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Long Distance Touch Ring: Feel your partner's heartbeat !

When I first heard about this, I didn’t believe it for a second. Rings that let you feel your partner’s heartbeat? Some kind of long distance touch rings, to bring LDR couples closer together?

I was quite skeptical:
How does it work?
Who is marketing this?
How much does it cost?
What does a heartbeat of 120 bpm mean when it’s 3am for my partner?

Joking aside, I did my research, step by step.

Since the launch of My Sweet LDR, I had never heard of these long distance rings. A few clicks on Google later, I found the website of The Touch X, the creators of the HB ring.

And they have been quoted in some very reputable media, all over the world! Huffpost, Elle, The Verge… All of them created an article about it ! That’s what motivated me to write about them on My Sweet LDR.

Like all the products I recommend, I am convinced that it can really help couples in long distance relationships.

In this article, I present you everything I discovered about these rings.

I couldn’t test them myself, that’s why I’ll only give you a description and my feelings!

I also contacted The Touch X to know if they could make a commercial gesture for my readers. And they accepted!

Because yes, you’ll see, I’m going to present you some exceptional and high quality jewelry. The price is therefore an important factor to take into account.

Let’s go for the presentation of these rings that make you feel the heartbeat of your partner.

Two HB rings by The Touch X

Long Distance Touch Rings: The project

The project is quite recent: it was born 5 years ago, at the end of 2016.

Here is the idea:
The creation of a connected ring that let you feel your partner’s heartbeat no matter where he is in the world (or send yours!).


Wearing this ring allows you to receive your partner’s heartbeat, or send them yours.

Pretty cool, no?

The Touch X company  worked for almost 2.5 years on this project, which required international collaboration.
I could read on their website that Swiss, German, Czech and Japanese engineers worked together to achieve the final result.

In parallel, the company created a crowdfunding campaign to launch the HeartBeat Ring project, which became HB Rings over the years.

Due to the success, the project became a reality and was born!

Good. Now let’s move on to the technical part. These connected rings, how does it work?

How it works: presentation

Everything you can do with the HB ring

The heartbeats are at the heart of the different features. I will introduce you to each of them. If you and your partner each have an HB ring, the possibilities multiply.

You have the ring, you can receive and send heartbeats in real time.
The really cool thing is that it keeps the last heartbeat sent in memory: a double tap on your ring allows you to feel it over and over again.

If your partner has the ring, you can send him your heartbeat with your phone
It seems to be super simple. Watch the small demo :

tutorial to send your heartbeat to your partner from a distance

You can also receive his heartbeat on your phone. Everything happens on the app, and it looks like this:

demonstration of the heartbeat on the phone of a long distance lover
everything that can be done with 2 connected rings

Connect your Long Distance Touch Rings

The first thing to do is to load your ring. I couldn’t find the charging time, but I imagine it won’t exceed 1 or 2 hours.

Then, your partner will have to download the Feel application.
It is available on Android and IOS. After creating a profile, the owner of the ring will have to connect it.

You can follow the detailed tutorial.
Honestly, it doesn’t look complicated.

The HB ring works with all the latest generation smartphones (that is, all smartphones released after 2016).

Manufacturing materials

The materials are noble and are of extreme purity.

HB Rings come in Stainless Steel/Sapphire and 18K Solid Rose Gold/Sapphire

All HB Rings are free of nickel content.

HB Ring’s metal parts are made of stainless steel and PVD coated in Rose Gold or Jet Black.
Solid Rose Gold HB Ring housings are made of 18K solid rose gold.

Both the rose gold and stainless steel ring feature a Unibody sapphire crystal surface, which means that you can’t scratch them.

The long-distance touch ring is also water resistant.
It is however not recommended to swim with it. But the time to wash your hands, there is no problem to keep it.

Decomposed image of the long distance touch rings to see all the materials used for its manufacture

The application

With the Feel app, you and your partner can interact with your connected jewelry.
After linking them together, you have access to all the power of connected rings, including:

  • Sending and receiving heartbeats
  • Saving the heartbeats you receive
  • Customize your app and notifications
  • Send cute messages
HB rings allow you to capture your pet's heartbeat

The app is available in 28 languages, and is available on IOS and Android.

IOS / Android

You have access to all the tracking, profile management and personalization :

Feel application home screen
Feel application contacts
Statistics of a couple in long distance relationship on the Feel application

The size

These long distance touch rings for couples are available in 8 different sizes: from 16 to 23 millimeters.

Here is a summary table that can help you find your way around:

long distance touch rings size chart

The price remains the same no matter the size.

If you have a problem with your long distance ring size, you can change it for free

A perfect ring for long distance couples

The concept of rings that vibrate when touched is interesting and modern.

While it may be useful for couples separated during the day, it is even more useful for couples in (very) long distance relationships who are separated on a daily basis by hundreds or thousands of miles!

There are 3 huge benefits to having rings that vibrate when touched in a long distance relationship:

1) To ease the pain of physical withdrawal

HB ring technology works from thousands of miles away. All you need is an internet connection!
A simple touch will send a strong and powerful signal to your partner.

And between you and me, isn’t the feeling of knowing that your boyfriend or girlfriend is thinking about you despite the miles?

Personally, I often look at the moon thinking that it is the only thing we can see at the same time, with my girlfriend.
I am in France and she is in Peru. Even the stars are different, since we are not in the same hemisphere!

I imagine the HB ring as a second moon, but one that accompanies me throughout the day.

2) To remind you that your partner is there and thinking about you

Rings that let you feel your partner’s heartbeat is the equivalent of a dopamine shot. It’s the kind of tool that can change your lover’s mood in an instant.
Even when you’re thousands of miles away.

Do you ever smile stupidly when you receive an unexpected message from your sweetheart? Me, all the time!

Connected rings go even further:
It’s not just vibrations you receive (or send), it’s your heartbeat. They are yours. They are unique, they don’t belong to anyone else.

It may not seem like a big deal, but in a long distance relationship, every detail counts. Heartbeats are extremely powerful: when a mother is expecting a baby, it’s one of the first connections she can make with her child, even though he or she isn’t born yet.

3) If you want to get married without breaking the distance

If you want to take your LDR to the next level, ease VISA issues or seal your love in an official way, marriage is the way to go.

The Long Distance Touch Rings ring can be a great engagement ring!

So yes, it won’t sparkle like a traditional engagement ring, but it will make your couple and your relationship unique.

Your long distance relationship will enter a new dimension. You will never look at the ring finger of your left hand in the same way again.

Long Distance Touch Rings: The price

The price of a connected ring is high: between $599 and $1490.

Yes, it’s quite expensive!

This can be explained by the quality of the materials used and the fact that it is above all a jewel.

The good news is that you have a 20% discount thanks to My Sweet LDR

I was not paid by The Touch X to write this article and I did not test the product either. That’s why I’m talking about a presentation and not a review.

I did ask the company if I could give my readers a discount, and they gave me a 20% discount code!

By clicking here, the discount will automatically apply to anything you add to your cart.

I get a small commission in exchange, but it doesn’t change the base price.

It lowers it by at least $100!

If I can share this with my readers, I’d love to!


It is also possible to buy accessories that will enhance the HB Rings experience.

On their website, they offer two charging boxes:

  • The first one can charge a single ring
  • The second one can charge two rings at the same time
red storage box for a HB ring
black and white storage box for 2 HB rings

You can choose up to 6 different colors.

The little bonuses that put a smile on your face

The Touch X has set the bar high

They offer a good customer experience to make sure they are fully satisfied. In my eyes, this is normal for a product of this quality and price!

Here’s what’s included with every purchase:

  • A free exchange if you get the wrong size
  • A 2 years warranty
  • Free shipping (and return shipping as well)
  • A 30-day money back guarantee (just like on My Sweet LDR!)
  • The 20% discount with the code My Sweet LDR (the discount is applied automatically)

What countries do they ship to?

The Touch X ships to many countries:

North America: USA, Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico

Europe: All European Union countries, Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland.

Asia and Pacific: Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Macau, New Zealand, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, United Arab Emirates.

Delivery is available in many countries but not in Latin America or Mexico

I would loooooved to try it!

I would have loved to have one of these rings around my finger! Technology products specifically designed for long distance couples are not that popular.

They deserve more attention!

Have rings that let you feel your partner’s heartbeat must be a unique feeling. I find it hard to put into words.

The sentimental attachment must be enormous!

So yes, you have to be able to pay for it. We are far from what I propose you, on My Sweet LDR. Personally, this is what slowed down my decision to order. But it is still a unique jewel of quality that offers innovative features.

If the team at The Touch X comes by, send me an email. It would be amazing to have my readers win one of them!

How about you guys, are you in the mood?

Don’t forget that you get 20% off by clicking on this link, if you want to give a great gift to your partner.

And if you go ahead with the purchase, I will be delighted to have your feedback!
Don’t hesitate to contact me, my email is at the bottom of this page.

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