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I give you 20 new ideas of Christmas Gifts for LDR Girlfriend

In this article, I’m going to show you 20 Christmas gift ideas for long distance girlfriend.
I wrote it with my LDR girlfriend, to make sure I was aiming right.

If you’re in a long distance relationship, the ideas you find will be tailored to your relationship!

We’ve divided our ideas into several categories: there are LDR christmas gifts for her, personalized ones, romantic ones, gifts to share…

You will have two points of view:
That of a 26 year old French man and that of a 22 year old Peruvian woman.
And I can assure you, you will find great ideas for Christmas gifts.

Before we start, you should know that I have created another list, but with Christmas gifts for boyfriend. You will certainly be able to find some new ideas there.

Note from Leo: This article contains affiliate links to Amazon. I didn’t test all the products, but I made sure to select the ones that had hundreds of reviews and a high rating. The price remains the same. I wish you a great read!

list of recommendations to send a package for christmas in long distance relationship

Christmas gifts ideas to improve your LDR

1) Liven up your evenings with your girlfriend with my special Long Distance Relationship Ebooks

1095 questions specially designed by myself for couples in long distance relationships.

Talk, exchange, laugh together with your boyfriend around 30 different themes such as your relationship, your passions, your personality, your tastes, love, friends, childhood, work, distance, future and past, animals…
love, friends, childhood, work, distance, future and past, animals…

If you take one minute to answer each question, you have in front of you more than 18 hours of content (18 hours and 15 minutes exactly)

And that’s without counting the 3 bonuses I offer you when you buy one.

With as always the My Sweet LDR quality. Feedbacks I’ve had is all excellent and if you’re still not satisfied, send me an email and I’ll refund your money.
You don’t take any risk.

Choose the one that suits you best!

365 LDR Questions
to get to know each other

Perfect for couples who have been together for a short time and want to get to know each other better with original questions.

365 LDR Questions:
The funny game to find out who really knows who

Perfect for couples who want to get out of the routine and have fun with my reverse questioning technique

365 LDR Questions
to ask before close the gap

Perfect for couples who are looking for deep questions and are considering breaking the distance

2) A poster that symbolizes your Long Distance Relationship

my long distance girlfriend's reaction when she received my gift
A customizable map I created for my long distance girlfriend

I am French and my girlfriend is Peruvian. For her birthday, I created this Long Distance Map!

I then printed it on quality paper. And the final result is really incredible. What do you think about it?

If you want me to create the same thing for your girlfriend :

  • With your countries (or states)
  • Your colors
  • Your text

You can order ! Each of my designs is unique and costs 10$. You will receive it within 3 days.

> I want my 100% personalized Long Distance Map

3) A Virtual Date Box (100% suitable for LDR couples)

cover of the virtual date box for LDR couples

Another one of my creations available on My Sweet LDR !

Have you ever been looking for what to do for hours with your partner, only to end up watching Netflix because you had no idea what to do?

I have, many times. And it’s frustrating. I felt like my relationship was falling apart, and that in a few weeks I would be single again

To deal with this feeling of redundancy, of routine in your long distance relationship, the Virtual Date Box is the perfect weapon.

It’s a dematerialized box that includes a lot of activities to do together, during a romantic date.

> Games and quizzes
> Discussion topics
> A secret challenge
> A naughty game
> Recipes for aperitifs
> Movie ideas
> Playlist

Each Virtual Date Box has its own theme and has between 3 and 5 hours of content 100% adapted to couples in long distance relationships.
There is nothing similar on Google!

If you want more information, I detail everything on dedicated pages:

> Virtual Date Box : Christmas Theme

> Virtual Date Box : Halloween Theme

> Virtual Date Box : Journey theme

> Virtual Date Box : « Close the distance » theme

Bonus : My Long Distance Christmas Pack

The 3 products you just discovered, but at reduced prices.

The only solution adapted to long-distance couples to celebrate Christmas as it should be !

> Discover the Long Distance Pack

4) Improve your video calls in the simplest way

a couple in a long distance relationship makes a video call for Christmas

You may have already seen this idea in my list of tools I recommend for your long distance relationship.

Video calls are a part of your everyday life.
Whether it’s to talk, do activities, or just see your girlfriend, they are a big part of long distance relationships.

What I propose here is to improve these calls.
To make them more fluid, less constraining and save you time. Time that you can devote 100% to your LDR girlfriend.

In fact, the most complicated thing here is to know how to improve your video calls. Setting them up is a breeze. And that’s good because I’m going to give them to you now, these ideas:

  • A mini second computer screen (so you can play and still see your girlfriend)
  • A tripod for smartphone to have your hands free and less tired.
  • An external battery, so you don’t have to rely on a plug when your phone runs out of battery.

Mini Tripod Kit Smartphone ($28.00)

External battery ($34.99)

Computer screen 11,6 inch ($119.99)

This is the kind of Christmas gift ideas for long distance girlfriend that will please her as much as you!

Because she’ll realize that you’re investing in your relationship. It will touch her heart.

5) A connected bracelet to send her your vibrations (Bond Touch)

two hands each wearing a bond touch connected bracelet

This is what the company Bond Touch, a heavyweight in the world of long-distance relationships, offers.

It’s an ultra-romantic way to say without words that you’re thinking about your girlfriend.

The idea? You and your girlfriend each have a connected bracelet. When you touch it, you send a vibration to your partner.
You can then vary the duration and the number of vibrations!

You also have access to a nice and easy to use application that allows you to know :

  • The battery percentage of your bracelet (and your partner’s)
  • The last time a vibration was sent

They only deliver to the US and New Zealand! If you are in another country, it is better to order directly through Amazon.

6) Talsam: the connected jewel that keep ldr couple together

the different models of the connected jewelry for couples in long distance relationship available on the Talsam website

The Apple of connected objects for long distance relationships!

Talsam offers the best. It’s a high-end piece of jewelry that can be worn as a necklace or bracelet and brings you emotionally closer to your partner.

Directly connected to your phone, you can communicate with your long distance girlfriend directly via the dedicated app and each of your messages will vibrate her jewelry.
It’s a new way of talking that changes from Messenger or Whatsapp, since the application is only accessible between you and your girlfriend.

You can even send her secret messages that will only be unlocked by pressing her jewel, or alerts in case of problems.
Pretty cool!

I never had the opportunity to test this product, but all the feedback I’ve had is excellent!
The only downside is that they only ship to the US.

7) A Mosalingua subscription, to finally speak with her family and friends

all languages that LDR couples can learn with Mosalingua

Mosalingua is the pearl of the applications to learn a new language!
Its quality and benefits are unquestionable: it is now a heavyweight among language learning applications.

So why introduce you to this application and not another one? Here are two reasons:

1) The learning method is based on the SRS: « Spaced Repetition System ».

A picture is worth 1000 words:

diagram explaining the forgetting curve concerning memory

The memory cycle works like this:
When you learn a word, you remember it for a while. Unfortunately, the more days go by, the harder it is to remember that information.
I bet you remember your meal yesterday, but not a week ago, right?

Anyway, what I mean is that the creators of MosaLingua have based themselves on these memory cycles to rework what you have learned at the best time.

If you devote 10 minutes of your time each day to learning new words, your progress after a few weeks of daily work will be spectacular.
It’s scientific, and that’s what I loved about MosaLingua.

It’s a great way to bring you and your boyfriend closer together, despite the distance!

2) You get 50% off if you and your girlfriend learn a different language

With only one profile, you can learn as many languages as you want (among the 7 available ones between English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Russian and Chinese).

It is therefore possible for you and your partner to learn each other’s language with a single profile.
I can tell you this 100% because I myself have subscribed to learn Spanish and Kyomi to learn French.

The cost? 5€ per month, or 50€ for the year. And since there will be two of you, it will cost you 25€ for 1 year.

Check out my full review of the app, my results, and my tips for using it properly!

A great Christmas gift ideas for long distance girlfriend couple to put under the tree.
And if your girlfriend doesn’t like it, you have a 15 days free trial. So you don’t take any risk. Check it here!

8) Take and give pleasure at a distance with Lovense (ldr christmas gifts for her)

lovense logo

Beware, we are talking about adult content here!

This is the Lush 3, the latest generation connected sex toy for women that can be controlled remotely (no matter where you are in the world).

Given the success of these two predecessors, it was only natural for Lovense to create a brand new one.

The Lovense brand is a pioneer in its field.
Its creator has himself been in a long distance relationship. So he knows what he’s talking about.

If you’re ready to take your sex life to the next level, don’t hesitate!
You can go with your eyes closed. It’s my word and my credibility on the line: I don’t recommend just anything.

Be careful, though, if she opens it in front of his whole family: it could be an embarrassing moment…

Let’s see now 6 different Christmas gifts for her that can be easily personalized.

Personalized christmas gift ideas for long distance girlfriend

9) A personalized Christmas bauble (to go on the tree)

3 Christmas ornaments that can be personalized with photos

If you want to convince your girlfriend to keep her Christmas tree until July, I have the solution.

Thanks to this amazing item, you can put the picture you want on a Christmas ball.

Here’s a cool way for your girlfriend to think of you when she opens her presents.

I love this idea because it’s an original gift and gives your girlfriend’s family a better understanding of how important your relationship is.

Every Christmas, she’ll think of you and take care of her bauble like the apple of her eye!
And if she gets tired of the picture she put up, she can change it as much as she wants. In short, it’s validated!

Personalized Christmas Ball ($7.99)

Personalized Christmas Ball X4 ($10.99)

Personalized Christmas Ball X6 ($20.99)

10) A video, a drawing or a song created by a professional

logo fiverr

Fiverr is the reference site for artistic and customizable LDR christmas gifts for her.
You can easily and quickly find professionals with an incredible talent who propose all kinds of things:

  • Drawings of your girlfriend as a caricature, Disney, realistic …
  • Music to declare your love in any style
  • Christmas songs sung by locals from Jamaica, the Sahara, someone in his shower, live from his farm (there is EVERYTHING).
  • Video montages of celebrities like the Pope or Queen Elizabeth wishing you a Merry Christmas
  • Illustrations like calendars, photo montages, cards, paintings…

This is a site that I love and recommend. I use it frequently, and I have never been disappointed.

I ordered 3 gifts and wrote a comprehensive guide on how to use Fiverr to find gifts suitable for long-distance couples.

> Discover my ultimate guide here

Giving a Christmas gift like this for your girlfriend from a distance is an incredible opportunity.
Imagine the look on her face when she receives a video of someone on a beach in paradise wishing her a Merry Christmas and writing her name on the beach.

Personally, that would thrill me! My heart is racing just thinking about it.

11) Print out your favorite couple photos and send them to her

Several printed photos

A slightly more romantic idea: I’m sure you have an insane amount of photos of the two of you.
Maybe more than couples in traditional relationships!

Whether it’s meeting at the airport after months of not seeing each other, a drunken night out, or the last restaurant you share before one of you goes home…

Go through your phone: I’m sure it’s full of them.

Gather your favorite photos, print them out on quality paper and send them to her!
Girls usually have a wall in their room filled with photos. Help her redecorate so she’ll think of you throughout the day.

12) LDR Christmas gifts for her: thousands of love notes

Several handwritten words

I got this idea because I gave my parents something similar for Christmas a few years ago.

To be perfectly honest, I was broke at the time. However, I had a lot of love to give!

So I wrote 100 little love notes, with quotes, memories and all the reasons why she is the best mom in the world…

I gave her the box and told her to open one a day.

Well guess what: to this day, she still refers to that gift often, telling me it was one of the most touching gifts she ever got. I was really close to tears when she told me that.

I’m sure you can do the same with your LDR girlfriend!

13) "Open When" letters for year-round comfort

Several examples of "Open when" letters

You may be wondering what I’m talking about? Don’t worry, it couldn’t be easier!

Open When letters are little messages that you give to your partner, and that your partner can only open when he or she is in that situation.

Here are some examples. Open when:

  • You will open your Christmas presents
  • You have just finished your Christmas decorations
  • We do our Christmas video call
  • You miss me
  • You are waiting for me at the airport
  • Someone says bad things about our long distance relationship
  • One of us just bought our plane tickets
  • We are January 01 at midnight
  • We got into a fight
  • You need a dose of romance

The possibilities are endless! Be sure to wrap your little messages well so as not to spoil the surprise.

To create them, you have two options:

  • Do it by hand: the most authentic
  • Use Canva: the most beautiful

If you want to send a package but the last three ideas don’t seem ambitious enough, the next christmas gift ideas for long distance girlfriend will please you.

14) A package overflowing with love and beautiful things from your country

Many Christmas gifts for couples in long distance relationships

This is the most ambitious idea on this entire list of personalized Christmas gift ideas for long distance girlfriend.
Giving this to her will take time, organization and imagination. Yes, because instead of discovering a single package, she’ll get 5 different ones! And all personalized.

A package you make is truly personal.
Packages like this don’t exist twice in the world. So if your girlfriend has ever asked you what makes her unique to you, there’s no better way than to send her this type of gift for Christmas.

Here’s what you can put in your package:

  • Printed photos of you
  • A USB drive with digital files like music, videos or games
  • Open When » letters
  • Love notes
  • Sweets from your country
  • An item of clothing that belongs to you
  • A perfume
  • A love letter

One last tip: remember to send it early enough. If your package arrives after Christmas, it wouldn’t be a big deal, but it’s a shame!

Let’s move on to the personal Christmas gifts for her.

Personal LDR christmas gifts for her

15) A candle that reminds her of you

A candle to offer for Christmas

Always with the idea of staying connected despite the distance, you can give her a candle whose scent you like.
Accompany it with a little note to explain why you chose this gift.

And if you want to hit the nail on the head, make it a habit when you’re together to light a candle or incense that always smells the same.

She’ll naturally associate you with that good smell. And when she discovers it under her Christmas tree, she’ll explode with joy.

Jasmin Candle ($19.74)

Lavender Candle ($16.99)

Universe Candle ($22.99)

16) Have a Christmas log delivered right to her house!

A Christmas log to be delivered to your long distance girlfriend

Okay, for the record, this one is pretty hard to get under the tree. But I decided to put it on this list anyway and here’s why.

It’s the perfect Christmas gift to score points with her family.

The best way to get your long distance relationship accepted by her parents is with action. Not with words, with actions.
Delivering a delicious cake especially for Christmas has several benefits:

  • Her family will associate you with this gift and form a good opinion of you
  • When they will taste it together, they will ask your girlfriend about your relationship
  • They will have no choice but to recognize your efforts and your romance

I’ve had food delivered to Kyomi before. Brownies or cookies to share, pizzas, desserts…
Believe me, they were delighted every time!

17) LDR Christmas gifts for her: comfort for future air travel

a plane in the sky

Since I started my long distance relationship, my lifestyle has changed a lot. I’m sure yours have too!

From now on, you too spend hours looking at the price of plane tickets on Skyscanner or Kayak, you know the airports like the back of your hand and your suitcase is always within reach?

And since I’ve been flying more and more, I realize that travel is hard.
Always looking for an outlet to charge your phone, reconnecting to the wifi every 10 minutes (if it’s free!) or constantly turning around in your seat to find the best position to sleep…

Here’s why giving accessories for more comfort during your (and your girlfriend’s) travels is a great Christmas gift for her!

For example, you can buy her:

  • A travel pillow to rest your head while sleeping sitting down
  • A transparent pouch with empty bottles to get through customs without problems
  • A headset with noise reducers, so you can’t hear the plane’s engines
  • Anti-noise earplugs, for those who are light sleepers
  • Blanket (because it’s always cold on planes)
  • Support stockings, to facilitate blood circulation

Air Travel Comfort Kit ($22.99)

Travel bottles kit ($8.99)

Connect Hearing Protector ($40.64)

Anti-noise Earplugs ($19.95)

Special airplane blanket ($27.45)

Support stockings ($18.95)

I hope you will find your happiness (and your LDR girlfriend’s!)

18) A Love Book, to show her how special she is to you

a love book to fill in and give to your long distance girlfriend for Christmas

Each person has a different way of feeling and giving love. If your girlfriend’s language is Words of Affirmation, this is the perfect Christmas gift.

Order this book from home, and fill it with your words, thoughts, emotions, feelings. Slip in photos, poems, touching words.

It may seem simple and commonplace at first, but keep in mind that we don’t all have the same sensibilities.
If you know your girlfriend well, this kind of gift will please her more than anything else!

Romantic Love Book ($7.95)

Love Book to complete ($12.95)

Love Book to complete ($13.18)

19) An all-in-one package to make her look great for any occasion

a SPA box to offer to his girlfriend in long distance relationship for Christmas

Another great value. I don’t know a woman who doesn’t take care of herself!

If you are the kind of person who struggles to find ideas that make you feel good, look no further!
The solution is in this « SPA like at home » pack.

Tell yourself that every time your LDR girlfriend uses these products, she will think of you.
She will associate her well-being, these good smells and this calm moment with you.

A special mention for the rabbit soap that will make her laugh as well as touch her.

Spa Box ($59.99)

Spa Box Ocean ($18.99)

Spa Box Green ($38.95)

20) A "Top 100" Scratch-Off Poster to fill out together

A Top 100 poster to give to your long distance girlfriend for Christmas

Okay, I’ve already said 100 times in this article that I love this idea. But what can I say, I’m sharing with you what I think is awesome!

And believe me, I searched hundreds of Christmas gift ideas for her. And I only picked up 19 of them.

Anyway, the scratch-off posters are super satisfying!
The idea is simple: you have a list of 100 things to do. Once you’ve done one, you can scratch off the corresponding box.

The goal is to scratch off all 100 boxes. It’s like a Bucket List!
And there are a lot of them:

  • Top 100 movies to see (classics, horror movies, Japanese animation…)
  • Top 100 destinations to visit
  • Top 100 activities to do
  • Top 100 wines to taste
  • Top 100 dishes to try
  • Top 100 Dates Ideas

I would like to remind you that I have created a bucket list especially designed for long distance couples.

Top 100 Movies ($29.99)

Top 100 Dates ($24.50)

Top 100 Things to do ($14.99)

Top 100 Places to visit ($23.97)

Top 100 Board Games ($26.70)

Top 100 Games ($31.42)

21) A hoodie blanket to never be cold during your movie sessions

A hoodie to give to your long distance girlfriend for Christmas

This is one of the weak points of long-distance relationships: you can’t snuggle with your partner while watching a movie!

Warm, cozy, comforting. If your girlfriend is chilly like my LDR girlfriend, plaid is a great alternative to your arms.

Hoodie Grey Blanket ($27.99)

Hoodie Avocado Blanket ($99.99)

Hoodie Yellow Blanket ($39.99)

22) Connected light bulbs to change the mood of a room

connected light bulbs to give to your girlfriend in a long distance relationship for Christmas

For this last idea, I thought of a not common LDR Christmas gifts for her. Kyomi gave me the idea because in my room, I have a lot of small lights. Having several different small light sources gives the room a certain charm.

So if on top of that, you can change the color, it’s just ultra romantic!
You can do this in a second with your smartphone.

One of my friends bought these two bulbs. To have seen the result, it looks really good on top of being super efficient! Anyone who comes home is happy. Me first!

Light Bulb ($14.99)

Light Bulbs X2 ($15.99)

Light Bulbs X2 ($23.99)

These gifts have not been chosen at random

I hope this list will help you in your research. I’m pretty sure it will.

Here you go.
You will find your happiness in this list of Christmas gift ideas for long distance girlfriend

This selection is both unique and different: each idea connects you emotionally to your partner in its own way.

Whether it’s playing with the senses and emotions, past memories or future memories you will create.
I have tested most of them, and I can tell you without any hesitation: they are terribly effective.

Choose one from the list, buy it early enough to have it under the tree on December 24th.

And if you can, call her when she’s about to open it.
It’s the kind of memory that stays with you forever.

As for me, I have one last surprise for you:
A list of 26 challenges to do remotely, as a couple. If you do one every weekend, you’ll keep yourself busy for half a year.
It’s the best way I know of to break the routine. The link to download it for free is just below.

Merry Christmas!

Boring of the routine ?

Download my 26 LDR Challenges and Activities

One idea done every week
= 6 months of activities

If you liked this article and want to help other couples in long distance relationships, please share it !

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