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Long Distance Relationship Bucket List for LDR couples

Long Distance Relationship Bucket List: it finally exists! Before we get to the heart of the matter, I would like to propose a riddle:

They are heterogeneous and vary from one long distance couple to another. Classic couples find them unattainable and consider us degenerates because of them.

Do you have any idea what I’m talking about?

Our dreams.

  • Some are realistic (spending an anniversary together physically); while others are more extreme (breaking the distance forever)
  • There are « one shot » dreams, like visiting one of the 7 Wonders of the World; or dreams that take months or years (speaking my partner’s language).

To have the opportunity to travel and work at the same time, all over the world.

Our dreams are there. They take us through every possible and unimaginable emotion. And without them, our long-distance relationship would be difficult to accept.

A bit like a soccer team that doesn’t think about lifting the cup of their championship.

Unfortunately, for too many long distance couples, their dreams remain at the dream stage. They don’t act on them. Instead of experiencing the satisfaction of accomplishing them, they just imagine them, eyes on the ceiling comfortably lying in bed.

Today, you may be in this situation. Absorbed by the daily routine, your long-distance relationship is starting to falter.

You’d like to spice it up a bit, by setting goals and achieving your dreams.

Easier said than done! I know because I’ve been there myself. To tell you the truth, it will never completely disappear. You have to learn to live with it.

So you look for solutions.

You manage to find 2-3 ideas on Google that you put aside. But you know it in advance: you won’t get anywhere. And it’s hard to accept that. The anxiety of not « doing well » settles in your mind.
You tell yourself that something is wrong, and you are absolutely right! What you lack is the method. The tip that will give you the motivation to start.

And this is exactly where the Long Distance Relationship Bucket List comes in. As far as I know, there is no such thing like it on the web.

Today, you’ll discover 50 ideas for your LDR Bucket List.

  • 100% remotely doable and printable.
  • Created for LDR couples, by an LDR couple.

You’ll discover how to use this list, how to customize it, and all the benefits it brings to your long distance relationship.

Long Distance Relationship Bucket List: what is it?

Basically, a bucket list is a list of all the things you would like to do before you die. It is a concept that has become popular worldwide thanks to the eponymous movie The Bucket List.
It’s a wonderful movie released in 2007 featuring two patients (Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson) sharing a hospital room and having an incurable cancer.

They decide to take advantage of the little time they have in front of them to accomplish their dreams. I strongly encourage you to see this cinematic masterpiece with your partner!

If the most common way is to create a Bucket List for your life, there are hundreds of possible derivatives:

  • Places to visit
  • Dishes to taste
  • Sports challenges to take up
  • Activities to try

Or with different people:

  • Alone
  • As a couple
  • With your family

Here, I propose you a long distance relationship bucket list. I have created it especially for people who are in the same situation as us, with Kyomi.

But first, let me explain the benefits it will bring you. It’s all concrete.

Why you should implement a Bucket List in your Long Distance Relationship

1)  To break the routine
Distance makes everything complicated. You know it as well as I do. We must constantly renew our ideas, our activities, our way of consuming our couple. That’s why I created my list of 26 challenges to do from a distance.

If you decide to accomplish at least one goal per month, it will take a lot of dedication but the benefits will really be there.

2)  To increase motivation tenfold
Having a list commits you. Your ideas become materialized by a physical object that you can touch with your hands. Most importantly, the list encourages you to find solutions rather than excuses. Your perspective will slowly change as you begin to ask yourself how to accomplish what’s on your list.
This psychological phenomenon is the basis for the success of the « To Do List ».
How satisfying it is to purposefully cross off one by one our tedious, but daily tasks. Then imagine crossing off the fulfillment of a dream.

3)  To give importance to the relationship
The list helps turn your dreams into projects. Having one allows you to make your dreams come true so you can touch them.
It’s the first step to making them happen. You give them consistency

4)  Don’t lose your main goal: break the distance
The list is a guide. Each point is a step in the staircase that brings you physically and durably closer to your partner, in order to break the distance for good.
Imagine a trekking enthusiast whose dream is to reach the top of the Himalayas. If he incorporates in his Bucket List to climb Mont Blanc, Kilimanjaro and other peaks before, he will naturally be much better prepared for his final ascent.

Now that you know its benefits for your long-distance relationship, here are my recommendations for optimizing your results.

How to use this LDR Bucket List: Instructions for use

There are several ways to do this, I’ll explain them all here.

1)  Use the LDR Bucket List as is
The easiest way, without any headaches. You just have to download my list (link at the end of this article), print it and send it to your partner.
Together, you can see how much you have already accomplished and which ones you can achieve!

2)  Take inspiration from this list to create your own
You don’t like some points? Or you want to add other more personal desires that are not present in my long distance relationship bucket list? I understand you. There is no problem with that. You can always download my list and replace (or add) what you want. Here’s how:

  • Open the document with Canva. Use a rectangle to hide the items you want to remove, and replace them with your ideas (the font is Aileron Regular).

3)  Create an « anti Bucket” List
As you’ll discover, some items require you to stay away for a long time (such as completing the 100 activities I suggest here). Remember, your ultimate goal is to break the distance.

So you can take the list the other way around and come up with 50 things not to do before you break the distance. You can list the bad habits! Like for example:

  • Flying 10 times to see your partner
  • Go a day without texting each other
  • Get together before 2025
  • Staying in conflict before going to bed

My Long Distance Relationship Bucket List

  1. Run to kiss your partner at the airport


  2. Meet your partner’s family


  3. Visit each others hometowns


  4. Finish my list of 26 long-distance challenges


  5. Send a package each others and open it at the same time


  6. As a couple, accumulate 100 hours+ of flight time


  7. Order a meal by surprise and see his/her reaction


  8. Complete my 105 activities on my list


  9. Stay on video call for more than 5 hours


  10. Learn your partner’s language (easy with MosaLingua)


  11. Scroll your conversation to the first message


  12. Exchange a clothe (and use it as a memory)


  13. Send a handwritten letter


  14. Bingwatch a serie


  15. Cook together a specialty of your country


  16. Organize a surprise visit


  17. Meet your partner’s friends


  18. Do not cry on departure day


  19. Have a shared account (Spotify, Instagram, Netflix…)


  20. Look at the moon at the same time


  21. Spend a romantic evening together


  22. Have « your » song
  23. Make love from a distance (easy with Lovense)


  24. Accumulate more than 100.000 sent messages


  25. Have more than 1000 pictures of your partner on your phone
Boring of the routine ?

Download my 26 LDR Challenges and Activities

One idea done every week
= 6 months of activities

  1. Spend a whole night talking with your partner

  2. Have matching objects

  3. Plan a trip together

  4. Travel together to another country

  5. Buy a plane ticket together on a video call

  6. Read a book about long distance relationships

  7. Do a virtual striptease

  8. Make a Double Date

  9. Know your long distance love language

  10. Sign a « Love is Not Tourism » petition

  11. Celebrate Christmas together physically

  12. Celebrate your birthday together physically

  13. Celebrate your partner’s birthday together physically

  14. Create a video recap of your story

  15. Go back to the place where you had your first kiss

  16. Fulfill your dream with your partner

  17. Fulfill your partner’s dream with your partner

  18. Buy a connected sex toy

  19. Tell your love story online

  20. Help significantly another LDR couple

  21. Have a joint bank account

  22. Break the distance forever

  23. Spend more time together than apart

  24. Get your partner’s nationality

  25. Finish this bucket list

And now?

So, how many do you have? For our part, 20/50 in August 2021!
Feel free to let me know in the comments if you want me to update the article to tell you what we have already done.

Now I’d like to ask you a question.

Are you ready?

Because the ball is in your court.

Download and print this list.

After checking off the things you’ve already done, start a new one in the next few days. It’s the first step that counts! Once you have the satisfaction of checking off one of the boxes, you will be motivated to continue.

It’s up to you to create opportunities, organize your travels and make a plan for the hardest points.

You won’t believe how far this kind of list can take you. You’ll strengthen your relationship, your confidence, and you’ll begin to realize that yes, breaking the distance for good is within reach.


Download this LDR Bucket List

Boring of the routine ?

Download my 26 LDR Challenges and Activities

One idea done every week
= 6 months of activities

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