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Long Distance Relationship Facts in 2021: I recently analyzed over 14,000 topics from the most popular long distance relationship forum to answer the questions:

  • Have the problems of long distance relationship couples changed in the last 10 years?
  • What’s the percentage of long distance relationships working?
  • What impact has covid had on long distance relationships?

Since the forum was created in 2010, I have analyzed the topics of the topics. I also analyzed their popularity.

I discovered some interesting results that I didn’t expect. And today, I will share what I found with you.

Here is a summary of my main findings:

  1. The problems of long distance couples have not changed much in the last 10 years.

  2. The biggest problems for couples in long distance relationships are:
    • Poor or lack of communication within the couple
    • Boredom, routine that quickly sets in because of the distance
    • Unequal investment by one person in the couple
    • Different long-term plans
    • Family that opposes the long-distance relationship (this is more common among teenagers and young adults)
    • Unwarranted jealousy of one person in the relationship
    • Trust eroding after a betrayal and the dilemma of whether or not to forgive

  3. Smaller in number but recurring problems include:
    • Obtaining a VISA
    • The monetary cost of a long distance relationship
    • Having children
    • Arguments

  4. The topics of most interest to long distance relationship people are the problems of other couples, and finding solutions.

  5. It is difficult or impossible to know how many long-distance couples are still together in proportion to those who are no longer together.

  6. The outbreak of covid-19 and the worldwide pandemic that followed did not have an impact on the forum and on the exchanges between its members. It has, however, had an impact on the morale of international long distance couples.

  7. 50% of long distance couples who are still together have broken the distance in less than 2 years
    10% in more than 5 years.

  8. The most popular topic has nothing to do with long distance relationships. It is called « Today I love him/her because… » and allows everyone to express themselves on why they love their partner.

  9. 6 years is the longest time for a couple to meet for the first time.

  10. New technologies adapted to long distance relationships (video calls, applications…) have not had a visible impact on the forum and on the exchanges between members.

Long distance relationship facts in 2021: the Loving From A Distance forum

The Loving From A Distance forum is to date the biggest and most popular forum on the internet concerning the subject of long distance relationships.

It exists since January 26, 2010, and even if today it is less and less active, it still manages the impressive feat of gathering couples from all over the world in long distance relationships.

Here is an infographic that shows the general statistics of the forum since 2010.

Today, the forum still counts several hundred people every day. Most of them do not have an account and therefore do not participate in the forum.

It remains nevertheless an exceptional source to have objective opinions on your situation, to debate on a given subject or simply to express your opinion.

2011 to 2014: the golden age

The forum is currently no longer in its golden age. Its most popular topics were between 2011 and 2014, with several thousand unique topics viewed and replied to per year.

Since then, its popularity and number of posts have been steadily decreasing. But 2021 should be better than the previous year.

There are still hundreds of users each month, but a large number of them do not post. The forum has become more passive than active.

Indeed, there are still many more people without a profile than users who have filled out a profile. So we can imagine that the number of people consulting this forum is multiplied by 10, 20 or more…

With a total of over 14,100 topics at the time of writing in the general category of « Long Distance Relationship » and with the help of this diagram, it is possible to make statistics and facts about long distance relationships.

These long distance relationship facts and statistics will therefore focus on the evolution of long distance relationships, looking at the problems that LDR couples face and the topics that interest them most.

The question is: why the decline year after year?
I can already say that it is not because there are less and less couples in long distance relationships.

I have not found worldwide statistics, but in France, the number of binational marriages has not increased, nor has it decreased. The same is true in the US

Here are my answers:

  • The Loving From A Distance website was certainly very popular when the forum first came about. Hence its incredible number of topics in the early years.
  • Before 2014, social networks were not as dominant as today. Exchange platforms such as forums were much more popular.
  • The more messages are posted, the easier it is to get an answer to our problem.

Let’s now go to the analysis of the different categories of the forum, to understand how I found these long distance relationship facts.

long distance relationship facts: The different categories

The category on which my study and statistics are based is the general discussion on long distance relationships. It gathers 175.000 posts out of the 444.000 of the forum (that is to say a little less than 39,41% of the messages).

Here are the other categories that can be found on the forum, on which I did not waste time:

  • « Adults Only« , where more mature and sexual topics are discussed.
  • Visits and first meeting
  • An « Anonymous » part, for those who wish to keep their anonymity
  • A « Veterans » section reserved for the most active members. It is necessary to be an approved member and to have contributed actively to the forum to have access to it.
  • An « Off-Topic » category, where we talk about everything and nothing
  • There are other categories but they gather only a small part of the posts (less than 5%, as for example how to improve the forum).

Here is a diagram that allows you to quickly know which are the most important categories that appear on this forum, according to the number of posts.

So there are many different categories. If the forum has more than 444.000 posts, my analysis is « only » about 175.293 of them.

The category « Long Distance Relationship » also contains 8 subcategories:

  • LGBT
  • Teens
  • 30+
  • College
  • Children
  • Abroad (Work or Study)
  • Military
  • International

The following diagram represents the proportion of topics related to these themes

All the subcategories represent less than 3% of the topics except one (International) which reaches almost 10% of the topics created.

I will soon publish other statistical studies exclusively on these « international » topics because we are in this situation ourselves with Kyomi (she is Peruvian and I am French), and because this blog answers more specifically to these questions.

At this point, you might be wondering why I haven’t covered all the categories.

The answer is easier than you think! (And no, it’s not out of spite)

Why I didn't analyze all categories of the forum to have global long distance relationship facts and statistics?

Here are the reasons why I preferred to base my analysis on a single category of messages:

  • It is the most popular of all.
  • Each category has its own visibility, and even if they are highlighted in the same way, some have much more visibility than others. In the interest of fairness and equity, it was either I was analyzing only one category, or all the ones that the forum offers. This leads to several problems:
  • Some are not open to all, such as the « Adults Only » or « Veterans » category, which therefore have a more « private » access.
  • Others were simply not relevant from a statistical point of view regarding long-distance relationships. For example, in the category « Meeting for the first time », only one topic gathers 84.3% of the answers. And this topic is a personal countdown to seeing your partner again.
  • Some categories are simply off-topic and do not offer direct links to long-distance relationships.

What is the typical profile of the forum users?

There is no way to access this data in general.

There are only a few surveys that partially answer. But here is what I could gather:

  • There are many more women than men
  • The majority are under 25 years old
  • More than 90% of couples are heterosexual

Number of votes: 363

I have also contacted one of the forum administrators, but I didn’t had an answer.

To get more recent data on the general profile of long-distance relationship couples, I regularly ask these types of questions on my Instagram.

Even without having defined the typical profile of a person in a long-distance relationship in a meaningful way, I was able to conduct my study according to defined and specific criteria.

Number of votes: 116


How I carried out my study (long distance relationship facts)

The study focuses only on the statistics and facts of the long distance relationship category.

It deals with all the topics that concern long distance relationships: the problems encountered, the debates and opinions of each person, opinions on a specific subject, recommendations…

I analyzed these topics during two weeks, from 03 to 17 April 2021.

LDR facts : The most popular topics

To know which topics were the most interesting for people involved in a long distance relationship, I based myself on two criteria that each topic had to meet:

  • A minimum of 2000 views
  • A minimum of 20 replies

Indeed, whether it is on a forum or on other platforms (like Youtube or Instagram), the contents that interest people the most are the most seen and the most consulted.

It makes sense!

Knowing that a lambda topic, not very popular, makes between 400 and 500 views and has less than 10 answers, I chose in a subjective way these two criteria in order to know the proportion of interesting topics for the Internet users, and especially what it speaks about!

I can also tell you that there is a correlation between the number of posts and the number of views, but this is not a systematically true rule.

So I looked at all 14,000 topics, one by one, to conduct my study and get statistics on long distance relationships.

Yes, it was tedious.

A huge job!

And from there, I could start to analyze the data I had collected.

Questions I had before I started

Have the problems of LDR couples changed?

Are the majority of couples still together?

What were the most popular topics?

What is the record of time spent in LDR?

Did the coronavirus have a visible impact on the year 2020?

What was THE most popular topic?

What can I personally learn from this for my relationship?

How can I use this data to help other and future LDR couples?

How long does it take to break the distance on average?

And I was surprised by several results that I detail in the next part! Let’s go!

My results (long distance relationship facts)


  • The years 2010 and 2017 are less representative because the data collected is not quantitative enough.
  • The « Other » category includes issues that are underrepresented or not directly related to distance relationships.

Question 1: What are the main problems of LDR couples?

Overall, the problems of long-distance couples have remained the same for the past 10 years.

Let’s look at the change in problem types between 2011 and 2016:

In 2011, the two most recurring issues were related to:

  • Communication (14.3%)
  • Boredom (19.1%)
  • Jealousy, family and investment in the relationship are equally important (9.5%)

In 2012, communication doubles its points, investment in relationship increases.

  • Communication (29.7%)
  • Investment (13.5%)
  • Boredom and VISA are tied for third place (8.1%)
  • Jealousy, money, reducing distance and trust have the same number of points (5.4%)

The top 3 changes again. Only communication remains the number one problem for couples in long-distance relationships

  • Communication (19%)
  • Trust (12.6%)
  • Boredom (10.6%)
  • Jealousy and long term projects close the ranking with 8.5%.

In 2014, we still see the same trends. Communication remains number 1, and the other spots on the podium are shared between the same issues.

  • Communication remains the number one issue (21.6%)
  • Investment comes back in second place (as in 2012) with 12.7%
  • In third place comes trust issues at 11.8%.

The 2015 ranking is identical to the 2011 ranking:

  • Communication (19.2%)
  • Boredom (12.4%)
  • Investment (12.4%)

The only difference is that issues related to the difference in investment in the couple took a larger share (only 9.5% in 2011).

Finally, the last year with usable data sees a big decline in communication problems for the first time, moving from first to third place:

  • Long Term Project and Distance: 13.9%
  • Communication: 11.2%.

According to these statistics and long distance relationship facts related to couples in long distance relationships, the problems have not changed.
We still find the same 8 problems:

  • A lack or bad communication
  • Boredom, a routine caused by the distance
  • An unequal investment
  • A lack of trust within the couple
  • A jealousy present
  • Non-existent or different long term projects
  • Opposition of the family towards the relationship

Secondly, we can talk about problems to get closer geographically, problems related to money, children and to obtain a VISA.

Problems related to sex, gift ideas, activities to do, meeting for the first time, closing the distance are not or underrepresented because they have their own category.

Here are some concrete, comprehensive solutions that work for these problems:

Question 2: Have the problems of LDR couples evolved?

As we have just seen, the most common problems in long-distance relationships are communication-related problems. Let’s look at their evolution:

Communication: Never below 10%, they seem to be in relative decline over the last few years.

Boring: The boredom and routine that distance imposes is at the heart of many couples’ concerns as well. Only in 2014 was this topic underrepresented.

Investment: Without taking into account the year 2013, unequal investment in couples in long-distance relationships still takes a relatively large place.

Usually, these problems are related to a lack of communication and can be fixed in this way.

Long-term projects: This is one of the few problems that becomes more present with each passing year.

It is important to talk about these issues early on, because if your long-term plans are not the same as your partner’s, continuing the relationship can be complicated.

Remember that the number one goal of a long-distance relationship is to get back together permanently.

Family: Once again, the gaze of others, and especially those close to us, brings apprehension and can cause problems.

Problems related to the family context are relatively stable over the years, with one exception in 2012.


The most stable problem of all according to statistics! Variations are only a few points, regardless of the year.

Trust: Jealousy problems are generally related to trust problems. A correlation between the two, however, is difficult to perceive with the help of these statistics.

According to the statistics of long distance couples collected, it can be said that their problems have not changed since 2011.


The only exception is for long-term projects, which have become more important in recent years. We can argue that over time, couples engaging in a long-distance relationship talked more about these topics to perpetuate the future of their relationship.


And this is a very good thing!

Question 3: Are the majority of couples still together?

At the risk of disappointing you, I haven’t found the answer to this question!

It is difficult to have great long distance relationship facts or statistics about it.

  • There are testimonials and stories of long distance couples who are still together, or others who have broken up.
    I couldn’t have made statistics with only these subjects since they don’t represent the majority of long distance relationships.

  • If you are interested, I could conduct my own study and make my own statistics on this topic. This would also answer the question we all ask ourselves: « Is a long distance relationship less likely to succeed than a traditional one? « .
    Do not hesitate to put it in comment of this article or to send me a message if you are interested so that I can study the question.

Question 4: What are the topics that most interest long distance couples?

Among all the topics that I analyzed, I could classify them according to several themes:

  • Problems:
    We post our problem related to our long distance relationship to find answers, solutions.
    For example: « My boyfriend does not want to introduce me to his family ».

  • Debates and Opinions:
    You ask a question, you express a point of view, you ask for an opinion. Here, we exchange on a given subject.
    For example: « Starting a long distance relationship when you have children? « 

  • Interactions:
    This is a collaborative topic, focused on the participation of other people. They are rather entertaining topics, without any headache. Everyone can tell their story.
    For example, « What nickname do you give your partner? « 

  • Story Time:
    These are usually a long post that tells the author’s story. This kind of topic is usually to announce a breakup or a geographical rapprochement.
    For example: « We broke up ».

  • Ideas:
    Very simple but essential! It is simply to ask for new ideas, activities to do … these topics are often related to a period of the year.
    For example: « What gift should I give my boyfriend for Valentine’s Day? »

  • Findings:
    Very few topics like this, but they are the most interesting to me! They are topics that express a point of view, theories about long distance relationships, proven facts.
    The difference with debates and opinions is that here we are not looking for answers or other points of view. We simply share our feelings and analysis on a subject.
    For example: « Emotional Stage of a LDR ».

Here is the breakdown of each topic, all years combined, since 2010:

The problems are therefore in the majority.

Then comes the debates/opinions and the « interaction » topics. Two collaborative genres where other members are encouraged to participate.

Then the Story Time. A good way to vent or share your experience

Then the Ideas and Facts.

However, you can see a lot of changes when you look at the same pattern, but year by year:

It is immediately noticeable that in 2010, problems took a smaller share (23.5% vs. 41.2%), while Interactions (39.8% vs. 21.9%)

The other categories remained more or less the same, with only 4%.

And from 2011, the more the share of problems will increase.
This can be seen very clearly in the following diagrams:

2013 is the year that best reflects the average, of all the years. It is the tipping point year.

Each year, the problems take up more and more space.

The opposite is true for interactions, which melt like snow in the sun.

Story Time is maintained, and remains constant between 10% and 20%.

After 2017, it was impossible to make statistics on the forum’s long-distance relationships because there was insufficient data.
The same is true for the following years. This is due to the decline in popularity and activity of the forum.

So we notice that since the year 2011, the most popular categories of topics have changed a lot.

  • Problems have increased from 17% to 66.8%. This is the biggest increase over this period of time!
  • Interactions went from 36.3% to 5.5%. This is, on the other hand, the biggest decrease. (more than 30 points!)
  • The topics leading to debate and expressing opinions suffered a big drop as well, going from 35.5% to 11.1%.

    The other topics kept their popularity by a few points:
  • Story Time went from 8% to 12.9%.
  • Facts went from 1.6% to less than 1%.
  • Ideas is the only category with issues to have increased; going from 1.6% to 1.8%. But this is not really significant.

Long Distance Relationship Facts and Statistics: What do we learn from this data?

  • Topics have become more individual and more focused on the person posting.
  • There are no more problems today than there were 10 years ago: the problems have simply become more visible.
  • The topics that interested couples in long-distance relationships were not the same as today.

The topics that interest long-distance couples the most are problems.
There are several reasons for this:

  • It’s a close-knit community. We are all in the same boat, fighting against distance. The common enemy theory is widely represented here.
  • Collaborative topics are not unlimited and last for a long time. They have therefore lost visibility to the detriment of others. There are therefore fewer topics but they still have more responses.
  • There is a link between the decrease of the forum’s activity and the increase of topics related to problems.

Question 5: What is the record of time spent in LDR?

You have an idea?

I found a topic where a couple was talking about how they had been in a long distance relationship for 6 years, without being able to see each other again.

6 years!

What were you doing 6 years ago?
Where were you in your life?

Personally, I was 20 years old and at the beginning of my studies. I didn’t know Kyomi yet. It seems so far away now…

I don’t know if I will be able to do it.

We’ve talked about it between us, and we’d rather not think about it. The longest we’ve ever gone without seeing each other is 10 months.

There are several reasons why it takes a couple so long to see each other or to see each other again.

  • Being underage.
    It is always more complicated for the youngest among us, because they are not totally independent and still have to ask for « permission ». Add to that the lack of money and transportation and it can become very difficult.

  • Government restrictions.
    I wouldn’t have thought of this before Covid-19, but some countries prevent certain nationalities from coming.

  • Not being able to change regions.
    If you have children, sick relatives, a job, in short a reason that justifies not being able to travel, you can postpone a meeting. Even if in my opinion, when you love someone, this kind of problem does not always prevent a reunion, however short it may be.

Question 6: Did the coronavirus have a visible impact on the year 2020?

In your opinion? You feel like saying « Yes », don’t you?

Covid-19 has undeniably had an impact on couples in long-distance relationships, including their mental health.

Until now, there have been very few studies and statistics done on long-distance couples.

This period will at least have allowed us to bring our problem to light, and to gather our forces under the same movement: Love Is Not Tourism.

One topic is indeed in the Top 10 of the most commented topics.

However, when you compare the number of topics updated in 2020 to previous years, there is no big change.

So covid-19 has not had any impact on the forum regarding its popularity and activity. Another surprising long distance relationship facts!

Note that the record for the number of users to be connected at the same time was reached in 2020, but on January 23. That is, a few weeks before the beginning of the global epidemic and government restrictions.

Question 7: What was THE most popular topic?

This is the same topic that has the most replies and the most views. It has over 3500 replies for a total of 125,000 views.

That’s just insane!

It’s a collaborative topic (so readers are encouraged to participate by posting a message) based on exchange where everyone is free to tell others why they love their partner. There is no real link with long distance relationships, it’s a very general topic which talks about love and which is 100% positive.

Reasons for this success:

  • It has resisted to time (creation April 2012, last post in August 2017)

  • Collaborative topic, with interactions between members

  • Focused on optimism

  • Readers love to talk about themselves and their personal experiences

There are other topics that had more responses, but not among the « Loving From a Distance » category. I am not personally surprised by the topic, but by the size of this topic.

In number of views, it has more than the Top 2, 3 and 4. In response, it is more numerous than the Top 10 combined.

Question 8: How can you use this data for your own long distance relationship?

I’ve devoted an entire section to answering this question. See you at the end of this article!

Long distance relationship facts and limits of the study

My study and my statistics have some limitations, some grey areas that I would have liked to improve. Here are the elements that limited me in my research work:

  • The following issues I believe are underrepresented:
    • Sexual frustration
    • Successfully bridging the distance
    • Anxiety about meeting for the first time

These topics were grouped under different categories, and are therefore less present in the general « Long Distance Relationship » category that I analyzed.

  • The « Anonymous » section could have been added, since it follows the same principle as the « Long Distance Relationship » category.
  • The years 2010, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 do not have enough data to be analyzed in a relevant way.
  • My choices for defining when a topic becomes popular are subjective
  • I did not find sufficiently reliable data on the users: their country of origin, their age, their gender…

Let’s go now to the long distance relationship facts a bit more fun !

the most mind-blowing long distance relationship facts

Top 10 Most Viewed Topics

I Love Him/Her Today Because… (124.000 views)
A warm and collaborative topic where good mood is present! The principle is simple: say why you love your partner. There is no direct link with long distance relationships. I was expecting a collaborative topic to take the first place, but not that there is so much gap with the second! This is the most commented topic, and the only one above 100.000 views.

Why did you choose a LDR over a CDR ? (49000 views)
A question that may seem stupid at first sight, because in most cases, we don’t choose to fall in love. This is the majority of the answers. And we are also in this situation.

Meeting for the first time, was it awkward ? (44000 views)
Here we answer to doubts that we all had before meeting our partner (for those who met on the Internet). Was the first meeting awkward? After having spent a lot of time talking online, virtually, we often wonder if it will be the same in real life. I personally had few doubts about this, but it was always in the back of my mind. A third place largely understandable for a subject like this.
I wrote a complete article on this subject, if you are interested.

So where’s everyone and their SO ? (41000 views)
A simple, collaborative topic once again, but one that refocuses on what defines our long-distance relationship. Where are you from, and where is your partner from? Team #France and #Peru, we’re here!

New Picture Thread (32000 views)
The principle of the topic is simple: post a picture of yourself and your partner. I understand that this topic is in the Top 10, since we are all curious to know what other couples look like as they can be from all over the world! And it helps to put a face to a nickname.

Ordering Pizza for your boyfriend (32000 views)
I was surprised when I saw this one! It’s so cute… A woman from Canada wants to have a pizza delivered to her boyfriend’s house, who is in the US but has no idea how to do it. There were very few responses in the end (about 10) but it was a very popular topic! My personal advice if you want to do the same: ask one of his relatives (friends or family). It’s easier. And if you want to do the same thing, I have detailed exactly how to do it in point #15 of my article about 21 ideas of romantic gifts.

Post Visit Depression (32000 views)
It is often said that in long distance relationships, all our emotions are multiplied tenfold. The good and the bad. Post visit depression is certainly one of the most difficult moments in this type of relationship. A legitimate topic to be in the top 10, where we share our personal tips to fight against it. Personally, I avoid spending time alone, so I don’t get depressed.
To make goodbyes easier, here are 24 tips you can apply.

Girlfriend doesn’t talk to me/engage in conversation (29000 views)
As you saw in the introduction to this article and in the previous section, communication problems are the most important in long distance relationships. So it is not surprising to find in this list a problem related to that. Fortunately, the forum provides some useful answers.
If you are in this situation, I urge you to find new topics of conversation. I give you 35 of them here!

I catfished my own girlfriend to test her loyalty (21000 views)
I laughed and hallucinated at the same time when I saw this one! It’s even in my strangest topic. So I understand the approach, especially when you know the author’s point of view and what happened between him and his partner. But doing this is morally questionable. Would you be able to do it?
Otherwise, learn to control your jealousy and know if your partner is cheating here

Feeling nervous : 1st time video call tonight (21000 views)
A bit like topic #3, the doubts about the first time are not only present for the first visit, but also for the first video call! I was personally more stressed for the first call than the first visit. For the simple reason that the call took place very quickly, and we didn’t know each other very well yet. And especially because I had to speak English! So I was not very comfortable (especially compared to Kyomi). But in the end, everything went well. You just have to take the plunge and put it in perspective: it’s only a video call with someone who only wants to get to know you better.

To avoid the anxiety of that first call, I give you my best advice to make sure everything goes smoothly. This is what I did before my first call with Kyomi.
And it’s terribly effective.

So, are you surprised by this ranking?

If you’re interested in these topics and want the links to each topic, you can download them below. You will also have access to all the graphics in this article.

Top 10 most commented topics

I Love Him/Her Today Because… (3500 messages)
Without surprise, we find at the first place the same topic as in the previous Top. We can still notice the incredible number of messages! It’s simple: it counts more than all the other topics of the Top 10 together. That’s all!

Ending The Distance: Countdown (1098 messages)
How about you? How long do you have before you see your partner again? I guess since the pandemic, it’s more complicated to have a precise date. Don’t forget that it is still important to have at least one period in mind. We have seen in the statistics concerning the problems of long-distance relationships that many couples suffer from a lack of long-term plans. Knowing when we will see each other again for the next time is the basis! And yes, the answer can be « as soon as the borders reopen ».

So where’s everyone and their SO? (544 messages)
This topic is also present in the previous Top, at the N°4 place. No surprise here, we find a topic that at first sight would be more interesting for international couples, but it turns out that many couples are in the same country, several hundred kilometers away.

New Pictures Thread! (373 messages)
The correlation between the number of views and the number of messages posted is no longer to be proved with a third topic present in both Tops. Although most of the posts don’t contain pictures, it’s always nice to know who you’re replying to, rather than just imagining it.

Introduce your SO (180 messages)
A topic that uses the same principle as the geographical location of each member of the couple, but this time we give a little more detail, such as his name, his age and a quality that makes us love him. Always in the benevolence, this kind of topic is very popular because it is simple, good child and especially it puts in good mood for the day!

The Men of LFAD (144 messages)
I couldn’t get statistics about the proportion of men and women on the forum, but one thing is sure: there are more women than men. I was able to realize this by analyzing the topics, and this one definitely convinced me. This « men’s only » topic focuses on the problems that men face in their relationships. And it was successful!

Midlife Crises (143 messages)
A topic about a long distance love story that ended badly. Money problems, age difference between the two people and lack of investment from one person. A rather sad story which made a lot of internet users react.

Coronavirus Stories. Post yours here. Support and encourage each other (134 messages)
Although the appearance of Covid-19 did not upset the activity of the forum, this topic had a very good popularity by gathering all the testimonies of the couples affected by this pandemic. A warm topic because everyone was in the same boat, unable to join their partner. No surprise to see a topic related to the virus in this top!
You can discover ours here! (which explains why the covid and the closing of the borders became an opportunity for our couple)

So who is with me in here (132 messages)
Here, it is about grouping people who have reached a certain age: more than 30, 35 years old in itself! The author has been on the forum for a long time in the first year (September 2010) and feels the difference with the new members for two reasons: the age difference, and the problems that these new members face. This is a collaborative topic for people with the same feeling as him.

How long have you been in LDR? (123 messages)
To finish, we have here a last collaborative topic, whose question is simple: how long have you been in LDR? No judgement, no debate, just sharing about each other’s situation. Just long distance relationship facts


My top "what the fuck" topics

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done for love?
I loved this topic! Some people did completely crazy things! Special mention to the woman who brought her partner to her grandparents’ house and managed to hide him for a week. I personally flew 12 hours and crossed the Atlantic Ocean to meet Kyomi and travel with her to her country in Peru. I didn’t speak a word of Spanish, and we only knew each other for a relatively short time (3 months). What about you? Don’t hesitate to tell me in comments, I’m very curious to know!

I catfished my own girlfriend to test her loyalty
I first hallucinated when I read this topic. But reading the topic, I understood better the point of view of the author. The trust he had towards his girlfriend was eroded after some events, and he wanted to test her loyalty before going further with her. A very interesting story that was debated.

My SO is missing
Has your partner ever disappeared for several days? I mean, completely disappeared, even to his family and friends? This is what happened to this person, and she tells it in this topic. A topic that took my breath away, with a unique story!

Her parents made her miss the flight intentionally
You read that right… I didn’t think it was possible! Here we have a young couple whose parents are strongly opposed to this long distance relationship. To the point of lying to their daughter and making her miss her flight intentionally. A sad story, revolting, but at the same time understandable on certain points.

If you are interested in these topics and want to have the links to each topic, you can download them below. You will also have access to all the graphics in this article.

What can you take away from these long distance relationships facts for your?

What can we learn from these findings? Is there anything positive we can take away from this and apply to our relationships?

Yes, there are many.

We can always learn from the mistakes of others and from the past. Here is my conclusion on these long distance relationship facts:

1.  Anticipate problems
As we have seen when answering question 1, more than 80% of the problems of long distance couples can be summarized in 7 themes. 1/5 is a communication problem. By talking about all the issues with your partner, you will have an easier time when the difficulties come.

Here is some of my advice:

  • Talk about the taboo topics, the small issues before they become big ones and get too big.
  • Some people aren’t cut out for long-distance relationships. Don’t let these people judge your actions and choices. They don’t understand you.
  • Involving your family and your partner’s family helps solve many problems.
  • Talk fairly quickly about how you imagine the future: who will move? to what country? are there any huge constraints on this?

Here are some resources that may be useful to you:

2.  The LDR community is friendly
I already knew this, especially through the exchanges I have every day on my Instagram account.

But I was able to confirm it through these long distance relationship facts. The long distance relationships community is caring, and knows how to be available, to listen.

As I’ve said before, we all have the same problem: having a romantic relationship with someone who is physically inaccessible. And when we’re all in the same problem, we stick together and help each other.

So if one day you have a problem, you either have no solutions or no one to talk to, you can turn to the LDR community. On Facebook groups, on different Instagram accounts, on these kinds of forums, you can always find someone to help you.

And it’s great to be part of a community like that.
Check out the best long distance relationship Instagram accounts in 2021 now!

3.  Couples in long-distance relationships are no less happy
I would even go so far as to say that they are happier. Because when you’re with your other half, you live every moment 100%. You feel negative and positive emotions to a degree unimaginable for more traditional couples. We have the chance to travel and to expand our open-mindedness.

4.  Be optimistic about the future
More than half of the couples who have started an LDR have succeeded in finding each other in less than 2 years. 90% in less than 5 years.

How many years have you been together?

Making and highlighting these long distance relationship facts was important to me for several reasons:

  • There are almost no statistics on long distance relationship couples
  • I want to bring quality to our unique relationship situation
  • I want to help other long-distance couples who have these questions
  • I want to answer the prejudices that we may have about long distance relationships

As you can imagine, this article took me a lot of time. Analyzing over 14,000 topics was no small task, but I’m proud of my work.


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