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Virtual Date Box - Langages of Love

Everything you need to go on a Long Distance Date, create quality moments and better express your feelings

The full package for only $15

If these problems « speak » to you, you’re on the right place:

  • You feel monotony in your LDR. Your romantic evenings are similar and your discussions and activities are systematically the same.


  • Your long distance partner has difficulty understanding your feelings. You make efforts but your partner perceives them differently from you


  • You can’t stand the lack of intimate contact, and the solutions you find on Google are not adapted to your situation.


  • Or, you are starting a LDR, and you would like to build a strong bond quickly, without fumbling for months or years to find out if your partner is the person who will share the rest of your life.

I’m going to help you, in a simple but terribly effective way.

Something tailor-made for couples who are physically separated.

The solution to experience the same emotions as if your partner was next to you.

A Virtual Date Box for Long Distance Couples.

You’ll tell me: Leo, nothing can erase the thousands of kilometers that separate me and my partner.

And yet.

With a « turnkey » box full of activities (and especially surprises and suspense), we can live a romantic evening much more intense than a simple movie night.

What are love languages?

In his book « The 5 Love Languages » (11 million copies sold), Gary Chapman suggests that each person has a preferred way of receiving and giving love. Here are the 5 languages:

  1. Words of Affirmation: words can have a very powerful impact on some people. For them, compliments, encouragement and expressions of gratitude are important signs of love.
  2. Quality time: For others, it is the time spent together that matters most. Quality time, free of distractions, where both partners can enjoy each other’s company, is a significant sign of love.
  3. Receiving Gifts: For some people, receiving gifts is a sign of love. These are not necessarily expensive gifts, but rather gifts that show that the partner has thought of them.
  4. Acts of Service: For others, the little things they do in their daily lives are the most important signs of love. Things like cooking a meal, cleaning the house or filling the car with gas can be meaningful expressions of love.
  5. Physical touch: For some people, physical touch is essential to feeling loved. Hugs, kisses or simply holding hands can be important expressions of love.

In a long-distance relationship, knowing your partner’s love language helps strengthen the connection and maintain the relationship.

If your partner doesn’t understand your love language, they can easily miss the signs of love you’re sending, which can lead to misunderstandings and feelings of neglect.

On the other hand, by knowing each other’s love languages, it’s a breeze to show each other love in a meaningful way, even from a distance.

This helps maintain intimacy and strengthen emotional bonds, which contributes to the success and longevity of your relationship.

This Virtual Date Box contains a distance-appropriate quiz that lets you know your language (in addition to many other activities).

Secret challenge and naughty game take your date to the next level:

As soon as your secure payment is validated, you will receive your Virtual Date Box and a secret challenge and a unique naughty game, different from your partner’s.

All you have to do is send me your partner’s email address so that I can send him his secret challenge and his naughty game.

You won’t know his challenge and he won’t know yours!

You will have to do it during your date to be able to win and give him a pledge.
But be careful, you’ll have to be discreet! If he catches you, it’s lost, and the pledge will turn against you…

Suspense certified. Surprise guaranteed.

What’s in the
Virtual Date Box – Languages of Love ?

  • It contains over 5 hours of content. It costs $15, so all LDR couples can have access to it. In addition, you will share it with your lover. This will be cheaper than a menu in your favorite fast food restaurant.


  • You will have access to more than 7 activities


  • 2 quick and easy recipes to make together


  • A cocktail recipe, to accompany your evening


  • No more interrupted dates because of the pit in your stomach.


  • A secret challenge to do during the date:
    I send you and your partner a unique challenge by email. Something to spice up the evening for sure.


  • A photo game to learn more about your partner’s past


  • Cooperative or competitive, you choose the approach you want to play!


  • 30 questions about romance in distance and languages of love


  • A 21 question quiz to find out what is your love language


  • Our « movie of the month » chosen with Kyomi that can be viewed simultaneously and for free


  • A naughty game adapted to the distance to end the evening in beauty… 😉


  • 3 bonuses included to make your date easier:


  • The shopping list associated with the recipes (which will cost you almost nothing)


  • A 1h30 playlist on the theme of love to listen to during your date.


  • Our 7 tips to get through the perfect virtual date

It’s only the next day that you’ll realize what an incredible evening of love you had.

The results

In a few hours, you will erase all your bad habits, and bring back the love in your couple. And I guarantee that you will be amazed at the before and after.

My Virtual Date Box is the only one that is 100% suitable for long distance couples, personalized with the secret challenge and the nauhty game.

If you want to breathe new life into your LDR, to relive the intense feelings and emotions of the early days or simply to have a great evening together, the Virtual Date Box is the ultimate weapon you need.

What they thought of the Virtual Date Box

I systematically ask my customers for feedback (by filling out a form) on my product. Here are the answers I received:

Guaranteed Satisfied or Money Back for 30 days!

We work hard to bring you quality, useful and fun products. That’s why I offer a guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your VDB, then send me an email within 30 days of your purchase to and I will refund your money.

30-day money back guarantee on LDR ebooks


It is intended for all couples in long distance relationships:

  • Together for a few weeks or years ;

  • Who have already met or not ;

  • With a time difference of 1 hour or 10+ hours ;

  • Heterosexual or homosexual ;

  • Who started their relationship long distance (or whose relationship has become a LDR)


Each Virtual Date Box is unique and no content is redundant.

The games, questions, quizzes, challenges, recipes and everything else that makes up the VDBs are all different.

In the short term, you’ll have a great time without the headaches. You just pick an activity and do it without wasting hours looking for new ideas. You stay focused on the most important thing: your partner.

You will get to know your love language and that of your partner, which will make it much easier to express your feelings because you will know exactly what your partner is receptive to.

In the long term, you create deep bonds in your relationship. VDB helps you to endure the distance and to live strong moments together, even if physical contact is impossible. You will gain confidence and feel closer to each other.

Honestly, I aimed too high.
Based on the initial feedback I’ve gotten, it will take you at least 4-5 hours to complete everything. Or you can do 2 virtual date night!

Nothing obliges you to do so.
But to strengthen your relationship and create deep bonds between you, I recommend to do this type of virtual meeting at least once a month.

You will have to add a few dollars only to buy the food you need to prepare the recipes.
Otherwise, all the content of the box is 100% free to use.

2 minutes after your order, you will receive an email where I ask you for the email address of your partner.
This allows me to send you individually yours secret challenges and your sex game without your partner knowing the content.
There is no risk of cheating and it adds suspense to your date.

You can pay by credit card.

The conversion between the dollar and your currency will be done automatically according to the current exchange rate

Do not hesitate to send me an email at if you have any questions or if you encounter any difficulties

You will receive 2 emails:

  • The first one contains your VDNB. You can use it instantly

  • The second one is called « Don’t forget your secret challenge » and invites you to send me the email address of your partner.
    This allows me to personalize the activities and give you your secret challenges respectively.

Yes, it is!

The payment platform through which your purchase is made (SendOwl) is secure.

Your personal data are secured thanks to the HTTPS protocol and the SSL certificate present on the site.

I want every person who buys my Ebook to be completely satisfied. If you realize that the Ebook does not suit you (whatever the reason), you just have to send me an email at within 30 days after your order to get your money back.

You can send an email to . You will get an answer within 24 hours.

We are Léo and Kyomi, a Long Distance Couple between France and Peru

admin of My Sweet LDR website

We started our LDR on March 08, 2020, the same time the borders closed.

Now, we live together! Kyomi came to live 1 year in France. She arrived on August 12, 2022.

With more than 10300 kilometers (6450 miles) of distance and a different mother tongue, we have been living for more than 2 years the best love relationship of our life thanks to a flawless communication, various weekly activities and common goals.
We advise and provide solutions to our thousands of readers every month through this blog.

This Virtual Date Box is based on our story, our personal experience and the daily feedback from our readers and clients.

Any question ? A doubt ? send me an email to and I will answer you