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3 little known LDR games on phone (you can play anywhere)

It’s not easy everyday to find new LDR games on phone, right?

After bingwatching a whole series on Netflix or playing the same games over and over again, we often have no ideas to renew ourselves.

Today, I wanted to keep it simple. Go to the essential.

No games to download, no updates to do, no waste of time.
The 3 phone games you are going to discover today are minimalist but extremely fun.

They are playable only with your phone.
You don’t need anything else.

Their duration is extremely variable: from 5 minutes to several hours.

In this article, I share with you 3 little known LDR games on phone that are very simple to set up.
Chances are you don’t know any of them.

Let’s go

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1) LDR game on phone : The date game

Here is the principle: with your partner, you will take turns to choose dates. For example :

  • July 23, 2019
  • 04 April 2020
  • December 19th, 2017
  • January 14, 2022
  • Etc…

When you have chosen a date (let’s say July 23, 2019), the goal is to go to your phone’s photo and video gallery and find the photo (or video) closest to that date (July 23, 2019).

Then send it to your partner and explain the context of this photo: why it was taken, where it was taken, in what context…

> What if I don’t have any photos that day?
Take the previous or next photo

> What if I have several in the same day?
Ask your partner to choose a random number and take the corresponding photo.
Or ask to specify the exact time!

It can be a screen, a photo, a video, a meme…

tip for extending the experience of playing phone games in a long-distance relationship

This is a great icebreaker LDR game on phone that allows you to get to know each other easily.
It’s a game that doesn’t have much interest if you share a lot of life moments with your person (physical moments).

That’s why it’s incredibly well thought out for long distance couples.

How to play: our example

I asked Kyomi for a date: she told this one:

My long-distance girlfriend chose the date of December 31, 2021 to play a phone game with me

We both scrolled to this date, and here are the pictures associated with the conversations:

A photo that Leo took on December 31 and which illustrates the first LDR game on phone

Leo’s image, explanation:

I was invited to a very good friend of mine’s house for New Year’s Eve. His father made me taste a very good cognac, and I tasted some pisco (a Peruvian alcohol that Kyomi offered me!)
I found it nice to drink 3 different drinks in 3 typical glasses.

A photo that Kyomi took on December 31 and which illustrates the first LDR game on phone

Kyomi’s image, explanation:

Even on December 31, I did a little work! My cousin brought me the last of the skincare and beauty products I could sell for the year 2022. I took this picture to publish it on social networks

You can play endlessly (as long as you have enough content!). Otherwise, you can also do it on Messenger, Instagram or any other application.

tip to extend the experience of playing LDR phone games with your remote partner

2) The copy / paste game

This second phone game is a bit special: you can play it often, but not for long.

Let me explain: the copy/paste game is simply sending your partner the last thing you copied in your browser.

Phones can keep the last thing you copied in their memory for several days (even if you have since turned it off).

In other words, there’s a huge chance that you won’t remember what’s coming up
And that’s what’s interesting! Now you understand why you can’t play this game on your phone for long.

LDR games on phone can also be played on tablets and computers

How to play: our example

The last element copied from Léo that illustrates the second LDR phone game

Leo’s image, explanation:

« Ok great, this is nice good night »

A message my neighbor sent me because I solved a problem he had with his cats.
I copied and pasted the message to send it to my father, who wanted to know if I had solved the problem.

The last element copied from Kyomi that illustrates the second LDR phone game

Kyomi’s image, explanation:

« feline triple vaccine
inactivated and safe,
thank you »

You’ll think I’m working all the time, but this post is a request from a client (who is a veterinarian) to change an advertisement about cat vaccination.
I copied and pasted it to pass on the request to my agency’s creatives

Well, these two examples are far from being funny but you get the idea!

3) LDR game on phone :"I would like to see..." in picture

Another very simple long distance relationship game on phone that can last for hours.

Here is the idea: you are going to ask a question to your lover which begins with « I would like to see… ».

Your partner will then have to find what you asked and send you a picture!

For example:

  • « I would like to see a white shoe »
  • « I would like to see a purchase that cost you more than 100€ ».
  • « I would like to see a bald man with glasses ».
  • « I would like to see a picture with 5 different colors on it »

The possibilities are endless!

Each photo will have its own explanation, context and story! This is a fun and original LDR game for phone.

4 ways to play it

1) In video call / Live

Here, no messages: tell directly to your partner what he has to show you.
You can add a time constraint! « I would like to see a picture of you, kid, you have 30 seconds. »

2) By message

If you don’t have time to call each other (or you just can’t), you can play by message.
You don’t even have to be home!

3) Throughout the day

Make a list of things you want to see, and send it to your lover. He or she has 24 hours to complete the mission!
You will share powerful and unique moments of complicity.

4) On the street or at home

The « I would like to see » will be very different if you are at home or outside! The architecture, the objects, the passers-by vary with your environment. The game can therefore be constantly renewed!

With a few of creativity, you'll never get bored in your long distance relationship

This is true for many things: work, relationships, friendships, family, vacations…

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If discussion topics are your main problem, we have created with Kyomi 3 LDR Ebooks of 365 questions each. That’s hours and hours of (re)discovering your partner and spending unique moments together.

So if you often ask yourself « Pff… I don’t know what to do today… », take 15 to 20 minutes to look at all the resources we offer you on My Sweet LDR.

After playing these long distance relationship games on phone, you will come out with lots of ideas!

Boring of the routine ?

Download my 26 LDR Challenges and Activities

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