in the room.

It’s a great way to bring new life into your long distance relationship and to spend some time together without taking the head.

PS: I highly recommend doing this activity with a mouse. It is easier to handle!

94. Play crane game live in Japan (be careful not to break the bank!)

activities for long distance relationship N°90 proposes to LDR couples to play crane game

My god… I spent a lot of money on these machines from hell! All this to win a stuffed animal to give to the girl I liked…

If you’ve always lost at this game, I’m offering you the chance to make up for it by winning something that your partner is dreaming about! Directly delivered to his home, you will only need skill, a little luck and (a lot of) money.

The Toreba website offers to play this classic game online. You play live from home on machines in Japan! There are thousands of prizes to be won which will be delivered directly to your home if you win them (check beforehand to see if your country is included in their list).

The cool thing is that you can watch others play! Sign up and download the application to get free trials.

Be careful though, there is a big time lag between your choices and what actually happens.

95. Develop a skill by taking an online course

activities for long distance relationship N°91 proposes to LDR couples to learn a new skill

Mix business with pleasure. We love doing it!

On Udemy, you can take online classes. They’re not live classes, but the topics are wide-ranging:

  • Music
  • Computer science
  • Language
  • Personal development
  • And many others

This can allow you to start learning your partner’s language, or to discover your passion. A great activity, customizable according to your tastes and those of your partner, and which allows you to get to know each other better while having fun.


96. Buy an animal

proposes to LDR couples to adopt an animal

You read that right! Let me explain.

We are not talking about adopting a kitten or a puppy. That would be restrictive and everyone has their own affinities (personally, I am part of the #CatTeam).

Why not buy a small animal like an insect or a fish, each on your own? There are so many advantages!

  • It doesn’t take up space and it’s not restrictive!
  • You will have various subjects of discussions (by comparing them, inventing stories, personality, who is the best or the most beautiful…)
  • It will grow with your relationship
  • You will think about your partner every time you see him/her
  • You will be able to see your partner’s pet when you go to his house (or his house)

It’s up to you to choose what you like best. There are many choices depending on your tastes and the country you live in. It can be :

  • A fish
  • A mouse
  • A hamster
  • A cricket
  • Ants
  • A spider

You don’t even have to take the same one! Just ask before you go! Each animal has its own specificities. You will need to put it in an appropriate place made for it.

97. Sending a package and opening it at the same time (very romantic)

activities for long distance relationship N°93 proposes to LDR couples to send each other a package

Sending a package: a great classic in long distance relationships.

A timeless and always effective way to show your love, please your partner, intrude a little in his life and share objects or memories!

To make sending packages even more romantic, you can send one to each other, and open it at the same time! Make it fun with these ideas:

  • Make a bet on how long it will take your package to arrive
  • Set a budget not to exceed
  • Impose a content: a photo, cupcakes from your country, a DIY item…

If you want some thematic ideas of what to send, you can read this excellent article written by Lolo & Nate from the blog Lasting The Distance

98. Plant a tree and follow its evolution

activities for long distance relationship N°94 proposes to LDR couples to plant a tree online

You are sensitive to ecology, but your partner much less?
You want to symbolize your union with something concrete?
You want to act from your home, simply, to preserve our planet at your scale?

The Treedom website allows you to plant a tree (a real one, not a virtual one) and follow its growth! As soon as it is planted, you will receive a photo of your tree and regular information on its growth!

The little extra that I loved: you can give a name and write a virtual word! Visible by anyone, it will be the definitive proof of your love story.

Now it’s up to you to choose which type of tree best represents your relationship according to its use:

  • Giving fruits
  • To reduce CO2
  • For cosmetic purposes
  • To serve as a natural insecticide
  • And many others

Then its location among 6 countries distributed between Latin America and Africa
And the type of tree, of course. A lemon tree or a macadamia, through the baobab.

In short, it is very customizable!


99. Buy something together to strengthen your relationship

activities for long distance relationship N°95 proposes to LDR couples to have an object in common

You may have already seen this idea in our article on 20 romantic gift ideas to give. With Kyomi, we bought a set of 4 llamas. Pretty cool, right?

  • 2 that she offered to her parents
  • 2 that I offered to mine

It is very cool to have « connected » objects, each one at the other’s home. It strengthens the bond, decorates your home and brings back magical memories.

Now the hardest part is finding a gift idea that separates! Take a look at my article I quoted just before. It’s worth a look.


100. Experience a live concert

activities for long distance relationship N°96 proposes to LDR couples to live a concert

I don’t know a person who doesn’t love music. It’s an art form that easily brings friends and couples together!

How about spending a good time listening to the same artist live with your partner, while staying at home?
You will be able to discover each other’s musical tastes, exchange on what you like and what you don’t like, discover new artists and send them strength!

It’s a good excuse to spend an evening on the theme of music, and always know more about your half.

Songkick makes it all possible! Although the site can be improved, it lets you know who is currently playing live. You can also watch a concert together on Youtube. It won’t be live, but you can introduce your partner to your favorite band or singer.

Getting out of the house:

For this last category, I offer you a small list of activities to do on a remote video call.

But you won’t stay at home, in front of your computer! No, here, you will have to leave your comfort zone (ouch…)

You’ll only need your cell phone for each one.

Ready to check out the latest 5  activities for long distance relationship?

101. Make an ephemeral tattoo together

activities for long distance relationship N°97 proposes to LDR couples to make an ephemeral tattoo

Be careful, I wrote « ephemeral »! I don’t want to have problems on my back

It is quite possible to make a tattoo that will fade naturally after a few months. You can let your imagination run wild or find « duo » tattoos to feel closer to your partner.

And you’ll have the great joke to tell your family that it’s a tattoo for life.

Get in touch with a tattoo artist in your area (or get a recommendation from someone you know) and check out the details with them!


102. Take a video tour of your town or village

activities for long distance relationship N°98 proposes to LDR couples to make a visit of their village

Discover a part of his/her life
Where he/she grew up
Her/his favorite store, the park where she/he used to relax or walk the dog.

It makes you want to, doesn’t it?

Being able to put images on words, places is more than important for a long distance relationship. It strengthens a couple. So mix business with pleasure and ask your partner to show you his favorite places! Then it’s your turn.

Take a walk at the same time if possible. Not too far from your home. Take him/her on a tour of the neighborhood with all the anecdotes that go with it! I’m sure you have plenty that will make him die laughing.


103. Have a drink together in a bar

activities for long distance relationship N°99 proposes to LDR couples to spend a romantic evening

Yes! It’s totally possible to do this from a distance.

Take your partner to a coffee shop or bar in your city! It’s an incredible activity to discover the culture of your country or to learn more about your partner’s life.

Go to your favorite bar or coffee shop and have a great time afterwards! If possible, choose a quiet place so that you can hear each other.

You can even go a step further by choosing what your partner will eat or drink.

I advise you to bring headphones and why not a mini tripod to make your life easier.


104. Organize a virtual picnic

activities for long distance relationship N°100 proposes to LDR couples to have a picnic

A totally romantic activity idea to do in the summer! Instead of just cooking a meal at home together (as 99% of long-distance couples do), do it in a park or a quiet place in nature.

Prepare something to eat on your own (or together), and then meet virtually to share the picnic.

Not only will you be able to discover what your partner has prepared, but it is also a perfect context to talk about new things, about what surrounds you, about your future together…

As the previous point, I advise you to take with you headphones and a tripod for your phone.


105. Do a good deed by giving blood

activities for long distance relationship N°101 proposes to LDR couples to make a blood donation

Admit it, you wouldn’t have thought of it!

I never gave blood until I was 24. Since then, I’ve been giving blood on average every 4 months.

Why? Because the feeling of doing a good deed is indescribable.

It’s free and even though you’ll be alone during your donation, you can call your boyfriend or girlfriend at that time.

So why not donate blood?


A long distance relationship is a sweet and sour dish, and these examples of activities for long distance relationship are like a recipe

The sweet and sour dishes that are successful are the ones that are balanced between the flavors. Do 75% of your activities within your comfort zone, and get out of it for the rest.

Your long-distance relationship won’t just be magical.

It will be fun to be in. Your partner will think « Wow, he/she goes so far beyond for me and for our relationship, he/she understands me. What he/she does is only for our happiness ».
This is how deep love is born and how you feel completely capable of living a long distance relationship.

Over to you. You have a hundred examples of activities for long distance relationship to do. And this, no matter your country or your time difference.

You can even go further. Plan your next 3 months of weekly activities. Take a calendar, and choose the LDR activities you want to do (a bit like my list of LDR challenges). No more routine and monotony for a quarter of a year.

That’s the value I just offered you.

If you liked this article and want to help other couples in long distance relationships, please share it !


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