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How to talk dirty to my Long Distance Girlfriend: 87 texts

Are you looking to know how to talk dirty to your girlfriend from a distance?
You’ve come to the right place.

Sexual frustration is hard to handle because of the miles that separate you from your girlfriend and the time difference.
Even if there are more and more techniques and ways to fill this gap, there is one that remains timeless.

I’m talking about dirty messages, of course!

In this article, you will discover 87 examples of dirty things to say to your long distance girlfriend, in addition to the 5 golden rules to respect for a successful sexting. 

Enjoy reading!

this article is about sexuality

The advantages of sexting in long distance relationship

dirty things between phones

1) Staying together every day

All couples will tell you: routine and boredom hits one day or another. The dirty messages to send to your LDR girlfriend allow to break a little this routine and to keep the complicity which you created with your girlfriend at distance.

The pleasure of being able to share unique and special moments with your girlfriend will help your relationship (and your sexual frustration) feel better.

2) Make up for the lack of sex

LDR is synonymous with sexual abstinence. Lack of sex in long distance relationship is always a problem (especially if your love language is physical contact.

Sending dirty messages to your girlfriend fills that gap and helps you get over that urge to have sex.

3) It's good to anticipate the first time

If you have very little sexual experience or are a virgin, dirty messages can be the gateway to that new experience.

It’s a great way to get started and a terrifically effective way to deal with shyness:

  • You know in advance what your girlfriend likes and dislikes
  • You gain confidence in yourself and in your relationship
  • You increase the chances that your first sexual encounter in your LDR will go well.
  • Dirty texts give you the opportunity to discuss sensitive topics of conversation without embarrassment.

How to talk dirty to my long distance girlfriend: 5 golden rules to follow

The 5 rules to follow to know how to talk dirty to my long distance girlfriend

1) Start slowly, with less dirty talk

Context is everything. If you have a basic conversation and suddenly you send her a dirty message, it is very likely that your LDR girlfriend does not understand your intention.

Build up to a crescendo! Start with sexy but not dirty messages to shift the conversation to intimate relationships.

The idea is to take the temperature, to gauge your partner’s state of mind before accelerating.

2) Then go all out

When there is no more ambiguity, you should now go all out. When the temperature rises and your partner is hot, that’s when you should go for it.

I’ve listed over 30 dirty messages to send to your LDR girlfriend, further down in the article.
Feel free to use them. That’s what they’re there for.

advice for managing communication in a long-distance relationship

3) Use smileys to play on ambiguity

😏 🙃 ❤️ 👅 🍑 🍆 💦🔞 🔥 👙

We know them well!

It’s often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. It’s pretty much true. So if you feel like your messages are too ambiguous (especially to start those sexy conversations), add smileys!

Your messages will be more lively and more pleasant to read.

using smileys is useful to send better dirty messages

4) Know your long distance girlfriend well (in all aspects)

How to talk dirty to my long distance girlfriend without knowing her?
We agree, it is extremely complicated.

Your long distance girlfriend will be receptive to certain messages and not at all to others.

That’s why I divided the 87 examples of dirty messages into 6 different categories.

Then, over time, this won’t be a problem in your long distance relationship. You’ll get to know each other’s favorite body parts, positions, sexual habits and practices, and the best times to talk…

So yes, it’s a bit like a snake biting its own tail: you have to send dirty messages to your girlfriend to get to know her, while at the same time knowing her a little bit so as not to make any mistakes…
The main thing is to go gradually (especially at the beginning) and to take the temperature.

5) Always keep your precautions

Here is a list of tips that I recommend you to do to not take any risks:

  • Always use your personal (not business) phone
  • If you send nudes, make sure that no one can recognize you (face, mole, tattoo)
  • Make sure that the person you are chatting with is of age and consents
  • Limit the risk of Revenge Porn by sending messages that are deleted after they are opened (Snapchat and Instagram do this)
use an app dedicated to dirty things to say

15 sexy messages to increase pleasure

a man sends a dirty message to his girlfriend from a distance to increase the pleasure
  1. I touch myself thinking about you.


  2. I need your naked body now.


  3. I dreamed about you yesterday, now I can’t think of anything else but your body on mine.

  4. I’m in the shower, do you want pictures?


  5. I’ve had so many dirty thoughts today…you’ve inspired them all.


  6. I’m so excited to see you later.


  7. I thought about you in the shower this morning! I miss having you on top of me…


  8. If during our next video call you wear panties, you will be in trouble!


  9. I want you so much right now, when are you available for a naughty video call?

  10. I’m waiting in my room, I can’t stand it anymore. When are you going to call me?

  11. I can’t concentrate at work, I want you right now, right now.

  12. When I think of your boobs I go crazy!

  13. The picture you sent me is driving me crazy, this is going to be a loooong day.

  14. I want to rip off your clothes, one by one!

  15. Every night I use the underwear you left me, thinking about the last time we made love… I miss you, I want to fuck you now

11 examples of dirty messages of promises, fantasies and requests

a woman sends a dirty message to her boyfriend from a distance
  1. What is the naughtiest thing I can do to you tonight?

  2. Name a body part, and I’ll send you a picture of it. This offer is valid until tonight!

  3. Find a quiet place for the next 10 minutes, I want to kick it up a notch right now!

  4. What are your plans for tonight? Because if you want to turn me on like you did yesterday, I’ll say yes right now…

  5. I feel like I have a fever below my belly button… don’t you want to come check it out?

  6. I want to see you with little black stockings, on all fours, offered to me. All of you.

  7. If you fulfill my fantasy, I fulfill yours. This offer is valid until tonight. Midnight.

  8. If you’re not wise, you’ll get a spanking. If you’re wise, you’ll get several!

  9. Think of something dirty and I’ll do it tonight, I promise!

  10. If you give me what I want, I’ll be all yours and you’ll do what you WANT of me!

  11. If you guess the color of my underwear, tonight I will send you all the pictures you want!

9 romantic and dirty things to say to your long-distance girlfriend

a man sends a dirty and romantic message to his girlfriend in a long distance relationship
  1. Your prince wishes that your caresses transport him to intoxication

  2. Something will be different in my body when you see me next. It’s up to you to find it.

  3. I had a naughty dream yesterday… and guess who was missing?

  4.  If you FaceTime me now, you’re gonna like what you see!

  5. Your body has been haunting my thoughts since I got up… help me figure it out!

  6. Whether on the beach, in the mountains, in the forest or in the snow, I want our bodies to be one

  7. I’m wearing your favorite clothes, with your favorite perfume, your favorite jewelry and I’m in your favorite position… what are you waiting for?

  8. Have you ever seen 50 Shades of Grey? Do you want to re-enact some of the scenes?

  9. I haven’t gotten out of bed all day… and I think there’s a very good reason for that

How to talk dirty to my long distance girlfriend: 20 messages that get to the point

a woman has fun sending sex messages to her boyfriend because they are separated by thousands of miles
  1. I want to take you. Without it, I would die.

  2. Come merge your body with mine, I only dream of it.

  3. I want your hands sliding over my skin, your tongue rolling over my thighs and your fingers running quickly to their destination.

  4. When I say sex, desire, excitement, bathroom, what do you think of? I know it! I’m waiting for your video call in 2 minutes

  5. I want you to fuck with  me. Right now.

  6. When I see you again in your little dress and your big cleavage, I get a hard-on in less time than it takes to say it!

  7. My body hurts so much it stretches without being able to explode between your hands, between your thighs, between your breasts.

  8. Do you want no-limit sex? It’s right now!

  9. When I see you, I’ll rip off your clothes and kiss your whole sexy body.

  10. Guess what I’m thinking? Okay, I’ll give you a hint. It involves my tongue and you naked

  11. I have a secret. I’m watching a very dirty video online right now…

  12. You’re gonna scream my name tonight. Call me anytime you want

  13. If you were near me, you’d already be inside me!

  14. I’m completely naked. Want to know what I’m doing? Turn on your camera and let me turn you on.

  15. Distance or not I want you right now.

  16. Drop what you’re doing and come set me on fire. Porn video or hot text, I didn’t wait for you

  17. You’ve got two minutes to get me up on the curtain

  18. Do you know quick sex? Hurry up, I don’t have too much time!

  19. I miss feeling your hands on me, tearing my clothes and doing whatever you want with me

  20. Touch yourself and think of me. I want you to imagine that I’m fucking you

26 dirty things to say to your long-distance girlfriend

a woman has fun sending sex messages to her boyfriend because they are separated by thousands of miles
  1. I want you to suck me deep until you choke

  2. I want to see my penis disappear in your mouth

  3. Your tongue all over my body, I want more

  4. Take me, gently, brutally, sensually, wildly. Take me as you want. But take me.

  5. I want to take you and make you scream until we wake up your neighbors

  6. I’ve been watching porn videos this afternoon, I want to try everything with you and send you to 7th heaven

  7. I want every part of my body to penetrate yours and make you vibrate from the inside

  8. I want to fuck your pussy until you beg me to stop

  9. Tonight you are my bitch. You’re gonna bark so loud they’re gonna think I adopted a pet

  10. I want to fuck you in front of a mirror so I can see your face when you feel my penis enter your body

  11. I’ve never fucked anyone like I’m doing with you And it’s not going to stop believe me.

  12. I’m going to drain every last drop of cum out of you tonight. Send me your best pictures and videos!

  13. Even from thousands of miles away, I want to make you scream my name.

  14. I won’t stop this discussion until you see my cum

  15. Tonight you will not be allowed to cum until I tell you to. You won’t be able to move until I’m done with you tonight.

  16. Your pussy will be throbbing with total pleasure tonight.

  17. There’s something that makes me hard as a rock… it’s when you’re standing right on top of me when we’re kissing, with my cock going in and out

  18. I want to grab your tits and have you jerk me off all night. With them or with your mouth and hands.

  19. I love it when you show me your ass and your tits, I want to do everything with them

  20. I miss my head between your legs. I want to feel you wet

  21. I want you to make me come again and again and again and again

  22. I want to rub my big cock against your pussy

  23. I want you to get wet and play with my balls while I push my big cock all over your body.

  24. I want to bend you over and take you from behind, making you moan while I play with your clit.

  25. I want your tits in my mouth, to trace my tongue around your nipples and get you nice and wet.

  26. I want to bend you over and spank you for being such a dirty little slut.

6 last original and dirty things to say to your long-distance girlfriend

a woman in a LDR laughs at her boyfriend's dirty messages
  1. Desire. You. Bite. Ecstasy.

  2. I’m so hot that even the fire department couldn’t put me out. Ready for the challenge of a lifetime?

  3. I’ve lost my sexual appetite. Come and make me hungry again!

  4. Tonight for dessert, do you want cake or a treat? For me, treat! I’m watching the calories.

  5. Young man offers delicious appetizer to his stallion if she drops her Netflix series

  6. At school, I only want A. With you, I only want to F

Want to go further than talking dirty to your long distance girlfriend?

Sending dirty messages is the first step. You’ll soon realize that you can go further. That you still want more.

And that’s okay. There is nothing to worry about.

So I advise you to play naughty and sexy games with your LDR girlfriend.
It can be oral games, card games, question and answer games… there are many possibilities!

The last step is remote connected sex.

Technology is advancing rapidly and companies have been developing remote control sex toys for several years.

Madam has the sex toy, Mister controls it! No matter where you are in the world. This is what the company Lovense proposes with its latest product, the female sextoy Lush 3

If, on the contrary, it is the lady who wants to take control and give an orgasm to the man, the Max 2 is the sextoy you need!

Again, be sure you know your partner well and make sure they don’t mean you any harm.

Sex is an intrinsic human pleasure. Distance imposes frustration and difficulty, but nothing is insurmountable. If you have read this line, you are already on the right track.

Boring of the routine ?

Download my 26 LDR Challenges and Activities

One idea done every week
= 6 months of activities

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