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21 online romantic gifts for long distance relationships which always surprise!

Are you looking for (online) romantic gifts for long distance relationships ? I mean, for unique, original and romantic LDR gifts ?

You are tired of seeing the same gifts on the internet for a long distance relationship

You want your long distance girlfriend to ask you
« How do you get so creative? You are amazing! ».

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, you know it’s complicated to, every day, come up with new ideas to fuel the flame.
But even in this kind of relationship, it’s totally possible.

And I will show you how, everything will be explained in detail!

You will find in this list 20 romantic and original online gift ideas.

This list can be used for « classic » couples but has been thought for couples in international LDR (because I am myself in this situation)

Just like you, I got tired of seeing the same ideas everywhere.

It was sooooo boring!

I’m sure you know what kind of site I’m talking about. I wasted an infinite amount of time skimming them…

In this article, you will find ideas of free or paid gifts, dematerialized or not; that will surprise her every time.

No matter your country! All the gifts can be sent internationally.

As we are a French-Peruvian couple, we couldn’t do otherwise, as you can imagine.

Note from Leo: this article contains affiliate links. I have not tested all Amazon products, but I have taken care to select products with hundreds of reviews with excellent ratings. Enjoy reading!

The dematerialized romantic gifts for long distance relationship

Why dematerialized romantic gifts for long distance relationships are a great idea ?

  • It can be extremely expensive to send a package to your partner’s country (When I looked at the prices of a France-Peru parcel, I had a cold sweat in my body)
  • They are instant: perfect for last minute gifts
  • It’s a breeze to see your partner’s reaction with a videocall
  • They are customizable with a snap of the finger

    And yes, a dematerialized gift is most of the time a text, an image or a video: three things that are ideal to add your own touch.

Romantic and ldr free gifts: possible? Yes!

The 5 ideas you will see below are 100% free.

But inevitably, some of them require time and resources.

If you want free, original and easy to make content, you can look for a long time! See the diagram below:

Let’s take the example of a piano teacher.

A very good teacher who is available immediately for a very low price is not hard to find. It’s impossible (send me an email to if you have one on hand anyway!!! ).

1. Google street video: let your partner discover your city

The idea is as simple as it gets and quite original! It’s about making your girlfriend (or boyfriend) discover your city. But rather than saying or writing it, transport it thanks to Google Street!

It’s incredibly better with your eyes, isn’t it?

I totally agree with the sentence « A picture is worth 1000 words ».

What about you?

Who wouldn’t like to discover visually the crucial moments of the other’s life.

  • Knowing where you grew up and became the person you are (seeing your old house, your nanny’s house)
  • Where you learned to read and write
  • Your favorite places, where you have funny stories to tell

« Okay, this is a great idea! But how do I set it up? I don’t have the time or the skills… »

Don’t panic! I have a miracle solution for you, and I’ll explain it to you right away:

Make him discover live with a video call. As simple as that!

The preparation is minimal. But here are a few steps to take to make sure it goes well!

  • Schedule a video call as you usually do, telling her that this one will be a little… special!
  • Make a list of the different places you want her to discover (and that are important to you)
  • Use a software that allows you to share your screen live like Zoom, Skype or Messenger
  • Walk around on Google Maps, from point of interest to point of interest

If you don’t know what to suggest, I’ve listed 15 ideas to discover here :

 My advice:

  • A computer is better than a phone for this. The immersion will be better.
  • To keep a great memory, tell him to take screenshots or better, record the whole video call.


If you can do it, you are really too good. Respect! Because it’s quite a challenge. But your girlfriend will be eternally grateful. She’ll admire your ideas and romance, wondering what she deserved to be with you (I’m not exaggerating!).


Take a look at the picture below:


« What the hell is this Leo thing? »

It’s a French athlete who ran 50 kilometers, and drew a shark through her route. You can do the same thing by linking your different points of interest.


We call it GPS Drawing.

Feel free to write his first name, I love you, a heart, a private joke…

But be careful! It requires more work and time since you have to draw your own route. You can easily visualize it with Google Maps, though.

It’s hard to set up, I won’t hide it. But the result will be what you expect.


If you want to set this up, I’ll detail it a little bit below, in idea #5.

2. 26 challenges: enough to keep you busy for half a year

During our LDR, we were both afraid that routine would break our relationship.

Some days, it was even quite complicated. During the lockdown in March 2020, there was nothing new going on in our lives: work for me, studies for Kyomi.

Not much things to talk about.

But we didn’t let it get us down!
We fought for our long distance relationship to stand the test of time.
That’s why I decided to do something about it. And it changed everything.

I created a list of 26 activities and challenges to do together, in long distance.


  • One year has 52 weeks
  • One idea done every week = 6 months of challenges and activities
  • One idea done every two weeks = 1 year of challenges and activities

Personally, we did one challenge per week.
And the last challenge was the week we got together.

It was beautiful! I’m sure I saw tears of joy when I told her that the last challenge we would do it together, in the same room (Spoiler Alert: it was the magic tricks).

I really wish all long distance couples could have moments like that. It’s magical!


My advice for that romantic gifts for long distance relationships

  • Tell your partner that you have a list of activities/challenges.
  • Announce that at the end of this list, when all the ideas are done, he/she will get a gift (for me, this was my arrival!).
  • Agree on a rhythm: 1 per week / 1 every 2 weeks / 1 per month…
  • Tell him/her to choose a number between 1 and 26 each time, in a random way, to choose the next activity.

Download your list here!



  • Agree on a rythm: 1 per week / 1 every 2 weeks / 1 per month
  • Tell your partner to choose a number between 1 and 26 each time, in a random way, to choose the next activity

3. A photo montage: classic but here's how to make it romantic and unique

« But Leo, you told us that the ideas here were all original! ».

That’s right, you read that right!

The photo montage is certainly a great classic.

That’s why I’m going to suggest you a software to make your montage a real romantic gift for your girlfriend.

I’m going to tell you about Canva 

You probably already know it to create resumes, publications for social networks or other, but Canva is also a very good creation tool for photo montages!

You can create with great ease montages of your photos based on existing templates. It is also possible to customize your montages by adding selected elements, drawings, figures…

I have never known a software with such an intuitive handling!

Several options:

  • In the search bar, type « Photo Collage ».
  • On the home page, click on « Templates » then choose « Photo books ».
  • Available in many languages (too many to count)
  • Very easy to use
  • Absolutely everything is customizable
  • Available on PC and Mobile
  • Most of the templates are paid (15 are free) but are still easily reproducible for free. It just takes more time!

I advise you to take care of the presentation of your photo montage. Remember the Christmas season: do you prefer to open gifts with a nice wrapping, whose finishing touches are meticulous and pleasant to see, or something wrapped in a hurry with newspaper?


4. Send love message from all over the world: my favorite

This idea is absolutely amazing!

I haven’t had a chance to implement it yet, but it’s my go-to for free and paid romantic gift ideas.

The idea is very simple: contact people all over the world and ask them to send a personalized love message to your girlfriend.

Imagine: your girlfriend wakes up and sees on her phone dozens of messages from Indians, French, Colombians, Americans, Peruvians, Australians… telling her that you love her so much, that your love has crossed all borders and is present all over the world. What a romantic gifts for long distance relationships !

 It’s way totally romantic, we agree.
Not to mention the happiness it brings for you and your girlfriend.


Here’s how to do it:

  1. Find people from all over the world
  • Join cross-cultural Facebook groups: long-distance relationship groups, travel groups, expat groups, language exchange groups…
  • Download language exchange applications. I recommend Tandem, which allows you to speak with strangers from all over the world (and also because I met Kyomi on this application ahah)
  • Join forums or sites like Quora.


2. Get in touch with strangers

  • Introduce yourself, and post a message explaining your approach
  • You can write them a message directly to copy.
  • Ask them to send it at a specific time and day!


3. My advice :

  • Take into account the different time zones. If you want to coordinate your messages at a specific time, pay attention to the local time of each person.
  • The people who are going to accept will take time to do so. Make it easy for them! The easier it is for them to do, the more positive response you’ll get.
  • Even though it’s a romantic online gift, it’s hard to do at the last minute. Allow at least a week for maximum approval
  • The long distance relationship community is truly united. We are all in the same boat, we know what it’s like not to be able to be physically with your other half. Don’t hesitate to get started, you’ll be surprised how many responses you’ll get!

5. Run to prove your love

If you are sporty, these romantic gifts for long distance relationships are for you.

We’re already getting to the last free and dematerialized gift. But stay to the end, this was just the appetizer to the buffet!

I already mentioned it in the first idea, but this romantic online gift can be taken on its own. Be careful though, it is reserved for sporty people. In other words, not everyone can run or walk for dozens of miles.

Here is how to proceed, step by step. Nothing could be easier.

  • Use Google Maps for your route
  • Set a starting and ending point, then click on « Add a step ».
  • The visualization of the drawing and the estimated time appears live (be careful to choose « Pedestrian » as the mode of travel).
  • Add as many steps as necessary
  • Then use a running application that allows you to record your itinerary, your time and the number of kilometers covered.
  • Put on your sneakers and good luck!


My advice:

  • To make drawing easier, you can open your city map in an image processing program (Photoshop, Indesign, Canva as seen earlier).
  • Then overlay the drawing you want to make to better choose an accessible and feasible route.

I know that this gift is not the easiest to make. It requires time, preparation and physical condition.

And that, your girlfriend will only be able to imagine it by seeing the result. It’s a unique and romantic gift that you can give all over the world. India, Canada, Germany, Australia… *Insert the name of your country here.*

 We have seen the romantic gifts to make online, but in reality, these require a lot of time and energy.

This is a problem we will solve right away.

Now, let’s get down to business with the dematerialized and paid gifts. And you won’t be disappointed as what I’m about to show you is incredible and inexhaustible!

6. One of my 365 LDR Questions Ebooks

My little babies! I thought up, wrote and published each of these ebooks to help long-distance couples stay connected while having fun together.

There’s bound to be one among the three that fits your situation.

Each one comes with 4 bonuses included (games, tips, assistance, etc…).

The feedback I’ve gotten has all been great! I’m proud of my creations, which is why I’m including them in this article.

7. A 100% personalized Long Distance Map that represents your love

A personalized map for long-distance couples
A customizable map I created for my long distance girlfriend

If you are a regular reader of My Sweet LDR, you know that my girlfriend is Peruvian and I am French. When I was in college, I had design classes, including Photoshop and Illustrator.

And for Kyomi’s 23rd birthday, I decided to create a gift: a long distance relationship map.

The result is really cool. She burst into tears when she saw it. She often tells me that it’s one of the best gifts she ever received in her life!

That’s why I decided to offer this service on My Sweet LDR.

If you want your own LDR map, it’s possible! With your countries (or American states), your text, your colors… everything is customizable.

All details are here(process, price, how it work…)

Here are some designs I already made for other LDR couples:

a long distance relationship map gift 2
A customizable map I created for my long distance girlfriend
a long distance relationship map gift 1

You like them ? You can have yours in less than 3 days !

This is the kind of gift your boyfriend/girlfriend will remember for the rest of his life.

All the information is here.

8. Fiverr : use talented artists to create a romantic dematerialized gift

Logo of Fiverr

If you don’t know Fiverr, let me introduce you to a great site whose principle is simple.

For 5 dollars or more, you can ask a service to someone, online. It goes from proofreading documents, to online courses, to creating personalized music.

There is everything on Fiverr.

When I say everything, I mean everything!

Here are 5 ideas you can find on this site (prices vary from service to service):

  • Composing original music for her
  • Writing a handwritten love letter
  • Creation of a personalized drawing of your girlfriend (Disney style, manga, comic…)
  • Creation of a caricature of your girlfriend
  • Creation of a video animation of your couple

The advantage is that everything is done online: no matter your country or your nationality, you can find your happiness very easily. Moreover, this is what makes its strength.

I can’t even imagine the face I would make if one day I opened an email and discovered a music quoting my name and Kyomi’s name.

I don’t think I’d get over it!

I ordered 3 gifts and wrote a comprehensive guide on how to use Fiverr to find gifts suitable for long-distance couples.

> Discover my ultimate guide here


9. romantic gifts for long distance relationships: an online course

In the face of the Covid-19 epidemic, courses to be purchased online have become hugely popular. And not just for our poor students.


It is now very common to take a personalized online course, in many fields (there are quite a few on Fiverr: astronomy, sports coach, cooking…)


Here, the idea is not to do a live course, but to buy a video training.


The reference site for this is Udemy.


You will find training courses put online by contributors in a lot of fields:

Music, sports, food, websites, photography, animal training…

You will find a field that your partner is passionate about. I put my hand on it.

Little tip:
If you want to take the course together, do a screen share as seen in idea #1 to follow this course! Absolutely everything is more fun to do together.

10. Romantic coupons for when you see each other again

The perfect last minute gift!

If you want to please your girlfriend and make her want to meet up with you as soon as possible, you can opt for this solution.

There are dozens of « coupons » you can create.

Choose one or even several that your girlfriend will like. Here are some ideas:

  • A massage
  • A restaurant
  • An activity that she particularly enjoys
  • A photo session
  • A cocktail party
  • A trip or a special place to see

To go a step further, you can easily create these vouchers for free, again with Canva (definitely!).

Kyomi sent me 3. And guess what? I forgot them in France… I guess these romantic gifts for long distance relationships will be for the next time!

11. A Spotify, Netflix, Magazines, Twitch subscription

Subscriptions are a gift in the long run. And that’s why they always make you very happy! The proof is that these services are used by millions of people.

Your spouse is a movie buff?
Get him a subscription to a streaming platform

Is he a music lover?
A Spotify or Deezer account is perfect.


Even better:
You can even offer him a subscription to learn your language!
Mosalingua has an amazing offer for LDR couples: with just one account, each of you can learn the other’s language. In other words, you get 50% off directly!
Discover all the advantages of Mosalingua in my dedicated article.


The big advantage of online subscriptions is that they are easily shared.

If you already have an account on one of these platforms, you can simply pass on your credentials.

And it’s also a good excuse to share new things together! Watch movies simultaneously, create playlists or follow streamers together. It’s a lot of original and romantic ways to diversify activities in your long distance relationship.

12. A voucher to facilitate your reunion

What defines a long distance relationship the most


Yeah, I came up with that on my own. Surprised you, huh?
And the bad news is that the greater the distance between you two, the more expensive the plane ticket.

Let’s take my case: a plane ticket from Paris to Lima costs about 700€ ($824). It stings!

The website I’m going to introduce you to, Ulysse, allows you to offer a voucher to be used at an airline.

I went through this service myself when I gave one of you a $100 voucher to celebrate the launch of my blog. So you can go with your eyes closed, this is a serious and reliable company.

  • 3 languages are available: French, English and Spanish
  • 3 currencies are available: Euros, Dollars and Pounds Sterling
  • There is a large choice of airlines (more than 450)
  • The voucher can be used in several times and is valid for two years
  • You can easily and automatically personalize your gift card

I hope that these first 10 ideas will help you to find other alternatives to give a romantic gift to your girlfriend.

The rest will continue to surprise you, no matter your country, your location: in India, in France, in Australia…

I have a question for you:

Have you ever sent gifts in real life and on the other side of the world?

Not always easy, is it?

Well, here are 5 new tips to prevent you from ending up with a headache for the whole day because of it!

Material gifts to send and buy online

The next part is going to be about services or gifts that you can have delivered directly to your partner’s address.

Here are a few tips to make sure your long distance girlfriend or boyfriend receives your romantic gift, and be surprised every time!

  • Put a friend (or family member) in the mix:
    o Extremely useful to know your partner’s schedule
    o If you have difficulties to pay, to communicate with a company
    o If you are not sure if he/she likes something

    I had something delivered to Kyomi one day, and I made sure that we were on videocall at that time. You can’t imagine how happy she was and how much she loved me that day! (See item #15 for all the details) she loved one of these romantic gifts for long distance relationships

Using a third party online company for romantic gifts for long distance relationships

13. A sweater for 2

This idea comes from Kyomi, and I found it funny,
original and romantic at the same time.
Perfect for cocooning evenings and keeping
your girlfriend all to yourself!

And in case of disguised evening, you will make a sure hit by being sure to never leave any distance between you!

The only drawback is that you will have to wait until you are together to use it.

You can find several models on Amazon.

Sweat King & Queen ($38.95)

Sweat Boss ($49.99 – 65.99)

Sweat Pizza ($49.99 – 68.99)

14. Send her a heart-shaped inflatable balloon

Surprise someone you care about by sending them a package full of love and lightness.


When the package is opened, a red helium-filled heart balloon rises into the air. The recipient then discovers your personalized message hanging from the ribbon.

You can even add your photo.
Be inspired!

Again, this is the perfect romantic gift for a declaration of love, to say « I love you » or for a Valentine’s Day gift.


The site I found only offers shipping within Europe

And unfortunately, it’s in French).


But I’m sure that if you type in your language « balloon in a package » + the name of your country, you’ll find an alternative solution.

15. Romantic and useful animal bracelets

I discovered this French company on Facebook. Don’t worry, no dropshipping here.

The concept of Fauna Protect is really unique: in addition to offering models of bracelets representing animals, you can take a test directly on their website to know which is your « totem », the animal that represents you the most.

If I chose to put this little company in this list, it’s because I love their communication on social networks, their products are of an incredible quality (according to the feedback I got), and for the idea of the mystery bracelet! The surprise is guaranteed!

I won’t have to say it here by the way, but this is what I’m planning to give her (among other things) for her birthday.
It’s on August 8th. Feel free to wish her on her personal Instagram account!

  • It’s not dropshipping
  • 10% of the price of your purchase is donated to animal charities (related to the animal you have chosen for your bracelet).
  • The delivery is worldwide, and takes maximum one week
  • You can take a test to know your  » animal totem « .
  • The possibility to order a « Mystery Bracelet »
  • The site is entirely in French.

16. Romantic gifts for long distance relationships: A basket full of goodies!

For the 14th idea, you have two options:

  • The first one is to create a personalized box for your partner, that you will have created yourself. This requires more time and investment, but will cost less!

I explain everything about these romantic gifts for long distance relationships in my 5th email in my free program « 7 Days to Break the Routine », if you are interested.

  • Here, I’m going to introduce you to the international gift basket site.

It’s a site available in several languages, which specializes in sending… international gift baskets. I swear!

There is a phenomenal amount of options, ranging from thematic to budget. It’s a great site that will make your life a lot easier.
On the other hand, the prices can go up quickly, I prefer to warn you.

It remains a way to be sure that our parcel will arrive well, and that it does not risk being blocked at a border because it contains forbidden goods.
Whether you are in Italy, India, Japan, Canada or in one of the 200 countries served, you will find what you are looking for.

It is a site that serves both business and people like you and me, engaged in an international long distance relationship. I personnaly have never tested it, but it has been recommended to me.

17. Deliver a cake or a pizza (or food in general)

This one is one of my favorites!
Who wouldn’t love to receive a cake, cookies, brownies or whatever, by surprise and directly to their home?

I have never seen Kyomi as happy as she was that day! I had delivered 20 brownies to share with his family, along with a little note and a plant. It was an offer from a company she loved (and still loves) in Lima.

And as a bonus, I scored points with her family that I had not seen much of yet (and who were still apprehensive with me, it’s normal).


Here is how to proceed:

  • Contact one of her friends or someone from her family, for several reasons:
    o To know the companies that she likes, and that can deliver to her home
    o To know her schedule, to know when she will be available to receive the order
    o If you don’t speak her language (which was my case at the time), a third person can make things easier for you
  • When you have found a company and chosen what to send them, try to make a videocall at that time.
    For example, my delivery was on a Wednesday between 2 and 4 pm. Before placing the order, I asked her if we could do a video call at that time. I was able to experience her reaction live!

This is a great idea that will never go out of fashion.

A romantic online gift to give to your girlfriend with your eyes closed! (more the cake than the pizza of course ahah)


In the next and last part, I will show you several ideas of personalized and material gifts. 5 in all, let’s not waste time!

Personalized and romantic ldr gifts

18. Send her something personal, something that belongs to you

For those who have read the « Our Story » page (which goes into more detail about the beginning of our relationship), you know that our first separation was painful, because it was unexpected (hello Covid).

We didn’t have the time to offer each other or to exchange a souvenir.

The one and only thing she kept from me was one of my sweaters, which was left in her suitcase.

And it’s a good thing we weren’t too organized on our first trip and we scattered our stuff between our bags. Because that sweater was her only material reminder of me.

You can mail something of yours that will help her endure the distance. This idea is harder to implement when you’ve never met your partner, it’s true. But it is very romantic!


A little bonus to definitely make her fall in love with you: don’t hesitate to spray your clothes, pendant or other personal object with your perfume, or with a scent that will help her think of you.


19. The 50/50: our llama example

In March 2021, we traveled to Cusco. The historical capital of the Incas in Peru, known to be the starting point to visit one of the 7 wonders of the modern world, the Machu Picchu (and yes, the movie Kuzco the Mega Emperor comes from this city).

When we were walking in the small tourist stands, we fell on a set of 4 small glass llamas, made in the city itself.

Rather nice as a gift to offer to his family.


Kyomi kept two of them for her parents

And I kept the other two, for mine.


It makes an object that connects our families. Symbolically, we find it beautiful. So yes, it’s very subjective. You may find this idea to be a waste of time. But for us, it was very important.

Our families can’t communicate because they don’t speak the same language.

Try to find, by mutual agreement or not, an object that can be separated in two that you will keep with you.

The first part will be for your girlfriend, the second for you.

And this object, unique and romantic, will be complete only when you will be together.

Don’t hesitate to tell me in comments if you want me to add items that can fulfill this role! I love these romantic gifts for long distance relationships.



Personalized gifts and materials to buy online

The last three romantic gift ideas are material gift ideas that you can buy online.

All are customizable, of course.

On Etsy, you’ll only find creations that the sellers are the creators. So there are many unique creations that you won’t find anywhere else. The site is in english and is 100% reliable.

Like Fiverr, the contributors can be individuals or professionals who decide themselves what they sell and at what price.


Anyway, for the 18th idea, here are some examples of posters:

20. Romantic posters for long distance lovers

You will find here three examples of posters to customize.
These are the kind of unique gifts that will embellish a room in a stylish and modern way.

Never forget that your long distance relationship is unique.
Society sees us as aliens, loving someone who is hundreds or even thousands of miles away.

So solidify that relationship with custom posters that you won’t find anywhere else!

Here are 3 ideas that I really liked, found on Amazon.

Love Map ($13.95)

Poster Couple ($17.99)

Wall Art ($29.99)

21. Jewelry for your partner to accompany you everywhere

Just like posters, jewelry is a great, timeless way to think about your partner, even from a distance.

Where jewelry is even better is that it goes with you every day.
Whether your day is the best day of your life or you’re at the bottom of the barrel, that simple piece of jewelry around your neck or around your wrist will be there.

It will help you hang in there, stay patient and be convinced that your long distance relationship is worth it.

And to top it off, some of them are even complementary. This will motivate you to get together as soon as possible!

Love Heart Necklace ($79.99)

Name Necklace ($19.99)

Name Bracelet ($19.98)

Matching Bracelets ($69.99)

Couple Keychains ($8.99)

Necklace and Bracelets ($21.99)

22. The last romantic gift for long distance relationships​: the hidden message

I love this concept!


Send a hidden message to your partner on the other side of the world. She will have it with her constantly. A romantic gift for your Indian, Peruvian or any country girlfriend!


And even if you know she doesn’t wear jewelry, she can hang it in her car, next to her mirror or anywhere else.


Plus, you choose whether the text is handwritten or not. 100% original romantic gift!



Did you like this article and the ideas it contains?

Don’t hesitate to share it or leave a comment!


Still want more ideas of romantic gifts for long distance relationships?

If you want to give a second life to your long-distance couple while receiving advice on the most recurrent problems of international long distance relationships:

  • How to adapt to border closures, language differences or how to deal with the lack of each other… during one week, you can discover my offered program 7 Days to Break the Routine.
    And N°5 is a romantic gifts for long distance relationships too !
  • You can also download my free list of 26 challenges to do remotely, as a couple. Enough to keep you busy for half a year if you do one a week!
Boring of the routine ?

Download my 26 LDR Challenges and Activities

One idea done every week
= 6 months of activities

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