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7 long distance relationship Instagram accounts to absolutely follow in 2022

You may not know this, but there are a lot of long distance relationship Instagram accounts!

Every day, new ones are popping up.

Far from being all qualitative, you can quickly be lost if you are looking for accounts that match you.

Instagram is one of my favorite social networks for three reasons:

  • There are photos and videos that thrill us for a few seconds during our routine
  • The LDR community is present and supportive
  • It thrills me and warms my heart

Discovering how much fun I had creating content on Instagram is what made me want to take it a step further by creating this blog.

If you are in a long distance relationship, know that you are not alone.

Quite the contrary

There are thousands of other couples in this situation. And if there’s one place where you can find all kinds of long-distance relationship-related content, it’s Instagram.

LDR couples also like to create a shared account, around their love. There are a lot of testimonials and stories from couples about how they met, when they plan to meet again…

Each story is different, and no two are alike.

And it’s hard to find interesting accounts to follow, in this jungle of posts and accounts.
Every day, new accounts are created, and not all of them offer quality content.

Don’t worry, I’ve simplified this task for you.

Here is my list of 7 long distance relationship Instagram accounts

I chose them because:

  • I love their inspiring and unique content.
  • The people on them are or have all been in a long distance relationship. So they know what they are talking about.
  • The authors are regulars and offer a different format than others.
  • Each account approaches long distance relationships from a different perspective.

So here are 7 Instagram accounts about long distance relationships that are a must follow in 2022!

This list is 100% personal, and therefore subjective.

PS: The 7th and last account on this long distance relationship Instagram accounts list might surprise you…

1. The most beautiful : @ldrguide

Content : inspiration and stories
Started LDR : 2013
Close the Distance : Yes

Karina is a young woman, whose long distance relationships are no longer a secret.

She and her boyfriend have spent over 7 years apart!

I had the opportunity to collaborate with her when I started this blog, and despite her ever-growing followers, she knows how to be available and to listen.

Her account is eponymous because Karina wrote a guide on long distance relationships, and created her account around it.

She shares almost every day the success stories of long distance couples, inspiring sentences and precious advice, but also games and meme from time to time.

All with a graphic consistency that made me immediately love her universe.

An LDR Instagram Account to follow imperatively!

2. The most listening : @internationallovestory

Content : Podcast
Started LDR : 2016
Close the Distance : Yes

The first thing I have in common with Christina is that we both fell in love with someone from Latin America.
Always cheerful and good-natured, this couple managed to break the distance and are now married!

Their Instagram account is multi-functional:

  • Broadcasting clips from their bi-monthly podcast. They invite other couples to exchange on a theme related to long distance relationships. This makes for some very interesting discussions!
  • Interact with their community around a chosen topic.
  • Keep a diary, which allows them to talk about their German-Argentine relationship and give feedback

Do you like audio content?

Do you like listening to inspirational stories?

This is the account to follow to find both!

3. The most poetic : @fascinated_by_love_

Content : Poems and Quotes
Started LDR : 2019
Close the Distance : No

This third account is minimalist.

A white background, a simple typography.

The message is clear:
We focus on the content, namely quotes and poems about love.

This is also the oldest account in this top!
Created in July 2019, the main theme has not changed.

The posts are not always specifically focused on long-distance relationships, but it’s good to see in your news feed motivating phrases, and especially that you can’t find elsewhere.

Because yes, each post is written by its author!

4. The most creative: @longdistance_comics

Content : Comics, Draw
Started LDR : 2017
Close the Distance : No

Do you like drawings?

You want to laugh or smile a lot?

Then Emi’s account is for you!

It’s one of my favorites in this top!
Emi is a brilliant artist who stages in the form of drawings the daily life of couples in long distance relationships.

The bad internet connection, the surprises we make in videocall, the time and temperature difference…

With always a touch of humor and optimism, these drawings have the power to put me in an instant good mood!

With an average publication of one per week, Emi favors quality over quantity. I also had the opportunity to collaborate with her when I launched my blog.

5. The most collaborative: @ldr.inspiration

Content : Quotes, Inspiral, Discussions
Started LDR : 2020
Close the Distance : No

This beautiful LDR account is managed by Guglielmo and Bich Thuy, an Italian-Vietnamese couple who, like us, met on a language exchange website!

They recently passed the 10,000 followers mark, and it’s easy to see why.

Much of their content is based on exchanges between members of the LDR community. Whether it’s :

  • By asking questions
  • By creating templates
  • Republishing reunion videos of LDR couples

Their content is quite viral and each couple inspires others with their experience and ideas!

It’s an active account based on exchange and sharing.


6. The most sincere : @jazzupyourwanderlust

Content : Advice, Lifestyle
Started LDR : 2017
Close the Distance : Yes

Jasmin is an authentic woman who shares a lot with her community.

What I like about this account is that she freely expresses her thoughts directly in front of the camera on recurring themes and problems of long distance couples.

In addition to being very active, she is the only one to do this!

We also find content more focused on her daily life, how she adapts to her « new life » in Finland with her partner.

This mix allows us to understand what the life of a couple who managed to break the distance looks like.

7. The most blissful : @my.sweet.ldr

Content : Advice & Fun
Started LDR : 2019
Close the Distance : No


If you don’t follow me on Instagram yet, I post several types of content:

  • Inspirational and optimistic content about long-distance relationships.
  • Funny memes and images about the daily lives of LDR couples.
  • The key points to remember for each of my blog articles

It’s also a way for me to keep you informed about the evolution of the blog, to ask you questions about your relationship and to open debates.

I also help you to break the routine that can settle in your relationship, because of the distance.

So, what do you think of my selection of long distance relationship Instagram accounts?

Here’s a look at the best LDR Instagram accounts to follow in 2021.

A nice mix of talented, original and committed people.

You’ll never be short of inspiration again, and who knows, maybe some will give you the motivation to create your own account like I already did with several LDR couples!

Boring of the routine ?

Download my 26 LDR Challenges and Activities

One idea done every week
= 6 months of activities

If you liked this article and want to help other couples in long distance relationships, please share it !

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