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Long Distance Relationship Halloween: pass the best date ever!

The noose is tightening. The days are flying by and the end of the month is fast approaching. And you know it: the 31st is the Day of the Dead! And what about long distance relationship Halloween?

Some will argue that it’s pointless to celebrate:

  • Halloween is THE night to dress up. From a distance, there’s no point!
  • Scaring each other on video calls has no flavor
  • And it’s a commercial party for kids!

So they don’t do anything together.

They prefer to spend it separately by sending a simple « So what do you have planned for the 31st? »

Level of complicity: 0,1

I put a tenth of a point because they will still send each other pictures of the evening (if they do one).

There are a ton of activities to do together, though, and from a distance.

I give them to you in this article, in addition to all my tips to make this Long Distance Relationship Date Night one of the best nights of your life.

Long Distance Relationship Halloween Atmosphere :

The atmosphere of a successful Long Distance Relationship Halloween Party involves two points:

  • A place decorated for the occasion (where you will make your video call)
  • A neat character (you) 

And you don’t need to go into Sherlock Holmes mode to feed your reservoir of good ideas.
I’ll explain it all here.

Decorate your room

presentation image that helps long-distance couples decorate a room for Halloween.

Lights play an essential role in transforming your room into a horrific place that represents the spirit of Halloween.
You won’t be able to vibrate with excitement like a child on Christmas morning without the right atmosphere.

Here’s what you can do to create a unique atmosphere with light:

In addition to the lights, put decorations on the walls. It’s quick and easy!
Even a one-legged blind man could pull this off.

Choose animals or patterns that are reminiscent of Halloween (like spiders, spider webs, bats, witches…) and print them on paper.
Then, all you have to do is cut them out.

For the experts, here are several resources that will require more skills:

true story that helps long-distance couples prepare for their Halloween date night
personal advice 2 that helps long-distance couples prepare their date night for Halloween

The visual is done!
Now let’s go to the sound ambiance and discover the nuggets I chose for you.

LDR Halloween Music

presentation image that helps long-distance couples find scary and frightening music for Halloween night

Who says exceptional event says exceptional music!

Can you imagine a movie awarded at the Cesar with a « not so good » soundtrack?

So what would be a Halloween party in a long distance relationship without music? Certainly not the best!

According to your tastes, I have selected different playlists

You have succeeded!

As soon as someone enters your room, he will be imbued in a second with the atmosphere you have created.

And your partner, let’s not talk about it!
When he will discover your preparation, his eyes will pop out of his sockets faster Speedy Gonzales.

Now it’s your turn!
It would be a shame to concentrate all your efforts and energy on your play, without thinking about the main character of this evening…

I will give you everything you need to know to impress your partner without any difficulty. I’ll give you some simple makeup looks to do (even for men) before devoting a section to costumes.

The makeup

This is the step I dread the most…

I need to tell you why?

If there is one area where I am years away from mastering it, it is the art of makeup!
The few times I do it, it’s mostly to amuse Kyomi (and it always works pretty well).

Faced with this problem, I always used the same secret technique: I chose disguises that hid my face. A kind of a cover-up.

But I changed my mind thanks to my girlfriend. She found me some examples of makeup that are not so hard to do for the person I am.

personal tip 4 that helps long-distance couples prepare their date night for Halloween

Are you done?
Let’s move on to the costumes. This is the most fun part for us!

The Costume

image that helps long-distance relationship couples find a costume for Halloween date night

For the Long Distance Relationship Halloween Costumes, you have two options:

  • Create your own
  • Buy a ready-made one

In both cases, it’s hard to have a successful costume without any preparation.

So if you want to avoid just putting a sheet over your head and saying you’re a ghost, make sure you plan your Halloween party a few days in advance to find the items you’ll need.

Here are 20 simple costume ideas to create:

For those who are more into Do It Yourself, here are 3 easy to make costumes (but still require preparation).

Our 10 Long Distance Relationship Halloween Costumes ideas

Click on the image to see the Halloween costume on Amazon

Think about the props you already have

image that advises couples in long-distance relationships to ask their families to find props for Halloween night

Stop reading for a second and think about your Halloween parties over the past 5 years.

You may have some treasures, deep in a box in your laundry room closet! You may be able to get your hands on some fabulous items like:

  • Old costumes
  • Props from other Halloween parties
  • Old clothes that can be easily transformed

And if you have no idea that such a box exists, ask your parents or siblings.
Sharing knowledge is the key! (the favorite phrase of cheaters in school).

The second part of this article will detail 16 Long Distance Relationship Halloween Date Night Ideas.

Some can be prepared beforehand, some are to be done together, and some are surprises!

Let’s go.

Want to get to the point? Try my Virtual Date Box - Halloween Theme

cover of the virtual date box Halloween for LDR couples

I know it’s hard to come up with long-distance dating ideas.

And this task is even more difficult when it comes to a specific event like Halloween.

The first Halloween I spent with my long distance girlfriend, we didn’t do much.

We talked for about 10 minutes about your favorite horror movies, and how we celebrated Halloween in our respective countries, France and Peru.
And we ended the evening watching Saw IV on Netflix.

In short, it sucked. Now we’re laughing about it! But in October 2020, we felt bad.

So if you don’t want to spend hours planning your evening, I suggest a shortcut.

For the past few months, I’ve been offering Virtual Date Box on My Sweet LDR.
It’s normally reserved to my newsletter readers, but I decided to make an exception for this one.

It’s a virtual box to be done remotely on the theme of Halloween (of course!)

There are games, quizzes, challenges, questions, meal ideas, a playlist… everything you need to have a great Halloween night!

You’ll get over 4 hours of content.

If you want to know everything about this box and get it, all the information is here :

> Discover the Virtual Date Box – Halloween Theme

Long Distance Relationship Halloween Date Night Ideas

I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that I have created a list of 31 tools that will make your LDR and video calls easier.
Because finding a way to keep your phone balanced for several hours is boring as hell.

I find it worse than spending 30 minutes trying to find a way to synchronize your screens to watch a movie, for example.

You can check out all my recommendations right here!

Carve a pumpkin

image that advises couples who are in a long distance relationship to do a pumpkin carving activity for Halloween

The great classic (and also the big cliché).
To be honest, I’ve never done this kind of activity. But it must be a super cool moment to share in a video call and it looks pretty simple.

If you decide to try it, here’s a video tutorial to help you (be careful not to cut yourself!)

Cook a special Halloween meal

image that helps long-distance couples find recipes for Halloween date night

No matter what the party is, you’ll always be asked, « and what did you eat? ».

So instead of ordering from Uber Eats and paying a lot of money for it, you can cook one of the 75 special Halloween recipes of this great article together.

Make the best Halloween cocktails

And because food always comes with a drink, I’ve found several videos for you to make great cocktails!

Take a few seconds to imagine the scene: you’re both dressed up, eating a special Halloween meal that you’ve lovingly prepared, with a strange but intriguing looking drink; all in an unbeatable atmosphere.
It makes you want to eat, and it makes your mouth water!

I can’t even imagine the amount of memories and photos you can create.

With your boyfriend or girlfriend to accompany you.

It’s even better than Disney Land!

You’ll find tutorials for alcoholic drinks here and here.

And for those who prefer mocktails (or non-alcoholic cocktails), here are a few.

Watch horror movies - long distance relationship halloween

image that advises couples in long-distance relationships to watch horror and scary movies on Halloween night

Do you like horror movies? Personally, we love them!

Feeling your heart beat, your hands getting sweaty, your eyes turning from the screen… These are crazy sensations that make us thrill and enjoy every moment!

Horror movies are a great classic in relationships.
I remember my first flings in high school. This kind of movie was the perfect opportunity to get closer to each other naturally and physically…
Even if the results were never there!

You can find a whole repertoire on any online streaming platform: Disney, HBO, Amazon Prime, Netflix…

Don’t forget to use a VPN to access the same catalog if you live in different countries.

Our favorite with Kyomi: The Purge and REC

And if you want to watch a movie with no connection to Halloween, here are our top 6 best long distance relationship movies available on Netflix.

Face jump scares

image that advises couples in long-distance relationships to watch jumpscares to scare them on Halloween night

Warning, this long distance relatonship Halloween dates idea is for the brave only!

This is the kind of activity that some people love, and others hate. It all depends on how much you like to be scared.

Do you know what is a jump scare? 
Those famous moments in the movies that make us take off more than an ejection seat…

If you want to know which one of you is more scared in front of this kind of stressful situation, you can test yourself with this video.

Cold sweat and shortness of breath guaranteed…

Discover urbex explorations

I love « Urbex » or Urban Exploration. I even studied this subject when I was a student!
Visiting abandoned places, rediscovering a forgotten heritage, multiplying tenfold the sensations of fear by making visits at night… I miss it!

Yes, I am that kind of person.

There are countless explorers in the world who film their explorations and post them on Youtube.

And some of them went wrong…

In the best case, we have to deal with the police. In the worst case, we can find… something else!
I let you discover 5 creepy Urban Exploration here

It’s 10,000 times more scary because we know it really happened (unlike in horror movies).

But hey, staging is always possible.
The last video leaves me confused, by the way… I don’t believe it for a second! But the most important thing is to get freaked out, right?

Play a horror game

image that advises couples in long-distance relationships to play horror games for Halloween

Gamer friends, this LDR activity for Halloween is for you!

There are an astronomical amount of horror games.
The last ones that come to my mind are Devour, Haunt Chaser, Somewhere in the shadow…

If one of you is too freaked out to play, you can play alone and share the screen!

Here are some other games that I enjoyed a lot and that made me miss heartbeats : Dead Space, Resident Evil, Outlast or the classic Slenderman…

I found a list of 13 other small single player games, if you already know the ones I mentioned. I never played them though. Maybe the quality is not there.

Keep in mind that some games may take a while to download.
To avoid twiddling your thumbs and yawning like an insomniac, start the download at the beginning of the evening and have fun with another activity.

And if you just want to play other games not related to Halloween, we have listed 12 here!

Watch a horror game stream on Twitch

Twitch on Halloween night is hundreds of streamers who all offer different content, with the same theme: horror! You can find:

  • Makeup tutorials
  • Urban legends
  • Music
  • Cooking
  • Horror stories
  • Horror games

You don’t even have to register to follow someone live. It’s the easy, immediate and most of all headache-free solution!

Play the classic Ouija - long distance relationship halloween

image that advises couples who are in a long distance relationship to awaken the spirits with the Ouija game for Halloween date night

This is not my favorite activity but I wanted to tell you about it anyway.

You all know about Ouija. And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, just look at the picture to refresh your memory.

You can play an online version, and make the game fun by sharing your screen.

Ok, the virtual game is quite limited but still fun to discover with your darling! But I find that the virtual aspect is a big loss.

You’re beginning to know me: I like to experience strong sensations!
Sensations that make me swallow my saliva and sweat more than Usain Bolt during a sprint.

But I’m also pragmatic, and calling up spirits has never really convinced me.
What about you?

Tell scary stories

image that advises couples in long-distance relationships to tell each other urban legends for Halloween date night

What do scary stories mean to you?

Personally, I remember being at summer camp in the summer between years of college and when my voice started to change.

We would tell stories, urban legends in our tent. Curled up in our sleeping bags, we were really scared. The worst part was when the animators were shaking the tents at the scariest moment of the story!
Xavier, if you’re reading this, know that you traumatized me.

So if you want to terrorize your partner, tell them the best urban legend you know!

Or better yet: tell a scary story you’ve experienced, if you have any. If you want to discover stories together, I’ve got just the thing again.

The hardest part now is keeping your underwear clean…

Have a horrific adventure

image that advises couples in long-distance relationships to have horrific Halloween adventures

In case you missed it, I wrote an article in which I propose 105 activities to do together, from a distance.

And among them, two are directly related to the Halloween universe.

  • Activity 18 gives you resources for even more horror stories
  • Activity 92 allows you to live a « haunted house » style adventure

I let you discover them by clicking here!

Visit a haunted house

Do you want to visit a haunted house while staying at home? That’s what this site proposes! Be careful though, there are some constraints:

  • Some visits are not free. So you have to book a little in advance
  • Some visits are not available if there are only 2 of you

Now it’s up to you to choose which emblematic place you want to visit to give you some thrills.
There are among others the catacombs of Paris, the island of dolls in Mexico, or the Pittock mansion in Oregon.

The last 4 ideas are surprises! There are too many advantages to miss out:

  • Preparing a surprise for your partner is always a pleasure
  • Your partner will see your involvement and be amazed
  • You will give a second breath to your evening

And if you want your partner to jump into your arms the next time she sees you, the next activity should please you.

Deliver candy

image that advises couples in long-distance relationships to surprise each other by delivering candy on Halloween night

Delivery companies are becoming more and more adaptable to Halloween, maybe some offer to deliver candy!

Check out Uber Eats or any company that offers deliveries in your country.

It’s a great LDR activity to share!

And if you’re something of a super organized person, you can even send a package a week in advance for your sweetie to open in front of you.

And yes! Even on Halloween night, you can be romantic.

Blow up fireworks

image that advises couples in long-distance relationships to set off fireworks on Halloween night

I looooove this one! This is hands down my favorite of this list of LDR activities to do on Halloween night.

Can you imagine the look on your boyfriend or girlfriend’s face if you lit a firework in front of them?
The instant emotion that would invade his or her body, the tears of happiness that would spring to the surface like an erupting volcano…

So put on your shoes, put on your coat and go to your nearest festival store! It’s a great surprise that’s super easy to do

Just be careful!
Fireworks can be dangerous and even illegal to use. Always be extremely careful when handling them. I would also add that not all locations are suitable for fireworks.

Prepare a horrible joke for your partner

image that advises couples in a long-distance relationship to play a joke on their partner on Halloween night

Okay, that last one, I wouldn’t recommend to some people!
If you can avoid a fight on Halloween night because of me, that would be cool…

But if you know your partner well, why not play a dirty trick on them?
Here are some ideas:

  • Share your screen, and put up this video. Be sure to hide the title of the video! (If you’re smart, you can even download it and put it back on Youtube and change the title! You won’t take any risk).
  • Play a joke on him by staging a drama. With an accomplice, you can create a scary scenario. Alternatively, play an ominous sound on a speaker loudly enough to make her think it’s coming from your house.

One last time, make sure it’s a good idea and that your partner will react well!

What did you think of this special "Long Distance Relationship Halloween" article?

It’s hard to enjoy the highlights of the year while separated.

It’s even harder to tell your friends « I’m going to stay home tonight, I’m going to celebrate with my partner, long distance ».
You can easily be filled with regret, afterwards, if the night you spend as a couple is like any other.

I know this because I’ve experienced it.

That’s what motivated me to write this.
I want every couple in a long-distance relationship to be able to thrive by enjoying an exceptional evening that is unlike any other.

Because your partner deserves it.

The lack of daily life, seeing couples together in the street, the look of the relatives who do not always understand your choices, the feeling of missing the essential…

For some, it is insurmountable. For others, it is worth it. And I know which side you are on.

So take action now!
Call your partner and set a day for your Long Distance Relationship Halloween Date Night. Take notes and list your favorite ideas. Keep the surprises to yourself, and make a plan together of activities you will do throughout the evening!

This October 31st will have a special flavor.
It will be like no other, and it will be your friends who will be your happiness and joy.

Are you stuck for time and have no ideas? The Virtual Date Box is perfect for you

cover of the virtual date box Halloween for LDR couples

On the theme of Halloween, it’s more than 4 hours of content to live with your long distance partner:
Questions, quizzes, challenges, recipes, games, playlist and much more.

  • Instantly downloadable

  • Tailor-made for long-distance couples

> I want to know more about the Virtual Date Box

Boring of the routine ?

Download my 26 LDR Challenges and Activities

One idea done every week
= 6 months of activities

If you liked this article and want to help other couples in long distance relationships, please share it !

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