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50 Sexting ideas for him in long distance (he will go crazy)

Not easy, huh? To come up with sexting ideas for him in a long distance relationship. Yet, most LDR couples send them. Since physical contact is not (yet) possible, alternative solutions must be found.

And sexting is an interesting way to fill the sexual frustration. Even if there are amazing connected sex toys or sex games to be done remotely, sexting remains a good way to transform your partner’s mood and quickly ignite a conversation.

In this article, you will discover :

  • 50 ideas of sextos to send him (romantic, sexy, ambiguous…)
  • The different types of naughty messages you can send
  • The mistakes not to make and all my advice to succeed in sexting.
  • What to do if your partner is not comfortable with them
  • The risks you take

Sexting and long-distance relationship: pros and cons

Before explaining the pros and cons of sexting in a long-distance relationship, it is good to recall the definition.

According to Wikipedia, a sext is « sending, receiving, or forwarding sexually explicit messages, photographs, or videos, primarily between cell phones, of oneself to others. »

In concrete terms, it is the sending of a message (written or visual) of a sexual nature with the aim of exciting the person to whom it is sent.

The three types of sexting

1) The text
This is the one that appeared first. Long before the arrival of cell phones! The first ones were in the form of love letters and appeared hundreds of years ago.
Today we are more used to sending and receiving them with instant messaging applications, such as Snapchat, Instagram or Messenger.

2) The photo (or nude)
Here, the written side is not the priority. It is the visual that counts. Sexting in the form of a photo is more engaging but also more exciting.
You discover someone taking a subjective posture, or in sexy clothes … This form of sexting leaves less room for imagination but makes things concrete.

3) Voice messages
Recently appeared, voice messages are still quite rare. Couples in long distance relationships rarely use it. It is more reserved for sex professionals, such as camgirls.

Now let’s go over the pros and cons of sexting for him in a long distance relationship. And you’ll see, there are more pros than cons!

The advantages of sexting in a long distance relationship

There are 4 big advantages of sexting in your LDR:

1) Sexting keeps the desire alive

Among the reasons that drive a married couple to divorce are two:

  • Distance in the relationship, lack of physical intimacy
  • The absence of romantic intimacy, of love

Sexting keeps the flame alive.
They allow you to say to your partner « You always make me want to, I’m always attracted to you, no matter how many miles there are between us ».

a woman sends naughty messages to her boyfriend who is at a distance

2) They build trust in a LDR couple

When you send a message to someone, it no longer becomes private.
There is always the risk that the person you are communicating with will disclose it.

Sending sext messages is about trusting your partner. It’s telling him or her in a way other than words, « I trust you enough to send you extremely private and intimate messages or photos. »

3) They help you get to know your partner better, sexually

Sending sext messages in a long-distance relationship is getting ahead of the game. When you’re together, you’ll already know what he likes, and what he doesn’t like.

Because they’re not just messages: they allow you to talk about and discuss sensitive or intimate topics. Your sexual habits, your preferences, your fantasies… In fact, sending naughty messages to each other is like studying theory before moving on to practice.

4) They fight against sexual frustration despite the long distance

If you have started a long distance relationship, it is because you don’t suffer too much from sexual frustration. But as I always say: we are all human beings. With desires, cravings and urges.

Sometimes knowing that you won’t see your loved one again for months can be a real downer.
Sex (as we understand it) is physically impossible and you have to be patient. Sexting is like a walking stick.

my first personal advice to be sexually fulfilled at a distance and not to be frustrated in a long distance relationship

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The risks of sexting for him in long distance

There are always advantages and disadvantages. In the case of sending intimate messages, there is only one disadvantage. But it is significant. I think you already know what I’m talking about.

1) You take the risk that your messages or photos become public

Yes, this is a reality. Every time you send a message or a picture, there is the possibility that it will become public.

The moment you send a message or photo to someone, it is no longer private. And you lose control of its distribution.

You don’t believe me? Read this:

I am sure that it has already happened to you once: one of your friends or a simple acquaintance reads you the messages that his partner has sent him. To get an opinion, to share an anecdote, to make fun of… whatever the reason.

When it doesn’t happen to me personally, I see it around me. It’s a reality.

The last time, it was in a restaurant in Paris. I was with Kyomi. Two women in their thirties were discussing the reactions of a man who wasn’t giving much news.
One of the two women literally scrolled on her phone to go back several months in the past.


Fortunately, there are many ways to avoid this problem. Here are a few:

  • Use an app that automatically deletes messages and notifies you if a screenshot is taken.
  • Give and take: If you send pictures, ask for them back. It’s a way to defend yourself
  • Don’t be identifiable on your photos: you have a tattoo, a mole that characterizes you? Don’t let it show
  • Make sure you know your partner before you start sexting. If you’ve never made a simple video call, for example, don’t start. Take your time!

Here’s an interesting article that covers this topic in more depth.

Now you know the risks, and how to prevent them. Let’s get down to business! What’s a good sext for him in a long distance relationship?

How to send amazing sexting?

« What if my partner reacts badly? »

« I never know when it’s the right time »

« I don’t know how to be subtle »

Do you have any of these doubts? Don’t panic.

Here are 6 tips I recommend you apply if you want to spend an intimate moment with your partner from a distance without taking risks.

a woman is excited by the sextos that her boyfriend sent her from a distance

1) Send your sext at the right time

1) Send your sext at the right time

Before thinking about the content, ask yourself the question of timing. What do you think is better: a Tuesday morning when your partner is focused because he’s in the middle of an important meeting, or Friday night when the weekend starts and the pressure of the week is off?

The more you know about his schedule, the more you’ll know when it’s best to start sexualizing the conversation.

my second personal tip for sexting at the right time in a LDR

2) Make sure your LDR partner will be receptive

This is definitely the most frightening thing about LDR cuts. And even if you waited for a certain day and time of day, the result is not always guaranteed.

First of all, don’t be direct! Take the temperature little by little with ambiguous phrases, which have a double meaning.
You’ll know right away if your boyfriend is playing along!

Later in this article, I propose you a list of 50 sexting ideas for him in long distance relationship. 7 of them are ambiguous, and therefore perfect for playing this role.

3) Think about the objective of your message before sending it

Satisfy a sexual frustration?
Make sure the desire is still there?

Your approach and the words you use should be different and should be tailored to what you want.

Take a few seconds to think about this question: why do you want to sexualize this conversation?
By doing this, you will be less likely to come across as weird or worse; make your partner feel uncomfortable.

4) What body part do boys and girls prefer?

Everyone is different. But overall, here are the body parts that men and women prefer. If you’re sending pictures, this information will be invaluable.

Women prefer :Men prefer :
  • Upper body: abs, arms and shoulders, pecs
  • Face: eyes, mouth, hair

Source of the study here.

  • Face: hair and eyes
  • The buttocks
  • Legs
  • Chest

Source of the study here.

my third personal tip for exciting sexting for men and women in a long distance relationship

5) Human beings are turned on by words

Reading a simple message can change our mood or speed up our heart. Keep it simple and don’t think too hard before sending a sext (except the very first one, that’s the most important!).

At the end of this article, I’ve listed 50 examples of sexting ideas for him in a long distance relationship.
There are some to start with, some ambiguous, some romantic, and some to ignite the discussion.

6) Spelling counts

Pay attention to your spelling when sending naughty, erotic messages.
If you write like a 6 year old, you’ll break the spell you’ve taken so long to create in seconds

My partner is not comfortable with sexting: what to do

First of all, don’t force him/her.

We are all different and we all have a different approach to sex. Sexting is no exception to the rule!

What I advise you to do is to discuss with your LDR boyfriend or girlfriend to understand why he or she is not comfortable.

Usually (and as you’ve read before), it’s because of the risk of messages or photos being revealed to the public.
So gain his/her trust! Prove to him/her that he can trust you 100% and that you won’t betray him.

there is no point in sexting if you don't have the trust of the other person in a long distance relationship

Here’s what you can do to reassure your boyfriend or girlfriend:

  1. Promise not to keep anything

No screenshots, no copy/paste, nothing! Give him your word.
The basis of a long distance relationship is communication and honesty!

  1. Use Snapchat

There are a lot of advantages to using Snapchat instead of another application. The messages disappear! There are no traces, and therefore no risks for your reputation. Everything is ephemeral.
You will also be warned in case of screenshot (if he does not respect his word).

  1. Go gradually

If your first message is a picture of you completely naked and you ask for the same thing, all you’re going to get is an argument!
Read the « How to send a good sext » part earlier in this article and follow the rules I gave you. Then, go gradually.
Start with clothed photos. Why not a video call. Then softs sexting (I give you examples at the end of the article).

Keep in mind that you have to gain your partner’s trust.

sexting for LDR couples is like a meal
  1. Don’t send pictures of yourself

Sexting is putting your reputation on the line. A great way to get around this is to send sexting that doesn’t engage anyone.

Let me explain: you can start by sending gifs, memes, charm photos or even drawings.

Nothing will bind you to it. So you don’t take any risks. And between you and me, it’s a great way to transition to real sexting (especially if you’re in the beginning of your long distance relationship).

50 examples of sexting for him in a long distance relationship

I now offer 50 sexting ideas for him in a long distance relationship. Some are great for starting the topic. Others are a bit more mysterious, ambiguous… and finally the last part goes straight to the point!

To start the subject

  1. I’m under my blanket but I’m so cold! Give me a minute to put on a shirt!

  2. I’m watching a video of a man who looks a lot like you (attach an explicit video of a very handsome man strutting around, so your boyfriend will be flattered)

  3. What are you wearing? I want to picture you

  4. Guess the color of my underwear

  5. This song turns me on so much. (after sending him music)

  6. Tonight you decide! What outfit should I sleep in tonight? (sending her pictures)

  7. I don’t know why, but I can’t stop looking at your pictures. I can’t wait to kiss your lips!

  8. I’m bored tonight… I don’t know what to do with… Do you have any good ideas for me?

  9. I have a promise for you: I promise to always be there for you. Yes, I will always be by your side. Or on you… But it’s the same thing!

  10. If we were still in the flirting phase, what would you say to me to hit on me?

Romantic sexting ideas for him in long distance relationship

a woman in a long distance relationship is lying down and sexting her boyfriend
  1. I would like you to be with me right now.

  2. I can’t help but think that we’d both be so much happier if we were together in my bed.

  3. I hope you’re not too tired 😉 😉 I’m in great shape and have some free time 😉 😉

  4. I’m in my bath, I just wanted to tell you that I’m thinking about you…

  5. We haven’t seen each other for [X days]. You can’t imagine the state I’m in. You might be surprised!

  6. I want to put my head on your chest, and my lips on your neck

  7. I can’t wait to feel your hands all over my body.

  8. If you guess the color of my underwear, tonight I’ll do a striptease.

  9. You are a real work of art. You arouse all my senses and give me pleasure like no other.

  10. I just need you to hold me tight, to be one with you. I want to smell your masculine scent and embrace you, never to let you go again.

  11. My lips are burning because I have a deep and uncontrollable need to tell you I love you and I want you.

  12. I can’t get enough of your gaze, your gentle caresses and your fiery kisses. All this is the definition of happiness for me.

  13. I am imagining all the things I could do to you if you were here. I know that I have the ability to fulfill all your fantasies. Too bad you are so far away!

  14. I miss you! I want to feel you against me. I need your soft and wild caresses, at the same time. I have a deep desire to connect sexually with you, forgetting about the rest of the world. You obsess my thoughts and my heart beats fast, when you get close to me.

  15. Last night I needed you so much. I wanted you, longed for you and imagined you near me. I wanted to feel your skin against mine, your soft hand on my face and the warmth of your kisses. You turn me on so much.

Ambiguous sexting ideas for him in a long distance relationship

  1. My hands are busy, but they took a break to send you this message

  2. I’d like to have an opinion on one of my pictures… Do you have enough time to give me your opinion 😉

  3. I had a dream about you last night, but I can’t tell you what it was… 😉

  4. I want your hands on me. I’ll let you guess where.

  5. I had a particularly strange and intimate dream yesterday. And guess what I was doing to you?

  6. This morning, in my shower, I thought very hard about you…

  7. Guess what’s going through my mind right now? I’ll give you a hint: you’ll be shaking!

Sexting memories (my favorites)

a man sends naughty messages and sext messages to his girlfriend from a distance
  1. I really loved feeling you inside me.

  2. I think back to all the times we made love… it was just too good. I want more.

  3. I see you again with your sexy underwear, I can’t wait to see you again.

  4. When I think back to the last time we were in bed, I still get chills in my stomach. And lower…

  5. I can still hear your moans from last night, I’m disturbed, I want to make you scream again.

  6. Do you remember when we [Tell a story]? I’d love to do it again!

Sexting to set him on fire

metaphor of sexting and the excitement it brings in a long distance relationship
  1. I really want to suck on a candy bar or … something else.

  2. My legs are spread, they are just waiting for one thing.

  3. Send me a picture! Of course I would prefer something a little…daring!

  4. It’s too hot in my room, I have to take off my clothes. Do you want to come with me?

  5. I managed to get ice all over my body. If only someone would lick me.

  6. I really want to enjoy myself. Do you want to give me a hand?

  7. How much do you want to make love to me and feel the warmth of my hands on your body?

  8. Imagine me naked and touching myself… because that’s what I’m doing right now.

  9. I want to lick you all over, all night long!

  10. I want to eat you alive … literally!

  11. I want to be spanked… I’ve been a bad girl and I need to be taught a lesson!

  12. I want to go over every inch of your body and make you quiver. But without letting you reach orgasm… Pure torture.

Even at a distance, it is possible to have sexual fulfillment

I wouldn’t have said that a decade ago. Today, it is largely possible.

When an ocean separates us from the person we love, the physical lack can be difficult to fill. Touching, caressing, loving is not possible.

Fortunately, we live in the early 21st century.

Sexting is the gateway to sexual fulfillment. They allow to fill the frustrations and to create desire.

Simple messages can transform your long-distance relationship

So go for it!

If you all agree and trust each other, don’t deprive yourself of all these sensations.

And if you want to go further, there are even connected sex toys that allow your partner to take control of it, no matter where they are in the world. You can read my full review here of one of the best models on the market.

Boring of the routine ?

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