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Long Distance Christmas Pack

A 3 in 1 pack 100% Long Distance Relationship including:

The Virtual Date Box – Christmas theme

A personalized Long Distance Map to offer a romantic and unforgettable Christmas gift to your partner

my long distance girlfriend's reaction when she received my gift

Choose your countries and colors, your text and typography, everything is customizable!

One of my 3 Ebooks of 365 questions: you choose which one among :

Do these issues speak to you?

  • Christmas is coming up and you would like to do something special with your long-distance lover, but you don’t have any ideas

  • Every Christmas, it’s the same. You can’t find good gift ideas, or everything is too expensive

  • You feel monotony in your LDR. Your romantic evenings are similar and your discussions and activities are systematically the same.


  • You would like to relive your first discussions and rekindle the flame you had during your first flirtations but you never find original and romantic ideas.

I can understand you.

This year, we have the chance to live our first one, together in France. But our long distance relationship has not always been so pleasant.

I spent 2 Christmas at distance, with my Peruvian girlfriend. And here’s what I offered her:

In 2020, I delivered a meal to her.
In 2021, I gave her a Netflix subscription.

These two ideas are pretty good.

It avoids several problems, including:

  • The stress of the package not arriving on time.
  • The customs fees that are borderline scam (150€ for a parcel, really?)


But in retrospect, I was not satisfied. Yes, it made her happy, and yes she loved it!

But I felt I could do better. Because these gifts, anyone could give her.

It’s not the kind of gift that only her boyfriend can give her.

It lacked romance and personality. In short, it lacked love!
And you know how important it is to show love, especially in long distance relationships.

That’s why I created the Special Christmas Pack:

What’s in the  Christmas Pack ?

1. The Virtual Date Box : Christmas Theme

Virtual Date Box is a series of content that is a real hit with long distance couples.

In this 3 in 1 Pack, I propose you to discover my last creation : The Virtual Date Box – Christmas Theme

This VDB allows you to create and share romantic moments for Christmas, and at a distance!

Aperitif recipe, games, questions, ideas of animated short film to watch, quiz, naughty game and even a secret challenge… it’s more than 4 hours of content that I offer you for an unforgettable Christmas evening

Information and testimonials about
Virtual Date Box – Christmas Theme

Original Price : $15

2. The Long Distance Map

my long distance girlfriend's reaction when she received my gift

A Christmas without a gift would be unbelievably sad!

That’s why I’ve included my best-selling Long Distance Map in this pack.

It’s a 100% customizable Long Distance Map that I create for you.

It is typically the kind of gift that will remain engraved for life in the memory of your boyfriend/girlfriend.

After ordering, I send you a small form to create your LD Map: choice of countries, colors, texts, typography, placement of hearts, format…

In less than 48 hours, I send you the finalized version with excellent quality; perfect for printing.

Dozens of couples in distance have already trusted me and have been more than satisfied.
You can find some of their testimonials right here 👇

> Information and testimonials about
the Long Distance Map

Original Price : $15

3. One of my Ebooks of 365 Long Distance Questions

Whether you started your long-distance relationship a few weeks ago or a few years ago, it’s not easy to find interesting things to talk about.

The same topics come up over and over again: how’s work going, how’s the family, what did you eat?

Besides being extremely boring in the long run.
It is this kind of discussion that leads to routine.

That’s why I created 3 Ebooks of 365 questions thought for long distance couples.

There is bound to be one that fits your situation:

Have you just made your love official but still feel like you don’t know each other well enough?
Ebook N°1 is perfect to solve this problem.

You think you know everything about your partner, but is it mutual?
Ebook N°2 will give you the answer!

Your objective N°1 is to break the distance, and you want to be sure of your choice?
Ebook N°3 will help you to see more clearly.

> Information about Ebook 1 : 365 LDR Questions to get to know each other

> Information about Ebook 2 : 365 LDR Questions : The funny test to find out who really knows who

> Information about Ebook 3 365 LDR Questions to ask before close the gap

Original Price : $10

$40 $30

The results

I’m not going to talk about the advantages of offering an Long Distance Map. There are far too many of them.
Just remember that it is impossible for your partner to be disappointed.

The benefits about the Virtual Date Box and the Ebooks are twofold: the next day, you will be in a better mood. The frequency of sending cute messages will multiply and you will really feel like you are having the best love affair of your life.

They are also unconscious: in the long run, you will argue less, your communication will improve and you will be more confident in the future of your couple. You will be able to really consider a common future.
A future where you fall asleep in your partner’s arms.

The Christmas Pack is the only one that is 100% suitable for long distance couples at a minimal cost and dematerialized.

If you want to be in a better mood, get more cute messages during the day and confident in the future (and of course spend an amazing Christmas night), the Christmas Pack is the ultimate weapon you need.

Virtual Date Box Testimonies:

I systematically ask my customers for feedback (by filling out a form) on my product. Here are the answers I received:

Long Distance Couples recommend the Virtual Date Box
customer testimonial on the virtual date box
customer testimonial on the virtual date box

Long Distance Map Testimonies:

$40 $30

Guaranteed Satisfied or Money Back for 30 days!

We work hard to bring you quality, useful and fun products. That’s why I offer a guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your VDNB, then send us an email within 30 days of your purchase to and I will refund your money.

30-day money back guarantee on LDR ebooks


The pack costs 20$, a discount of more than 30%.

VDB : $10
Ebook : $9
LDR Map : $10
Total : $29

It is intended for all couples in long distance relationships:

– Together for a few weeks or years ;

– Who have already met or not ;

– With a time difference of 1 hour or 10+ hours ;

– Heterosexual or homosexual ;

– Who started their relationship long distance (or whose relationship has become a LDR)

– Who want to have an original, fun, and easy Christmas date from a distance

– LDR couples who doesn’t have ideas of gifts or activities to do in distance

In the short term, you’ll have a great time without the headaches. You just pick an activity and do it without wasting hours looking for new ideas. You stay focused on the most important thing: your partner.

In the long term, you create deep bonds in your relationship. VDNB helps you to endure the distance and to live strong moments together, even if physical contact is impossible. You will gain confidence and feel closer to each other.

The VDB lasts about 4 hours if you do all the activities.

Answering all 365 questions will take you longer. If you take 1 minute to answer each one (which is not much), that’s easily 6 hours of discussion!

You will have to add a few dollars/euros/your money only to buy the food you need to prepare the recipes.
Otherwise, all the content of the box is 100% free to use.

You can pay by credit card or PayPal.

The conversion between the dollar and your currency will be done automatically according to the current exchange rate.

So you can pay with any kind of currency.

Do not hesitate to send me an email at if you have any questions or if you encounter any difficulties

You will receive 2 emails:

  • The first one contains your VDB. You can use it instantly

  • A second email with a link to fill out a small form: it allows me to know how to design your LDR Map and you can also tell me which Ebook you want to receive.

  • You’ll receive the Ebook and the LDR Map in less than 1 day after your order.

Yes, it is!

The payment platform through which your purchase is made (SendOwl) is secure.

Your personal data are secured thanks to the HTTPS protocol and the SSL certificate present on the site.

Or you can pay with PayPal

I want every person who buys my product to be completely satisfied. If you realize that the Christmas Pack does not suit you (whatever the reason), you just have to send me an email at within 30 days after your order to get your money back.

You can send an email to . You will get an answer within 24 hours.

$40 $30

We are Léo and Kyomi, a Long Distance Couple between France and Peru

admin of My Sweet LDR website

We started our LDR on March 08, 2020, the same time the borders closed.

Now, we live together in France since August 12, 2022!

With more than 10300 kilometers (6450 miles) of distance and a different mother tongue, we have been living for more than 2 years the best love relationship of our life thanks to a flawless communication, various weekly activities and common goals.

We advise and provide solutions to our thousands of readers every month through this blog.

My Sweet LDR is based on our story, our personal experience and the daily feedback from our readers and clients.

Any question ? A doubt ? send me an email to and I will answer you