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Discover 12 little known games
for couples online (+ our favorite)

Fed up with always doing the same LDR games for couples online?

To always come across the same games seen and reviewed when you look for advice on the Internet ?

Or maybe you want to find Skype games for long distance relationships ?

You have the same problem we had a few months ago, then. We were looking for new original online games for long distance couples, and we found! Let us help you now.

In this article, you will find 13 games optimized for couples in a long distance relationship.

list of long distance games

And with for each of the links, images, or videos.

Luckily for Kyomi, I have always played a lot (maybe a bit too much) of video games. I know what kind of game she would have loved, although she tells me countless times « but I suck at all online games! ».

This list is not just for gamers, on the contrary

If one of you in your relationship is not used to playing games, this list is for you! Without any headache, you will be guided step by step for each of them.

Those games for couples online are personal. It is ours. I am absolutely aware that some games will not please everyone. That’s why I have chosen very varied and avant-garde genres so that everyone can find what they are looking for.
By the way, all games are better with skype (or another app) to communicate.

There are a lot of LDR games you don’t necessarily think about. My favorites are those that you discover by chance, by getting lost on the internet. We try a game, and in the end, we are still on it several hours later, without seeing the time pass.

Exactly like when you tidy your room from top to bottom, and you find your old and timeless objects. We spend an eternity there because we stop on each one of them because they make us nostalgic.

But here, no question of chance! Discover the 12 most fun games for couples online.

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I have tried many of the games on this list. For the others, it was couples in long distance relationships who recommended them to me. Some couples have even met and fallen in love on these games!

None of them were chosen by chance. The vast majority of them are free, but I wanted to add a paid game. Because a little money invested can make your evenings unforgettable.

The games for one evening

The following LDR games are all free. For each of them, I give you the name of the Mobile application and its computer equivalent (if there is a correct one and I certify it).

The huge strength of these games is that they are quick to learn and anyone can win!
They are ready to play and without any noticeable problems.

Werewolves Online

Mobile : Wolvesville on Android and Apple Store

The game of the Werewolf has become very popular with the appearance of Covid-19 and the confinements. Wolvesville is proof of this : they are celebrating their third anniversary this year, and the number of players is increasing at a crazy rate!

Be the best liar

The rules of online Werewolf are simple. It’s a board game in which each player plays either a villager or a werewolf with a different goal :

  • The villagers (some have special powers) must unmask and kill all the werewolves.
  • Werewolves must eliminate all villagers without being unmasked

    Vote to eliminate one village member each day, and wait until the next morning to find out if the werewolves have not devoured you. The game ends when there is only one camp left.

You will have understood it. It is a game of bluff but also of strategy!

Wolvesville is a worldwide application : you can choose up to 13 different languages (French, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Vietnamese…).
So it’s perfect for binational couples! The games follow each other quickly, and even if you feel a bit confused, you will quickly remember the different roles.

The application guides you step by step, no worries.

To play with others, add your friend thanks to his nickname, then start a game. That’s all you have to do!

My personal advice :
Put yourself in voice with your partner so that you can discover and explore the game together, but be careful not to make your role public! It is a good way to like this experience and start the first game for couples online.

Paper Games: 4 little ldr games for couples online

Computer : Papergames

Papergames is a website that brings together 4 classic and timeless board games :
Battleship, Connect 4, Tic Tac Toe, and the Japanese game Gomoku.

Extremely easy to use, no need to register. Papergames is really cool to spend an evening having fun on different board games with your partner.

Simple but effective

You can change the language by clicking on the 3 horizontal lines in the top left corner. Perfect for binational couples!

To play with a friend, nothing could be simpler : select the game you want to play, then press « Play with a friend ». All you have to do is send him the link. You’re on your way!

Personally, we play more Battleship and Gomoku. We didn’t know about this Japanese game, but it’s excellent!



Mobile: « Chess: Play and Learn » on Android and Apple Store

The oldest game in the world, and yet still topical! The Queen’s Gambit series on Netflix brought it back to the forefront, and since then a huge number of new players have begun to take an interest in it.

Chess is often played while traveling or at a distance.

The website and its mobile version are an essential reference for online gaming : they are free, fast, and very intuitive. All you have to do is add your partner’s nickname as a friend and send him an invitation.

You can also choose the duration of the games, train with challenges corresponding to your level… and even share your games played with anyone!

I know that the game of Chess doesn’t please everyone, but discovering this LDR game this way is very playful. And besides learning fast, you will be amazed by the level you can reach. In fact, Kyomi has already managed to beat me several times when a few weeks before, she didn’t even know the rules. I can only recommend this long distance relationship game online.

Play with me !

If you want to play with me and take your beating, it is with great pleasure!
Add me : illbeatyoukyomi (elo level : 950).



Mobile :  » UNO  » on Android and Apple Store

At first glance, one can imagine that the UNO has served its purpose. But it is still timeless where all the blows are allowed! A deal without holding back the cards to your opponents to win!

I think I don’t need to remind the rules for two reasons :

  • Who doesn’t know the Uno ?
  • The rules are different in every country!

    And even between each person. For my part, you can’t add a +4 after a +2. That annoys you, doesn’t it ?

« UNO » is the official application of the game. Before you can add and explode your partner, you have to reach level 3. Don’t panic, this is done very quickly (about 10 minutes : you only need to win one or two games). Once you have reached this level, press « Social », then « Friends ».

You will be able to play in 2 vs 2 mode, but it is not (yet ?) possible to play against each other.

We stopped playing with Kyomi because she is a sore loser (oops, I hope she won’t read it!).

Quipoquiz (my girlfriend love it)

Computer : Quipoquiz

Did you know that Istanbul, Turkey, is the only city in the world that straddles two continents ?

Well thanks to Quipoquiz, a site for general culture questions, yes! It was initially a French site, but an English version has recently been launched. Unfortunately, this site does not yet exist in Spanish. You don’t even need an account to play on it.

Test your general knowledge

You have 6 categories (Animals, Arts and Culture, Geography, History, Science and Technology, Sports); and each of them has dozens of different themes (For the Animals category, you will find, for example, Birds of Prey, Rodents, Sleep in Animals…).

In short, there are hundreds and hundreds of topics. Also, the site is meant to be entertaining, easy to use, and, above all, very visual.

Far from the school benches!

There are also explanations for each answer with pictures for the most visual among you.

To play, two methods :

  • If you speak the same language, make a screenshot to see the questions and answers together.
  • If you don’t speak the same language or want to choose different themes, trust each other and ask the questions orally. I don’t worry about trust in an LDR! Whatever… Some would do anything not to lose!

Computer :
Mobile:  »  » on Android and Apple Store

Note : we have not tested the mobile version

Talking about this game makes me so nostalgic… All these memories coming back! It was impossible to make this list without talking about!
Developed in 2015 and made unavoidable in the following months, this minimalist game is addictive. Really.

Swallow them all!

It’s a 2D game where you control a colored circle representing a cell.
Your goal? To get as big as possible by devouring other players smaller than you! But depending on the size of your cell, you can be the prey or the hunter…

It is simply played with the mouse and the space bar, allowing you to swallow your opponents easily. This game has no end in itself. You will quickly understand that playing in a team is essential, even primordial to become the ultimate hunter!

How to play together:

To play with others, click twice in a row on « Join » in the « Party Mode » menu, then on « Play ». You will join an online game with other players. All you have to do is send the game link (at the top left of your screen) to your partner.

Now the hardest part is surviving ahah


Games for gamers

In this category, we will look at 3 games for a slightly more expert audience.
The mastery of these LDR games is longer and to really have fun on these games, you will need several hours of play.

Moreover, their installation will take some time, so you won’t be able to play them together in the next few minutes! Try the games at the top of the list to pass the time.

Absolutely all of them are free to play, as long as you have a computer powerful enough to run them. None of these games are available on Mobile.

Rocket League

To download it
Rocket League has been paying for a long time, but recently it became free! So luckily for us, it became an online and LDR game for long distance couples. This game mixing football and cars are really incredible to many people.

I spent hours scoring goals (or taking them out) when I was a student!

The goal is very simple: to score more goals than the other team. Except that you control a remote-controlled car! Going from 1 vs 1 to 4 vs 4, several game modes are available. You can also customize your car.

To play with your partner, you will need his Rocket ID.

If you have difficulties to install the game,
here is a complete written tutorial
or in the video


Apex: Legends

To download it

Apex Legends recently celebrated its 2nd birthday and refreshed the Battle Royale (60 players compete on a map, with only one winner at the end, a bit like Hunger Games).
It’s an FPS that is played as a team, in 2 vs 2 or 3 vs 3.  It’s up to you to find weapons, ammunition, shields and accessories on the map to annihilate your opponents!

Many different playing styles

  • Do you love to know where your enemies are hiding? BloodHound can track them and know their positions.
  • If you prefer powerful offensive powers, Bangalore allows you to launch a devastating aerial attack.
  • Or Loba, which makes it easier for you to find loot on the map.

Be careful though, if you’re not used to shooting games, the grip can be long.

Once again, here is an article to help you install the game,
or a video if you prefer this format


Star Wars: The Old Republic (MMO game for couples online)

To download it

I personally have never tried this LDR game, but I have been told so many good things about it! The story takes place thousands of years before the reign of Darth Vader and the original saga.
So don’t worry, if you’re not up to date with Star Wars history, you can still enjoy this game with your eyes closed.

Choose dark or light side

Choose to become a Sith or a Jedi and explore the galaxy. Depending on your choices, the storyline and quests offered will vary. A unique MMO to discover with your partner: this is certainly a game where addiction can quickly become a problem!

Here are installation tutorials,
in the text
or in the video


Still, on the computer, the following list of games are profitable, with a phenomenal return on investment! They are accessible to everyone: forget about speed, strategy, and brain warming games.
Quite the contrary!

This little selection is perfect if you’ve always said to yourself « I suck at video games, I don’t know where to start ».

You can find a good idea for online games with your girlfriend.

They are elementary to master, unlike the games in the previous category.

Worms Armageddon

To download it

I’m sure you fell back into childhood when you saw the name of the 10th game! Worms Armageddon was released in 1999 and is still greatly appreciated today! Don’t worry, updates are still regular and always bring the game up to date.

Definitly a timeless game

Worms Armageddon is played turn by turn and puts you in the shoes of worms armed to the teeth. Their goal: to zero the opponent’s hit points or to knock them into the water with delirious weapons. The most emblematic weapons of the saga are present, don’t worry. Never get tired of the Banana Bomb or the Super Sheep!

The last Worms game was released in 2020, but is less suitable for casual players: in Worms Rumble, you forget the turn-based gameplay for real-time action. Much more dynamic indeed, but also more difficult to grasp, I didn’t have the opportunity to test it.

But you can try Worms Armageddon without hesitation!



To download it

Well, this game can break up your couple or can be a very good test of your partner’s patience!

Cohesion and team spirit are a must in this game for couples online.

Heat the pots and sharpen the knives! In Overcooked, you have to prepare recipes in a given time. Yes, it’s very serious.
Cutting food, cooking, assembling, this game is perfect to relax and have a good time as a lover. Mastering it is quick and easy.

My advice: handling is better with a joystick than with the keyboard and mouse!

A magic ldr game: Stardew Valley

To download it

Escape in this game where cooperation is once again the key to success!

You’ve just inherited a family farm, and it’s up to you to maintain it!

Grow vegetables, take care of your animals, collect resources to see your farm grow step by step. You will also have to repel attacks from invaders, humans or otherwise…

Approved by many LDR couples

We personally have never played it, but the feedback I have had is all excellent. We recommend you to use Skype for this long distance relationship game (or another vocal app).

Anyway, this long distance relationship game online is perfect for people who have never played a video game before.

The handling is intuitive. It has also received very good reviews from professional testers but also from gamers (more than 2 million anyway!). It is a worldwide success. Yes!

Our favorite game for couple online



If you don’t know Geoguessr at all, then you are about to discover an incredible and exceptional geographic game!

The principle is very simple: you are teleported to a place in the world, and your goal is to find where you are.

Based on Google Street and Google Maps & Google Streets.

Signs, climates, names of villages, and architecture… there are so many clues that will help you to find yourself!

Drive through the gigantic city of Tokyo, travel through the Peruvian deserts or explore the Scottish countryside:
Geo Guessr will amaze you at every moment. Different modes exist (some with time, others in a number of points…).

You can also choose a certain country or a certain region of the world.

We love to discover the different countries of each continent. Geoguessr adds a playful and educational dimension. You can choose to play against each other or to make a screenshot to guess together where you are.

You can play a few games for free, but if you want to fully enjoy the game, you will have to spend a few dollars.

A must-try must-have!

Our advice

To enjoy each of these games, here are some tips based on our experience:

  • Being in voice is essential to be able to speak live! Like Skype for example.
  • Games for couples online must be a pleasure. Don’t get mad with it!
  • In competitive games, set up pledges for the loser. This adds challenge!
  • If you don’t like to play with the keyboard and mouse, you can always connect a controller to your computer.
  • Dispel your doubts by watching videos on Youtube to learn more about each game.

And you, what are you playing?

Tell us all about it!

Maybe we miss amazing online games for long distance couples

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