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24 Gifts Ideas for your Long Distance Girlfriend for Valentine's Day

What to get your girlfriend for valentine’s day long distance ? The question comes up every year a little before February 14th! And luckily, so do its answers.

In this article, I will give you 24 ideas of gifts to give to your partner in a long distance relationship. All of them are oriented for both sexes and are very romantic.

Choose one from the list to be 100% sure to surprise your partner!

I’m telling you this because it works: I myself have given some of the gifts on this list (like the 22) and I’ve never seen my Peruvian girlfriend so happy.

It really moved me, and I wish everyone in a long distance relationship reading this article would go through the same emotions.

Let’s go!

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What to get your Long Distance Girlfriend for Valentine's Day : 24 ideas

1) Fiverr - Love with a capital L

Fiverr is the perfect site if you are looking for a dematerialized, personalized and quick gift for Valentine’s Day.

It’s a site that connects individuals (you) with independent professionals for any kind of service.

What will interest you here is to get in touch with artists to offer the perfect gift to your boyfriend or girlfriend in your long distance relationship.

I have already used Fiverr many times to give gifts to my LDR girlfriend who is more than 6500 miles away from me, in Peru.

Last Christmas, I even sent her a Christmas message that came directly from…Santa Claus!

Check the video here

I ordered 3 gifts and wrote a comprehensive guide on how to use Fiverr to find gifts suitable for long-distance couples.

> Discover my ultimate guide here

There are some super original Valentine’s Day gift ideas, like asking a Jamaican to send a video message from one of the paradisiacal beaches of his island. Is not a joke!

I made a small selection of the best offers for Valentine’s Day:

« I will illustrate a portrait caricature for valentines day »

« I will draw a couple portrait illustration in 2 days »

« I will make valentine day video »

« I will create a happy birthday or valentines day love message video on a london bus »

« I will sing your wish or message with guitar for valentines »

« I will do unique valentine day greetings from real jamaican beach »

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2) My Ebooks of 365 LDR Questions - Reliving the first days

Remember how magical the first days after you met were?

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I propose you here to relive those « honeymoon » moments thanks to one of my 365 LDR Questions Ebooks.

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3) If I had to choose only one gift for Valentine's Day, it would be this

A personalized map for long-distance couples
A customizable map I created for my long distance girlfriend

See this design? I created it for my girlfriend.

I did everything from scratch. She told me it was the best gift she’s received from me in the two years we’ve been dating.

And it’s my favorite idea too for two reasons:

1) Because I am the one who creates it, each design is unique. The colors, the lines, the countries… you can be sure that your Valentine’s Day gift will be romantic and 100% personalized.

2) Because dematerialized gifts are perfect for long distance couples. You avoid the problems of postage, customs, and delays.

How to order ? It is very simple. Just go to the LDR map presentation page. Everything is explained.

a long distance relationship map gift 2
A customizable map I created for my long distance girlfriend
a long distance relationship map gift 1

Pretty cool, huh? Order yours now and receive it in 3 days!

Note: If you order on February 13th, I will make sure to send it to you the same day.
Prices are subject to change for express delivery.

4) Matching Jewelry - You + Me = ❤️

Here’s a compilation of the best matching jewelry for LDR couples that I could find on Amazon. You may find something you like!

Necklace for couples – $19.99

Bracelet Mutual Attraction – $12.99

Necklace Yin Yang – $15.99

Necklace Together Forever – $11.99

Necklace Stainless Steel – $14.99

Necklace Cats – $16.95

5) Personalized Jewelry - Our unique and authentic Love

Here’s a compilation of the best personalized jewelry for LDR couples that I could find on Amazon. You may find something you like!

Necklace Flower – $17.99

Gold Initial Necklace – $14.99

Handmade Bracelet – $17.50

Silver Infinity Necklace – $21.99

Numeral Graduation Necklace – $20.00

Name Graduation Necklace – $19.50

6) What to get your Long Distance Girlfriend for Valentine's Day: A stuffed animal

When I miss my girlfriend too much, I keep one of her sweaters close to me. It comforts me because they hold a little bit of her scent.

Sending one of your plushies soaked in perfume is a great gift for LDR couples for Valentine’s Day!

And if you don’t want to bother with a package (or because it’s expensive!!), here are 3 ideas for your long distance partner.

Sweet Heart – $15.99

Giant Teddy Bear – $45.99

Animal – $12.50

7) A scented candle - A little bit of you in my house

A scented candle is a must-have Valentine’s Day gift! Romantic, simple and comforting. You’re sure to hit the bull’s eye with this kind of gift.

Little tip:
When you are together, make it a habit to light a candle. Then, when you have to say goodbye, give that same candle to your partner. You’ll thank me later!

6 Love Candles – $22.98

Vella Rose Candle – $22.97

Heart Candles – $14.99

8) What to get your Long Distance Girlfriend for Valentine's Day : Printed photos of you - Materialize our love

I bet if I pick up your phone and scroll through your photos, there will be dozens of them of you and your partner!

Keep it simple: select the best ones, print them out and send them. Cute and romantic, this is still a great Valentine’s Day gift idea for couples in long distance relationships.

Little tip:
f you want to make a cool montage with your photos, use Canva!

9) Bond Touch - Your heartbeat on my wrist

The first connected gadget on the list!

How about being able to send vibrations to your partner, no matter where they are and at any time of the day?
Such a romantic way to tell your boyfriend or girlfriend that you are thinking about them…

This is what Bond Touch offers, a serious brand and very well known by LDR couples.

In addition, they make 15% discount if you order before February 14.
Pretty cool, right?

PS: If your country is not available for delivery on their site, go through Amazon by clicking here.

10) Connected Lights - The light in the corner of your room

It’s often said that the person you love deeply lights up your heart or your day.

What if you gave him or her the ability to light up your living room or bedroom too?

This is what FriendLamps offers. Sold in pairs, you will each have one!

Touch it to turn on your partner’s lamp, no matter where it is.
A bit like the Bond Touch bracelets, it’s a great way to say without any words that you’re thinking about each other, at that very moment.

Little bonus:
With the code MYSWEETLDR, you get a 15% discount on your purchase.
Pretty cool, right?

15% off code: MYSWEETLDR

11) What to get your Long Distance Girlfriend for Valentine's Day: A Nintendo Switch

You or your partner are a Gamer, and you would like to share your passion? How I understand you…

I tried to play games with my LDR girlfriend, but she didn’t like it very much. Because the games that I proposed to her were not adapted for her.

But that was before I introduced her to the Nintendo Switch! It’s THE console for long-distance couples:

  • Many games are simple and adapted to « beginners »
  • Many games can be played togteher
  • You can carry it with you

If you have the budget, this is the Valentine’s Day gift to make to share unique moments together.

12) A Pop figurine - Gamer & Love

We’re staying in the world of video games. Pop figurines have literally exploded on the internet in a few years.
In France and in Peru, they are absolutely everywhere!

And guess what? There are even special Valentine’s Day figurines. A great way to decorate your partner’s desk and make him think of you.

Yoda with heart – $11.99

Pink Joker – $31.00

Winnie the Pooh – $39.99

13) An Amazon gift card - The arrow in the bull's eye

What to get my long distance girlfriend for Valentine’s Day? An Amazon gift card!

It’s perfect for last minute gifts and if you don’t want to bother with a package.

Printed Card – $25 – $2000

Digital Card – $1 – $2000

14) Personalized Photo 3D Lamp - Your ray of light

I think this gift is magical! When I was doing my research to create this list, I came across this gift idea for Valentine’s Day.

The idea is simple, though: transform one of your photos into a personalized lamp!

And the result is amazing:

Photo Lamp 3D – $32.99

3D Rose Crystal with LED – $35.99

Moon Lamp – $45.95

15) What to get your Long Distance Girlfriend for Valentine's Day: Lovense pleasure


Let’s get back to the naughty gifts. To make love at a distance and allow your partner to control your stimulator remotely, you can count on Lovense products!

The best product they offer is also their best-seller: the Lush 3. Designed for women, it will make both you and your partner happy.

16) Love letters in capsule - My sweet words every morning

This is a Valentine’s Day gift that you can make yourself. But if you’re not handy or don’t consider yourself creative, you can go through a site!

A little love note to open every day. Something to put you in a good mood for weeks to come!

Capsule Love Messages (80pcs) – $11.99

Capsule Love Messages (50pcs) – $9.99

17) Bed cover - A cuddly atmosphere

A gift that will make sense when you’re finally together!

A blanket is the perfect item to embellish a room or a bed while being sure not to get cold.

Blanket « To my Wife » – $46.99

Blanket “To My Wife” – $34.99

Blanket “Up” – $49.99

18) Wall decoration - Our love in plain sight

This Valentine’s Day gift will appeal to girls more than boys!

If your LDR girlfriend is used to displaying pictures of you in her living room or on her bedroom wall, I’m giving you the opportunity to show them off even more!

I have a small preference for the N°3. How about you?

Couple Frame 1 – $16.99

Couple Frame 2 – $17.87

Couple Frame 3 – $21.99

19) Drink shot - A toast to our love

With distance, celebrating events together can be a little complicated. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, success or even Valentine’s Day.

Matching shot glasses can help fill that gap and celebrate a time of year with dignity by sharing a drink.

I’ve found you two shot glasses that I think really capture the spirit of Valentine’s Day.

Shot Glasses – $9.99

Shot Glasses Engagement – $10.29

20) What to get your Long Distance Girlfriend for Valentine's Day: Slippers

I couldn’t make this list without putting on slippers! In my house in winter, it can be as low as -10°C. In Peru, the temperature never goes below 12-14°C.

Imagine the shock when she arrived for the first time in my village!

So if you’re in the same situation or your partner is a bit chilly, this is a must-have gift for the sweetheart party.

Slippers Woman Heart – $13.99

Slippers Man Cozy – $26.99

21) Sexy Sleepwear - For fiery awakenings

Moving on to a slightly naughtier gift… because Valentine’s Day is still the holiday for lovers!

Useful for both your video calls but also for when you see each other, naughty sleepwear can give your sexual fulfillment a second wind.

Sleepwear Man – $20.99

Sleepwear Woman 1 – $17.68

Sleepwear Woman 2 – $17.99

22) 3D Pop Up Card - My Love in 3D

When I tell someone I’m in a long distance relationship and they are interested, there is one topic that comes up often.

They ask me if I send letters, postcards.

People imagine that LDR couples are a bit marginal but still ultra romantic.
And postcards are a bit of a cliché (but still true) of that romance.

In my couple, we don’t send each other many postcards. We prefer to surprise each other by delivering something directly on the other’s doorstep.

I still found some amazing designs that won’t leave you without feeling.

Pop Up Card 3D Love Tree – $14.49

Pop Up Card 3D Hot Air Balloon – $5.99

Pop Up Card 3D Valentine with music – $16.99

23) Delivering flowers or a cake - Gourmet at home

a cake for couples that represents a gift for a long distance relationship

Ding Dong! The package has arrived!

A great Classic to please your partner, even in a long distance relationship. Have something delivered to his home!

I advise you to stay in the theme and atmosphere of Valentine’s Day: flowers, his favorite cake, chocolates …

Tested and approved: if you know the time of the visit, call your partner at that moment for another reason. You’ll see her reaction when she realizes that you’ve delivered a package!

24) Countdown Calendar for LDR couples - Together in the distance

I’m telling you: I’m clearly going to buy this one.

It mixes everything I love about long distance relationships!

A shared goal, waiting, love, patience, sacrifice, hope, motivation… and being able to materialize all those emotions through a digital or paper calendar, I just think it’s beautiful.

Digital Countdown – $14.95

Classic Countdown – $17.99

25) What to get your Long Distance Girlfriend for Valentine's Day: A plane ticket

Everyone’s dream.

Giving this gift is like shooting yourself in the foot for all the next February 14th. Good luck doing better than that!

But if it’s something that’s close to your heart and that seems feasible, I have something for you.

A complete guide to organizing a surprise visit for your partner!

Distance is not an excuse

Here it is. I’ve just answered your « What to give my long distance girlfriend for Valentine’s Day » question with 24 ideas.

One thing you need to be sure of is that distance is not an excuse.

Saying it’s « because of the distance » is like saying « I don’t have time ».
We always find time for the people (or things) we love. So if you care about your boyfriend or girlfriend, the distance will only be an obstacle.

An obstacle that you will blow away. I know you will.

I’m sure you’ll find something you like in this list. If you want more, here are 21 Romantic Gift Ideas. 

And unrelated to Valentine’s Day, I’ve created some other gift lists. I let you discover more than 30 new ideas in the LDR Gifts section.

Boring of the routine ?

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