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The 31 best tools for long distance relationships in 2022

Best tools for long distance relationships in 2022.

Choosing the best services, apps or software to make your long-distance relationship work for you is looking more and more like a headache, right?

You feel like a kid being taken to the toy store and told to pick just one. It’s cool, you’re happy, but which one to take!
It’s normal to hesitate. Even to feel frustrated, right? Because choosing means giving up.

There are an awful lot of tools for long distance relationships available.
And astronomical quantities of online applications, designed by innovative startups or giant multinationals.

The paradox is that there are also services that are completely unknown to LDR couples and yet work miracles. A few years ago, no one would have ever imagined that!

And you who just want to enjoy your long distance relationship seriously. Without spending too much money and without wasting time browsing 72646 pages on Google.

Here is some help.

I have tested and used many software and website since I started my long distance relationship.
I stopped counting them since I started this blog.

This has given me a good insight on what is useful for long distance couples. Here are the best tools for a long distance relationship that I recommend.

This article contains affiliate links. This means that if you go through one of these links to purchase something, I will receive a small commission that I use to partially offset the needs of the blog. The price does not change for you.
I always choose my partnerships carefully: I don’t want to recommend crap to you, and it’s my word on the line. The blue buttons will lead to affiliate offers. Enjoy your reading!

Why you should use the right tools

This isn’t just another article about the do’s and don’ts. There are thousands of those already on the internet.
I wanted to give you some tips that will affect two important aspects of your long distance relationship life.

Your relationship, and your time.

For your relationship:

These tools for long distance relationships can really improve your day to day life and move your relationship into the higher category. That of couples who no longer suffer from distance but who tame it.

For example, a modern set-up during your videocalls can turn your mundane conversations into deep discussions that would make a Tibetan monk blush.

Useful, since communication is the number one weapon to use in the face of distance.

Another example: you’re watching a movie simultaneously, and you’re tired of there being a lag every time you pause to go to the bathroom. Not to mention the classic « 3,2,1… » before you start.

You want to enjoy the movie, and see your partner’s reactions when the highlight comes. There’s a tool for that.

For your organization:

If couples in long-distance relationships were as well organized virtually as they are physically, many would no longer have problems with distance.

Remember, Anticipate, Prepare. It’s complicated.

And lack of organization wastes time.

An argument in the worst case.

Do the math: estimate the time you take to prepare for each activity during a video call and multiply it by the number of calls you make per month. You’ve just discovered how much more time you can spend with your partner each month.

Lack of organization is a long-distance couple’s nightmare, our critical resource.

You need to be productive when you’re long distance. Not to watch the entirety of Breaking Bad (I plead guilty!), but to focus on what’s important in your relationship and develop it.

For example, forgetting about a virtual date because you got confused with the time difference or your partner’s schedule can lead to a good argument. Fortunately, there are simple solutions to avoid this kind of disaster.

Are you up for it? Then let’s get started.

You will find tools for long distance relationships that will allow you to :

  • Create or order personalized gifts
  • Have a unique communication (and tame the distance)
  • Adapt your life to the time difference
  • Prepare your next reunion
  • Save money
  • Improve your video calls
  • Know the evolution of the opening of the borders   

In short, everything you need to live your long distance relationship in a serious and fulfilling way.

Create or order personalized gifts:

Etsy, to order personalized gifts

Etsy offers personalized gifts. You will find a large choice of gifts (physical or dematerialized) to offer to your partner (and delivered worldwide).

The biggest advantage of Etsy is that it is a marketplace only for independent designers and countless of them offer gifts directly related to long-distance relationships.

Like for example:

  • Jewelry
  • Posters / Cards
  • Mugs
  • Keyrings
  • Stickers
  • And many other things, again

Go to the website: Etsy

Fiverr, to order personalized services.

If Etsy offers personalized gifts, Fiverr offers personalized services.

A great website that connects independent designers from around the world with customers who have a certain need.

Used by hundreds of thousands of people every month, Fiverr is the perfect site to order personalized gifts like:

  • Drawings
  • Music
  • Poems
  • Videos
  • Photos
  • And many more

I ordered 3 gifts and wrote a comprehensive guide on how to use Fiverr to find gifts suitable for long-distance couples.

> Discover my ultimate guide here

Canva, to create personalized gifts

Your budget is limited but you still want to offer a unique gift? Canva is the site for you. It’s simple: there is nothing better out there.

It’s a website that allows you to create digital documents very easily. This is not the first time I’ve talked about it on my blog, nor the last!

It’s not for nothing that the majority of content creators on Instagram or Pinterest go through this site to create their visuals: it’s free, ultra-easy to use, and requires no special skills.

There are templates for a wide range of visuals:

  • Photo montage
  • Calendar, schedule and planning
  • Postcard
  • Announcements cards
  • Wallpaper for computer…

Go to the website : Canva

IMovie, PowerDirector or Movavi, to make simple video montages

Creating a custom video is a great gift to give to your partner. Nowadays, software designers have understood that they have to create software that is easy to use.

Here, no complicated video editing software that Youtubers use. I’m going to suggest 3 simple ones that allow you to make incredible video edits to make your partner hallucinate.

You won’t need to create anything: just choose the effects you want, the transitions you prefer to put in your video.

I have selected several options depending on your situation. These are the ones that seem to me the best with unbeatable prices (when they are not free).

On Computer :

  • Mac: iMovie.

Apple offers a video editing application with a clean look.

Turn yourself into a Spielberg apprentice by creating your own movie from a dozen unique themes with titles, transitions and music. Enhance your work with lots of Apple-designed video filters and a host of effects like slow motion, fast forward, picture-in-picture and split screen.

Download it on computer: iMovie

  • Windows/Mac: Movavi

A good video editing software that can turn an amateur video shot with a phone into a real professional quality production. It allows you to edit, cut, clean, synchronize sound and music with the video or create custom titles with text and animations.

Its interface offers a modern design divided into three parts: a video player, a control panel with its tabs and a work bar displaying the files being edited. The controls make it easy to import, modify or export videos, create text for titles, insert subtitles, create transitions and even include special effects.

To sum up, Movavi is ideal and intuitive for beginners. Its interface is very easy to understand and there are many special effects. The advanced settings are easy to learn.

There is a free 7-day version if you have a one-time need, or you can buy it for life for less than $60.


On Smartphone:

  • Iphone: IMovie

  • Android: PowerDirector

This last software available for Windows was designed for beginners. It is one of the easiest software to use on phone. Completely free, you will have to pay a monthly or yearly subscription if you want to benefit from all the options. Honestly, the free version is enough to bring tears of joy to your partner.

You’ll find all the basics to create a great video montage: import your videos and photos, transition effects, add special effects to titles and subtitles, add music…

In short, it’s a great program to download if you want to make the most of your time when you don’t have your computer nearby.

Download Power Director on Smartphone: Type « Power Director » in the PlayStore

Have a unique communication (and tame the distance):

Between, to make your relationship unique and take it to the next level

An all-in-one application created especially for LDR couples! It was recommended to me by Marissa and Ryan from @differentlycompatible

To open the app and use it, you need to link your account with your partner’s. From there, you have access to:

  • A messaging system and audio calls (with the ability to create gifs of us!)
  • A shared calendar
  • The ability to create shared photo and video albums
  • Infinitely customizable reminders of your highlights (key dates, important events) with countdown timer

All changes are made in real time and are accessible only to you.
The only drawback is that it is impossible to make video calls.


Download Between on your smartphone:
Search for « Between » in the Apple Store or Play Store

The book « The 5 Love Languages », to improve your communication and better express your love

It is not presented anymore! I even wrote an article about this book (where you can take a test to know your love language, adapted to the distance).

This is a must read if you are in a committed long distance relationship.

If I only had one book to recommend, this would be it! One of the best tools for long distance relationships.


Get the book: The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman

DeepL, to translate a language (100 times better than Google Translation)

It is unequivocal. Where Google Translation just translates word by word, DeepL takes the sentence into account and its translations sound more like what a human might say.

Try it for yourself. It’s a great tool for long-distance relationships.

I wish I had discovered it before, when I was still a student!


Go to the website : DeepL

MosaLingua, the best way to learn the language of your partner and finally speak with his family.

Why should I introduce you to MosaLingua and not to another program?

Because it is (by far) the most suitable for long distance couples.

With a single subscription, you can learn each other’s language together.
With the same profile, you can learn as many languages as you want (among 8: English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Russian and Chinese).

That’s how Kyomi started to learn French, and it’s thanks to MosaLingua that I deepened my Spanish.

The application is based on the Spaced Repetition System and has already conquered 11 million users.

In short, it’s the perfect plan to do a new activity together AND is super useful.

I learned (and retained!!) just under 300 Spanish words in 1 month thanks to this application.
And the advantage is that if you each learn the other’s language, you have a 50% discount!
I describe all this in my complete article about Mosalingua

all languages that LDR couples can learn with Mosalingua

Adapt your life to time and geographical differences:

Time and Date, to know the weather, the calendar, the holidays in your partner’s country

Never again get confused about the facts of your partner’s country.

Everything is gathered here.

The site looks a bit like the 2000’s but everything works wonderfully well. It takes a little time to find your way around but after a few minutes of wandering through the different tabs, everything becomes easy.


Go to the website: Time and Date

My personal tip, to always remember the time zone

Add on your phone the time that it is locally for your partner.

This will allow you to know at a glance what time it is and not miss an appointment. Especially if you are in Europe, with the biannual time change.

Tested and approved!


Google Calendar, to get organized, to know the schedule of your partner

If you don’t know Google Calendar, it’s simply an online shared calendar. It works like Google Drive, except that here it is about sharing your agenda. You will know in one click the requirements and availability of each person in the couple.

Be careful to take into account the time difference!


Go to the website: Google Calendar

Nord VPN, to access the same content as your partner, regardless of your countries

A VPN is very useful for this. It allows you to access any online content, even if the country you are in blocks them. For example:

  • When you are abroad and want to see the new episode of your favorite TV show.
  • To have access to the same Netflix, Disney+, Amazon catalog as your partner (yes, it changes depending on the geographical area)

This is one of the tools for long distance relationships I use the most!
Whether it’s at home or traveling, it’s so convenient for a small price.

VPNs are also used to find cheaper airline tickets. Are you curious? I’ll tell you more about it in my article on how to find cheaper flights.

Go to the website: Nord VPN

Prepare for your next reunion:

Flight Aware, to know in real time where your partner’s plane is

A very nice site that allows you to track your partner when he is flying to join you.

Very playful, a little site that is not essential but still quite romantic and cool to use.


Go to the website: Flight Aware

Google Drive to organize, share information, store your documents

The world’s most popular online storage service and the essential long-distance relationship tool for organizing your next trip. You can create a text document that will be accessible only to you and your partner and editable in real time.

It’s also the best way to scan and store your documents, in case you lose them while traveling.
It saved my life when my phone was stolen during my first trip to Peru.


Go to the website: Google Drive

Countdown App & Widget, to know how many days you have left before you see yourself again

A really cool mobile app to create a countdown on your phone. Of all the ones I’ve tried, this is the easiest to use.

A great tool for long distance relationships to see the days tick by before D-Day!

How I discovered it?
With Kyomi, we forgot twice in a row our « birthday month »… Fortunately, we took it with a smile.


Download Countdown App & Widget on your smartphone:
Type « Countdown App & Widget » on the PlayStore and on the Apple Store

Save money:

PayPal, to send money free of charge anywhere in the world

Once again, an indispensable tool for long-distance relationships. Forget banks, transfers or cash. Use only PayPal. I have nothing else to add.


Go to the website: Paypal

TunnelBear (again), to find cheaper airline tickets

Yes, Tunnel Bear is also used for that! A VPN is very useful to find cheaper airline tickets. Among the many that exist, I recommend Tunnel Bear.

It is one of the few that is free (up to 500 MB per month) and reliable.

Its biggest drawback is that you can’t (yet) connect from any country (even if you have the choice among more than 50).

Its free version is sufficient if you use it occasionally.

Otherwise, a paid version exists for less than 3,5$ per month (and your partner will be able to enjoy it too!).

If you want to know 8 other techniques to find cheaper airline tickets, I wrote a complete article about it


Go to the website: Tunnel Bear

Top Cash Back, to refund a percentage of your air tickets and hotel reservations

The principle is simple: each time you make purchases online (or even in store for some) at partner merchants, Top Cash Back pays you a percentage of your purchases.

For example, if you spend €100 on Booking, you will get €4 back from your cashback kitty. It doesn’t seem like much, but there are so many partner sites that it goes up quickly!


Oanda, to easily convert your currency

If you are tired of typing « euros to dollars » or an equivalent on Google, you can use Oanda.

Enter the two currencies you are interested in and the site will remember them. Simple and efficient!


Go to the website: Oanda

Improve your video calls:

WhatsApp, to make free video calls

This application is the best for me. It is easy to use, free, international and available on smartphone as well as PC.

We also tried Messenger and Skype: not very conclusive. We had more connection problems on these two applications.


Download it: WhatsApp

Tele Party, to synchronize your episode on Netflix or Disney+

Formerly Netflix Party, this extension available on Google Chrome has proven to be very successful.

When you have installed this extension (only on Google Chrome), all you have to do is launch an episode on Netflix, click on the Tele Party extension button and send the link to your partner. Your partner must also have downloaded the extension.

Your video will then launch at the same time. You’ll have a built-in chat and the freedom to pause, rewind… everything is synchronized!

A few things to know:

  • You must both have an account
  • Your series or episode must be present on both catalogs (use a VPN to remedy this)

Be careful though, it is much less adapted for mobile. I haven’t tested it, but apparently there are a lot of ads and problems.

And if you’re looking for long distance relationship movies on Netflix, here’s our pick of the top 6


Download it: Tele Party

Watch 2 gether, to synchronize your videos or your screens

Same principle as for Tele Party, but this time for Youtube. It’s even easier to use since you don’t need to register. Create your room and send the link to your friends.

Certainly one of the most underrated tools for long distance relationships.


Go to the website: Watch 2 Gether

Screen Shader, to help you fall asleep

This tool was recommended to me by Alexius, from @SkipTheDistance, which is essential for your sleep.

I’m sure your parents have already told you at least once: no screens before sleeping!
Indeed, blue light is not recommended for your sleep, or even for your health. Here is an article that explains in detail why.
Be careful, using a blue light filter is only effective and recommended at night.

But chatting or calling your partner before bed may be the only time of the day you can do it.

In this case, install a blue light filter on your phone (directly from your settings) or your computer.
Program it to automatically turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn.


Get to the Chrome Extension: Screen Shader

Discord, for all your online games

If you are used to playing online games, you must surely know Discord. It is the best platform to communicate with your partner while playing. The advantage here is that you don’t need to connect to a chat room, or invite anyone.

The server is open all the time, which allows a great freedom.

Please note: The more people you are, the more Discord becomes indispensable.

Here is our selection of the best games for LDR couples, no matter your level!


Go to the website: Discord

The Lovense Sex-Toys, to climb to the 7th heaven.

The creator of this high-end brand of connected vibrator has himself been in a long-distance relationship: he knows what he is talking about and who his products are for.

Let your partner control your connected vibrator to give you maximum pleasure: duration and intensity can be controlled as you wish.

Do not skimp on the price of these devices. They will serve you for many years.

It will save you from having to change them after a few months and ultimately put your hand in the wallet.

And they deliver to over 50 countries.

I will soon publish a full and detailed article on their flagship product, the Lush 3.
A jewel of technology 100% adapted to couples in long distance relationship that will take you to the 7th heaven

To find tests of the various products that the brand offers, I advise you the site Long Distance Fun!
One of the best tools for long distance relationships to take pleasure with your partner.


Good headphones, so that your partner can hear you better

We focus on the basics here.

What could be more frustrating than not hearing your partner well during a video call?

Invest in some good headphones that have a built-in microphone. Your partner will thank you, we promise!


A second monitor, to improve your comfort on the computer.

Want to do an online activity with your partner and still admire her without having to squint?

Or see all his facial expressions when you’re watching a horror movie?

Buying a second computer monitor is the best investment you can make. A used monitor will do the trick! Your video calls will be more organized and you’ll get lost less between all the web pages you open.

In short, there are too many advantages for this long-distance tool not to be included here.


PS: Also think about the cable to connect your computer to your second screen.

A tripod, to improve your smartphone comfort

If you use your phone more often than your computer to make video calls, invest in a tripod. The prices are very affordable, and it has two big advantages:

  • You have both hands free
  • You don’t have to struggle every time to balance your phone on something

This is what I gave to Kyomi once, on a whim. I can tell the difference right away when she uses it or not!


A wifi booster or Ethernet cable, to improve your internet connection

It changed my life. No kidding.

Thanks to this little technique, I divided my connection errors by 5.

I live in the country. Whenever there’s a storm or my neighbors download a 4K movie, it was goodbye to video calls.

Almost a given, easy to use and dramatically improves your connection. It almost feels like magic!

So if your internet box is not far away, connect with an Ethernet cable

If not, buy a Wifi amplifier and put it in the room where you are most used to calling your partner.


Know the evolution of the opening of the borders:

Your embassies’ websites, to find out the official rules in your country and your partner’s country

Government websites are the most reliable source you can find for the rules in force in your partner’s country. The information on the embassy websites is official. There is no doubt about it.

In our case with Kyomi (Franco-Peruvian couple), we will look for information coming from the French embassy in Peru; and from the Peruvian embassy in France.


Iata Travel, to know in real time the opening of the borders of each country in the world.

The covid-19 is now part of our daily life, and each country in the world makes its own decisions to adapt to it.

Follow live the evolution of the opening of the borders thanks to an interactive world map and updated daily.

This site has been essential for us to reach each other in the middle of the Covid-19 epidemic, in January 2021.


Go to the website: Iata Travel

How to effectively use these tools for long distance relationships ?

I know. It’s a big list. And setting up these tools takes time.

There’s a certain approach you have to take so you don’t get overwhelmed. Here’s how I think you should use these tools for long distance relationships:

  • Each tool addresses a specific problem. Use each one when you are faced with that problem. With the exception of 1 or 2, they are all used on an ad hoc basis.
  • Create a settup for your video calls. This is the only recurring category that comes up every day.
  • I made sure to offer free or the least expensive content possible. Don’t hesitate to invest financially in your relationship, especially for gifts or for a unique purchase that will serve you for the rest of your life.
  • Download the list of links for your computer or your mobile, and save time

To easily find all the links on this list on your computer or phone, you can download an Excel document that groups them all together.

All you have to do is open it to quickly access each tool. This will save you a lot of time

So now it’s your turn. Are you an LDR couple that just goes with the flow and it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t work, or do you want to make distance your friend?

You have a goal in mind. That’s fine. It’s respectable and necessary to set goals.

But setting a goal is pointless if you don’t think about the commitment it requires

Want to grow in your long-distance relationship? You can.

But it takes investment and commitment.

Long-distance relationships are exceptional for a lot of reasons. The travel. The openness. The emotions. Maturity gain. Strengthening your relationship. Being able to say « we did it » one day. Among other things.

It’s what we all want to do.

So here’s to you!

You can recommend your best tools for long distance relationships by leaving a comment

Boring of the routine ?

Download my 26 LDR Challenges and Activities

One idea done every week
= 6 months of activities

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