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Lovense Gush Review: You'll know everything about this glans massager

The world of connected pleasure objects has not finished surprising me.

And to surprise you!

If I tell you that you can have an orgasm without using your hands, do you believe me?

And yet, Lovense has done it! Since last year, the N°1 brand of intimate pleasure objects offers a glans massager: the Gush.

presentation of the article Lovense Gush Review

The design is eye-catching: small, subtle, an eye-catching blue/green color.

Behind this technological marvel is apparently a monster of adaptability.

But is it really so?

Is it really effective?

How does an acorn massager work?

Can my partner really take control of it, even from thousands of miles away?

I’m sure you have dozens of questions. And that’s okay, I have dozens of answers.

I have studied, turned over, dissected all aspects of Gush by Lovense.

And you are about to discover all the secrets that this small (but not innocent!) sexual gadget contains.

If you:

  • Are in a long-distance relationship and want to give your partner the ability to give you orgasms no matter where in the world they are
  • Love sex toys with hands-free capability
  • Are particularly sensitive at the glans, the tip of your penis
  • Love long lasting pleasure and intense intimate moments

Then you will fall in love with this technological marvel.

At the end of this Lovense Gush Review, you will know everything about this connected, remote controllable toy.
You will be able to know if it is really made for you.

Table of Contents

Note: This article is not sponsored. Lovense did not pay me to write this test. My opinion will remain unbiased and I will address both the advantages and the disadvantages of the Gush.
Enjoy reading!

What's a Glans Massager ?

An glans massager is a sex toy designed to stimulate the glans, which is the most sensitive part of the male anatomy.

It is often used for masturbation or to add an extra dimension to the sexual experience with a partner.
It is part of the family of sex toys for men.

The glans massager can be made from different materials such as silicone (this is the case with the Gush in particular!) rubber or metal.
They are usually quite small when compared to classic dildos.

They can be used alone or in combination with other sex toys for a more complete and satisfying experience.

Gush from Lovense : presentation

the front part of the Lovense Gush

The Gush glans massager is a high quality sex toy designed to provide a focused and satisfying stimulation experience.

Made from medical grade silicone, it is soft, flexible and easy to clean.
It features two powerful motors that provide intense, customizable vibrations to optimally stimulate the glans.

The Gush has a built-in heating system that preheats the toy to body temperature for a more realistic and enjoyable experience. It also has pressure sensors that automatically adjust the intensity of the vibrations according to the pressure exerted on the glans.

The Gush can be controlled remotely via a mobile app, allowing the user to customize the vibrations, create custom vibration patterns and control the toy from anywhere in the world. It’s also rechargeable via USB and comes with a handy storage case to protect it and keep it clean between uses.

Overall, the Gush glans massager from is a popular choice for those looking to enhance their sexual experience by providing targeted, powerful and customizable stimulation.


Now, let’s see how it goes from the moment you check out to the moment you try it in practice.

Shipping: Discretion and speed are key

You’re like me. You have a secret garden and knowing that you ordered an intimate pleasure object bothers you.

And that, Lovense knows it.

It is written on their website that all their shipments are discreet and that the package he sends you does not allow you to guess its contents.

This is what we will see.

A more than normal package

The promise is kept.

The package is quite classic, and nothing is visible from the outside:

  • The brand name does not appear
  • The name of the product does not appear
Gush package when we receive it

It is impossible to guess the content of your package.
It is sober and blends in with all the others.

You could receive an item of clothing, a video game, a book or a sextoy. It’s all the same!

the package is discreet and looks like all the others

Lovense Gush Review: Delivery time depends on your country

Lovense is a world-class company. They are able to deliver to over 50 countries!
So the delivery time will vary depending on your country of residence.

You will know this when you place your order, when you write your postal address.

Overall, it takes between 3 and 7 working days.

delivery time varies by country

It's the same thing for the shipping costs

As you can imagine, sending a parcel to a neighboring country or to the other side of the world does not have the same cost.

Shipping costs vary from one country to another.
You will have this information when you order. Generally, shipping costs vary between 5 and 15€.

The content of the package

Well, let’s get down to business.

The letter carrier came by and gave you your package, which is quite classic from the outside.

But what interests you is what’s inside.

package of the Lush from the outside

The box is neat and uncluttered, like all those Lovense products that I could test.

And here is what it contains:

  • The Gush
  • The silicon band of tightening
  • The charging cable (magnetic and USB)
  • Its satin storage pouch
  • The user guide
  • The installation guide
the package contains the gush, a storage bag, a clamping band, a power cable, a user guide and an installation guide

Complete Lovense Gush Review: theory before practice

In this part, I will go into detail about the important points to know about the Gush before testing it:

  • Its design
  • Is it dangerous for the body?
  • Its dimensions and weight

Let’s start with its appearance

A modern and sleek design

The first impression you’ll get when you see it is the same as when you open the package of an iPhone.

Visually, it’s beautiful, modern and clean!

You will have the impression to discover a real technological object of the last generation (spoiler alert: it is the case)

When you take it in your hand, you immediately notice 3 things:

1) The color:
It feels good to the touch and its Teal color reinforces this idea.
It’s a very good color choice in my opinion that is different from what we usually see on this kind of fun object.

2) It is curved and flexible:
You can easily open it and shape it with your fingers.
It’s convenient because it adapts to the shape and size of your penis, and you can place it without struggling for 10 minutes.

3) Inside, there are like little ridges:
They are not there by chance: they serve to stimulate the glans even more for an even more powerful pleasure.

the gush is flexible and the inside has small ridges

It is not for nothing that I often repeat that Lovense is the Apple of connected sextoy.

Even before you use it, you’ll get a great feeling.

Soft and safe materials for the body

The Lovense Gush is made in South Korea from soft and durable silicone.

If you’ve ever tried the Lush 3 or any of the brand’s dildos, these are the same materials.

As always, the silicone is high quality and safe for the body.

Only the part where the logo is written is made of ABS plastic (and as it is positioned on the outside, it does not disturb the experience and the sensations provided)

Let’s continue this Lovense Gush Review by talking about its size.

Gush is held in one hand

Now let's analyze its dimensions and weight

The Gush is quite small.

Especially when you compare it to other products of the brand.

To give you an idea, it fits easily in your hand and is easy to store.

Gush adapts to the size of your penis

The dimensions of the Lovense Gush are 3.39in x 2.05in x 1.38in (8.6cm x 5.2cm x 3.5cm)

I have put an image here to make it easier for you.

the dimensions of the Gush are quite small

Regarding the weight of the Gush, it is 4.5 oz (125g).

With the clamping band, the total weight is 4.75 oz (135g).

But don’t let the appearance fool you: behind this featherweight is a monster of power.

The Lovense Gush Review in practice

I will describe one by one the following points:

  • Its charging time and its autonomy
  • How to use the Gush properly
  • Its features, its adaptability and the 2 ways to use it
  • How powerful it is
  • Its noise and if it is disturbing
  • How to use it in public without being noticed
  • Its ability to go in water
  • Why it is easy to wash it
  • Finally, a focus on its warranty

Recharge time and autonomy

The first thing to appreciate is the way the Gush 3 charges: just like on Apple Macs, it’s magnetic!

Gush loading is magnetic

Your cable will have a better life and the risk of false contact is greatly reduced.

The tip is a classic USB that you can plug into a socket using your phone’s adapter; or directly into a computer.

It takes 1 hour to charge it to 100%.

The autonomy of the Gush is 1h30 to 2h.

This varies depending on the intensity.

When the red light goes out, the Lovense Gush is charged and ready to be used!

How to use the Gush (step by step tutorial)

The grip is natural and intuitive. You will not need to turn it in all directions to understand how to position it!

The rounded part in the shape of a triangle should be the furthest away from you, as on this picture:

The gush during hands-free use

I highly recommend that you turn it on before placing it.

You can also use a water-based lubricant if you are a little scared the first time.

  1. Place the massager on your glans, spreading it slightly so that it is perfectly positioned

  2. You don’t have to wait until your penis is erect to place it.

  3. If you feel that the glans massager is not tight enough, use the tape provided in your package. Just make sure that the band is not on the control button, otherwise you’ll have a hard time activating it.

  4. Don’t hesitate to take your time, especially when using it for the first time: the Gush can pinch you slightly as your penis grows or shrinks if you do things too fast.
the gush is minimalist and has only one button

That’s it! The Gush is ready to be used.

The 2 main ways to use the Lovense Gush

Depending on your preferences, you can use your pleasure object in two different ways:

1) In addition to masturbation (stroker technique).
This requires a water-based lubricant available on the site of Lovense

2) Hands-free

the two ways to use the Gush: with or without hands

If you want to know everything about these 2 very different techniques, I found you the User Manuel guide in PDF.

The glans massager can be used during penetration

Then, the possibilities multiply thanks to the application Lovense Remote.

You can give control of your toy to your partner, and even associate it with another Lovense product so they vibrate at the same power, at the same time.

In other words, you and your partner can easily achieve an orgasm at the same time

I’ll talk more about this and the Lovense Remote app in the rest of this Lovense Gush Review.

The different vibration modes of the Gush (and how to use it well)

Press it for 3 seconds and the glans massager turns on.
Press it once to switch from one level to another.

The Gush has 7 different levels of intensity:
Low, Medium, High, Pulse, Wave, Fireworks and Earthquake.

7 levels : low, medium, high, pulse, wave, fireworks, earthquake

To turn it off, just press again for 3 seconds.

Honestly, controlling the Lovense Gush without going through your phone is far from convenient.

If you want to switch from Medium to Low, you’ll have to press it 6 times.

That’s why going through the Lovense Remote app is much better.

The control will be done directly on your phone.

The gush is controlled with your phone

The power of the Gush is variable

I’m not going to lie to you: the power of this glans massager is more than correct for its size.
I remind you that it fits in the palm of your hand!

Lovense is used to offering overpowering sextoys for their size.
It is certainly this contrast effect that makes me think that.

The power would have deserved to be a little stronger.
This will suit very well to people with a strong sensitivity at the glans

You can easily have an orgasm under these conditions.

On the other hand, if you are not very sensitive on this part of your body, I strongly advise you to use the tightening band.

At maximum power, I advise you not to use it if your sex is not erect or lubricated.
You may feel a bit of pain, especially if you are not used to this kind of connected toy.

Anyway, you will find your happiness there.

Whether you’re looking for a solitary pleasure or if you prefer to let your partner take control, the Gush will surprise you with the new sensations it provides.

You really have to try it to understand it!

What makes it an interesting gadget (and this is what motivated me to write a full Lovense Gush Review) is its adaptability and the dozens of ways to use it.

It adapts to all situations

Want to use it as a masturbator?
With lubricant, it’s possible.

Prefer to use your hands for something else?
The « hands-free » mode is more than satisfactory and will do the work for you.

The Gush is not tight enough?
The tightening band is there to hold it in place and give you more orgasmic sensations.

Interested in outdoor play?
Small and discreet, it is invisible under your pants (I talk about its use in public later in this test Lovense Gush

You are in a long distance relationship and you would like your partner to take control of your toy?
It is possible (and more than easy)

Your partner has another Lovense sextoy?
You can connect them together so they activate at the same time. The pleasure becomes common, even at a distance.

The excellent versatility of Gush makes it an interesting accessory because it adapts to many different situations.
In addition to offering new sensations and exploring new possibilities, you can combine several of these techniques to reach the 7th heaven in a snap.

The glans massager can be practical for people with reduced mobility

Lovense Gush Review: Does it make noise?

The answer is no.

The Lovense Gush does not make any noise.

The noise is fairly well absorbed by your body when it is positioned properly.

So yes, if you’re in a totally silent room, then yes, you will hear it. But since there is always ambient noise, the vibrations from the connected acorn massager are easily covered.

In public, it’s the same thing.
Even at maximum power, you won’t hear anything.

The gush of lovense does not make much noise

Yes, you can use the Gush in a public place without risk

As it is a small and light gadget, it is discreet. It can’t be seen through pants (except for jogging suits).

On top of that, its noise will be covered by the ambient noise of the place.

Perhaps you are wondering:

Can it fall on the floor?

And you are right to ask yourself this question: some acorn massagers whose names I will not mention lack stability and this is a real problem!

I’ll be blunt: it’s absolutely impossible.

Thanks to your penis, the clamping band and your clothes, it is well supported. You really have to do it on purpose to make it fall to the ground.

Yes, you will be scared the first time. After one or two uses, you’ll quickly realize that it was never a problem.

The only thing to watch out for is if you often go from a soft penis to an erect one.
The Gush may shift slightly, requiring you to put it back in place from time to time.

It is not recommended to use the connected glans massager while walking

Lovense Gush Review: is it waterproof?

Yes, the Lovense Gush is 100% waterproof.

It has the IPX7 standard (one of the most effective and secure), which means that it is waterproof in water up to 1 meter deep for 30 minutes.

You can use it in the shower, in a jacuzzi, in the sea or your bath. There is no risk.

Gush is waterproof and can go in the water

How to wash the Gush

Washing the Gush is a breeze. Thanks to its flexibility and soft silicone, all areas are easily accessible (unlike the Max 2 for example).

I recommend that you wash it after each use with warm water and mild soap.

It will take you less than a minute, watch in hand.

The gush is easy to wash thanks to its flexibility

Is there a warranty?

Yes, the Gush is guaranteed for 1 year against manufacturing defects or material failure.

Lovense offers this warranty on all their products.

Again, this is a much appreciated guarantee of quality.

you will not have to pay shipping costs if you return your gush

Using the Gush remotely

For the continuation of this Lovense Gush Review, I will now describe everything you can do by downloading the Lovense Remote application.

In particular, I’ll show you all the possibilities that are available to you thanks to the short and long distance control.

Lovense Remote application logo

Lovense Remote: an application that you can not do without!

This is the strong point of the Lovense brand: its smartphone application.

With it, you can :

  • Control your Gush with your phone
  • Give control of your glans massager to anyone
  • Activate all the possibilities of remote control
  • Access thousands of templates created by the community
  • Access all the features to exploit the full potential of Gush

How to download the application Lovense Remote?

There is nothing easier.

First, Lovense Remote is compatible with most of your devices:

  • iPhone and iPad devices with iOS 11.0 and later
  • Android devices with version 5.0 and later
  • Any Mac
  • Any PC Window (requires a Lovense USB Bluetooth adapter)

I have put the links to download the application depending on your machine:

App Store / Android / Mac / Windows PC

If you have any difficulties, I found the Gush User Guide on the official Lovense website.

All the features of Lovense Remote

Some are incredible, others have at least the merit of existing.

The 6 features I’m going to describe in this Lovense Gush Review are the ones you are most likely to use.

1) The remote control
Using your glans massager by using its button greatly limits the possibilities (and it’s far from convenient).

Instead, I highly recommend using your phone instead. With Lovense Remote, you can turn your phone into a remote control.

Slide your finger to change the intensity (or keep it the same), switch modes, change the pace, save your moves.

It’s much more precise than with the Gush button and you can access the 7 preset levels of the glans massager of course.

Main menu of the application Lovense Remote
examples of templates that can be created for the connected glans massager
you can control the Gush with your phone as a remote control

2) Thousands of Templates from the community
Ok, now we’re getting down to business. What makes the strength of this application is its community.

Don’t worry, everything is 100% anonymous and secure.
Nobody will be able to find you on the application or recognize you.

For example, you can create a template of a few seconds (or several hours) with variations in intensity and share it online.

Anyone can then download it and rate it. The most popular ones have several thousand downloads!

And that’s the point: you can also download those of others.

In one click, you can have the best of the best, tested and approved by thousands of users before you.

Quite a powerful tool!

The community on Lovense has created templates especially for the Gush

3) Call and video chat
If you’re in a long distance relationship like me, you know how important video calls are.

We can stay glued to our screen and talk with our sweetheart for hours.

Lovense understands this as they have integrated an instant chat system into their application.
It’s perfect to stay discreet and talk about intimate topics with your partner.

The chats are encrypted and no one can send you a message if you haven’t accepted their invitation.

4) Music syncing
You read that right. You can synchronize your Gush to vibrate louder or softer according to the music!

You can connect your Spotify Premium account to access the music directly.
And guess what, there are already dozens of playlists designed for each of the brand’s toys!

The idea is excellent, unfortunately it still lacks precision. At least, it has the merit to exist.

5) The alarm
This is not a joke. You can use your acorn massager as an alarm clock!
It’s not something I would personally use, but to break the routine and wake up in a naughty mood, it can be very nice.

6) The intensity varies according to the ambient sound
The last feature comes from user feedbacks and is directly inspired by high-end cars. It is not an original idea of Lovense.

Thanks to this mode, your Lovense connected pleasure object can decrease or increase in intensity depending on the noise of the room you are in.

In other words, the louder you moan, the more it will activate.
If you go quiet again, the Gush will go softer.

Just like the music in a car that turns up by itself when it starts to accelerate!

The very long distance connection

Is it secure ?

The Gush is connected to your phone via Bluetooth.

You then give your partner access through the Lovense App.

That means your partner goes through your phone to connect to your pleasure object.

And that’s the best way to do it, since all you have to do is disable the bluetooth or take away his control authorization to deprive him of his access.

You remain in control at all times. You stay in control no matter what happens.

Good. I will now explain the procedure for the long distance connection.

How to set up the long distance connection

It’s very simple:

  1. You and your partner must download the Lovense Remote application

  2. Go to the « Long-Distance » tab.

  3. Tap « + » to add a contact. Enter their username and tap « Add ».

  4. After your partner accepts the request, they will show up in this tab.

You’re there! Your Gush is ready to use

The gush needs to be connected only once

Is the long distance connection stable?

Yes, the long distance connection is stable as long as you have an internet connection.

Thousands of users all agree on this point. With a wifi, 4G or 5G connection, you will have no problem.

Can my long distance partner use his computer to control my Gush?


He will simply need to buy a bluetooth adapter to plug into his computer (unless he has a Mac, he won’t need it) and download Lovense Remote on his machine.

Lovense Gush Review: Pros and Cons

Gush has more advantages than disadvantages

My personal opinion

Skeptical when I discovered this product, I changed my mind quickly! Like all Lovense products, the delivery was quick and discreet.

You get a totally normal package, and the excitement of unwrapping it is like opening the box of an iPhone.

The handling is simple and minimalist.

There is only one button, which subconsciously forces you to download the Lovense Remote app to take advantage of all the possibilities the Gush has to offer.

So yes, the power of the Gush is incredible for its size, but it’s still below what the company offers (like with the Lush or Max 2).

If you are sensitive in the glans, you will love it and reaching orgasm is really easy. If not, the tightening band is a must.

I couldn’t write this Lovense Gush Review without talking about its adaptability:
You can use it in so many different circumstances! Alone, with others, at a distance, hands-free, in the shower, in public, giving control to your partner …
This is clearly the big strength of this connected glans massager.

I also make a point of the long distance connection.
I’ve been in a long-distance relationship myself for years, so I’m particularly mindful of this feature.
But honestly, Lovense has already proven to me that their app is the best on the market.

And they’ve proven it again. Simple, intuitive, thousands of templates to download for free… I can’t ask for anything more!

Yes, it’s a small investment.

The price is 109€ and is justified by all the points listed above.
I would not be surprised to see an improved version of Gush in a few years. To be continued!

Shipping : 10/10
Stimulation : 8/10
Adaptability : 10/10
Ease of use : 9/10
Quality/price ratio : 7/10
Orgasm Rate : 7/10
Suitable for long distance couples : 10/10

Final score : 8,5/10


When you use the Gush for the first time, you will be surprised.

The sensations are very different from those of a male vibrator. If you are looking for new sensations and you think you have « done it all », the Gush has been created especially for you.

Lovense has created a subtle pleasure object, which stimulates specific and sensitive areas (the tip of the penis).

If you prefer something more powerful or to perfectly reproduce the sensation of penetration, you should rather turn to the Max 2.

Long Distance couples will be delighted to be able to make their partner cum despite the hundreds or thousands of miles between them.

That’s a certainty.

What definitely convinced me to write this Lovense Gush Review is its adaptability. And that is its strength.
You can use it in so many different situations!

If you suffer from a sexual routine, this is a purchase I can only recommend.

All the features of Gush

3 reasons why you should order from Lovense site

1) You will always get the best price
Merchants necessarily make a margin. 5%, 10%, sometimes 20%. And who pays that extra? You, of course!
By ordering directly on Lovense’s website, you will always get the best price. In addition, they very often make discounts (especially if you make group purchases).

2) 1 year warranty is provided
This is not the case if you order on another site than Lovense.
Putting intermediaries between the manufacturer and you is always a source of problems.

3) You are sure that your package will be sent discreetly
Some sites do. Others don’t care at all!
Some customers have already been fooled (you can find testimonials on some dubious sites).
I attach particular importance to this criterion. I guess you do too.


You can buy the Gush directly on the Lovense website

If you have a sensitive glans and want to try new sensations, the Gush is perfectly suited for you.
If you are looking for a product that is more similar to vaginal penetration, I recommend the Max 2 from the same brand.

Yes, you can use the Gush without hands.

The product was designed for that! This can be very practical if you have mobility problems.

Yes, like all Lovense products, the Gush is perfectly suited for long-distance couples.

The connection is simple and secure.

Yes. You really need a church-like silence to be able to hear it.

The contact with the skin easily attenuates its noise.

Yes. The Gush is small and light.

I advise you not to wear it under a jogging suit because you could distinguish it, but under a classic pair of pants you won’t have this problem.

Be careful though: if you have a very large erection, you will have to place your penis well to avoid this inconvenience.

In general, it is not. But with the Gush, I would tend to say yes.

Since the Gush is minimalist, it has only one button. This makes it difficult to navigate to change the intensity.

With your phone, everything becomes simpler and you get more out of your glans massager.

If you liked this article and want to help other couples in long distance relationships, please share it !


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