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Long Distance Relationship Map : Create your Own !

Like me, you have searched on Google for Long Distance Relationship Map to offer to your girlfriend or boyfriend at a distance?

And like me, you were disappointed because there is always a problem?

Ugly design, horrible print quality, non-existent personalization and often prices that even Apple wouldn’t dare to assume.

I’m not even talking about the wait to receive your package (if it arrives), nor its condition.
It’s well known: most delivery people treat your gift as if it were a piña colada.

a deliveryman does not take care of his package

Still, the Long Distance Relationship Map is a great gift for long distance couples.

For more than two years, the Atlantic Ocean has separated me and my girlfriend.

I live in France and she in Peru. It’s not easy every day… especially at Christmas or during birthdays.

But sometimes, it’s those thousands of miles that bring the best ideas.

In this article, I will explain why this Long Distance Relationship Art is one of the best gifts for LDR couples, and the solution to get one easily avoiding all the problems related to distance.

Why it's the perfect gift for Long Distance Couples

1) It will work for any occasion

Even if you can give a gift for no particular reason, you can give an Long Distance Relationship Map for many occasions. And that’s not the case for everything!

The LDR map can be offered in many circumstances:

  • Christmas or during the end of year celebrations
  • Valentine’s day
  • Your couple or wedding anniversary
  • Your boyfriend’s / girlfriend’s birthday
  • As a « goodbye » or « arrival » gift at the airport

Personally, I chose the last option, for the second time Kyomi came to France.

Even if I created this service for long-distance couples, it can also please distant families or friends.

2) It's infinitely customizable

You know why everyone loves personalized gifts?

Because they’re unique.
No two are alike.

Just like your couple, it’s unique!

You choose your countries (or US states), colors, text, typography, line design. I do the layout myself on Photoshop and Illustrator: there is no copy/paste.

The combinations are endless.

I am going to present you several models that I have already made a little further in this article.

3) Long Distance Relationship Map is instantaneous

No matter where you are in the world: if you have an email address, you can receive your LDR map.

There are no problems with customs, shipping costs, lost and damaged packages.

The stress of knowing if your gift will arrive on time? Gone!

You receive a digital document to print at home or at a professional.

the long distance relationship map is a perfect gift because it is dematerialized

4) It's an opportunity to materialize your Long Distance Relationship

You know as well as I do if your partner is hundreds or thousands of miles away: long-distance relationships are primarily virtual.

Video calls, messages, appointments, creating love links… all this happens through your phone or your computer, through the internet.

I am not teaching you anything.

An object like an Long Distance Relationship Map is concrete.

It legitimizes your relationship in the eyes of others. Your partner is no longer that « ghost » that your friends hear about from time to time.

Look at my girlfriend’s map, proudly displayed in her living room:

LDR map I created and offered to my girlfriend

She’s already had couples who have been living together for years remark, « Wow, that’s super romantic! Where did you get that?! »

The reaction of my Peruvian girlfriend when I offered her the Long Distance Relationship Map

Tuesday 02 August 2022 : The reunion is coming soon! Kyomi arrives on August 11th in France for 1 year.

I’ve been looking for a few weeks already : « what can I give her for her arrival gift ? »

It is a ritual for us. Every time we get together, we give each other a gift.

But that Tuesday, I remember it well.
It was very hot. The mosquitoes were devouring me at night.
It was while I was taking a cold shower to cool off that I had a flash.

Kyomi had sent me a TikTok from a young English girl who was very happy to receive an Long Distance Relationship Map from her American boyfriend.

« Wait Leo, you studied communication. You know Photoshop and Illustrator. Why don’t you create your own LDR map? »

I didn’t even dry up: I went straight to my computer, double-clicked on « Photoshop », and started my creation.

Two days and 5 coffees later, I was finally satisfied with the result (it’s the one you saw before).

The next weekend, I went to a print shop. I printed it on a quality paper that was a little thick, and I bought a brand new wooden frame. It still smelled great!

I put it in a bag and hid it carefully under my desk.
I didn’t want Kyomi to discover it on the day of her arrival: after a 12-hour flight, you just want to sleep! The gift lost its value.

The next morning, while she was having her coffee and eating croissants again, I gave her the Long Distance Relationship Map Gift.

Her reaction? A picture is worth 1000 words!

my long distance girlfriend's reaction when she received my gift
my long distance girlfriend's reaction when she received my gift

It has now become a running gag in our relationship. She often tells me, « I should go away and come back more often to get this kind of gift! »

Here's some Long Distance Map Gift I have created for other LDR couples

This is why I decided to offer this service on my blog.

If it creates the same intensity of emotions in your partner as Kyomi, I say yes right away!

Since I offer this service on My Sweet LDR, dozens of long distance couples have trusted me. I have not had any bad feedback, on the contrary!

Here is a sample of the LDR map I have created:

A customizable map I created for my long distance girlfriend
a long distance relationship map gift 1
a long distance relationship map gift 2
a long distance relationship map gift 2

I want my Long Distance Relationship Map !

If you want to please your boyfriend or girlfriend with a unique gift, you can place your order directly here :

> I want my Long Distance Relationship Map

3 days later, you receive your gift directly in your mailbox

Just after you place your order, I will send you a form to fill in to personalize your LDR map.

beginning of the questionnaire that LDR couples must complete to personalize their gift

You fill in your countries, the text, the colors… in less than 5 minutes, you are done.

I will then send you a first version:

  • If you like it, I send you the final version in PDF and JPEG. The file is of excellent quality for printing.

  • If you don’t like it, ask me what changes you want to make. I will make as many as necessary, until you are completely satisfied.

That's it! All you have to do is send it to your partner (or print it)

You can do it directly from your home or from a professional printer.
Personally, in A4 format it cost me 70 cents.

It is simple, fast and extremely qualitative.

That’s why the product is dematerialized: if I wanted to send it to each of you all over the world, the shipping costs would have been several tens of euros.

And your drawing could have been damaged… the dream that turns into a nightmare!

A gift created for Long Distance Couples, by a Long Distance Couple

It’s been more than 2 years since we started our love relationship between Peru and France.

We gave each other all the possible and unimaginable gifts : Books, connected objects, meals delivered at home… We sent dozens of letters and love notes.

Nothing made my girlfriend happier than this Long Distance Relationship Map.

Because personalized gifts trigger unique emotional reactions in the brain.
It makes you feel loved, valued, and most importantly, unique.

Seeing that girl wearing the same party dress as you; or making a love statement next to another couple… there’s nothing more unpleasant.

No one likes to see the spotlight stolen.
With this gift, you take no chances.

All the information about the LDR map here.

Boring of the routine ?

Download my 26 LDR Challenges and Activities

One idea done every week
= 6 months of activities

If you liked this article and want to help other couples in long distance relationships, please share it !

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