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How to surprise your long distance boyfriend with a visit: complete guide

If you decided to prepare for your partner the ultimate surprise that all long distance couples dream of, don’t you think you would forge an unforgettable memory in his memory?
You may have already asked yourself the question: how to surprise your long distance boyfriend with a visit?

Let me set the scene: you are surfing on Youtube as usual, to relax after your work day. You browse through the dozens of videos that appear before your eyes, the mouse in your right hand.

Suddenly, a video catches your attention: the one of a young woman who surprises her boyfriend by paying him a surprise visit, in his country. After watching it from beginning to end, your decision is made: you want to do exactly the same. It’s so romantic!

If you’re in a long distance relationship, you know that renewal is essential. You know that seamless communication is an advantage. You know you need to be in a fulfilling relationship.

But if on top of that, you know exactly how to plan this kind of surprise, then you’re taking your relationship to the next level.

The problem?

It’s hard to plan a trip like this in secret. One tiny mistake and it’s the end.

And all it takes is for you to forget that one little thing and your whole plan falls apart like a house of cards. You can hope to keep the second floor intact and make up for it, but you’ll have a hard time.

So when you set out to plan a surprise as big as this one, you might as well have all the cards in hand.
And I’m going to give them to you in this complete guide.

Each step must be done in a precise order. It’s important to read and implement each step before moving on if you’re afraid of screwing up. You can think of several steps at the same time.

That’s what I recommend.

Some of them are even closely related (like the first two, for example).

Let’s go for the complete guide « How to surprise your long distance boyfriend with a visit « 

Step 1 : Before your departure

This first part will be dedicated to everything you have to prepare before going to the airport. This is the biggest part of the work! Read carefully all the points. All of them must be validated against each other.

Determine how long you will be there

How to surprise your long distance boyfriend with a visit without thinking about it? It is impossible! If you come for a few days or a few months, you will change his way of life.

It is also a question that he will ask you from the first second after hugging you. It also helps you get organized. This is the first question you should ask yourself, before the « when ».
Can you have some free time to travel, what activities will you prepare thoroughly…

You have to be sure your boyfriend doesn’t mind too. Some people like to control everything! I’ll talk about this point a little later.

Problems it avoids:

  • No budget surprises.
  • Your partner’s life stays the same (especially if he is still methodical and likes to be in control)

Congratulations, you’ve just laid down your first two cards!

Know his schedule and set a date for the surprise

There is no point in scheduling a date until you know his schedule.

What would you do if after you’ve set everything up, he tells you he has a mandatory date he’s been waiting for 6 months, or a party for his best friend?

Knowing if he is free the day you arrive is crucial. You will choose your arrival day according to his availability.

I once delivered brownies to Kyomi by surprise. I asked her the week before if we could schedule a video call at the time the delivery guy was supposed to arrive. I was able to see her reaction live and it was great!
This was possible because I knew his schedule, and then I set a date and time for the delivery

Problems it avoids:

  • You don’t go out of your way for nothing
  • You avoid a huge disappointment if he is unavailable
my number 1 personal tip for successfully surprising your long-distance partner with a visit

Have accomplices in your family or friends

If you want your surprise to work perfectly, you absolutely need accomplices. This is the key!
If you don’t, you are much more likely to have a problem. With accomplices, you control your surprise. You leave nothing to chance. You are the master of events.

Problems it avoids:

  • You leave less to chance
  • You save time and ease of execution
  • You can organize a bigger surprise than you could ever hope for
  • It opens up opportunities that you may have missed
  • Accomplices can alert you to problems or unexpected events
my number 2 personal tip for successfully surprising your long-distance partner with a visit

Have a purpose for your coming and your surprise

Preparing a surprise like this is great. Countless people in long distance relationships dream about it. But avoid making a surprise for the sake of making a surprise. Finding a reason for your coming spices up the trip.
Like a birthday, an event… Think romantic!

Problems it avoids:

  • « Coming for the sake of coming »
  • Having to think about a program of activities from day to day
  • Having a vague and imprecise objective.

While I help you know how to surprise your long-distance boyfriend with a visit, the « Why » is more personal.


Be sure of your move

Some people hate surprises. There are many reasons for this:

  • It makes him feel bad that you are making decisions without his permission
  • He has difficulty accepting the unexpected and letting go
  • He feels confident when he is in control

So think carefully before you embark on this project. Be sure he will enjoy it!

Problems it avoids:

  • You will save time, investment and energy
  • You avoid doing all this for nothing
  • You are sure to aim right and avoid discomfort

To be sure, ask your family or friends. They should know! If not, organize a « mini-surprise » and see how he reacts. You can also use a game as an excuse to ask him.

Knowing his love language is also an avenue I encourage you to explore.

Choose a departure date

Things are slowly starting to fall into place. Your house of cards has a nice solid floor, but nothing has materialized yet. That’s just as well, because buying your plane ticket will take care of that!

How to  surprise your long distance boyfriend with a visit when you buy your ticket plane? It’s complicated. Fortunately, there are solutions.

You have two options. It’s up to you to choose which one works best for you:

  • Buy your ticket once all the steps before have been validated; and then prepare the modalities of the surprise on D-Day
  • Prepare absolutely everything in advance, and then buy your ticket. In this case, you must read and apply everything you will see in the rest of this article BEFORE validating this step.
my number 3 personal tip for successfully surprising your long-distance partner with a visit

If you respect these recommendations, your surprise will be successful and incredible. The rest is just detail, if I may say so.
This is the cherry on the cake. The little digestif offered after the meal. Keep in mind that the most important thing is that you came.

Before buying your plane tickets, call your partner to be sure that the plan is operational. The most important thing is to know if your boyfriend will be free on the date you have set.

As soon as the points you have read so far are basically respected, and you are 100% sure, go ahead!

Be careful though, if you prepare your surprise a long time in advance (more than 6 months), wait a few months before taking your ticket. Events can change. But if you plan to come in 1 month, then go for it!

You are ready to go! Now that you have organized your trip, there are three essential steps to take:

  • Organize yourself for the D-Day
  • Create a scene to reveal yourself
  • Avoid stupid mistakes

Step 2: From the airport to the surprise location

All this second part is going to rely on the help of your accomplice! I will explain you the steps to put in place so that your partner doesn’t suspect anything and hallucinates when seeing you; the stupid mistakes to avoid and how to catch up easily in case of blunder.

You can do it alone if you don’t have accomplices.
The risks are just higher, especially if you don’t know your boyfriend’s routine inside and out.

All the steps are intertwined. Each one of them, depending on how you organize yourself, has consequences on the others. So take them all into account!


Choosing the meeting place

At this point you already know the exact date of when you will make your surprise. You have booked your plane tickets accordingly, remember? Now you have to choose a location.

This is the basis!
If the place is imposed by an event or an anniversary, you have to adapt. If you already know the location, you are on familiar ground. You leave less room for error and chance.

  • A private place, like a house?
  • A semi-private place, like a restaurant?
  • A public place, like the street?

Depending on the location, your arrival and the way your boyfriend will discover you are there changes completely. I’ll go into more detail on this a little later in this section.

Problems it avoids:

  • Mistakes and blunders
  • Careless preparation

To get this information, ask your accomplice! He is on site. He will be the best informed and will know what is possible to elaborate or not, all without arousing suspicion.
If not, impose a location by using the excuse of a video call (remember my brownies!)


Know the context of the meeting

This is the most important element! It is also the most difficult to explain because it is really different and specific to each person.

It is vital to take into account the context for the surprise to work since it will directly influence the way your boyfriend will discover that you are physically there.

  • Will there be a crowd?
  • Is the doubt already present in his mind, without making a connection with you?
  • Will it be pitch black or will it be under a blazing sun?
  • Is there an event planned? (Birthday, family reunion…)
  • Will you be able to be in constant contact with your partner to manage the timing?

Problems it avoids:

  • The intervention of an external element not taken into account
  • The risks that the surprise fails
  • A shaky organization
  • Being completely disoriented in case of unexpected events

Will the surprise happen on the first day or later?

Why is this?

If you arrive at the airport at 3:00 am or 11:00 am, it can change your plans. You must think about it.

There are two main cases:

  • Your surprise is the same day of your arrival. It’s up to you to see with your partner how you organize yourself. This is the easiest.
  • Your surprise is not the same day as your arrival. You will have to find a place to sleep, and especially to continue to speak with your partner without him suspecting anything! The longer a lie lasts, the less credible it is. I will give you the most common mistakes that you can easily avoid at the end of this article.

So keep in mind your arrival time, and how you will organize yourself.

Problems it avoids:

  • Unexpected expenses (if you have to sleep in a hotel, for example)
  • Unnecessary stress
  • Rushed organization

Your belongings: what will you do with them?

You can show off with your big 20 kilo suitcase, but it will be less charming! If you decide to surprise him somewhere other than the airport, you’ll have to put your stuff somewhere safe.

Problems it avoids:

  • Being cluttered all day
  • Forgetting your suitcase somewhere
  • Having stress about your stuff

Getting to the meeting place

This can be a critical moment! Remember that it is when you are moving from point A to point B that you are most at risk of being discovered.

You must therefore take all your precautions during these moments.

If your cab passes in front of your partner and he happens to see you, your whole plan would suddenly fall apart. Let’s try to avoid that!

Here we go. Only the last floor left to put down.

Step 3: The conclusion

At this point, you have only one more thing to think about. And it’s the most exciting! The time to tell him everything is fast approaching. Your apprehension will slowly start to show as the hours tick by.

How to surprise your long distance boyfriend with a visit without missing your staging, or if he sees you unintentionally? I explain it all here!

The way he will see you

Here you are! The moment you’ve been waiting for.
Everything is FINALLY going to happen!

Your heart is beating so fast that you’re afraid your boyfriend will hear it. Your stress and excitement are at their peak: in a few minutes, he will find out.

So how do you succeed in the final, most decisive step of all?

  • Will your partner blindfold him?
  • Or set up a scavenger hunt?
  • Maybe you’ll just knock on the door?
  • Or simply wait for him sitting on his couch, as if everything is absolutely normal?

It’s up to you, depending on what’s possible, what your partner might prefer, and what you want. There are thousands of ways to do it. Choose one that you like, talk about it with your partner and let’s go!

That’s it, the dream is done. You did it, and you can be proud of yourself.

Avoid these 3 classic mistakes

my number 5 personal tip for successfully surprising your long-distance partner with a visit

1) Leave clues in evidence

It would be silly if you wasted all your efforts on a bank statement, a piece of paper lying around during a video call, or compromising information if you share your screen.

Be vigilant with the visual information you leave behind!

2) Accomplice mistakes

If you follow everything you’ve read so far, it’s impossible for your lover to suspect what you’re up to.

Unfortunately, you are not responsible for the potential mistakes that your accomplice may make. Ask them to be discreet, to find an excuse in case of a blunder. Telephone conversations are usually the first source of leaks.

3) Do not cover your tracks during the flight

Between Peru and France, there is a 12.5 hour flight. This means half a day without being able to send messages. If you are used (like us) to talking on a daily basis, you must make sure that your partner doesn’t suspect anything!

And yes! If you « disappear » for half a day, he or she will want an explanation, and that’s perfectly normal. So you need to find an unstoppable excuse to tell him beforehand.

I’ve found a little compilation of failures that will make you relax. Keep in mind that these are the most stupid mistakes that are most frequently made…

Keeping an unforgettable memory

We are now going to reverse the roles: you are the one who has just discovered that your partner is standing in front of you.
Completely stunned, you almost fall to the ground. But still, he is there! You can touch him, take him in your arms. This is reality.

Now, I would like to ask you: what is the first question you will ask him?

Am I wrong in suggesting: « But @#ù%* what are you doing here??? »?

You’d like to know all the details, from the day he had the idea until today. Who was involved, how he did it… In short, to listen to him for hours.

But it would be infinitely better if he could see it with his own eyes!

So I strongly encourage you, if you have the time and the desire, to immortalize this surprise in the manner of a vlog.
You can even start now. Grab your phone, take a selfie and talk to the camera saying that you’ve had this idea for a long time, and that this article convinced you that you were going to take action.

Here is a great video that may also inspire you

Then step by step, film yourself. It’s always exciting to see how all the behind the scenes of such a surprise, and especially to see your state of mind evolving with the progress of the project.

And if you like it, you can even publish it and share it on Youtube. Soberly titled « How to surprise your long distance boyfriend with a visit », you will then forge an unforgettable memory.
You can even give him a birthday present that will make him cry with happiness.

Preparing a surprise visit alone is harder than you think

Planning a surprise visit is tough. To make it work, you need organization stronger than diamonds, partners more discreet than James Bond and a strong mind.

But there’s one point I still need to address. It is perhaps the one that will cause you the most problems.


Coming up with ideas is something a child can do. Coming up with good ideas requires more skill.

Especially when you’re looking for custom ideas. You’re likely to hit a wall.

my number 4 personal tip for successfully surprising your long-distance boyfriend with a visit

Ask your loved ones for advice, do your research on the Internet, ask your partner questions, look for testimonials on social networks, get inspired by books or movies…

If your ideas don’t come from within you, then make sure they come from outside. The pool is endless!

The good news is that if you are reading this, you have already taken the first step.


Sounds complicated? Here are two miracle solutions

At this point, with all this information, you may not feel like you can plan it all. Organizing such a surprise requires time, energy and above all a strong resistance to stress.
Don’t panic, I’ll tell you right now how to simplify all these steps, while keeping the surprise effect. Here are the two foolproof techniques you can implement:

1) Plan your whole trip with your partner, and make him believe a few days earlier that you have an unforeseen event and that you have to postpone everything.

Your partner will be extremely disappointed. You will also have to openly lie to him. If you want to avoid playing with his emotions and risk starting a big argument, the second way will be more convenient for you:

2) Plan your whole trip with your partner, but come a few days earlier. You will just have to be careful about the date of your plane ticket. 

Don’t find excuses

It’s done! You can finally take a breath and enjoy those moments you’ll spend together, hand in hand. Those moments that make your relationship beautiful and unique, compare to your friends.

And even if your surprise turned out differently than originally planned, all that will be quickly forgotten.

Because the most important thing will be there: you will be together.

How to surprise your distant boyfriend with a visit is the final boss of romance. A marriage proposal almost seems old-fashioned and too mundane, in comparison.

And the biggest surprises require a lot of preparation. One is impossible without the other. It’s something that takes a long time to prepare. If you have ever organized surprise birthdays, you know what I mean.

So take a deep breath, swallow your saliva and start now! Grab your phone, press « Camera » and start creating the most memorable video of your and your partner’s life today.

Whether it’s a video or a text, the hardest part is coming up with the first sentence. Start with: « Hi [your partner’s first name], if you’re watching this video it’s because I’ve gotten to the bottom of my surprise. You’re about to learn everything, from A to Z. »
Keep it simple

Don’t make excuses: your boyfriend or girlfriend chose you for your authenticity. That’s what makes you attractive and it’s the #1 reason he or she loves you. So go for it!

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