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Lovense Nora Review 2022 : LDR couples will love it !

Are you interested in connected and remotely controllable sex toys? Your boyfriend is far away from you, on the other side of town or thousands of miles away? You like to know everything about a product before buying it, especially when it is an intimate pleasure object? Then you’ve come to the right place! This long and complete guide is a Lovense Nora review.

With complete objectivity, I will test and tell you everything you need to know about this Nora vibrator.

I will also analyze in detail the long distance part and the control of the Nora from thousands of miles away.

After all, that’s what the Nora is all about: giving your boyfriend the opportunity to give you orgasmic sensations!

Let’s go!

the Nora sextoy

The Lovense brand

Note: I voluntarily made this test, by my own means. Lovense did not contact me and did not pay me for it. My opinion will therefore be objective and I will mention the good and bad sides of the Lovense Nora rabbit

The company Lovense, leader in connected sex toys

I could not do my  Lovense Nora review without mentioning on a few lines the company that markets it.

If like me you have a huge interest in connected sextoys, it is normal that you do not know Lovense.

And yet it is a brand recognized in the world of intimate pleasures. Since its creation in 2010, it has built an excellent reputation because they are the first to have marketed connected and remote controllable pleasure objects.

Their main target are camgirls and couples in long distance relationships.
But it is the good quality of the sex toys, their simple and secure use and the word of mouth that made Lovense one of the pioneer companies of this market.

Its creator, Dan Liu, was himself in a long-distance relationship. It’s always reassuring to know that! Lovense knows what it’s talking about, and who it’s talking to.

So let’s see what the Nora toy is worth!

The creator of the brand Lovense has been in a long distance relationship

Lovense Nora Rabbit

The Nora is a female sextoy that has been around since 2013. But rest assured, it has had many updates since then!

The first model has nothing to do with the one I’m about to introduce you to.

If a product has been around for so long, it’s rather reassuring: it means that it has found its audience, and that the audience is asking for more!

The Nora is a female sex toy of the Rabbit type that stimulates both the inside and the outside of the vagina. It therefore provides sensations both on the G-spot and also on your clitoris.

It is of course connected and remote controllable.
This means that you can give the control of your vibrator to your partner, no matter where he is in the world (he must have an internet connection!).

You’re in the US and your partner is in Japan or Australia? No problem.

It’s a perfect pleasure object for couples who are physically separated on a regular basis, such as couples in long distance relationships.

Nora is a historical product of Lovense. It was one of the first to be created, and it has undergone many modifications to make this sextoy optimal in terms of pleasure.

Here was a quick presentation of the beast. Now, let’s go to the Lovense Nora review!

Are you ready? Then let’s go!

Lovense Nora Review

I will review the following points:

  • The delivery, packaging and discretion of the purchase
  • The contents of the package
  • The features and functionality of the Nora
  • Its size and noise
  • How to connect the Nora to your phone
  • The short and long distance control (with the Lovense Remote application)
  • The differences between the Lush 3 and the Nora
  • Why and how the Nora and Max 2 are intimately related sex toys.
  • My personal opinion and the grade I give it
  • Finally, I will explain step by step how to order on the official website

Lovense Nora Review is now!

Delivery and packaging: discretion is the key

When you buy this kind of product, you pay particular attention to the discretion of the package: nobody wants to know that you ordered a Nora toy.

And that, Lovense has well understood.

So, is it discreet?
Yes ! 
It’s impossible to know what you ordered:

  • The package looks just like all the others
  • The name of the company and the product are nowhere to be found
  • Your bank statements are just a series of numbers.

As far as discretion is concerned, you really can’t do better.

Concerning the delivery time, it depends on your country.
In general, it takes between 2 and 6 days to receive your package.

Here is an order of idea according to certain countries:

  • USA, Canada, Australia: 2-4 days
  • Europe: 3-6 days
  • Latin and Central America: 3-5 days

You will know the exact duration when you place your order.
The shipping costs also differ according to your country.

It is also possible to track your package on the Lovense website. That way, you know exactly what day you should open your mailbox!

The packaging is also impeccable. Simple and discreet. It’s a box! It is strictly impossible to know its content.

In short, you have nothing to worry about.

The packaging, the delivery, the external aspect of the package, the bank statements: everything is perfect.

The content of the package

This is not my first product at Lovense. I know that their boxes are always modern and uncluttered. The Nora’s box is no exception to the rule.

Nora Lovense Package
The Nora sextoy, the charger and the user guides

Here is everything that is inside the box of the sextoy Lovense Nora:

  • The Nora vibrator
  • USB Charging Cable
  • User Manual in many languages
The Nora, the manuals and the charger are in the package

How long is the Nora sextoy ?

Nora has a relatively large size: a few more centimeters would have been too much.

In terms of weight, we are on more correct figures: the Lovense Nora Rabbit weighs about 10.2 ounces (about 300 grams)

This does not affect the comfort of use.

Here are the exact dimensions of the Lovense Nora vibrator:

  • Length: 9.53 inch / 24.2 cm
  • Insertable part: 4.72 inch / 12 cm
  • External part: 3,15 inch / 8 cm
  • Height: 3,15 inch / 8 cm

If this is not very clear to you, here is an image that will help you better visualize the vibrator:

drawing of the Lovense Nora rabbit seen from below and from the side

Features of the Lovense Nora

How to use the Nora (and its effectiveness)

The design of the Nora from Lovense is innovative thanks to its curves: you can see it at a glance!

To the touch, it is pleasant to hold. Yes, like most of the female sex toys offered by this company, the Nora is made from a suitable silicone.

This high quality soft silicone is well thought out for two reasons:

  • It’s comfortable, soft, and most importantly: it fits most women’s bodies. It stimulates the right parts of the vagina to bring maximum pleasure.

  • The comfort of penetration and use is painless. With your eyes closed, you could mistake the Nora for real sex!

Let’s now review the 3 points of action that make this rabbit sextoy such a special object of pleasure.

1) The internal part and its rotating head
This is the part of the Nora toy that you will introduce into your vagina and that will give you sensations close to that of a penetration.
You will be able to push it until approximately 12,5 cm, which is enough to stimulate your G point with precision.

At the end, the head of the sextoy is rotating. It rotates 360 degrees and you can choose between 3 levels of intensity: Slow, Medium, Fast.

You can easily change the intensity by pressing directly on your sextoy, or through your smartphone.

Finally, the middle part with its sexy curves allows the connected sextoy to precisely fit the shapes of your vagina.
These curves were not chosen by chance: it is the result of several years of testing on thousands of different women.

The inner part of the Nora toy can rotate 360
The 3 levels of contraction of the Nora sextoy : Subtle ; Mild ; Deep

2) The external part and its vibrating head

Smaller than the internal part, the rotating head of the rabbit is specially designed to stimulate your clitoris.
Nora vibrator offers a double stimulation at the same time.

You will find the same sensations as a vaginal penetration and clitoral caresses.

The Lovense Nora rabbit head has 7 different intensity levels, plus thousands of user-created patterns.

Again, you can change the intensity levels using your rabbit vibrator or with your smartphone.

The external part of the Nora toy vibrates at different levels
The 7 levels of vibration available on the Nora

3) The Nora has come a long way in the last 10 years

Lovense is known for always improving its models. If they don’t offer a « version 2 », they update their objects of pleasure.

Nora toy has been around for almost 10 years and was connected only through Skype. Look at what its first version looked like!

the first horrible version of Nora, in 2013

When you see the first model and the one presented today, you realize that they have nothing to do.

Here are some improvements that Lovense has added over the years:

  • Stronger vibrations / Motor – noisy
  • Optimized handle (appearance of curves)
  • Added flexible clitoral stimulator
  • Electromagnetic charging added

Its compatibility

Nora sextoy is compatible with most devices. I’ve listed it here:

  • Apple products (iPhone, iPad and Ipod Touch)
  • Android devices
  • Mac devices
  • Window PC (be careful, you need a Lovense bluetooth adapter for it to work. You can buy one on the store of the site, in « accessories« .

Its battery and its recharge: convincing

The battery of the Nora is good. To be honest, I expected it. This vibrator has had so many improvements and updates since it was first released that the usage time has been increased.

You can use the Nora for about 2 hours.

To recharge it, it takes about 2 hours and 15 minutes.

On the charger side, it is the same as the Lush 3 or the Max 2. It is electromagnetic.
Modern and uncluttered, the magnetic system will please everyone. However, be careful to check that the indicator light is activated to show that the product is charging. There may be some false contacts.

Nora's battery lasts less time at maximum power

How long is the Lovense Nora sextoy guaranteed?

It is guaranteed for 1 year, but only in case of breakage or malfunction.

If you want to get your money back because it does not suit you, it is unfortunately not possible to do so.

And when you think about it, it is quite logical. Sex toys are objects of intimate pleasure, and are therefore by definition very personal.

From a health point of view, this would be a problem.

Personally, I would not like to have a second-hand sextoy!
We are not talking about a television or a microwave, but an object in direct contact with genitals.

You can get a refund for your Lovense product if the box is not opened

Is Lovense Nora waterproof?

Yes, the Lovense Nora is completely waterproof. You can totally use your sextoy in water since it is water resistant.

It is created from quality soft silicone, and the Lovense Nora has the IPX6 waterproof standard.

So there is no problem using it in a bath or shower

How loud is the Lovense Nora?

Like all connected sex toys, yes, the Lovense Nora rabbit is relatively loud.

Its noise can be covered by music or a television, but if there is no other source of noise in your room you will hear it for sure.

It is mainly the clitoral vibrator that makes the noise: as this part remains outside your body, its noise is not camouflaged by your skin.
At the maximum power level, the noise can therefore be quite high. It is much less loud at lower power levels.

Noise can be a problem for you if you live in a quiet area or in a shared apartment. On the other hand, this is not a portable model.
That’s why I’m less concerned about noise; because if an internal/external sextoy doesn’t make any noise, it doesn’t give you any sensations!

How to clean the Nora vibrator?

I recommend you to clean your Nora vibrator after each use.

It seems obvious to me, but remember to unplug it first!

For that, you can use warm water with a mild soap.
If you have a product specially designed to clean sex toys, it is even better.

Nora Lovense Charger: Where to buy it ?

You can buy the Lovense Nora charger directly on their website.
It is very easy to replace it with a new one.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to the Lovense website store
  • Click on « Accessories »
  • Scroll down a bit to see a white charger called « Charging Cable »
  • Click on « Buy now »
The Nora sextoy charger is universal and can be used with many other Lovense products

The Lovense Remote application: a child's play

You’ll love Lovense Remote. Honestly, I didn’t find much wrong with this app.

It’s simple to use and has some really cool features.

To give control of your Nora to your boyfriend, it will go through Lovense Remote!

It’s really not complicated. The application is intuitive and its handling is very fast.

I emphasize this point because it is not systematic that an application is so qualitative, and especially complementary to a vibrator rabbit connected.

Lovense Nora Review: features of the application Lovense Remote

There are 5 of them:

  • The remote control (this is the one you will use the most, with the No. 2)
  • The models and templates
  • The music synchronization
  • The alarm
  • Instant messaging (messages, voice, video)

1) The remote control

You can control your sextoy in two ways: directly by pressing the buttons on it, or with your smartphone.

Your remote boyfriend will take control via the remote control function.

He will then be free to do whatever he wants to give you an orgasm:

  • The classic way: he changes the intensity of the vibrations and their duration with a simple finger gesture

  • By creating waves: this mode is like the first one, with one difference: when he releases his finger from the phone, the level of vibrations remains at the same place and does not fall back to 0

  • With loops: it will be able to keep in memory the actions it makes and repeat them endlessly. This way, it can save the moments that made you crazy.

2) The templates and models

Lovense Remote is a brilliant application because it is collaborative.

That is, you can create your models and templates, and share them anonymously on the application.

There are already 10 pre-saved templates on the app (ranging from a few seconds to several minutes).

Hold on to your hat:
Users have created thousands of them! So you can have very popular (and therefore terribly effective) templates that fit all types of women and vaginas.

Some templates have even been custom made for the Nora.

3) Musical synchronization

The idea is crazy!

Synchronize a music with your sextoy. The vibrations that follow the rhythm of the instruments. Music synchronization is double or nothing: either you’ll love it, or you’ll think it’s lame.

The little bonus is that you can link your Spotify Premium account

This feature just needs to be improved because there are still some flaws, but I’m sure Lovense will come up with updates soon.

4) The alarm

I still mention this feature even if it is not necessarily suitable for the Lovense Nora sextoy.

It allows you to program your sextoy to be activated at a specific time, like an alarm clock.

For discreet sextoys that can be worn all day (like the Lush 3), this can be really nice. However, for the Nora or « non-portable » vibrators, I don’t see the point.

5) Instant messaging (and video calls)

This option will please the most pragmatic.

You can totally use Lovense Remote to message each other or make hot, sexy video calls.

This can be a good way to keep things separate: everyday chats on a regular app like Messenger or Whatsapp; intimate and intense chats on Lovense Remote.

The application Lovense has an instant messaging system

Download the Lovense Remote application

The app is available on Android and Ios, Mac and computer. Click on the link that corresponds to your device.

App Store / Android / Mac / Windows PC 

The features of the Lovense Remote application are the same on computer and phone

Lovense nora review: Connect the sextoy with devices

I will explain step by step how to connect your Nora sextoy to your phone (or tablet), and how to connect it to the device of your partner.

The connection with your phone or tablet

  1. Activate the bluetooth on your phone.

  2. Turn on the Nora rabbit by pressing the ON/OFF button. You should see a flashing light.

  3. Press the pin icon (see image below)

  4. Press « + » to start searching. When your phone detects the Nora, press « Done ». A small light on your pleasure object should light up.

  5. That’s it, you can now take control of the toy with your device! I personally never had any problems with a Galaxy S9 and an IPhone 11.
tutorial to connect the Nora vibrator to your phone
tutorial to connect the Nora vibrator to your phone
tutorial to connect the Nora vibrator to your phone

If your phone does not detect your connected sextoy, do this before trying again:

  • Turn the Nora off and on
  • Turn off and on the bluetooth of your phone

If you still encounter difficulties, you can refer to the user guide of Lovense.

Lovense Nora Long Distance: connecting with your partner's device

It’s very easy to give control of your sex toy to your partner. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to the « Long-Distance » tab

  2. Press « + » to add a contact, and enter your partner’s nickname (they will need to download and create an account on the app beforehand).

  3. Then press « Add ».

  4. Your partner will receive a notification to accept the request. That’s it!

  5. You also have the possibility to modify and set up this access. Simply go to  » Sync « , then  » Settings « .
tutorial to connect the Nora vibrator to your boyfriend's phone and let him control
tutorial to connect the Nora vibrator to your boyfriend's phone and let him control
tutorial to connect the Nora vibrator to your boyfriend's phone and let him control
tutorial to connect the Nora vibrator to your boyfriend's phone and let him control

Is the connection stable?

I personally never had any problem with the connection. As long as your smartphone stays close to your sextoy and your internet connection is stable, you won’t have any problem.

It makes no difference whether you are 10 kilometers away or 15,000 kilometers away. The most important thing is the stability of your internet connection.

In the water, the connection can be a little less stable.

My feedback

In one word: go for it!
The Nora toy is perfect for couples in long distance relationships.

It has been thought and created for them.

Before starting the Lovense Nora review, I already knew that I was not going to be disappointed in terms of sensations and comfort of use.
Honestly, Lovense doesn’t have much to prove in this area.

Their products manage to reproduce the sensation of a vaginal penetration, and Nora is no exception to this rule.

It is in the area of distance adaptation that it exceeded my expectations.
It responds perfectly to long distance control; and most importantly it can connect to the Max 2 (its male counterpart).

It really feels like our partner is with us.
And in my eyes, it is the criterion N°1 when we speak about connected sextoy.

The remote sex goes into another dimension. It’s a new sexual journey that you undertake!

Yes, it is a bit noisy, but in front of the sensations it provides (as much on the G-spot as on the clitoris), this small defect is secondary.

In short, it is not so surprising that the majority of camgirls use it daily and that the LDR community talks about it so much.

If the lack of intimate pleasure in your couple is a problem you can’t overcome, choose a Nora (and if possible, the Max 2 for your boyfriend!).

Comparative table of advantages and disadvantages of sextoy Lovense Nora

Shipping (discretion, speed, follow-up, packaging) : 10 / 10

Nora vibrator (comfort, feel, power, noise, ease of use) : 8,5 / 10

The application (ergonomics, security, simple) : 8 / 10

Quality / price ratio : 9 / 10

After sales service : 7 / 10

Orgasm Rate : 9/10

Suitable for LDR couples : 10/10

Overall score : 9 / 10

Nora and Max 2: a combined orgasmic use

For LDR couples who want to go further and live a real shared and remote experience, Lovense has the solution.

They have created a couple of connected vibrators that react to each other’s movements.

This couple is the Nora and the Max 2.

You have to imagine that your sex toys communicate together, and reproduce the same sensations of touch, duration, intensity… for you and for your partner!

This technology is called Bi-Directional Control.

Here is a short video presentation:

For example, if your boyfriend activates his connected male vibrator (like the Max 2), your Nora will act the same way.

  • He wants to simulate a soft and ticklish penetration? Your Nora will do the same.

  • You decide to increase the pace all at once? His Max 2 will follow suit

  • He has created a looping pattern that repeats every 10 seconds? Your Nora will keep the same pace.

  • It’s like you’re together, despite the hundreds of miles that separate you. It makes you want to try it!

Nora or Lush ? Let's compare them

A question often comes up on social networks: Nora or Lush?

The answer is simple: it depends on how you are used to using your sex toy!

If for you, intimate pleasure happens out of sight, by stimulating the clitoris and the G-spot and you are looking for a comfortable and optimal rabbit sextoy, go for the Nora toy.
It will give you the best orgasms, especially if you are a clitoral woman.

On the other hand, if you like discretion, use in public, surprises and comfort ? The Lush 3 is made for you. It provides sensations that are difficult to achieve with other « egg » type sextoys.
Read my full review of this amazing connected sextoy.

Both models are remotely controllable, of course.

The Lush 3 allows you to experiment more. As the vibrating egg is discreet, it can be used anywhere (in the street, a public place, a cinema…)
Which is not the case of the Nora sextoy.

In terms of characteristics, here is a summary table of the two technological jewels of Lovense:

comparative table of the Nora and the Lush 3

Lovense nora review: Conclusion

The conclusion of this Lovense Nora review will be quick.

Just like its male counterpart (Max 2), the Nora is a heavyweight on the market of connected sextoy.

The other rabbit vibrator have serious worries.

Faced with connected sextoys, the Nora puts them a distance greater than that which separates you from your partner.

Lovense has been working on this model for many years. The current version of the Nora is the culmination of all that investment.

Once again, they listened to their customers to satisfy their sexual needs and improve their sextoy.

Conclusion: if you want to live a new sexual experience and fill your frustration caused by the distance, the Nora is a good solution.

Features of the Nora vibrator

Where to buy the Nora sextoy

Go directly to the Lovense website.

This is where you will get the best prices, promotions and additional accessories like lubricant or condoms.

I strongly advise you not to buy your Lovense Nora Rabbit on another website for 4 reasons:

  • The discretion of the order is not assured

  • The prices will be at best the same, at worst more expensive

  • The after-sales service will be slower (if they answer you)

  • You go through intermediaries, which can add problems.

Buy the Nora vibrator: the complete step by step guide

Duration: Less than 10 minutes.

Step 1:
Click on this link. You will arrive on the Max 2 information web page.

image 1 of the tutorial to order the Nora on the site of Lovense

Step 2:
After reading the page, click on « Buy now » (at the top or bottom of the page). You will be redirected to this page:

image 2 of the tutorial to order the Nora on the site of Lovense

Step 3:
At this point, you have put the Nora toy in your shopping cart.
This is where you will be able to choose the number of Nora you want to buy and the complementary products (computer adapter, lubricant…)

When you have made your selection, click on  » Check out « .

Step 4:
This is where you choose your country of residence and where you will know the delivery time and the shipping costs.
They change slightly from one country to another.

Delivery is available in more than 50 countries!

image 3 of the tutorial to order the Nora on the site of Lovense

You can see on my screenshot that for France, the shipping cost is 13€ and the delivery will take 3 to 6 days.

Then fill in your postal address and your email address to track your package on the internet.
When you are done, click on « Continue Checkout ».

Step 5:
You will arrive on the payment page.

image 4 of the tutorial to order the Nora on the site of Lovense

As you can see, you can pay in several ways:

  • Credit card
  • Paypal
  • Since recently, in BitCoin

Fill in your information and click on « Pay now ».

Step 6:
All you have to do is wait! Your more than ordinary package will arrive in a few days.


The purchase is very discreet: your package is classic and is mixed with all the others.
Your bank statements are also anonymous: there will only be a series of numbers without reference to your order or your package.

Yes. That’s the whole point, by the way.
If your internet connection is stable, there will be no lag between you and your partner.

Yes. It is made from a high quality soft silicone. Numerous tests are conducted every quarter.

Yes, you can have complete confidence. Lovense is one of the most recognized companies in the sex toy industry and has been around for over 10 years.

Delivery times depend on your country of residence. Generally, your package will arrive between 3 and 6 days. You will know the exact delivery time at the time of your purchase.

Here is Lovense’s answer: « For health and hygiene reasons, we do not offer refunds or returns once the product has been used or opened. This is standard in the sex toy industry. We accept returns on unopened items within 30 days of purchase. Unopened means in the original packaging with the plastic seal intact. Returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee. »

It’s not possible. Here’s Lovense’s answer: « Our app is a closed platform. We do not give users the ability to search for or add random people. »

Yes, you can use the Nora in your shower or bath. The long distance connection works but still lacks stability.

Boring of the routine ?

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