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Why choose MosaLingua to learn your partner's language (and speak with his family)

This simple and effective language learning application allows you to retain vocabulary words and conjugation rules over the long term without losing your motivation after a week. Living a classic relationship or a long distance relationship with the language barrier will become a distant memory.

  • You want to go further in your (long distance) relationship and prove your love?
  • To finally talk and exchange with your partner’s family?
  • To keep your motivation on the long run?

You don’t have the desire or the means to hire a private teacher to learn a new language?

Then this page is for you

Have you ever been surprised by someone close to you when they started speaking a foreign language?
A true bilingual. Their way of expressing themselves is fluid and pleasant to listen to.

  • With a native accent that makes you want to reach their level
  • With a fluency that makes you want to travel and learn more from the locals
  • With the use of expressions that exude admiration and charisma
  • With a fluency that makes you want to have the same recognition

You may be thinking that to achieve this, you need to travel abroad or that to be virtually bilingual, you need to spend a fortune on lessons with a teacher.

And for you, the opportunities to travel are rare and even if you had it, it would be to enjoy the moment with your partner 100%.
And you have neither the desire nor the means to hire a specialist.

« Just ask your boyfriend/girlfriend to teach you! He’s the best teacher you can have »

This phrase makes me laugh out loud…
People who tell you this have never been in a long distance relationship.

Yes, your partner can help you.
Yes, you have a great chance to practice and talk with him.

But let’s be clear: he or she will never become your teacher.
I know this because I myself asked my Peruvian girlfriend to teach me Spanish.

The bottom line: being a teacher is a job that you can’t improvise.
And even though after a few weeks I had made progress, I was far from the results I had hoped for, despite our good will and our 2 hours of weekly learning.

His father kept telling me in a humorous way: « You talk like Tarzan. Me eat chicken. You be nice. »

Tarzan tries to talk with Jane

Long Distance Relationship with barrier language are not easy

When you started this relationship, it was for love. Not to learn a new language.

Yes, you realize that your level in his language was far from sufficient.

You downloaded a few popular apps on your phone and soon realized that it’s a real pain to hold a conversation.

You’ve chosen an app that has cool features when you first discover it, but is mostly obsolete for remembering words in the long run. You realize that your level of expression is as developed as my 2 year old niece’s. Or as mine used to be: the Tarzan level.

I too, like you, have wasted a lot of time on those attractive sites with their beautiful design.

Just thinking about it puts me in a bad mood!

And my long-distance relationship with the language barrier was still there.

In fact, I had even become allergic to learning Spanish.

I studied Spanish for 6 years in school. I went to Spain several times with my family. The only phrases I remembered were « Hola qué tal? » (Hello, how are you?) and « No sé » (I don’t know).

I went to class with a sinking feeling in my stomach. Even though the French are notorious for being pathetic at learning languages, I was extremely ashamed of my level.

I thought that the situation would change when I met my girlfriend!
Because the motivation had nothing to do with it! The difference between learning a language to please your teacher and because you want to talk to your love’s family is insane.

A selfie of Leo and Kyomi together at the airport
A picture of the us at the airport in Lima, Peru

As the months went by, I wanted to improve my level to be at ease with her family, to facilitate my moments of living in Peru and to prove my love for her.

I tested a lot of applications. Some of them were really rotten, some were horribly expensive, some were completely useless.

And then I found the perfect language learning application.
The great tool that simplifies our lives and allows us to learn Spanish and French the way we want to, without having to worry about it.

This application is called MosaLingua and it is really indispensable for learning and retaining the language of your partner.
You can say goodbye to your long distance relationship with the language barrier.

I’ll tell you about it right now. But first, here’s why it outperforms all its competitors.

How to choose your language app right?

A long distance relationship with the language barrier is more difficult than a traditional one. I’m not telling you anything new.

You know this if you have ever wanted to speak with your darling in his native language. There is a plethora of online language learning applications on the market.

And if you’re just starting to learn a language, you’re probably a little confused by the many choices available to you.

Let’s be clear, all these language applications offer the same basic features (which doesn’t help you choose):

  • Word translation
  • Conjugation and grammar lessons
  • Track your statistics (words learned, lessons to review, learning curve etc)
A woman doesn't know which language application to choose to speak her boyfriend's native language from a distance

However, not all language learning applications available on the market are equal.

As is often the case, the devil is in the details and you need to ask yourself the right questions from the start or you may be in for some surprises later on.

The first question to ask yourself is: is the application I’m going to choose just okay or on the contrary excellent?

I know, when you say it like that, it’s a bit weird.

What’s the difference between good and excellent?

The answer is in one sentence: an excellent language learning application is a dedicated, specialized application designed to retain what you learn in the long term.

The majority of LDR couples stop learning because they quickly forget what they learn and therefore do not see their progress.

This is why free applications are ineffective. They were not created to help you progress but to make you want to pay.

It is FUNDAMENTAL to have an application that makes sure that you retain what you learn and that keeps you motivated in the long run.
You can’t learn a language in a few days.

And MosaLingua understands this.

They have used scientific studies related to memorization to create their application.

They have created their own memorization technique through regular repetition.
You don’t understand anything? Don’t worry, I’ll explain it all to you in the next part of this article.

Since I’ve been with Kyomi, I’ve tested several solutions and I finally found the language application that meets all my expectations and that allows me to FINALLY talk with their parents.

This application is MosaLingua

Whether you start from a basic level or don’t know a word of your partner’s language, this is simply the best application on the market for LDR couples to learn a language.

Why is MosaLingua the best language app for LDR couples?

Reason 1: With one subscription, you can each learn the other's language

Yes, you read that right.
It’s like getting a 50% discount on your subscription.

Simply because you are in an international long distance relationship

MosaLingua allows you to learn 8 languages through a single account:

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Chinese

This means that if you and your partner are learning a different language, you can easily share your account and use it at the same time.

All you have to do is change the language of the interface.
You will keep your progress, and so will your partner.

The advantages without the disadvantages.

Reason 2: In 10 minutes a day, you easily learn 300 vocabulary words every month (and you don't forget them in 3 days)

The main feature of MosaLingua is the flashcards.

What is a flashcard in the context of languages?
It’s a card (or a piece of paper) with a word written on the front and its translation on the back.

A flashcard with the translation from English to Spanish

It sounds simple, but MosaLingua has taken its use to a new level.
And it’s with this feature that you will easily learn and remember what you see.

MosaLingua automatically customizes your flashcards and will adapt them to your progress.
You don’t have to do anything!

You can also change the difficulty of the words if you already have some knowledge or select your own words according to the available categories (Transportation, Shopping, Tourism, Hobbies…)

Want to learn more than 5 words a day?
No problem, MosaLingua does it

the distance relationship with the language barrier is reduced thanks to MosaLingua

Then it’s up to you how you want to learn them:

  • By writing them down?
  • By listening them?
  • By saying them?

You have all of these options readily available.
As soon as you feel ready, the self-assessment begins.

Long Distance Relationship with the language barrier becomes easier
Long Distance Relationship with the language barrier becomes easier

Got it right the first time?
Perfect! Click on « Perfect ».
The word is learned and the application will ask you to repeat it every now and then to make sure you still have it in your head.

Having a little more trouble?
Select « Good ».
MosaLingua will remind you in a few days.

Did you really have trouble or did you only remember part of the word?
Select « Difficult ».
MosaLingua will remind you tomorrow.

Did you not remember the word at all?
Choose « Again »
It will come back to you right away.

The words are always accompanied by the spoken translation and a contextual sentence.

Long Distance Relationship with the language barrier becomes easier

Now do the math:

If you learn 10 flashcards a day, you will have retained 300 in 1 month.

In 10 minutes a day, that’s pretty impressive!

The power of the flashcards combined with MosaLingua’s algorithm to replay them at the best time makes it easier to remember them in the long term.

Your long distance relationship with the language barrier will weaken!

Reason 3: You can instantly add a word and its translation to your learning list, even if you don't use the application

MosaLingua allows you to translate a word or a phrase and instantly add it to the list of flashcards you want to remember.

Let’s take an example:
You are on your phone, reading a web page or an article on Facebook:
You wonder how to say « groundhog » in your partner’s language (it can be useful!), and you want to learn it (and above all, not forget it).

Nothing could be simpler:
Press and hold on it as if you wanted to copy/paste it and press « Share ».

Language barriers in long-distance relationships disappear with Mosalingua's instant translation

Then choose your MosaLingua application (in my case, « MosaLingua Spanish »).
Your word is automatically translated with Google Translation

Language barriers in long-distance relationships disappear with Mosalingua's instant translation
Language barriers in long-distance relationships disappear with Mosalingua's instant translation

All you have to do is click on « Add » and your word will be added to your flashcards list.

This way, during your next session, you will have the opportunity to review and memorize it.

Language barriers in long-distance relationships disappear with Mosalingua's instant translation

Simple and effective. It took me a total of 5 seconds.

It works both ways, regardless of the language.
I could have chosen a word in Spanish and translated it into English.

This is a great feature and it’s quick and easy. It allows you to remember the words that you feel are essential and that match your mood.

And if you’re wondering, this feature is also available on the computer.

Reason 4: You have a complete method with flash-cards, texts, music, dialogues and videos created by teachers and translators (and classified by level)

When you make the decision to learn a language, you often hear that you need to diversify your learning.

MosaLingua understands this:

  • Flashcards to learn and retain vocabulary over the long term
  • Dialogues and videos (with or without subtitles) to improve your understanding
  • Articles and books to understand the written word
  • Music to learn while listening and singing

Add to the equation your partner with whom you can talk without fear of mockery, and you have all the keys in hand to make your friends and family hallucinate when they see your progress without killing yourself!

Reason 5: You have access to links to find newspapers, television, radio, websites and many other free resources in 2 minutes

At MosaLingua, everything is designed to make your life easier.

In 2 clicks, you can access a library of free resources to complete your learning.

On the home screen, click on « More » and « Premium Courses ».

LDR with the language barrier is reduced thanks to MosaLingua
LDR with the language barrier is reduced thanks to MosaLingua

From there, you have access to 3 resources included in your subscription:

  • Reading, to read articles or books to enrich your vocabulary

  • Videos, to watch clips or videos in their original version (with or without subtitles) to learn new expressions

  • Resources, to discover resources verified and validated by language professionals in several categories (News, Sciences, Musics, Daily Life…)

The resources offered are adapted to the language you are learning. Here, as I am learning Spanish, I have access to content in Spanish.

All you have to do is choose!

Note: You will also have access to community resources. You will be able to propose yours and discover the one of the others.
Attention, I don’t know if this resource is available in all languages.

Reason 6: You can use the application without depending on an internet connection

Do you have a 20-minute subway ride every morning, your internet connection is far from stable or you simply don’t have access to the internet with your phone?

No problem.
All the features of the application can be used offline (except for videos and instant translation)

All your progress is saved and will be added to your account once the connection is restored.

Reason 7: You get top-notch customer support

It’s everyone’s pet peeve: having a problem with their application and not knowing who to contact to resolve it.
Or waiting days for customer support to get back to them.

At MosaLingua, the support is fast and personalized.
Whenever I needed information, I always got an answer within a day.

MosaLingua’s experts respond very quickly and their answers are clear and precise.

What I love is that they really put themselves in our shoes.
They respond to our problems and go the extra mile to make sure you are 100% satisfied.

There are already many couples in long distance relationships with the language barrier that use the application. They are used to answering their questions.

Reason 8: The value for money is unbeatable

With MosaLingua, you get to the point.

No phrases that you have no chance of saying orally, no « new » techniques that promise you the impossible, no broken promises.

You are taken by the hand from A to Z.
When you take out a subscription, you get all the advanced features of this great tool:

  • Only one account is needed for you and your LDR partner to learn each other’s language

  • Learning that adapts to your speed and difficulties: you will review the words you stumble on at regular intervals until you know them by heart (and remember them!)

  • Instant import of any word or expression you want to remember into your personalized list (even if you don’t use the application)

  • Clear, precise and contextual written lessons and hundreds of contextual resources (« at a restaurant », « introducing someone », « talking about your passions… »)

  • Access to written conversations and books, audio dialogues and videos to learn to read, write, speak and understand the language

  • Seamless access on your computer and cell phone

  • Hands-free mode to review what you already know or learn new words while driving or walking

  • The ability to use the application without a connection: perfect if you’re on the subway or to save battery power

  • Analysis of your performance at a glance

How to learn and remember over 300 words in 1 month: my tips

Take a look at this image :

LDR with the language barrier is reduced thanks to MosaLingua

This is my account.
I translated it into English for you to understand.

In 26 days, I learned 284 flashcards (or vocabulary words), 164 of them in the long run.

The application even tells me that at this rate, I will have learned 1265 words in 3 months.

When you know that you generally need to know 800 words to hold a basic conversation in a language and 1500 to understand 75% of the discussions, I feel like I’m growing wings!

Here are the tips I used to make the most of the application

  • Just start with the « Learn » function for 5 to 7 days if you start from zero.
  • Don’t waste your time scattering between videos, dialogues, lessons, articles… at least at the beginning!
  • Once you have a small base, add the words you want to learn with the « Explore » function
  • Use the « Hand Free » feature to review what you already know when you walk or drive.
  • Listen to one dialogue per week and learn the associated flashcards

And my tips for staying motivated:

  • Don’t start learning 30 words on the first day. That’s the best way to get demotivated in a few days.
  • Implement your learning in your routine: in the morning when you get up, during a break at work, during one of your trips…
  • Motivate yourself and your partner by sharing your results and asking each other questions
  • Evaluate your level every two weeks to see your progress by reviewing the articles and dialogues you have used.
  • Look at your statistics and try to keep your « Streak » as high as possible
  • You will see the language barrier in your long distance relationship disappear with the days

Learning a new language with your partner is intense.

You feel proud, you strengthen your relationship, you share a common project, you invest for each other, you break the routine, you learn a new skill…

And when you are finally able to exchange, talk and understand your partner’s family, the feeling of satisfaction is almost as good as seeing your boyfriend/girlfriend again after several months away from each other.

Why should you choose MosaLingua?

I went from a zero level to being able to make myself understood and respond in Spanish in few months.

Kyomi knew absolutely nothing in French before meeting me and can now have a basic conversation with my parents without feeling embarrassed.

Little by little, the language barrier is melting like snow in the sun

We have tested several language learning applications since we met and MosaLingua is the one that meets all our expectations: efficient, easy to use and especially cheap, since only one subscription is available for both of you.

For example, if your partner learns your language and you learn his, MosaLingua will only cost you the price of a single subscription at 10€/month (11$).

And if you subscribe for 1 year, you will get an additional 50% discount (i.e. a subscription of 5€/month (5,50$)).
This is what I chose.

With its excellent quality/price ratio, it is the best tool for all long distance couples or couples speaking a different language.
Whether you have knowledge of your darling’s native language or you know nothing.

We use it every day.
It strengthens our ties and the ties we have with each other’s families.

I’m so happy about it that I’m a MosaLingua affiliate, which means I get a commission if you subscribe by clicking on the button below. The price does not change for you

And on top of that, you get a 15-day free trial.
So you don’t take any risk.

It’s up to you!