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6 Lessons learned from LDR Movies on Netflix

Do you know what makes me tick in life? What makes me want to get up every morning with a smile on my face?

Mixing business with pleasure:

  • Doing Parkour, to strengthen myself physically and have a good time with my friends
  • Devour my favorite series (Breaking Bad) for the 7th time in Spanish, to speak more fluently with my girlfriend’s parents.
  • Discovering LDR movies on Netflix, to spend time with her and improve our long distance relationship

You may be lazy to watch these movies:
Then you’ve come to the right place. This is the perfect article for you. I’ll take you by the hand and detail point by point what lessons you can learn to enchant your long-distance relationship, like in a Disney movie.

Or maybe you’ve already seen them, but don’t know what was useful for your relationship?
Stay calm, I’ve made your job easier. You’ll leave stronger than ever, with peace of mind for the future.

Either way, you should read the rest of this article.

I’ll explain how LDR movies on Netflix can :

  • Save you from arguments
  • Make your relationship last longer
  • Turn distance into a powerful ally
this article is full of spoiler of 6 LDR movies on Netflix

Note: To find out the synopses, our reviews and our ranking, you can read our Top Best Long Distance Relationship Movies on Netflix. This one is guaranteed to be spoiler-free. We promise!

Are you ready? Then let’s get to it!

Note: if you and your partner live in different countries (like Kyomi and I), and you can’t find the same movie in your country’s Netflix catalog, I recommend using a VPN to fix this problem forever.

6 Years - Don't be dependent on your partner

In 6 Years, the long distance relationship is mentioned late, and appears as a real problem at the denouement of the movie.

Here’s a recap of the facts:

When Melanie learns that Dan has to move away from his hometown for a music project, the discussion instantly flares up.

They get into a violent argument: after smashing a plate on the floor, Melanie pushes Dan who hurts himself by stepping on the broken glass. They separate for the rest of the day and night, wanting to take a step back from the situation and especially because they can’t stand each other’s presence anymore.

Dan sleeps with another girl, interpreting that his long-distance relationship has no chance of working out in the long run.

Presentation picture of 6 years, an LDR movie on Netflix

The long distance relationship hasn’t even started that it’s already over.

So what were the reasons for a breakup when the couple talks about distance? Each person made big mistakes:

  • Melanie was too dependent on Dan. Her whole life was based on this relationship. So when that founding pillar cracks, the whole house collapses.
  • Melanie is too angry. This is a consequence of her dependence on her boyfriend. This has brought a lot of problems in the course of the film. Because of her personality, she doesn’t have the patience that all couples in long distance relationships must have.
  • Dan makes decisions before he talks to his girlfriend. He doesn’t introduce her enough into his future life and doesn’t put himself in her shoes enough. In a healthy relationship (long distance or not), decisions should be made by both of you.
  • Dan never considered that a long-distance relationship was possible. To sleep with another person a few hours after introducing the subject and without even providing alternative solutions, he was already starting with prejudices and preconceptions in mind.

I noticed that there was an astronomical amount of common ground between an LDR couple and a couple that has been together for years (and especially since their teenage years).

The issues and problems are similar:

  • Is the passion still there?
  • How is the sex life after so many years together?
  • The reaction of others when they learn about it is the same: they are surprised!
  • It is impossible for his relatives to put themselves in their place: for them, such a relationship is impossible!

It had nothing to do with this article, but I wanted to talk about it.

lessons you can learn from this LDR movies on Netflix

  • Stick to the basics of a successful LDR: communication, honesty, patience.
  • Always include your partner in your decisions, and hear their point of view.
  • Don’t become dependent on your partner: find yourself other interests, passions… Do activities you love! The good news is that you have time, since your partner is thousands of miles away.
  • Get ahead of the routine. On my blog, I offer 105 activities to do together and in distance, for example.

I remain convinced that the worst flaw in this movie to have (by far) is to develop too much dependence on your partner.

This is excessively toxic in a traditional relationship. Imagine it from a distance.

personal advice 1 learned in connection with LDR movies on Netflix

If your days and emotions are driven solely by your partner, you’re playing for big money the day you have a fight. And it’s going to happen, believe me.

While this LDR movies on Netflix is far from the best in this category, it will help you learn more about your own relationship. This is confirmed in the next few lines

The half of it - Catfish are everywhere... and can destroy you psychologically

This LDR movie on Netflix is a case apart. But terribly instructive.

As a reminder, Paul asks Ellie to write love letters to Aster for him because he’s really bad at it. Little by little, Ellie becomes attached to Aster because she realizes that they have more in common than she imagined.

The big problem is that Aster is completely unaware, thinking that Paul is hiding behind those words.

Presentation image of The Half of It, a LDR movie on Netflix

So it is not a question of a long distance relationship as we are used to know them. But here is a conclusion that can be drawn.

And it is essential for young LDR couples who are still at the very beginning of their relationship. Read it carefully if you are in this situation!

Keep in mind that anyone can be the author of the letters and messages you receive. Some people have no qualms about lying to you and hiding the truth. I don’t want you to break down in tears over this. That would be dramatic.

true story learned in connection with LDR movies on Netflix

There are so many stories like this on the Internet…

  • You meet a beautiful, engaging person with an incredible personality
  • This person is interested in you like never before: it is so rare nowadays.
  • Days go by, and the feeling continues to ignite your discussions.
  • It is so beautiful that you have doubts. « There has to be a scam », you think, laughing and rolling your eyes…

What if there really is something to it?

Quickly make sure that you are not a victim of a catfish and that the person you have been talking to for days is really who they say they are.

The best solution: the video call

No way to cheat here! If you want to be 100% sure of his identity, ask him to write your first name on his hand.

For the more pragmatic, pretend you are playing a LDR game and challenge him to show you his ID card.

And don’t wait until you feel your heart racing to act, because it’s already too late. The longer you wait, the greater the risk of being disappointed.

Or worse: long-term psychological damage.

The next lesson to learn is a textbook case (even if it’s not the best LDR movies on Netflix): this is why distance is beneficial in a couple.
And the next time a toxic person tells you « long distance relationships are crap », you’ll know how to shut their mouth in a snap.

Distance is more than just an ally: it's a savior

Here’s how the long distance relationship is introduced in the movie Always Be My Maybe:

Presentation image of Always be My Maybe, a LDR movie on Netflix

Sasha has become a famous chef in the United States and is in a relationship with her manager. They are even set to get married in the coming months.

Unfortunately, her boyfriend asks her to postpone the wedding because he has a great job opportunity in India. Together, they decide to act as if they were not a couple and get married 6 months later.

They see it as a 6 month bachelor/bachelorette party, not a one night stand before saying yes for life. They even go so far as to set up a « No contact rules ».

They both take this decision, even if we learn later that Sasha feels devastated by this choice, as if she had given her agreement to something that she cannot bear.

It will only take a few weeks maximum for Sasha to break up with him, understanding from a distance that they were together for the wrong reasons. It was not a mutual love that brought them together, but the professional opportunities of each.

In short: the distance allowed Sacha to understand that his relationship (and his future marriage) was doomed to failure.

personal advice 2 learned in connection with LDR movies on Netflix

So what happened in his head to come to such a conclusion? Here are my answers:

  • Her boyfriend absolutely never started conversations again
  • The only time he broke the « No Contact Rules » was to talk about a professional project
  • She saw on social media that her boyfriend was hanging out with other women (all famous).

This outcome was inevitable, for the simple and good reason that Sacha accepted a free union without agreeing. We understand him when she cries in the storeroom of his restaurant.

In the end, the distance was the best thing that ever happened to Sasha

Do you really believe that his marriage would have lasted once they were together?
The distance allowed him to take a step back from his relationship.

I bet it’s happened to you:
You take a selfie. You think you look beautiful in it! Incredibly beautiful. A few hours later, you unlock your phone and launch Instagram. You choose your photo, but before you press « Publish », you hesitate.

There’s that detail you just noticed:
The slightly dull light, that wayward spike in your hair, or that group of people walking behind you

What you missed the first time around becomes obvious. That’s the magic of hindsight.

It happened exactly the same with Sacha. The fact that he physically moved away and imposed a « No Contact Rule » gave him the opportunity to take a step back from his relationship.

And it is so much better!

In any case, she would have discovered it. Sooner or later.
And if she hadn’t been in a long distance relationship, she would have found out after she got married and would certainly have been inconsolable.

I can’t imagine what couples go through when they make the decision to divorce. A waking nightmare.

Now we will talk about a problem that is imposing on absolutely all LDR couples. No one can escape it.

Sweet & Sour - Routine Kills

This is the main topic of our blog: blowing up the routine in long distance relationships. We’ve made it our fight!

The movie Sweet & Sour is a textbook case. Here, the LDR is set up gradually.

Presentation image of Sweet and Sour, a LDR movie on Netflix

Hyuk & Da-eun live together

Then they spend a night apart

Then a few days

And gradually, it is weeks without seeing each other.

An interesting parallel between two LDR movies on Netflix

When Hyuk decides to tell his girlfriend that his job is hours away by car, and that they might spend some time apart, his decision to accept the job is already made.
However, there is no argument when Da-eun finds out.

So, how to explain the difference with 6 Years? There are several reasons

  • Hyuk goes ahead: he buys her a present and promises to make every effort to fill the gap caused by the distance.
  • Da-eun is emotionally independent
  • The distance is far from being brutal. They will continue to see each other at least once a week.
Presentation image of Sweet and Sour, a LDR movie on Netflix

But even in this movie, the relationship turns into a disaster. And it is entirely because of the routine.
They did not know how to renew and adapt to the constraints imposed by the distance:

  • They only talk about banalities when they get together
  • The traffic jams slowly kill Hyuk’s emotions and feelings
  • Fatigue from their respective work causes them to not act

And the consequences are dramatic:

  • They blame their personal problems on each other
  • They have difficulty to find moments of complicity, where they are both available
  • They are so tired that they don’t do anything together. Worse: when they try, they force themselves

The last minutes of the film are terrible for Hyuk, who finds himself alone. He lacks so much perspective on his situation that he blames his boss for breaking his relationship, without thinking about the vicious circle of routine that has been imposed, little by little.

It is easy to break the routine, even from a distance. But never underestimate it.

It is like dust: it will always come back, day after day, if you do not act.

So take the lead, and stop it from happening! We’ve created two programs to help you: a list of 26 challenges, and a week’s worth of tips and games that will get you out of your comfort zone.

Think of them as the weekly sweep that you do.

And above all, put things in perspective. My next explanations will help you do that.

Dear John - It's never been easier to be in LDR than in 2021

A stunning film about long distance relationships. It’s easy to put ours in perspective with Dear John!

Why? Because everything is easier for us in 2021 than in 2001.

At this time, the means of communication are considerably limited (and they are even more limited if one of you is military!). They can only communicate by postal letter.

No emails, no video calls in… it was exceedingly complicated in the early 2000s.

But they don’t give up and adapt, numbering the letters to anticipate delivery problems.

One of the most beautiful LDR movies on Netflix

I take this opportunity to encourage you to see this film! It’s impossible to remain insensitive to this story: you’ll stay glued in front of your screen, swallowing your saliva and praying for the best to come. We find in abundance situations that any LDR knows:

  • The reunion at the airport
  • Loved ones who don’t believe in the relationship for a second
  • Tearful goodbyes
  • The exchange of letters
  • A special relationship with the moon, the only star that a LDR couple can see simultaneously.

It is also noticeable that during their first separation, the couple respects many of the tips I recommend in this article: How to make goodbyes easier.

Like for example:

  • Hugs and physical attention
  • The promise: to meet again and tell each other everything by letter
  • They know the date of their next reunion
  • They take their time by devoting their last day only to each other
  • They exchange a letter to be opened only once the other person has left
  • They reassure each other about their feelings and the future

On the other hand, they provoke an unnecessary argument! So, nothing is perfect.

Anyway, I’m getting lost! Please forgive me.

Presentation image of Dear John, a LDR movie on Netflix
The kind of heated letter that John and Savannah send each other throughout the film

To get back to what you’re really interested in, keep in mind that it’s never been easier to have a fulfilling long distance relationship than it is today.

There are so many benefits that would have been impossible to touch 10 years ago…

Still have doubts? Here are some examples:

  • The ease of travel and the price of airfare
  • The ease of sending packages
  • Making free video calls with a good connection
  • Access to online resources, like this blog…

So put it in perspective. Fill your lungs with air, and exhale slowly. You are a lucky person! Now you’re ready for the last tip on this list?

The Kissing Booth 2 - Your interpretations are always wrong

Noah and Ella’s relationship is exciting to follow. And it’s a wonderful example of what to do right and what to avoid at all costs

Fate brings this young couple to a physical separation. Noah is going off to college several thousand miles away when Ella must finish her senior year of high school.

The distance is going to be an endless ordeal for them!
I missed the beginning of the movie, but what is going to cause them the most enormous problem is the interpretation.

Presentation image of The Kissing Booth 2, a LDR movie on Netflix

And it is introduced at the speed of light in this LDR movies on Netflix!

Ella totally lacks involvement in the relationship, from the very first minutes: no follow-ups to messages, she doesn’t communicate about her pain of knowing her boyfriend is away…


Because she imagines that she will annoy Noah. That she will be seen as weak and boring.

It will take an essential discussion of the couple, overflowing with love, truth and feelings revealed in broad daylight to settle this first problem of interpretation.

Let’s get to the heart of the matter. In this film, here is Ella’s list of misinterpretations:

  • She finds an earring in her room = They slept together
  • Noah lied to her: he went to a concert with Chloe and not with his friends = he’s hiding his new relationship from me
  • Noah invited Chloe to spend Thanksgiving with his family = He’s getting back at me for making me suffer
  • Noah’s flirtatious past = He has remained the same, I am just another conquest

And all of these interpretations are supported by Ella’s toxic surroundings.

Between the group of popular girls who imagine the number of pretty girls in college, or the jock high schooler who assumes they broke up because of the distance, Ella is left to face her demons alone.

Presentation image of The Kissing Booth 2, a LDR movie on Netflix

In the face of this torrent of information, the inevitable happens. Ella kisses another boy, in front of Noah. The worst that could happen!

But before it gets to that point, here are the warning signs you can encounter from misinterpretations (and which are found in this LDR movies on Netflix, by the way):

  • Communication becomes toxic (if it still exists)
  • Your exchanges are much less frequent than before
  • Your feeling disappears like snow in the sun
  • Trust? Destroyed
  • You are brooding, considering only the worst possible scenarios
  • You hold a grudge: why should I be the only one to suffer?

Add to the equation someone you like and who shows interest in you…

Congrats! You’ve just ruined your long distance relationship. This is why interpretation is so dangerous…

Why communication is so vital

If you ask around about how to handle your LDR, everyone will tell you that communication is key.

And I totally agree.

But have you ever asked yourself why it’s so essential?

Go ahead, rack your brains, roll your eyes. I’ll give you a few seconds…

You didn’t find it?
Then I’ll tell you.

Because solid communication prevents interpretation from taking up any space.

You crush it like that mosquito that keeps you up at night, even before it has the idea to suck your blood.

These are my final recommendations if you want to avoid the tragic events of The Kissing Booth 2:

  • Your interpretations are likely to be wrong. Without asking the question, you won’t guess the correct answer. So argue. Put both feet in the dish to remove doubt
  • Put your ego aside
  • Tell the truth, always the truth, nothing but the truth
personal advice 3 learned in connection with LDR movies on Netflix
  • Meet your partner’s friends (even on video calls)
  • Talk about your emotions, your feelings, what’s on your mind
personal advice 4 learned in connection with LDR movies on Netflix

Follow these tips from LDR Movies on Netflix for a flawless LDR

I hope this article will help you prevent the problems that can arise in your long distance relationship, like that speeding ticket you discover one morning.

As you’ve read, most of them can be easily avoided.

Even if you’re a beginner. I’ve given you all the keys that will definitely close the door to the mess.

The biggest and most important danger is routine.
Because it is the only one that will come back, again and again. That’s why it has become our sworn enemy, on My Sweet LDR.

So arm yourself. Discover our two programs (the challenges but also the week) to lock the door, the day it arrives on your doorstep.

Boring of the routine ?

Download my 26 LDR Challenges and Activities

One idea done every week
= 6 months of activities

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