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LDR Truth or Dare: 50 ideas for an unforgettable moment

LDR Truth or Dare:
What’s the biggest problem you encounter when you Google a list of stocks or truths?

You know it if you’ve ever done it.

They’re never suitable for long-distance play.

And even less so for couples in long distance relationships.

So you sort, you read 37 challenges before you find a doable one through your computer.

And  it’s totally boring.

It breaks the rhythm, you spend your time and wait and generally you stop playing after 10 minutes.

And that’s normal!

In this article, you will discover 50 questions and 50 dares adapted to long distance relationships.

Half of which is really only feasible if you are in a relationship, and at a distance.
If you’re not, it doesn’t work.

Like for example:

  • If after 6 months of a long distance relationship, I admit to you that I lied about my age. I’m actually 10 years older. How would you react?
  • Make me guess an object or place that marked a turning point in our long distance relationship in only 3 words

This is the only list of its kind that exists, as far as I know.

Are you ready to discover 50 LDR Truth or Dare?

How to play: our recommendations

Image presenting the LDR Truth or Dare game for bored long distance couples
After having spent several evenings with Kyomi playing, here is what we think is the best way to enjoy the LDR Truth or Dare 100%:

  • Put yourself in a room where you won’t be disturbed

  • Start a videocall with your partner on your computer

  • The person who starts (let’s say person A) chooses between a LDR Truth or Dare

  • The other person (let’s say person B) asks them to choose a number between 1 and 50

  • Person B then looks in the article to see what the number he or she has chosen corresponds to

  • Once the Truth or Dare LDR is done, the roles are reversed

  • You can allow yourself 3 jokers, usable only once:
    • Reverse : Change the number
    • Stop : Don’t do one LDR Truth or Dare
    • Boomerang : your partner does your challenge for you

  • The game stops when you have each said 25 truths and done 25 actions (or when you are fed up)

  • You can add a point system for more competitiveness on the challenges

Short anecdote, a horror movie « Truth or Dare » was released in 2018.
I haven’t seen it, but from the reviews I don’t know if I’m missing anything!

Anyway, here are my 50 LDR Truth or Dare:

50 LDR Truth

  1. We’ll give you $10,000 if you go a year without seeing me: do you accept?

  2. Have you ever ignored one of my messages voluntarily for more than 24 hours?

  1. If after 6 months of long-distance relationship, I confessed to you that I have been in prison, how would you react?

  1. Have you ever told me you were going to sleep just to get some peace?

  1. If I told you that I wanted our relationship to stay long distance forever (seeing each other at regular intervals, a few times a year), could you accept it?

  1. What was the best time you spent with me long distance?

  1. Have you ever hidden our long-distance relationship from anyone?

  1. Have you ever cancelled one of our videocalls at the last minute and made up a lame excuse because you were lazy?

  1. If I told you tomorrow that I was quitting my job and buying a ticket to your country. Would you advise me not to come?

  1. Let’s say my family has trouble accepting you. What would you do to remedy the problem?

  1. Would you be willing to move to my country to break the distance forever?

  1. Let’s say you have just landed on a plane, you are at the airport. I call you to tell you that I am still at home because I didn’t wake up.
    What would your reaction be?

  1. What was the worst time you spent with me from a distance?

  1. Let’s say I was very, very, VERY jealous. Would you give me all your passwords to make me feel better?

  1. Would you be willing to fly 12 hours there and 12 hours back to spend 24 hours with me if the ticket was free?

  1. Tell me the worst thing anyone has said to you when you told someone you were in a long distance relationship

  1. If you could spend a sexy night with a celebrity, who would it be?

  1. If I told you tomorrow that I was pregnant (or that I wanted a child if you were a man), how would you react?

  1. Tell me what you knew about my country (or region) before you met me

  1. If I had a different nationality, would you still have started our relationship?

  1. What do you hate most about your family?

  1. Have you ever enjoyed yourself thanks to one of my pictures?

  1. You want to surprise me with a delivery cake: how do you plan to do it?

  1. What sexy costume would you like me to wear?

  1. What surprise would you like me to give you?

LDR Truth: the last 25

26. If tomorrow one of my parents called you to tell you that I had a very serious car accident and that I was in hospital, what would you do?

  1. Would you marry me just to get a VISA and make the paperwork easier?

  1. How long did you stay maximum without showering?

  1. If after 6 months of long distance relationship, I admit to you that I lied about my age. I am in fact 10 years older. How would you react?

  1. If I told you that I didn’t want to meet your family, how would you react?

  1. What do you like best about our long-distance relationship?

  1. Tell me something you do in secret, that you don’t assume

  1. I tell you that I am flying to your place in less than 5 hours. What are you doing to prepare my arrival?

  1. What is the craziest thing you’ve done for love since we started our long distance relationship

  1. If you were to advise someone to start a long distance relationship, what would you tell him/her?

  1. What has been your biggest public embarrassment?

  1. What’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told your parents?

  1. I call you at 3am, drunk, only to tell you that I love you. Do you think that’s romantic or pathetic?

  1. Would you be able to learn my native language for love?

  1. If a millionaire decides to give a round-trip ticket to someone in a long-distance relationship to reunite with their partner, but you are competing with 2 other couples. What would you say to convince him?

  1. What is the song you listen to but don’t assume?

  1. Tell me about your last bad experience with the police

  1. What do you hate most about our long distance relationship?

  1. I decide to buy a car without telling you or consulting you, « because we’re long distance anyway, it doesn’t make any difference to you ». Would this offend you?

  1. A person you just met laughs at you and says that your relationship is not a real relationship. How do you react?

  1. If I told you that I slept with someone while we were apart, could you forgive me?

  1. Let’s say my friends had trouble accepting you. What would you do to remedy the problem?

  1. Did you ever stalk me on the Internet before we met?

  1. If you were to break up with me, how would you do it?
    From a distance on a video call, on the phone or by message?
    Or would you wait until our next meeting to tell me face to face?

  1. I’m telling you that I broke my phone, and I need $200 to buy a new one. Will you send it to me?
Boring of the routine ?

Download my 26 LDR Challenges and Activities

One idea done every week
= 6 months of activities

50 LDR Dare

  1. Find 3 items related to our long distance relationship in less than a minute that are in your room
  1. Call your mother and tell her that in 3 days you are joining me for an indefinite period of time and that your plane ticket is taken for next week
  2. If you get a notification on your phone in the next 20 minutes, you must write and send me a handwritten love letter
  1. We play the T-Rex game. Whoever gets the highest score in three tries gets to choose a gift that the other person has to give him/her on our next reunion day
  1. Share your screen and show me your internet history for the last 24 hours
  1. Make me guess an object or a place that marked a turning point in our long distance relationship in only 3 words
  1. Eat something from your fridge that I choose
  1. Go to the neighbor’s house and ask for butter
  1. Write a 10-line letter that starts with: « I prefer long-distance relationships because… »
  1. Go on Omegle and wish someone a very good day
  1. Send an email (to ) and tell them why I am the best person in the world
  1. I choose your next ringtone: you have to keep it for at least a week. It can be music, a recording…
  1. I choose the meal you will cook and eat tonight (or during the week)
  1. Search the Internet for a sexual position you don’t know and imitate it with objects
  1. Post an encouraging message on a Facebook group about long distance relationships
  1. Spend the next three rounds with 3 extra sweaters on you
  1. Call your best friend to tell her we’re breaking up
  1. Do a sexy striptease
  1. Scream out your window
  1. Learn 5 words or expressions in my language (or region)
  1. Put an object on the ground 10 meters away from you (or as far away as possible).
    Then turn around 10 times in a row (using a broom or a wheelchair) and run as fast as you can to the object.
  1. Imitate the animal of my choice for 10 seconds
  1. Recite a poem, fable or speech in my native language. I choose which one!
  1. Send a private message to a star you love pretending to be a hysterical fan
  1. Deliver me a meal next week

LDR Dare: the last 25

  1. Imitate how I walk, how I run and how I laugh

  2. Write me a declaration of love of at least 10 lines with the words « miles, » « jet lag, » and « video calls » and my mother’s first name
  1. Go ring the neighbor’s doorbell without being seen
  1. Pick a quote about long-distance relationships from this article and post it on a social network (or send it to one of your friends without any context)
  1. Send a sentence I chose in your family’s conversation (Whatsapp, Messenger…)
  1. Film what you see from your window and describe everything in a 100% positive way (as if you had to rent the room to someone)
  1. Play one of these 4 LDR Games. The loser must call their partner by a nickname that the winner chooses until the end of the game.
  1. Hold a bottle over your head for 1 minute
  1. I choose your next wallpaper on your phone. You must keep it for at least one week.
  1. Say out loud the following 3 dates: your partner’s birthday, how long you’ve been together, his or her mother’s or father’s birthday.
    One mistake = one massage for our next reunion
  1. Send a message to your number neighbor.
  1. Give me 3 pros and 3 cons about long distance relationships in less than a minute (without using this article!)
  1. Show me your best dance move
  1. Make a prediction about your love language and take the test to find out your language. If your prediction is wrong, during your next round you must make a challenge and confess a truth (you can’t choose between one or the other).
  1. Publish a photo on Instagram or a post on Facebook that we choose together
  1. Pour yourself a glass of water blindfolded. I’m the one who helps you by guiding you with the sound of my voice.
  1. You have to write a word on your forehead. I decide which one
  1. Drink 50cl of water in less than a minute
  1. Do 20 push-ups
  1. Kiss your webcam languidly as if it were me
  1. Send me a ridiculous nude
  1. Bite into an onion
  1. Follow My Sweet LDR’s account on Instagram, or Facebook page.
  1. Juggle 3 eggs: you have to do at least one full turn before you stop
  1. Scroll your phone with your eyes closed. When I say stop, show me the picture or video.

What did you think of this LDR Truth or Dare ?

In this article, you’ve discovered a LDR Truth or Dare tailored for couples in long-distance relationships with original questions and challenges you won’t find anywhere else.

Whether you’ve been in a LDR for a week or 3 years, this game will give you a great time.

If there is one thing I would recommend to get the most out of the game, it is to put yourself in a room where you are alone.

You will not be disturbed and you will be able to play in a completely detached and natural way.

So start by finding a suitable place and time for LDR Truth or Dare.

Let me know in the comments which question or challenge you liked best, and if you have any recommendations for improving this game.

Want more?

I have created 3 LDR Ebooks of questions and answers.

Spend evenings asking questions and learning more about your partner with over 1000 questions.

Routine and lack of ideas are spoiling your long distance relationship?

We can talk about it together and find a tailor-made solution!

I offer FREE coaching sessions on My Sweet LDR.
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Book your free call by clicking here and let’s discuss your situation together so I can give you my best advice and a detailed action plan.

Boring of the routine ?

Download my 26 LDR Challenges and Activities

One idea done every week
= 6 months of activities

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