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16 naughty and sexy games for Couples in Long Distance Relationships

They’ve never told you, but they’ve all wondered! I’m talking about your friends and their interest in… your sex life. Don’t you miss the sex? How do you make up for that lack? Are there any sexy games for couples in long distance relationships?

Believe me or not, but these are questions that a lot of people ask themselves.

Generally, when someone close to you says, « I couldn’t be in a long distance relationship, » it’s because the physical lack would be too much to bear.

And physical lack also includes sex.

If your love language is « Physical Touch », it’s even harder.

But does difficult mean impossible?
Are LDR couples doomed to not thrive sexually?

If you’re a regular reader, you know I have my own thoughts on the matter.

One of the best ways to avoid this lack is to vary your activities and break the routine in your couple.

Because there’s nothing more frustrating than feeling your heart speed up, pursing your lips with your teeth while thinking of all kinds of erotic scenarios.

That’s what I’m proposing you to discover now.

In this article, I’m going to give you 16 sexy games for couples in long distance relationships.
Some of them you’ve already done, but most of them you’re going to discover (especially the 16th one, which might surprise you with its simplicity!).

Let’s go.

This article is intended for mature and informed readers.

Always keep in mind that any personal information you share on the internet can become public.
Don’t send anything intimate if you don’t trust your partner.

1) Lovense connected sex toys

Let’s start strong with my favorite idea.

How about making your partner shiver with pleasure, making her cling to her sheets so hard she’d forget the distance between you for a few minutes?

Among the dozens of connected and remotely controllable sex toys that can be found online, there is one brand that puts a 100 meters to all others.

I’m talking about Lovense.

Its creator had the idea in the early 2000s to market remote controllable sex toys because he himself was in an LDR.
Since then, the brand has become internationally known and sales are in the hundreds of thousands.

They offer ranges for men and women and each of their products has been thought for two types of customers:

  • Camgirls, so that their users can take control of their toy
  • Couples in long-distance relationships, so that they can enjoy sex no matter where they are in the world.

The product they are most proud of?

The Lush 3, their best-selling product that has made them world famous in just a few years.

personal advice that helps couples in long distance relationships to choose a sextoy

Let’s move on to card games, which you can easily find on Amazon.

2) The card game "Why don't we?" Spice it up version

To create a stronger bond with your partner and at the same time spice up your relationship, you can play a card game
Smirks and sexual tension are guaranteed!

It’s the perfect kind of game for adults to spend a romantic evening away while having fun in complete privacy.

The 150 cards of « Why Don’t We? » give your couple the opportunity to get to know each other intimately and on all levels…

There are several levels (mild, medium, spicy) of questions to connect deeply with each other or to warm up the atmosphere. The choice is yours!

See on Amazon

$30.00 – 185 reviews – 4.2/5

3) Dirty Minds" card game, the healthiest of all unhealthy games

Have you ever wondered if you have a twisted mind?

You’ll get sweaty hands playing this game!

For the answer, I suggest Dirty Minds: The world’s cleanest dirty game.

It’s a 112 card game where the goal is to find a specific word with the help of 5 clues.

It’s the kind of game that keeps bachelor or bachelorette parties busy, but it’s also perfect for long-distance couples.

Play with your LDR partner and see how suggestive clues will lead to the most innocent answers.

A twisted humor card game for twisted people!
Not for everyone…

See on Amazon

$10.99 – 1821 reviews – 4,5/5

Online and sexy games for couples in long distance relationships

4) Strip poker

Even if you’ve never played it, you’ve heard of it or seen it in the movies (like in Out of Time, for example).

It’s idea #42 in my ultimate guide to long distance activities with your partner.
Strip poker!

The basic idea is simple:
You play online with your partner, and instead of losing your stake in each game, you lose… an item of clothing.

There are as many rules and variations as there are players in the world… if you don’t know anything about it, don’t panic! I found a great article that summarizes the rules.

Then all you have to do is make a video call, log in to Lipoker and invite your partner.

Simple, fast and you don’t even have to register. I haven’t found a better free platform than Lipoker.

Now it’s up to you to bluff well and hide your game to stay dressed as long as possible…

5) Reveal your worst secrets with the "I have never ever" game

I love this game for three reasons:

  • It allows you to learn more about your partner’s intimacy (and to ask questions you would never have dared to ask)
  • You’ll have the most fun you’ve ever had while getting each other excited and spicing up your long-distance relationship
  • You’ll want to jump into your partner’s arms and have a hot night


If you’ve ever been to a drunken party, you probably know this game.

Here are the rules:
You have to start a sentence with the words « I have never » and end your sentence with something you have never done.

For example:

  • « I have never had sex with a person of the same sex as me »
  • « I’ve never masturbated to one of your pictures »


If your partner has already done this, then he or she should drink or make a pledge.
It’s up to you to adapt it as you wish!

The only important rule to follow is that the person saying the « I have never ever » must have never done what they say.

Here’s a really cool article where you can find some dirty phrase ideas.

6) Sexy games for couples in long distance relationships: Watching p0rn together

Am I wrong if I say that you have ever watched porn?

I think not. Or if you haven’t, close this page and go back to what you were doing!

I won’t go on and on about this: I think you know where to find such videos and how to have fun with your partner 😉

personal advice that helps couples in long-distance relationships to play naughty games

Oral and sexy games for couples in long distance relationships

7) The camgirl game

I discovered this idea while wandering around on Reddit. If you like role-playing and the dominant and dominated side, you’ll like it!

Here’s how to do it:

  • One of you pretends to be a camgirl (or camwhore).
  • The other will have to turn off his camera and can only give written instructions to the other.
  • The person in the role of the camgirl will touch herself and will have to do whatever is asked of her.


People who have played this long-distance sex game say that it is absolutely exciting and fun, especially if you play along.

Your partner refuses to comply?
Tell him/her that you want your money’s worth and that you’ll give him/her a bad name!

Or on the contrary, that there will be an extra ticket waiting for him at the end of the show.

8) Sexy games for couples in long distance relationships: The erection game

For this long distance couple sex game idea #8, you’ll need at least one man in your relationship.

Here, the game is competitive: it’s you against your partner!

  • The objective is simple: the man must not have an erection.
  • The other person in the couple will have to do everything to give him one.


All means are allowed:
Take a sensual voice, make an erotic FaceTime, show videos or photos of sexual nature, reveal yourself in front of him…

Get him excited!
You must feel that he is losing control and that the power is in your hands.

A simple game on the surface, but it can quickly take an erotic and sensual turn.
In addition to the laughter, it will give you the opportunity to get to know your partner better and find out what turns him on the most.

The next game is the opposite of the first, but just as much fun!

9) Who will reach the 7th heaven first?

This game is just as fun as the previous one and will give you chills!
This is the perfect opportunity to put your seductive and attractive powers to work.

Make each other happy: the winner is the first to have an orgasm.

All tricks are allowed: videos, photos, subjective poses, body parts revealed…

Once again, make a video call for even more carnal pleasure and feel the fusion of your two bodies.

10) The sexual game of questions / answers

  • Don’t want to get caught up in coming up with original ideas?
  • You don’t feel confident enough to put your webcam on?
  • You still want to spend intimate and intense moments with your partner from a distance?

The question and answer game will suit you perfectly.

Here are the rules:

  • You start by masturbating together.
  • Take turns asking each other questions (sexual or not).
  • When one of you gives a wrong answer, you must stop pleasuring yourself.



You can perfectly use one of my LDR Ebooks to get directly 365 questions thought for couples in long distance relationship.

Sexy games with messages for LDR couples

11) Sexting

This is usually the first sex game that LDR couples play. Without even realizing it!

Sexual messages are effective. Whether you are long distance or not.

Sending simple messages to each other can quickly lighten the mood and change your mood in an instant.

Sexting is in my opinion the best possible transition to make your partner naughty at a distance.

Don’t hesitate to go through apps that offer to delete your messages after a few seconds or after reading them once.
Snapchat, Instagram or Messenger offer this kind of service.

Once you are more confident, you can move on to the next point. This is the logical step after sexting.

12) Sexy games for couples in long distance relationships: Send each other nudes

If the sexting goes well, you can take it to the next level by sending pictures.

Much more telling, much more visual, and most importantly the feeling of having exclusivity.

This way, you are sure and certain to please your partner and excite her, even from a distance.

If you are in a relationship (long distance or not), it is because you are physically and mentally attracted to your partner. And it’s the same for him!

So make him dream by sending him intimate pictures. He will only want to take a plane ticket to join you!

personal advice that helps couples in long-distance relationships not to take risks by sending intimate photos

13) The Photo Album Challenge

I already talked about this idea in my program « 7 days to break the routine ». Since it has already been enjoyed by thousands of long-distance couples, I offer it here. It was created by me.

If you have any of these problems:

  • You are sexually frustrated
  • You are tired of doing the same sexual things from a distance.
  • You can’t afford to invest in « gadgets ».
  • You are running out of new ideas to spice up your intimate relationship.


The Photo Album Challenge is for you:

  1. Think of 5 or 10 staging ideas.

This could, for example, include the presence of an object, seeing a certain part of the body, wearing a certain type of clothing, being in a specific place, being in a certain position…)

  1. Send this list to your partner

  2. Set a deadline for each photo

  3. Make a video call to discover each other’s photos.


A few tips:

  • With sending photos like this, you put your trust in your partner’s hands. Be sure you know him!
  • You can decide in DM on Instagram (or Snapchat) whether each photo can be viewed once, twice, or an infinite number of times. You will also be notified in case of a screenshot.
  • If you don’t like some of the pictures, you can put jokers
  • At no time should your partner impose something on you: if you don’t want to, don’t.


Let’s move on to mobile apps for finding sex games.

This part was not easy to write because most of them are not adapted to couples in long distance relationships.

I’m going to tell you about 2 applications that will warm up the temperature of your room !

Mobile Apps

14) Kindu

Kindu is an application that will appeal to couples in long distance relationships. It gives you the possibility to discuss discreetly (and securely) your fantasies and intimate topics.

After installing it, you have to connect your account with your partner’s account so that your exchanges remain private.

Then, the application proposes you all kinds of activities: questions, sexy challenges, your point of view on some fantasies…

In a crescendo way, the more you will play and the more Kindu will propose you personal questions and which go into intimacy.

For couples who live far away from each other, it is an excellent way to get new ideas, to spend intimate moments from a distance or to imagine a naughty evening for your next reunion.

Download it on Android
Download it on the App Store

15) iPassion

For the last point of this article, I found a really cool app for couples in long distance relationships who want to spend a naughty moment together.

Here’s the premise:

  • The application asks you questions: you have to answer them honestly.
  • The same questions will then be asked to your partner and your partner will have to guess your answers.
  • The more you guess your partner’s answers, the more points you earn which will unlock the next levels. Each one is more and more intimate and will raise the temperature…


It’s a good way to get to know your couple better while having a naughty evening.

iPassion gives you the possibility to talk about sexual topics without fear or discomfort.

As for Kindu, iPassion is a secure application. You have to connect both your accounts (yours and your partner’s from a distance) to start playing.
It’s always more reassuring that way!

Download it on Android
Download it on the App Store

Adrian's bonus sexy game for LDR couples

16) One word = One outfit less

This sex game idea is not mine. It was told to me by one of my readers. And if it is in this list, it is because I found it really interesting!

Its particularity is that it is a « passive » game. That is, you can play another game from this list in addition to this one.

Here are the rules:

  • Define among yourselves a list of forbidden words to say.
  • When one of you says that word, he or she must make a pledge or take off an item of clothing


And… that’s it!

This is a great way to get you and your partner progressively aroused and having a hot time.

personal advice that helps LDR couples to play naughty games

It's possible to have sexual fulfillment from a distance

I wouldn’t have said that 10 years ago.

But technology is evolving so fast.

Today, we can make free video calls. We have connected sex toys. We have free resources easily found online. The pornography market is still growing.

Of course, anything you do online will be different and certainly less intense than when you’re together in bed.
To say otherwise would be to lie to you.

But is that an excuse to do nothing and suffer from a lack of sexual activity?

Of course not.

So take action!

Take your phone, and send a message to your partner when you miss him.
Choose one (or more) of the games on this list together and make your next FaceTime unforgettable.

If I had to recommend only one item from this list, it’s the first.

Connected sex toys are amazing.
They could quickly become indispensable in your long-distance relationship (especially those that offer superior quality, like the Lovense brand).

Don’t think your partner doesn’t suffer from lack of sexual activity.

We are all human.

Boring of the routine ?

Download my 26 LDR Challenges and Activities

One idea done every week
= 6 months of activities

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