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35 deep and useful LDR Conversation Topics to have in 2022

Not easy, is it? Finding new long distance relationship conversation topics.

I know what you’re thinking: « I don’t have any new ideas. No matter how many hours I spend googling for them, all the questions are the same. And most of them have nothing to do with my long distance relationship. I want something original, unique, new! »

And you are absolutely right.

A few months ago, I was exactly like you. Opening 15 tabs on my computer and selecting the best questions. It was time consuming, tedious, and most of all a pain.
I did it twice and threw in the towel when I realized that my girlfriend and I weren’t really having fun.

So what? We just give up and call it a day?

A woman in a long distance relationship has no ideas for topics of discussion and doubts

No. I’m not the type to react like that. Instead of disappointing Kyomi, I tried to understand why we were bored when we had hundreds of questions in front of us.

And guess what?

The answer was actually quite easy to find! It was right there in front of us:

Long distance relationship conversation topics are distracting, but pointless.

It’s simple: 24 hours after you ask them, you forget the answer because there’s nothing important to remember.
There is no emotional involvement.
It amuses us a little at the time, but nothing more.

It was a revelation. Because I felt so capable of coming up with deep, LDR-oriented topics of discussion. And I realized how lucky I was after talking to my girlfriend: for her, it was a real challenge.

It’s simple: when she found 5 really good questions, I found 30.

And I’m not saying that to brag, she convinced me!
If you’ve been reading me for any length of time, you know that I’m a humble person.

« You just have to find topics to discuss about long-distance relationships that allow us to have more clarity in our relationship and our future. That way we can have fun, continue to surprise each other and have romantic evenings, just between you and me. »

That was enough to grab a pen and a sheet of paper.

Today, I’m offering you 35 questions out of the hundreds I’ve created. And if you want to discover 330 more, stay until the end of the article!

Note: This article was conceived and written to help couples in a long distance relationship who want to project themselves into the future and take stock of their current situation.

If this is not your case yet, don’t worry: these 35 questions for long distance couples will be more adapted to you.

And if you’re still in the early stages of your long-distance relationship and haven’t met yet, these questions are perfect for you.

You can still enjoy this article. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it! However, there are a few questions that will be harder to answer.

These topics of conversation are essential if you plan to break the distance, and here's why

In this article, I’m going to mix business with pleasure so that you can both:

  • Better understand your relationship and highlight the aspects that make it unique
  • Imagine how your future will be once you are together but also during the process of breaking the distance
  • Have fun with each other and spend evenings without seeing the hands of your clock ticking.

Beyond simply renewing your conversations, you will have the possibility to go further and have deep discussions on serious subjects.

To my knowledge, this is the only article of its kind that you can find on the Internet.

And I know you will like it. I am convinced you will.

1) A better understanding of your current situation

Before you take the plunge, you need to make sure that you are ready for it.

Let’s take an example from my experience: when I started learning Spanish to be able to interact with Kyomi’s family, I always learned on my own. The movies helped me a lot!

  • I first started watching them with Spanish voices and French subtitles.
  • After a few weeks, I changed the subtitles to Spanish.
  • Soon I will be able to remove the subtitles if the movie doesn’t use too technical language (like Christopher Nolan’s movies for example).

You can imagine that if I had started watching Spanish movies without subtitles, I would have understood absolutely nothing and it would have been completely useless for my learning.

Fortunately, I followed what I call the progression system.
Before moving on to the next step, I made sure that I had validated all the steps before.

The questions that you will discover here are in that sense, and allow you to validate the previous steps.
For example: the fact of knowing yourself well, of having in mind the other person’s faults, your ability to adapt to a problem…

This way, you don’t skip any steps and you put all the chances of success on your side!

One of my personal tips for not having blank spots in conversations in a long distance relationship

2) With a focus on your future

When you make the decision to finally realize your dreams, you tend to idealize everything.
That distance is the only problem in your relationship. I made this mistake for a long time!

I could compare it to the vacation in the warm waters of the Caribbean that you’ve been waiting for years. You are light years away from imagining that eventually the beaches will be filled with garbage or that the pictures of your hotel are misleading.

And because of that, the dream turns into a nightmare.

These long distance relationship conversation topics will allow you to imagine situations, future scenarios that you probably wouldn’t have thought of and thus avoid future problems.

Because it is by being prepared for all eventualities that you will make the right decisions.
You will see them coming from afar and your couple will remain united and will emerge stronger.

One of my personal tips for not having blank spots in conversations in a long distance relationship

3) But still with surprising questions focused on long distance relationship

And because you still need to have fun and laugh, there are also more fun questions. But beware: always with a powerful emotional implication!

Think of these questions as a Kinder Surprise: the coating is a delicious chocolate with an appreciated and useful toy inside.

Like, for example:
« If I offered to make you a cliché phone answering machine as a couple, would you accept? »

Well, now that you know that, we can move on!

14 Long Distance Relationship Conversation Topics: Our couple

LDR girlfriend makes a video call to answer long distance relationship questions

1) Would you like to tell our story to an audience?

2) What music best describes our couple?

3) How did I make you change, positively?

4) What is the most annoying thing about living with me?

5) How often do we call each other?

6) Is my familiarity (gestures, words, behaviors) a source of endearment or annoyance?

7) When you need time alone, what is the best way for me to understand?

8) Have you ever felt unsafe with me?

9) Do you prefer a small, intimate wedding with only close people, or something huge with everyone you know?

10) What was the happiest moment we had together?

11) What was the worst mistake we made in our long distance relationship?

12) Do you think that in 10 years our relationship will be really different than it is now?

13) If I lost or gained 20 kilos, would you still love me?

14) Is there anything you have done because of me that you never thought you would do before?

10 Long Distance Relationship Conversation Topics: Close the distance

LDR couple makes a video call to answer long distance relationship questions

15) Is money the main reason why we can’t break the distance?

16) After how long is it normal for you to break the distance in a relationship?

17) Who can we ask for advice on how to break the distance?

18) Do you think our relationship will be different when we break the distance?

19) How does it feel to imagine that one day you might have my nationality?

20) What is the next step in our long-distance relationship?

21) If you told your parents that you were moving to the other side of the world, how would they react?

22) If I didn’t like your country, and you didn’t like mine, what solution would you propose?

23) Is working only on the internet to get closer something you could do?

24) Would you rather spend your life traveling or building a stable home?

11 Long Distance Relationship Conversation Topics: Fun

LDR boyfriend makes a video call to answer long distance relationship questions

25) Which of us do you think will die first?

26) Would you rather: be able to make 4K video calls regardless of location, or cancel the time difference between us?

27) If you could go back to a moment we spent together and relive it, which would it be?

28) Would you be able to learn a new language for love?

29) If I offered you to do a cliché phone answering as a couple, would you accept?

30) If you could give me a rule for life, what would you choose?

31) If a millionaire gave you 1 million euros only if you guessed my answer to a question: what question would you ask me?

32) Would you let me cut your hair?

33) How do you think I most easily waste my money?

34) Which celebrity should we follow as an example for our long-distance relationship?

35) Would you marry me just to make the paperwork easier?

Do you want more? I'll give you 330 more LDR Exclusive Questions

At this point, you should already know your situation better in order to break the distance.

Before you leave, I would like to know your opinion about this article and these questions:

  • Did you have a good time with your partner answering these questions?
  • Did it help you discover new topics of conversation about your long-distance relationship?
  • Did it help you see more clearly about the future of your long distance relationship and your relationship?

If you answered yes to any of these questions and want to go further, let me tell you this: these 35 questions are just the introduction to a long journey.

Yes! To be more precise, I have designed and created a list of 365 Long Distance Relationship conversation topics with my LDR girlfriend to help you project yourself into the future. A future where you are together physically, with no return date.

What you have discovered here is only 10% of our new Ebook « 365 LDR Questions to ask before closing the gap ».

If you’re still reading this, it’s because your relationship is strong, solid as a diamond.
You’ve never listened to all those people who keep telling you that long distance relationships are doomed to failure.

You are seriously considering breaking the distance. But you still have this doubt about taking the plunge. Because yes, it’s a decisive choice that will change your life forever.

But you already know that.

Now, if you want to go all the way and make sure you don’t miss out on a crucial question to ask yourself, you can discover 330 new long distance relationship conversation topics to finally say: « Yes, we are ready to break the distance and realize the dream we have secretly had since we started our relationship ».

For this, we have created a unique Ebook for you.
57 pages of questions oriented on your future, your new life together, your projects and your dreams. With 3 bonuses:

  • A modifiable grid to avoid repeating the same questions
  • The 10 tips to apply to avoid blanks in a discussion and be sure not to miss any aspect of each question.
  • 3 mini-games to play together, from a distance

Discover my complete Pack N°3 « 365 LDR questions to ask before close the gap « .

Boring of the routine ?

Download my 26 LDR Challenges and Activities

One idea done every week
= 6 months of activities

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