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12 Long Distance Relationship Gifts Tech to stay connected

It’s soon your boyfriend’s/girlfriend’s birthday, Christmas or Valentine’s Day and you’re struggling to find a Long Distance Relationship Gifts Tech ?

Don’t worry: you are not the only one!

For several years in early August, it was the same ritual:
My Peruvian girlfriend’s birthday is coming up. In 2 years of long distance relationship, we always had the habit to offer original gifts. Disappointing her is not an option!

I had to find a good idea of Long Distance Reltionship Gifts Tech and that helps us in our LDR.

I’ve scoured a lot of websites, forums and Facebook groups to have a great panel of choices.

In this article, I show you all my findings: 15 ideas of LDR connected gifts.

From the almost free ($10) to the very expensive ($399+), from the classic (bracelet) to the most original (Virtual Date Box), you’ll find what you need.

Here we go

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1) Long Distancec Relationship Gadgets : Connected lamp

Light up the room of your sweety with a snap of your finger, how about it?
Or should I say, in a touch!

This allows you to tell him in an ultra romantic way that you are thinking about him at this moment.

This is what Friendlamps, a company that sells connected lamps, proposes.

By touching your lamp, your partner’s lamp will light up. You can also choose among a dozen colors that will be projected.

Well, after if like me you have 7 hours of time difference, avoid turning it on at night!

The price of a single lamp is about $84.
Count about $162 if you want two.

If you go through this link, you get a 15% discount !

2) Long Distance Relationship Gifts Tech: Little Riot pillows

Falling asleep with your partner’s heartbeat, the idea sounds crazy.

Pillow Talk has been developed by Little Riot: thanks to a bracelet connected to your partner’s pillow and a gadget placed under your pillow, the heartbeats are transmitted.

Personally, it would bother me to fall asleep like that. Especially since in my situation, we have too much time difference with Kyomi to sleep at the same time.

But the idea is nice and deserves to be in this list of Long Distance Relationship Gifts Tech

3) A song, a picture, a personalized message (Fiverr)

One of my favorite ideas: I LOVE FIVERR !

The concept is simple:
It’s a site that connects people like you and me with professionals whose skills are dematerialized.

There are professionals (usually self-employed) who can provide a lot of services:

  • Language courses, sports, food…
  • The creation of banner, logo, CV, animation video…
  • The creation of music, computer program, software…

And where it becomes interesting, it is that a great number of service adapts to the couples in relation at distance!

I ordered 3 gifts and wrote a comprehensive guide on how to use Fiverr to find gifts suitable for long-distance couples.

> Discover my ultimate guide here

Here are some examples (clic to see all infos)

I will write a love letter for your lover

I’ll illustrate cute portrait, couple or family in my cartoon portrait

I’ll draw cartoon Disney portrait for couple, family, wedding

I’ll write and record a custom song for you

I’ll make a birthday or special occasion newscast in 24 hours

The advantage is that everything is dematerialized.

The sending is therefore quite fast!

The various customer reviews also prove the seriousness and honesty of the sellers.

Let’s stay in the theme of dematerialized Long Distance Gifts!

4) The dematerialized gifts of My Sweet LDR

I propose myself dematerialized products for couples in long distance relationship on my blog.

With my girlfriend, we now live together in France, but it was not always easy! We stayed several years apart before we could live together.

I started this blog in April 2021, and at the request of many couples, I now offer dematerialized gifts:

A Long Distance Map

my long distance girlfriend's reaction when she received my gift

I love this picture: it’s my girlfriend when she got her Long Distance Map 😍

A romantic gift retracing your history that you receive in your mailbox and that you can print to decorate a room!

You choose the countries (or US states), the text, the colors, the typography, the format… and I create your design on demand.

See all information about the Long Distance Map

A Virtual Date Box

You know as well as I do that it is difficult to organize a long distance date.
Usually, the evening is a movie on Netflix and nothing more.

That’s why I created Virtual Date Boxes: they are dematerialized gifts for couples that allow you to share a moment in love and create deep bonds.

Each box lasts between 3h30 and 4h, with questions, quizzes, games, recipes, and even a secret challenge inside! Each one is unique and has its own theme:


Close the Distance



Valentine’s Day

5) For connected pleasure: Lovense

A long distance relationship doesn’t necessarily mean no sex!

Yes, it is more complicated to blossom at this level because physical contact is impossible; but we’re soon in 2023 !

The company Lovense markets connected pleasure objects that give you the opportunity to give intimate sensations to your partner.

I have already tested several of their products.
I let you discover them here :

6) Feel your partner's heartbeat: The Touch X

In the introduction, I was talking about Long Distance Relationship Gifts Tech that could cost several hundred euros.

I was talking about the connected rings of The Touch X!

With this ring of exceptional quality (we are not talking about a vulgar jewel bought in a second hand store!), you can send and receive the heartbeats of your lover.

I haven’t had the opportunity to test it yet, but I have written an article about this connected ring.

If you are planning to get married, this can be a unique LDR gift to offer!

The good news is that you can get 20% off with the code MYSWEETLDR. Take advantage of it!

7) Long Distance Relationship Gifts Tech : Bond Touch

Definitely the most popular Long Distance Gift on this list: the Bond Touch bracelets.

Based on the same principle as the ring, this is a connected bracelet that allows you to send a little vibration to your partner’s wrist to let them know you’re thinking of them.

The seriousness of the company is no longer to be proven: it is one of the pioneers in the field of Long Distance Relationship Gift Tech!

The price of a bracelet is about $75;
Count $150 to have two.

You can see all of their products here.

They regularly offer promotions on their website, so don’t hesitate to check it out from time to time.

8) Count the days with a Countdown Clock

Kids use an advent calendar to count down the days until Christmas. I suggest you do the same thing but for the arrival of your partner!

On Amazon, there are dozens of watches that let you know when you and your partner will finally be together.

Personally, I have a preference for this one:

For $15, is perfect !

9) Don't get the time difference wrong with Dual Time Zone Wall clock

We stay in the theme of connected clocks.

This LDR gift will appeal to couples in very long distance relationships! If like me you have a 7 hours time difference with your girlfriend, this can be very useful.

I’m talking about a Dual Time Zone Wall Clock

Again, you can find them on Amazon. The price is higher than for the countdown (count minimum $80).

I have a small preference for this one: sober but effective!

10) Long Distance Relationship Gifts Tech : Webcam and microphone for computer

You know as well as I do, video calls are essential to keeping a healthy long distance relationship.

And it’s very annoying when the sound or image quality is poor.
It feels like we’re right back in the 2000s.

So why not invest in a little hardware so you don’t have to deal with these problems anymore?

A webcam to see all your partner’s smiles

A microphone to hear him as if he was in your room.  

There are dozens of them on Amazon, for all prices.

I wouldn’t recommend buying one for $50 or $60. Honestly, a few dozen dollars is enough.


11) Long Distance Relationship Gifts Tech: Second computer screen

Keeping with the theme of « improve your video calls » with this second idea: a second computer screen.

When I was playing online games with Kyomi, it was a bit annoying because we couldn’t see each other anymore (or only very small).

The problem is solved with a second computer screen!

You can play games together or do online activities and still have eye contact.

It’s a long distance gift that very few LDR couples think of!

Be sure to choose your second monitor so that it is compatible with the first, and don’t forget the cables!
Nothing is more frustrating than receiving a package and not being able to use it because of a little oversight.

12) To always think of him/her: a connected photo frame

Cute, romantic, customizable…

Instead of posting photos on your wall, post hundreds of them!

The connected photo frame allows you to scroll through the photos you import.

Some models even let your partner take control!

Imagine: you get up in the morning to have your coffee, and when you are about to start eating, you see a message of morning love appear on your photo frame.

The idea is simply amazing!

So, what Long Distance Relationship Gifts Tech will you give your long distance partner?

Are you more of a jewelry wearer?
Or a gadget to enhance your video calls?
Or even a dematerialized product to strengthen your love?

If nothing pleased you, you can always choose other long distance gifts :

The hardest thing now is to choose!

Compare prices, see what fits in your budget and especially, pay attention to the delivery conditions!

Depending on the country, you can have bad surprises on the costs and the delivery time.

Don’t hesitate to send us an email if you have any questions, we can help you make your choice 😊

A selfie of Leo and Kyomi together at the airport

(us at the airport when we met again the second time)

Boring of the routine ?

Download my 26 LDR Challenges and Activities

One idea done every week
= 6 months of activities

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