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Lovense Sex Machine Review: is it worth it? [2023]

I don’t need to introduce them anymore. For over 10 years, Lovense outperforms its competitors as much on the quality of their products as on their reputation, which has become worldwide.

I’ll show you in this Lovense Sex Machine Review.

It is to connected pleasure objects what Apple is to phones.

Every time they release a new product, fans go crazy.

Every time, I think « Wow, they really set the bar high. They won’t be able to surprise me again, it’s impossible! »

The last time I had this thought was for the Lush 3.

Until I discovered their latest creation. This is clearly their most ambitious project.

No more « simple » connected sextoy.

The #1 brand in the field has hit harder.



Now you have access to a real war machine.

A compendium of new technologies that it took years to implement.

Review of Lovense's sex machine

I present the Lovense Sex Machine

I know what kind of face you have behind your screen.

I had the same one when I discovered this intriguing and incredible machine.

And I know you have dozens of questions:

  • How does it work?
  • Is it suitable for long-distance couples?
  • Is it really effective?
  • Is it remotely controllable?
  • Where to buy it and at what price?

You will know everything.

In this article, I propose you a Lovense Sex Machine Review.

When you finish it, you will have all the necessary and useful knowledge in your possession to know if yes or no, the latest Lovense is made for you.

Let’s go!

Table of Contents

Why use the Lovense Sex Machine in your Long Distance Relationship (or your couple/for you) ?

1) To go even further than connected sex toys

Connected sex toys are a great invention for couples (and especially for long-distance couples!).

Whether you’re a man or a woman, you need to indulge your desires and fantasies. It’s nature, and it’s not going to change.

As you already know, the big advantage of a sex machine compared to pleasure objects is the sensations they provide.

Yes, Lovense’s sex toys are great value for money (and can even give you more powerful orgasms than those given by your partner).

But the power of connected objects is correlated to their size.

The Lovense Sex Machine is not portable, discreet or all-purpose.
This is one of its flaws (I talk about it later in this test).

On the other hand, its big advantage is its power. You have to have tested it to know what I mean!

There is clearly a « before » and an « after » its first use.

Here, I am talking about pure and intense pleasure. A pleasure that connected sex toys are far from matching.

2) To let your partner take control from a distance

It’s essential to think of yourself. It’s even better to think about him.

I’m already spoiling you, but you can control this machine with your smartphone.

No more intimate solo moments where everyone takes pleasure on their own.

The Lovense Sex Machine allows you to feel sensations exactly as your partner imagines.
It is he who leads the dance, no matter where he is in the world.

The duration, intensity, rhythm variations, positions … everything is adjustable for your pleasure (and also his).

If the Lovense Sex Machine is already used by many professional camgirls, it is not for nothing!

3) To break the sexual routine

Sometimes I wonder how Piqué could cheat on Shakira. We’re talking about Shakira!!! An international star known for her breathtaking wiggle.

The answer lies in one word: routine

Whether you have casual or daily sex, routine strikes at all levels.

The Lovense Sex Machine lets you explode routine with the snap of a finger. It unlocks possibilities and ideas you never would have thought of before.

Will it speed up?
Slow down?
What position does he want to do?
How long?
What type of sextoy does he want to use?
What shape?

The fact that your partner can control this device creates a continuous surprise effect.

It’s a very powerful gadget. Your sex, whether real or virtual, will never be the same again. And it’s not just me who says it: it’s the users.

You know what pleasure and gifts have in common?
Giving them is as enjoyable as receiving them.

Lovense and sex machine: Who and what is it?

Note : I was not paid to write this test of the Lovense Sex Machine. My opinion will remain subjective and I will address the good and the bad sides. I will never recommend to my readers a product that I think is bad.

Lovense brand: the Apple of intimacy!

logo lovense

Lovense is to sex toys what Apple is to smartphones. They were the first to market high-end products of a new kind.

Every year they get prestigious awards and distinctions from different magazines like Forbes.

If you know anyone who is interested in the world of this kind of gadget, ask them if they know this brand.
The answer will always be the same.

When I am interested in a company, I always ask about its creator. About their values, their background and their history…

I was enormously reassured when I read that Dan Liu had been in a long distance relationship.

He knows what he is talking about. He himself has been through the problems he is solving with Lovense.

In my opinion, that’s why he takes his customers’ opinions so much into consideration.

When they released their first product in 2013, it could control itself through the Skype app!
10 years later, they have outperformed all their competitors and are #1 in the connected pleasure object market.

Its latest baby: the Lovense Sex Machine

image of the presentation of the article "lovense sex machine review"

As I told you in the introduction, the brand Lovense wanted to aim higher.

After an undeniable success in marketing connected sex toys like the Lush 3 for women, or the Max 2 for men, they decided to go further in the pleasure and offer this time a more powerful object that reproduces the sensation of penetration of a penis

The first sex machines appeared in the mid-2010s.
Lovense waited until 2022 to market its own.

It was voluntary: they preferred to take their time, make many tests, ask the opinion of camgirls and experienced people to offer a state-of-the-art version.

You find the features common to sex machines: sensation of penetration, different speeds, many possible positions … with the expertise and quality Lovense more.

Of course, all the features found on their connected pleasure objects are also included in the sex machine (remote control, pattern, Lovense Remote application …)

So what is the Lovense Sex Machine?

Is it really a must-have to improve your sex life and reach new levels of orgasms?

That’s what the brand promises, and that’s what we’ll see right now!

Lovense Sex Machine is made in South Korea

Who is the Lovense Sex Machine for?

  • You can use it alone for masturbation

  • In couple (heterosexual or homosexual)

  • For men and women

  • For your long-distance relationship (you can leave the controls to your partner through the Lovense Remote app, no matter where he is in the world)

  • Camgirls who want to please their Internet users

  • People who are tired of connected sex toys and are looking for a new experience

  • People who want to play sex games connected on computer or phone

  • People who already have a Lovense product and want to synchronize their objects of pleasure.

You must have many questions.

Here’s what you’ll find out in the rest of this Lovense Sex Machine Review:

  • The delivery and packaging
  • The contents of the package
  • The features and characteristics of the sex machine
  • Its power, discretion, sensations and hidden features
  • Its application, its connectivity and its control through a smartphone (no matter where you are in the world)
  • Why it outperforms its competitors
  • My personal opinion and its final rating
  • All useful links

Let’s get started!

Lovense Sex Machine Review: a discreet sending as a secret agent

Lovense has made a point of it. He is committed to confidentiality and discretion and knows how embarrassing it can be to know what’s in a package without even opening it.

The packaging is more than normal.

From the outside, it looks like any other package and it is impossible to know what is inside.

No one will know the contents of your package but you.

The discretion is present on the package and on the bank statement when you order a lovense sex machine

What about shipping? Is it fast?

It takes between 2 and 7 working days (business days).

It depends on your country.

Here are some examples:

  • USA : 3 to 6 days
  • European Union: 3 to 6 days
  • Canada : 2 to 4 days
  • Eastern Europe : 5 to 7 days
  • Asia : 2 to 5 days
  • Latin America : 3 to 6 days
  • Australia : 2 to 4 days
you can track your package online

The contents

That’s it: you have received your package. Beyond its imposing aspect, the box is modern and very pleasant visually:

Here is what you will discover inside:

  • Lovense Sex Machine
  • Storage bag
  • User manual
  • Assembly instructions
  • Two dildos in silicon (135mm and 160mm)
  • Hardwired dial controller
  • Adapter
package contents

There’s even a storage bag that’s extremely handy if you don’t like clutter at home!

body, bag, buttons, cables, dildos

Lovense Sex Machine Review: Let's talk about the theory (before the practice)

Now that the Lovense Sex Machine is assembled and ready to use, I’ll give you all the technical characteristics to know before using it.

Before going to the practice, let’s make a theoretical point.

I will describe its dimensions, its weight and the techniques to know to use 100% of its potential.

As I said, this is the new latest generation product from Lovense, released in 2022 after years of research and development.

And that is more than reassuring!

Dimensions and weight of the Lovense Sex Machine

Once assembled, the total height of the Lovense Sex Machine is 17.72 in (45cm) for a length of 15.98 in (40.6cm).

The 2 dildos that come with the machine have 2 different sizes: 5,43in (13,8cm) and 6,3in (16cm) and are made of pleasant and safe materials for the human body (silicone).

You can better understand the dimensions with the image below:


The total weight is 27,6lb (12,5kg).

This may seem heavy to you, but this is what keeps the Lovense Sex Machine stable, even when used at maximum power.

Body of the Lovense Sex Machine

The body is the most technological part of the Lovense Sex Machine. It is made of solid metal with a plastic finish to prevent injury.


Its power supply is electric and its charger plugs into a standard electrical outlet.

The power cable also gives you room and space since it measures 8’9″ (240cm).

What about the storage bag?

The storage bag measures 21 x 16.5 x 7.5 in (54 x 42 x 19cm), which is more than enough to store the machine and all its accessories.

Good news: you get a one-year manufacturer's warranty

Lovense guarantees all its products for 1 year!

Whether it is the body of the machine, a cable or the electronic system, the company will provide you with a tailor-made solution and will replace your machine at its expense.

returns are easy, fast and inexpensive

Be careful though, there are some rules to modify, and here they are. You can also consult them directly on Lovense’s website (at the bottom of the homepage > « Warranty ».

What informations is required ?

  • Product serial number (located on the packaging)

  • Proof of purchase including the order number, purchase date, and location (website or store name)

  • Defect description

  • Proof of defect in the form of a picture or video

What is not covered by the warranty ?

This warranty excludes any defects or damage arising from the product being used other than in the manner it was intended (as indicated in the product user manual), normal wear and tear, commercial use, lack of appropriate maintenance, inadequate installation, negligence and damages caused by abusive use, accident, modifications, or unauthorized repairs.

If you would like to have more information about the warranty, I invite you to consult the FAQ on their website

Assembly is done in a few minutes

When you take the Lovense Sex Machine out of its packaging, you may think that it will be difficult and tedious to assemble it.

Good news: not at all!

Watch in hand, it will take you about 10 minutes to assemble it.

Everything is simple and intuitive.

It’s a bit like building a Lego box but for adults! Just follow the instructions in the assembly manual included in your package.

And even if you have difficulties, I have found written or video assembly guides.

> See the assembly manual of the Lovense Sex Machine

> See the official installation video of Lovense

> See a customer installation video below :

Personally, I recommend the Lovense video.

It is clear, precise and only takes a few minutes. It’s a guarantee that you won’t have to worry about it.

I also found you the user manual in PDF format. Very useful if you want to get to the point and know all the details of this technological monster.

> Online user guide on the official website of Lovense

> User’s guide (PDF)

Lovense Sex Machine Review: The best machine for (long distance) couples ?

Let’s get to the heart of the matter.

In the rest of this test, I will detail the following points:

  • The thrust of the sex machine

  • The depth of penetration

  • The favorite positions of the users (and that you can reproduce)

  • How to install your own dildo (if it meets a specific condition)

  • How to use the Lovense Sex Machine to several

  • The noise of the machine and why it is not a problem

The overpowering thrust

This is what you’ll like most: the powerful thrust of the Lovense Sex Machine.

It far exceeds that of its competitors as you can go up to 300 strokes per minute.

That’s a lot!

That’s 5 strokes per second.

It’s almost as many times as you can press a key on your keyboard.

You can start out quietly, gently. And then gradually build up the intensity.

Just like driving a car, you shift gears to reach your cruising speed.

And speeding is in this case, allowed or even recommended!

You can use the Lovense Sex Machine as a bike or as a Ferrari.

You are in control (or your partner, do not forget!), and that’s what is enjoyable.

To vary the speed, you have 3 possibilities:

1) The wired remote control

Manual controller of the Lovense Sex Machine composed of a cable and a button

2) Your smartphone with the application Lovense Remote

3) Let your partner do it for you with his phone

application lovense remote is essential for a good experience

The depth of penetration

You can also change the depth of penetration among 7 levels:

  • 1 in / 2,54cm
  • 2 in / 5,08cm
  • 3 in / 7,62cm
  • 4 in / 10,16cm
  • 5 in / 12,7cm
  • 6 in / 15,24cm
  • 7 in / 17,78cm

Honestly, not many of you will make it to the maximum speed and depth.

But it’s still cool to have a choice! Life has to have its share of excesses.

That’s why I insist that it’s adaptable.

And again, I haven’t told you about the different ways to position your Lovense Sex Machine

Positions in all directions

With a snap of the fingers, you can adjust the Lovense Sex Machine to give it a new position, a new angle of attack.

Here are the 4 best known and most used, according to users:

the 4 most practiced positions: doggy, standing, dual thrusting and missionary

As you can see, the feet are easily adjustable to fit your body and preferences.

The front is independent from the back to allow the machine to be oriented up or down.

You have more sensations on your back, stomach, on all fours, sitting, lying down, standing against a wall?

You will find what you are looking for.

You know your body better than anyone. The Lovense Sex Machine will obey your every command to stimulate the most sensitive parts of your body.

All areas of your private parts will be stimulated. There are no exceptions for anyone!

The only limit is your imagination.

You can use it with 2 people at the same time

Until now I had not yet addressed this point, but it is possible to use the Lovense Sex Machine with someone else!

Indeed, you can put a second dildo on the portable arm to share your pleasure.

In case your partner decides to join you, no one will be left on the sidelines!

Want to put your own dildo on the Lovense Sex Machine? It's possible

You may have a favorite dildo in your bedside table or closet. The one that has never let you down and that you keep recommending.

Good news!

You can put it on your Lovense machine, as long as it’s equipped with Vac-U-Lock technology

the dildos supplied with the lovense sex machine are equipped with vac u lock technology

Let me explain:

Much like the common chargers between phone brands Samsung, Google or Xiaomi, the Vac-U-Lock system is a standard attachment that many brands use to secure their dildos.

So you can easily attach them to briefs, straps or the Lovense Sex Machine!

It’s safe, convenient and easy to use.

What about noise and discretion?

Let’s get straight to the point: at its maximum power level (300 strokes per minute), the Lovense Sex Machine reaches 60 decibels.

In comparison, this is the equivalent of a television or an animated conversation.

So unless your walls are not at all thick or your home has poor insulation, your privacy will be respected.

Turning on the television allows to cover the moans of pleasure

Trust me: your moans and sounds of pleasure will alert your neighbors more than the machine itself!

I challenge you to keep up this pace for more than a minute: as Lovense says, « It won’t stop until you do. »

How to clean Lovense Sex Machine?

The control box, main body, power supply and power plug can only be cleaned with a cloth.

Like all intimate pleasure products, it is recommended to wash them after each use, especially the parts that are in direct contact with your body.

If you don’t want to take the trouble, just do it with warm water and a mild soap. Of course, remember to detach it from the structure before and unplug the power supply.

Otherwise, there are different techniques to clean dildos.

Wait until they are completely dry before putting them back on the Vac U Lock system

Lovense Remote application: intuitive and efficient

lovense remote app logo

Its compatibility

It works with all computers and smartphones dating after 2014:

  • All Apple devices: IPhone, Ipad

  • All Android devices: Samsung, Sony, Google, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Huawei…

  • On computer and Mac, provided you have a special adapter

The Sex Machine syncs with another Lovense toy if you have one or with Doc Johnson toys

Give control of your machine to your partner through this application.

If asked to describe Lovense Remote in one word, I would say « simple ».

Have you ever tried the competitors’ apps

They are super complicated when you compare them to this one! I feel like I’m back in the 2000s.

With Lovense Remote, everything is intuitive and fast. Let’s get into the details:

The features

1) The remote: you’ll love it

To vary the intensity of your Lovense Sex Machine, you can do it manually with the wired remote or with your smartphone.

You must imagine your sex machine as a television. Your phone is obviously the remote control.

It is you who decides to change the channel, turn up the sound, pause… You get the idea!

Here are the 3 basic modes:

  • Classic
    Change the intensity and depth by sliding your finger on the phone. Very convenient for various rhythm changes.

  • Wave
    The principle remains the same but when you release your finger, the intensity remains at the same place and does not vary.

  • Loop
    Allows you to keep in memory the actions you perform to repeat them in a loop, ad infinitum. If you have found a pattern you like, you can put your phone down and enjoy the experience 100%.

2) The templates created by the Lovense community

The Lovense community is large. And connected! You can access thousands of templates created by people all over the world.

This is extremely powerful for two reasons:

  1. Some templates have been created exclusively for the Lovense Sex Machine
  2. The most popular are highlighted: you are guaranteed to find easily those that provide the most sensations.


3) Secondary functions: fun, but not essential

  • Musical synchronization
    You can synchronize the vibrations of your machine with a music recorded on your phone. The vibrations will be stronger or weaker depending on the rhythm of the music.
    If you have a Spotify premium account, you can also connect it. There are even playlists with adapted music!
    To be honest, it looks cool on paper but it’s not quite there yet. But it has the merit to exist!

  • The variation of rhythm according to the surrounding noise
    It had to be invented, Lovense did it. The machine can adapt itself according to the noises in the room (based on the microphone of your phone).
    In other words, the more you moan, the more intense the sensations!

  • A messaging system and video calls
    If you want to stay on the app to exchange with your partner (message or video call), it is possible. Personally, I prefer to stay on Messenger.
    But if you don’t like talking about intimate topics on instant messaging apps, this is a great alternative!

  • Alarm mode
    If you want to wake up in an original way. I mention it but this feature is not really suitable here. It is more useful for indoor sex toys like the Lush 3

To download the application Lovense Remote, it’s here!

App Store / Android / Mac / Windows PC 

Connect the Lovense Sex Machine with a phone: Instructions

Are you in the same room as your partner?

In the city next door?

On the same continent?

Separated by an ocean?

No problem. Remote control will work.

If you have a stable internet connection, you can find yourself at the bottom of the ocean and give your partner pleasure.

How to connect Lovense Sex Machine to your phone (short distance control)

You must first have installed the Lovense Remote application (links are a little higher in this  Lovense Sex Machine Review).

Whether for your phone or your partner (yes, the day of reunion is always a magical moment! Having lived 4 of them, it’s a feeling I’ll never get tired of), the functioning is the same.

The connection is made via Bluetooth.

Here’s how to connect the sex machine with your phone (Android or Apple):

  1. Start by pressing the ON/OFF button on the Lovense Sex Machine for a few seconds to turn it on.
    A light button will start flashing to let you know that the device is ready to be paired with a phone.

  2. On the app, press the pairing icon corresponding to the sex machine.

  3. Press « + » to start the search. When the association is done, you will have to finalize it by pressing « Done ».
    The lighted button will then stop flashing and stay on to indicate that it is connected.

That’s it!

first step to connect the Lovense Sex Machine to a phone in bluetooth
second step to connect the Lovense Sex Machine to a phone in bluetooth
third step to connect the Lovense Sex Machine to a phone in bluetooth
you only need to connect the device once

How to connect the Lovense Sex Machine to your partner's phone (long distance control)

Your partner must have downloaded the Lovense Remote application beforehand.

Here’s how it works. The Lovense Sex Machine is connected to your phone in Bluetooth (as I showed you just before), and the phone of your partner connects through the Internet to your phone.


Your partner’s phone is not directly connected to your machine.

That’s why you can keep 100% control of it.

You give permission and can withdraw it at any time.

Here’s how to connect the sex machine with your partner’s phone remotely (Android or Apple):

  1. Go to the « Long-Distance » tab.

  2. Tap « + » to add a contact. Enter their username and tap « Add ».

  3. After your partner accepts the request, they will show up in this tab.

Of course, you can set up your machine according to your preferences.

There are different options available:

long-distance connection features

Having trouble with this step? Consult the official user guide:

Is the connection stable?

Customer reviews are unanimous: yes!

Like any bluetooth or wifi connection, you need to keep a good enough signal.

For the short distance connection, it is enough to keep the devices close enough (less than 10 meters)

For the very long distance connection, you just have to stay connected to the internet.

At thousands of kilometers, you will have to stay connected to the internet.

you can control the lovense sex machine with your computer

I advise you to buy the adapter at the same time as the product.
You will have a discount of more than 50% on the adapter.

Here’s how you can download the Lovense Remote application :

Mac / Windows PC

My personal feedback

The Lovense Sex Machine did not leave me unmoved when I first saw it.
You wouldn’t think that a simple looking object could provide such sensations.

I am not a fan of this kind of machine, but it caught my eye.

If it is with penetration that you feel the most sensations, the Lovense Sex Machine will please you.

You have to go slowly at first. Take your time, start with a low speed and gradually increase the pace.

Its great strength remains its adaptability: you can try many different positions!

One point that surprised me a lot is that you will rediscover the intimate pleasure with some positions that you did not like before.

Finally, the long distance control is once again a marvel.
But I had no doubt about it: Lovense has already proved its expertise on the subject several times with other toys.

That’s why it remains my favorite connected pleasure object manufacturer:
When you’re at a distance, you have to break the routine.

Including the sexual routine.
With this machine, it becomes as simple as saying « hello ».

Its biggest flaw is its price.
We’re talking about high-end products and I’m aware that this aspect will slow down some people.
But like everything else, quality has a price.

If in your life, you give a lot of importance to sexual fulfillment and sexual frustration is a problem as heavy as an anvil, it is an investment that you will not regret.

Shipping (discretion, speed, tracking, packaging) :  10/10

Ease of assembly:  9/10

The Lovense Sex Machine (comfort, feel, power, ease of use, adaptability) :  9/10

Ergonomics (size, weight, storage, noise) :  7/10

The application (ergonomics, safety, simple) :  8/10

Quality / price ratio :  8/10

After sales service :  7/10

Suitable for couples at a distance :  10/10

Overall score : 8,5 / 10

Pros and Cons of the Lovense Sex Machine

table that presents the advantages and disadvantages of the Lovense Sex Machine

Lovense Sex Machine Review : Conclusion

We’ve come to the end of this Lovense Sex Machine Review.

If you love above all the pleasure by penetration, it is one of the best products that the company offers.

And that’s for 2 reasons:

1) It’s connected and remotely controllable:
Perfect if you want to leave the control of your pleasure to someone far away

2) The sensations of penetration that this machine gives you will take you to the 7th heaven.
Some testimonies say that no sexual partner has given them such sensations.

The Lovense Sex Machine is in my opinion perfectly adapted to long distance couples, camgirls or even to people who like to have solitary pleasures.

The designers took their time to create and develop a quality machine.
There were countless prototypes before the final version was released.

It is always extremely reassuring to know that the brand listens to its consumers and improves its products based on their feedback.

They managed to create a powerful machine, easy to use, adaptable to the body of each, comfortable and controllable from anywhere in the world.

Certainly, the Lovense Sex Machine is not extremely discreet when compared to sex toys like the Lush 3 or the Max 2, but that’s not what we ask of it.

It’s no coincidence that it’s already used by thousands of couples and camgirls.

Lovense once again surpasses its competitors by offering a product that will appeal to both amateurs and experts.

In a word: go for it!

table of presentation of the qualities and the functionalities of the sexual machine of Lovense

3 reasons why I advise you to order directly on Lovense official website

1) The price will always be the best. Lovense is constantly discounting.
The other sites will tend to take a margin (and at your expense!)

2) You have the guarantee that your order is shipped discreetly.
This is not the case on Amazon for example.

3) The after-sales service is more efficient and faster since they have direct access to your order

Buy the Lovense Sex Machine: step by step tutorial

Their site is ergonomic and very intuitive. It is a child’s play!

Here’s how to proceed:

Step 1:
Click here to access the product sheet of the Lovense Sex Machine:

product presentation image

Step 2:
After reading all the information you need, click on « Buy now » at the top of the page. You will be redirected to this page :

shopping cart on the site

You will see :

  • Your cart and its total price
  • The automatic discounts

You also have the possibility to add other complementary products: condoms, lubricants, adapters, other toys…

Step 3:
Choose your country of delivery
(Shipping costs are added at this time) and fill in your delivery address, click on « Continue Checkout ».

Then click on « Checkout » to access the delivery information.

delivery is possible all over the world

The delivery is almost worldwide. Only some countries are not represented.

Step 4:
You are almost there, all that remains is to pay.
PayPal, credit card, Bitcoin… many payment methods are possible.

payment page on the site

Step 5:
Wait a few days: oh! a neutral and more than ordinary package has arrived!

Lovense Sex Machine Review : FAQ

Lovense knows: its customers prefer to remain discreet. Only you will know what is in your package.

There is nothing on the package, the box or on your bank statement that refers to the brand.

No names, no pictures, no site names. Everything is anonymous.


There is an assembly manual that comes with the machine that tells you step by step how to do it, just like an Ikea cabinet.
It takes about 10 – 15 minutes.

And if like me you are not manual, this video explains exactly how to do it.

In case of a construction defect, there is a one year warranty.

For more details, go to this page

Yes, it does.

It is the trademark of Lovense (and that’s why I talk about it on my blog).

All you need is an internet connection. The most reassuring thing is that the person who gives access can withdraw it at any time.

Yes, the company Lovense is one of the most recognized in the sex toy industry.

Believe me, they make thousands of sales every day.

This is not possible.

Here is the answer from Lovense:
« Our application is a closed platform. We do not give users the ability to search for or add random people. »

Because shipping is worldwide, each country has different shipping methods and times. 

You will see more information when you choose your country when you finalize your order.

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